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Communication .DLL files

C2007DP2.ZIP Conduit is an FTP DLL. Conduit provides Dynamic Link Library (DLL) functionality to send and receive files to a location on the Internet using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Conduit can be called from any Windows 3.X or Win 95 application. With Conduit you can Internet enable any Windows Application. This includes software written in MS Access, Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, C, C++, Excel, Word, or any other software running under Windows. Conduit will allow you to control sending and receiving files to a location on the Internet from within these applications. This will be completely transparent to the user of the application.
RSCOMM.ZIP RS232 Drivers For Instrumentation The RS232 (serial communications) drivers included in this package are intended for instrumentation engineers who want to control RS232-based measurement instruments or power supplies, as like accesses to GPIB equipment. Note that this driver is NOT intended developers who want to write a communication or terminal software. For these purposes, you'd better choose MSCOMM VBX/OCX bundled with the Visual Basic Professional Edition. C++ sources
WINFTP.ZIP WINFTP.DLL A File TransferProtocol (FTP) Application Programming Interface (API) for Windows 3.x development toolkit. This API allows you to integrate FTP functions into your application seamlessly. Using this API, you can transfer files between systems anywhere in the world. All you need is a WINSOCK.DLL from your TCP/IP software supplier.
WINFTP32.ZIP WINFTP32 DLL A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Application Programming Interface (API) for Windows 95 & NT development toolkit. This API allows you to integrate FTP functions into your application seamlessly. Using this API, you can transfer files between systems anywhere in the world.

Disc & File .DLL files

ATCOPY.ZIP ATCOPY.DLL ver 1.1 Is a windows 3.1 dynamic link library to copy files, delete files, rename files and set attributes for files.
DECENC.ZIP Encode/Decode DLL For application developers. This .DLL will automatically detect the type of encoding used and decode the file. Also supports encoding with all of the popular methods. ntegrate auto-decoding of UUENCODED, Base64(MIME), Binhex, XXENCODED, user table encoded and encoding(UUENCODED or Base64/MIME) in your Windows 3.1x, 95 or NT application. 16 and 32 bit DLLs are included, test programs are provided for C/C++ (MFC) and Visual Basic. One time fee provides a registered copy for royalty-free distribution with your applications and one year free customer support.
FCC110.ZIP FCC.DLL v1.10 Is a DLL that provides file caching and disk compression. Features include efficient LRU file caching which allows block sizes as small as 128 bytes, optional read and write access to compressed files, direct replacements for Microsoft LZ functions, and more. VB sample source and an executable demo are included.
MACLIB.ZIP Maclib DLL is used to write applications reading/writing MAcintosh magnetic media. For the time being (v. 0.9) this library is read-only. It comes with a sample application (a hexadecimal dump utility) working direct from the Mac volume. With C Source
SEARCH32.ZIP Search32 v 1.05.0003 Is the fastest 32-bit text retrieval tool for Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems. This program is for those who frequently needs to search for words or combinations of words in a large groups of text (ASCII/ANSI) files with a total size of tens, or even hundreds, of Megabytes and almost instantaneously retrieve information of interest.
YG603W95.ZIP YGrep Search Engine v6.03 (.DLL) THis is a powerful 32-bit library able to search text using regular expressions as well as approximative descriptions of the pattern and soundex algorithm. Allows search (grep), replace (substitute).
YG603WIN.ZIP YGrep Search Engine v6.03 THis is a powerful 16-bit library able to search text using regular expressions as well as approximative descriptions of the pattern and soundex algorithm. Allows search (grep), replace (substitute).

Edit and Text .DLL files

LEDIT201.ZIP LEdit V2.01 LEdit DLL is a large edit control that may edit texts more than 64K and also has a lot of interesting features. Version 2.01(16-bit and 32-bit variants)
SPMATE13.ZIP Spelmate v1.3 Spell Checker for Windows.DLL. Spelmate V1.3 allows developers to add spell checking capabilities to their own Windows Application. Spelmate can be used from C, C++ ,Pascal and Visual Basic. Example Programs in all three languages are supplied. Spelmate is available in either British or American versions as Standard, or Both as professional
STCD.ZIP Spell Time, Spell Checker Routines with a Dictionary (Windows DLL) If your application allows the user to enter text, or if your application incorporates any text based processing, we now have a product that you have been looking for. Spell Time allows you to incorporate a spell checker into your product. The product comes with the complete source
TBCD.ZIP Rich Text Grid Control for Windows and Win32 Version 1.5 (.DLL) Allows a developer to incorporate the table editing and viewing features into an MS Windows application. Each table cell can have text with multiple fonts and divided into multiple paragraphs. This product offers the following features: Character Formatting and Text Color: The table editor allows for multiple fonts and point sizes within each table cell. The character styles include bold, underline, italic, superscript, subscript, and strikeout. The text can be painted in multiple foreground and background colors. (.DLL)

Hardware input/output .DLL files

INPOUT32.ZIP Inpout32 is a DLL for port access in 32-bit programs
OUTPORT.ZIP OUTPORT.DLL ver. 1.2 This .DLL lets you access the OUT and INP-ports.
WINIO.ZIP Winio v1.4 (16-bit) WinIO is a DLL or Dynamic Linkable Library for MS-Windows Version 3.0 and later. It allows you to perform very low level i/o functions which windows locks out under normal circumstances. Most programming languages for Windows will not let you read or write physical ports of your machine directly.(Pascal/Visual Basic) This DLL gives any programming language the capability of performing these IO actions.

Various Windows .DLL files

ASTRO32.ZIP Astronomical Library for Win32 This is a first cut at a Win32 dynamic link library (DLL) containing a wide variety of astronomical functions. Virtually all of the code was lifted from the 'xephem' package for Unix, then edited to get rid of the 100 or so compiler warnings given by the Visual C++ compiler. I added Win32-specific date/time support, replacing the Unix code originally used in xephem.
AUTHKEY.ZIP AuthentiKey 1.0 A Registration Control Tool for Windows programmers. Improve your registration rate for shareware products. Reduce piracy. Add timeouts to evaluation versions. Free distribution rights for the (16&32 bit)run-time DLLs to registered users. A Deep Software product, by Greg Hicks. US$50.
BAGMAN12.ZIP BAGMAN.DLL v1.2: a *real* baggage DLL for Winhelp. 8.5k DLL features confirmation dialog, user selectable directory selection for saving extracted baggage and COMPRESS.EXE compressed baggage support. Free software, freely redistributable with Help projects. Reduce overhead of baggaged bitmaps, Word dox, XLS' and MDBs. An extended WinHelp API module, collaborative effort of SINFIC SA, Paul Arnote Helpware and D:\Mystify Software. 16-bit DLL. Windows 95 compatible.
CPPSUM.ZIP DLL functions to get summary info from OLE 2.0 document files. With C++ src
GOLFIERY.ZIP The DLL in this archive (GOLFIERY.DLL) implements functions for tooltip-like windows and balloon help. Golfiery and its demos and demo-sources are freeware
IMGLIBAL.ZIP Image Lite DLL 1.0 Is an inexpensive way to add Jpeg, Gif and Pcx to your applications. Yes, there are image libraries supporting many more formats than image lite, but those libraries are more expensive and carry more overhead to your applications.
MYDLL.ZIP An example Windows DLL project for C/C++ developers Developers, this is a sample project which demonstrates the very basics to wrapping functions in a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL). It's a completely worthless library in itself, but it demonstrates the procedures and styles you should follow when constructing your own DLLs.
PCE32DLL.ZIP Here's a simple explanation of how to write c/c++ dll's under win32 , use them as building blocks for your own dll's , included are example's of both borland c++ 4.5 And microsoft visual c++ 4.0 As well as a calling program written in visual basic.
PCX32DLL.ZIP 32bit DLL to read pcx graphic files , includes VB4 and Delphi 2 examples very very quick operation , this is a shareware version , the registered version is good value for money at only 6.50.
POLY.ZIP PolyScript 1.0 A programmer's serial communications tool for Windows. Automate tedious serial communications chores. Integrate scripted serial communications into your programs. Real time source level debugging of running scripts. Free distribution rights for run-time DLLs to registered users. A Deep Software product, by Greg Hicks. US$80.
POWERP.ZIP 16-bit Power Page v1.13 Power Page is a Windows DLL that allows you to send Alpha-numeric (full text) messages to pagers. You can integrate the power of paging into your application easily with a single function call from virtually any language including:
PPV11.ZIP PowerPrinter 1.1 for Windows 95 and NT Is a 32Bit Windows DLL that gives you total control of the printer with easy to use APIs. PowerPrinter comes with full documentation and 3 sample applications for VB, PowerBuilder and Delphi.
PRNDLL.ZIP PrintDLL is the simple way to stretch bitmaps to the printer without having to write a lot of DIB handling code. Just feed it an hBitmap and it converts it to a DIB and puts it on the page at any size you like. This is THE solution for printer drivers that won't work with StretchBlt() calls. Shareware from ASL. (Vbasic)
QCARD32.ZIP QCard.DLL This release is to be used for creating card applications in 32-bit environments.
SHMEMX.ZIP Demonstrates a Win32 DLL with shared data space This program uses a DLL to maintain two strings per application. A "local" string being one kept as a global variable within the DLL but global only to it's instance and a "shared" string being one which is common to all instances of this program. Selecting Get-Local Name returns the handle of the window to uniquely identify it. Selecting "Set!" sets a string based on the window handle in the shared string. Following a set, Get-Shared Name returns the string that was set. The same string is returned to all running instances of this program, demonstrating that the memory is shared.
SHTDLL11.ZIP Shtdll.Dll is a dll file, which can open and read the cell values of excel worksheets and lotus sheets. The source code is
SORTWI.ZIP This is a 32 bit replacement for the handy DOS sort.exe utility as a Windows dll. Unlike the DOS, however, there is no 64K sort limitation: it will use all available memory. Another feature is that one can sort on a specific segment of a record. Records may be variable in length. No runtimes are required.
STATUS.ZIP Status.Dll is a useful dynamic link library for microsoft windows 3.1 With which a user can display status information in a window at the bottom of the client area. It is shareware.
USERINFO.ZIP USERINFO.DLL lets you access some more Windows information Like: the UserName, CompanyName and Windows SerialNumber. Furthermore you obtain the true Windows version number, the Windows- and System-directory under MS Visual Basic.
VBVER.ZIP VBVER Function Reference Version 1.10 Is a Dynamic Link Library containing a set of internal routines for Visual Basic(*) which allows you to interrogate version information in executable files. This information is impossible to get at with Windows APIs from Visual Basic and comes very useful if you're writing an installation program in Visual Basic, or for checking the version information on any external modules that your own program uses to make sure it'll run properly. Because of the nature of the calling syntax for Visual Basic internal functions, these routines are extremely easy to use. You also have access to virtually all of the information provided in version information blocks embedded in executables.
VCSLID.ZIP Slider Custom Control DLL (demo version) Like A Stereo Slider.
VPE16_14.ZIP VPE is a tool for designing and generating printouts and presentations under Windows. It comes as a DLL which can be used from any programming language for Windows that supports standard DLL calls (such as C/C++, Pascal, Basic, SQLWindows, etc.). All outputs can be generated by using simple commands in a way like those old "print" commands in DOS.