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Visual Basic 4 Utilities

3DMAZE95.ZIP 3DMAZE Version 1.5 Generates mazes under Windows 95. The mazes are displayed in 3D. Use keys to solve them or have the computer solve them. Visual Basic 4.0 source code is included.
AKV.ZIP Access Key Validator 1.1 Add-In for Microsoft(R) Visual Basic(R) 4.0. is an add-in utility for the Visual Basic 4.0 IDE that assists the programmer to assign unique access keys (or mnemonic keys) to the various control Captions on the forms of the current Project.
ALIGNE13.ZIP Align EASY 1.3 Is simple control alignment add-in for 32-bit Visual Basic 4.0. You can use it for aligning and distributing different controls on form to each other at design time. It is designed as toolbar with 14 buttons and has 30 functions + undo. Unique "Copy properties" button for picking up properties (top, width, height, forecolor, vertical center etc.) and applying the same picked properties to any other controls on same or even different form.
CB.ZIP VB Code Browser by Nick Takriti VB Code Browser is a Visual Basic 4.0 add-in. It is designed to enable the developer to brows all VB files, *.frm, *.bas, and *.cls. Developers can brows all functions, subs, and declarations of other projects from within their current project without running another instance of VB. It also provides the functionality of modifying the code before re-using it.
CD16.ZIP CodeDoctor for Visual Basic 4.0 Is an Add-in which provides many basic features that are invaluable in the Integrated Development Environment, but which are not inherent in Visual Basic. These features are the ability to Comment, Uncomment, Indent,etc., selected blocks of code at the click of a Tool Button or selection of a menu option.
DBM40.ZIP DataBaseManager The DBM generates the code to create a database (just paste into VB4), or generates a database (MDB-file). Databases can be saved and loaded as patterns.
DNT16_A4.ZIP Donut (16bit, VB4) Is a program and programming language that allows a Visual Basic form file to be transmitted over the internet and viewed on your computer as a form. This form will then interact with your web browser to send or request information. It has been tested and works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and several variations of Mosaic. Donut will allow creation of web forms that give the author more control over exactly what the form will look like, allows interaction between the Donut program and the user's browser, and allows processing of form information on the user's computer instead of on the server.
DNT32_A4.ZIP Donut (32bit, VB4) Is a program and programming language that allows a Visual Basic form file to be transmitted over the internet and viewed on your computer as a form. This form will then interact with your web browser to send or request information. It has been tested and works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and several variations of Mosaic. Donut will allow creation of web forms that give the author more control over exactly what the form will look like, allows interaction between the Donut program and the user's browser, and allows processing of form information on the user's computer instead of on the server.
EZVBAP95.ZIP EZVBApp95 The fastest way to your next VB4 Application for Windows 95. EZVBApp95 is designed for those new to programming in Visual Basic who need to produce a working application fast. For a low cost you get all the source code to re-use in your own projects. EZVBApp95 will help you kick-start your Visual Basic 4 development. A complete application framework with all the most commonly needed functions including: Compact/Repair of database. - List-search window uses DBGrid control to allow searching and editing of data. - Support for Help files. - MDI child forms cascading, tiling etc. - Error trapping and reporting. - Memorize application window position and size. - Selection of application database. - 'Nag' screen and generation of registration numbers for shareware authors. - Fully documented.
MDBUTIL4.ZIP MDB UTILITIES .... for Visual Basic 4 A general purpose database utility for any VB4 programmer. Allows all usual modifications and additions to an existing VB3 *.mdb, fields, indexes and settings can be added, removed or changed while keeping data intact...
MSGWIZ10.ZIP VBMax Message Box Wizard A fully functional 32-bit add-in for VB 4.0 to simplify the process of coding message boxes. There are several configuration options and shortcuts you can use to tailor the utility to your own style of working. If they are not enough, you also get fully-commented source code which you can tweak any way you want.
OCXHLPR.ZIP OCX Helper v1.0 Have you been looking for a solution to that annoying "Object server not correctly registered" (Error 336) error message when selecting Custom Controls from the Visual Basic 4.0 Tools menu? Well here's an answer... Each error message VB4 displays corresponds to a particular control whose TypeLib key is either empty or missing under it's parent CLSID (class identifier) key in the Registry. *** OCX Helper v1.0, Copyright 1997 Brad Martinez ***
SC4VB.ZIP SC4VB Is a Visual Basic 4 (32 Bit) Addon After looking at the documentation for creating an Add-In for Visual Basic I Decided to try and make the process easier. This gave birth to the Project Wizard. Then after messing about trying to register my Add-In I decided to maked that a menu option. Finally after receiving Delphi v2 I was quite impressed with the Repository so I decided to emulate this useful feature within Visual Basic, thus the Repository was born.
SCHED_VB.ZIP Visual Basic 4.0 32 bit Solutions::Schedule Demo. These OLE components are a collection of controls that are designed to work together, allowing you to add resource scheduling or employee management solutions to your applications. Creating scheduling applications has never been easier. Get your copy of Solutions::Schedule and see what you can do ... in just a few hours instead of days or months.
SNIP5-3.ZIP Snippet 5.3 32 Bit Code Database and Tools. Whether you're a veteran VB4 Programmer or just starting out, you'll find this program, extremely helpful in VB4. Snippet comes with a selection of code snippets for immediate use. Registered Users will get additional Snippets (at least 65). Save your Code Snippets for future use, Add New Snippets, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete.
SSTUDIO.ZIP String Studio Add-In for Visual Basic 4.0 - Version 1.0 - Shareware String Studio brings the power of C-like String Tables to Visual Basic, and the ease of use of visual String, MsgBox, and InputBox editors, with absolutely no manual coding required. Visually create, edit, browse, and organize every String, MsgBox and InputBox in your project from one location, or from your source code with the click of a button.
VB4TOOLS.ZIP VBOpt4 - DoDi's Disassembler for VB4
VBCS.ZIP VB CodeSecure 4.0 Your VB executables are no longer safe due to the new version of the VB Decompiler. With VB CodeSecure 4.0, you can easily prevent your Visual Basic 3.0 and 4.0 executables from being decompiled into your exact original source code. VB CodeSecure 4.0 accurately protects your VB executables by using advanced data protection algorithms such as form overlays and object de-referencing. This program is a must download for anyone who programs in Visual Basic.
VBDIS4.ZIP VBOpt4 - DoDi's Disassembler for VB4 (October 1996) After a lot of questions about a decompiler for VB4, I sat down and made a first rough version in form of a disassembler, similar to VBOpt3. In the moment only a display of the tokens is available, it's a long way to a real Discompiler like VBDis3. Nevertheless you'll find many astonishing things about the code produced by VB4, giving hints on how to optimize your programs.

Visual Basic 4 sourcecodes

3DMAZE.ZIP 3DMaze Game , Generate and solve mazes under Windows 95. (VB4)
3DVB.ZIP 3d cube demo ver.0.5
ABOOK.ZIP Address book applet This program demonstrates the uses of the data bound control in Visual Basic 4.0. This program is hard-coded to store its data in ABOOK.MDB, a Microsoft Access 95 database file. You can use the Data Control to move through existing records, and you can use entries in the Record menu to add or delete records. To save changes to the current database record simply move to another record.
API_COPY.ZIP Splitting/restoring large files in VB4
AUTODIAL.ZIP AutoDial - Telephone dialer demo program This Visual Basic 4.0 example program demonstrates how an application can dial a telephone number under Windows 95 using Assisted Telephony which is a subset of TAPI. This code is simple because it relies on a call manager applet to perform the actual dialing.
CALVB4.ZIP CALVB4 - A Calendar in VB4 Format This program creates a calendar and allows a user to specify working and non-working days. Non-working days can be individual days, typically holidays, and any combination of weekly days-off (i.e. Saturdays and Sundays). The program has functions to store and read the set of non-working days to/from a text file.
CDAUD3.ZIP CD Audioplayer in Visual Basic with source
CTIPS.ZIP Tip of the Day routines
ERRORVB.ZIP How To Get all error messages of VB4 ?
FCOOL4.ZIP fCoolBar This program was written to demonstrate how to implement an Office'97 style ToolBar (or CoolBar), using Visual Basic and as few controls as possible. This version has been written in VB4, but a simplified version has also been written in VB3. The VB4 version has been implemented as a Class using 4 PictureBox controls and a Timer and a separate form.
FRMSTRCH.ZIP Form strecher
GREENCAR.ZIP Invaders by GreenCar Software A 32 Bit Retro_Arcade Classic written in Visual Basic 4.0
IRC-CODE.ZIP How to writing an IRC client in VB
LBREBAR.ZIP L&B Software ReBar OLE Server for Visual Basic 4 The ReBar OLE Server is an OLE in-process server for Visual Basic 4 (32 bit). It allows you to create the "cool toolbars" used in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mail and News, and Microsoft Office 97. You can create these "coolbars" in a very easy way, just transforming your original toolbars created in VB to the new "coolbar" style with a couple of sentences.
MBUTTON.ZIP Moving button example
MODUS.ZIP Example of Shelling to a Windows Program
NWS_MMDI.ZIP Mini-MDI ThIs VB 4.0 (source included) program shows some weird code for producing an emulation of MDI without using MDI forms. Interesting stuff that was to be the subject of an article but Andy got writers block.
PHONE.ZIP The phone book example was wrote in vb4 16bit
SHELDEMO.ZIP Shell About Application Demo
SHORTCUT.ZIP This sample program shows how to accomplish 3 tasks. 1. Create a shortcut to a program in any directory the user specifies. The shortcut can be either a LNK file to a Windows program or a PIF file to a DOS program. 2. Display the Open common dialog box without using the Common Dialog custom control. 3. Display a Browse For Folder dialog box, useful for allowing a user to choose a directory.
TOOLTIP.ZIP ToolTips 1.1a server for Visual Basic Now, easily add ToolTips to your Visual Basic program. With just one line of code (per), you can add professional, Microsoft (tm) style, ToolTips to your program.
WAVEPLAY.ZIP Simple VB Code Sampling how to play WAV files using the Windows API
VB4DDE.ZIP Creating Microsofte Visual Basic Application w/ DDE Links How do you communicate with another VB4 application using DDE links ? The following example demonstrates the simple process.
VBDOC32.ZIP This project demonstrates how to include the UpDown Windows Common Control within your VB 4.0 32 Bit applications.
VBLISTER.ZIP Vb file lister for windows 95/nt
VBMAX3D.ZIP VBMax 3D Effects for VB 4 Add the 3D effects that Microsoft forgot to your VB 4.0 applications. Written entirely in VB 4.0, VBMax3D.dll is a fully functional in-process OLE server that provides you with a variety of 3D effects without the overhead of third-party controls. Less filling--works good. VBMax3D.dll is Windows 95 color-scheme aware and contains methods and properties for creating panels, borders, frames, lines, drop shadows, status bars, progress meters and many different types of text effects.
VBPIANO.ZIP Vb midi piano Is a sample Visual Basic program that shows how to begin to access some of the low level midi capibilities of Windows using Visual Basic. I have included an outline for a complete article on this subject if a publication is interested in having me developing this further.
VBSS95.ZIP A Win95 Screen Saver in VB
VBT023.ZIP Demonstrate use of classes and collections in VB4
WINICEE.ZIP WinIcee Version 1.01 WINIcee is a port to Visual Basic of the QUickbasic/Powerbasic I2C driver i wrote some time ago.(for information on these products see section 9) The driver handles all low level operations of controlling devices attached to an I2C communications bus. The programmer only needs to know which data and where to send it.A basic knoledge of the I2C bus is assumed.This manual will not deal with the physical layer of the bus nor the communication protocol.If you are not familair with I2C,a first time user ,or just want to know more about it please consult the I2C FAQ.Consult chapter 9 for more information.
WINSOCK.ZIP This is the Winsock API definition file for Visual Basic 4.0
WUSER2.ZIP UserName and CompanyName How to Access Windows UserName and CompanyName with MS Visual Basic (or every other programming language).