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3D-Graphics textfiles & tutorials

3D-TRICK.ZIP 3D-Math tricks
3D.ZIP 3D example in basic
3D_DXF.ZIP Minimum requirements for creating a dxf file of a 3D model
3D_MATHS.ZIP Mark's Useful 3D Maths stuff This document is provided as is without any guarantee of the accuracy of its content. It contains the bare essentials of 3D maths for computer graphics.
3DBASICS.ZIP Basic Introduction to 3D Programming
3DCORPS.ZIP Stereoscopic technologies currently available for computer displays
3DROTATE.ZIP Three Dimensional Rotations For Computer Graphics
3DTUT.ZIP A tutorial for 2D and 3D vector and texture mapped graphics
DOOM.ZIP 'Doom' 3D Engine techniques
FH-3DTUT.ZIP 3dTutorial v1.0 -in Turbo Pascal-
LANDS.ZIP 3D-Land, This program makes a nice 3D landscape (Basic)
NLB-3DRT.ZIP 3-d rotation explanation full source code included!
OTMSORT.ZIP Otmsort.Txt - sorting algorithms for 3D graphics
QROTATE.ZIP 3D Rotations/Instancing using quaternion
QUATERNI.ZIP Using Euler paramaters for rotations
RETVEC10.ZIP 3D FixedPoint (8.8) Retarded vectors
SIRD.ZIP Pascal source for calulating single image stereograms (sirds) the program supports texture and random dots...
STARS.ZIP Stars: 3D Starfield Example
TEXTVEC.ZIP TEXTRO OTM/95 Source code to textmode vectors
TRANSFRM.ZIP Perspective transforms
VIEWSYS.ZIP Viewing Systems For 3D Engines
ZED3D080.ZIP Zed3D is a handy tutorial and reference for real-time 3D graphics. It includes most proofs as well as some pseudocode. Zed3D cover several topics, among which are: texture mapping, gouraud shading, z-buffering, depth-field rendering, bitmap scaling, rendering a polygon, reducing a polygon to a mesh of triangles, automatically generating normals for polyhedras and more.

3D-Graphics sourcecode

3D-STAR.ZIP 3D-star routine in asm
3D_2.ZIP Another 3D example in basic
3D_3.ZIP Another 3D example in basic
3DCUBE.ZIP Gouraud type shaded cube. needs mouse (with C source)
3DDEMO.ZIP This is my 2d/3d/voxel demo w/src. It has lambert/gouraud/phong shading and w/texture. Has such effects as hazing/transparency/morphing/shadowing with multiple cameras. And has routines to do height mapping.
3DEXP1.ZIP A fast, QuickBASIC 4.5 3-D wireframe animation program.
3DEXP1B.ZIP fast 3-D wireframe program in basic
3DLIB30B.ZIP 3dLIB is a library of pascal units that allows Borland (Turbo) Pascal and C++ programmers to write applications that display and animate 3D wire-mesh objects. The library is based on a project developed since 1984 on different platforms.
3DMORPH.ZIP Excellent 3d morph + full pas source for demo/intro coding
3DPASCAL.ZIP 3d "vector"-object routine for turbo pascal 5.5 (Source)
3DSCO.ZIP 3D Studio loader/converter Tool that can import 3DS objects into e.g. demos and games. Full C++ source included. Compiles with: - Watcom C/C++ 10.0 - Borland C/C++ 3.1 - GNU C/C++ 2.6 (Linux)
3DSPACE2.ZIP Phantom_3d_engine (Pascal source)
3DSPAS.ZIP Gouraud shader for 3D studio objects (Pascal source)
3DSRDR12.ZIP 3DStudio reader v1.2 with C source
3DSTUFF.ZIP 3D-package consisting of a Ray-casting and a polygon engine with C source.
3DTOSHI2.ZIP Multi-Platform 3D Graphics Library ver 2.0 The purpose of Multi-Platform 3D Graphics library is to provide high-performance & flexible 3D graphics to high-level programmers. So that they do not have to build their own graphics routines for each target-platforms. *Supported Operating System : - DOS, 32-Bit DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, - OS/2 3.0, Unix with X Windows system *Supported Compilers : - Watcom C/C++ 10.0+, Visual C/C++ 2.0+, Borland C/C++ - 4.0+, GNU C/C++ Compiler.
3DW_PERS.ZIP 3D-Ware version 1.0 ( DOS ) Is a real mode high performance 3D graphics library. It is also supplied with a suite of tools that help you to produce 3D games and VR applications. 3D Games and applications produced using 3D-Ware version 1.0 can be sold freely without royalty payments to Virtek. You can upgrade to 3D-Ware v1.0 Professional edition which adds Texturing and Gouraud Shading facilities, so that your applications can be given a more professional feel. The upgrade price is UK pounds 99 (+postage) (+17.5% V.A.T for UK and VAT registered European union members)
3DWCUBE.ZIP A wireframe cube rotation demo with C source
3DWORLD.ZIP 3d-world of objects demo by istvan adam Frits you can fly around in this small 3d world of objects the program demonstrates a number of techniques such as shading: constant, gouraud, phong etc. Real-time scroller simple hidden surface removal etc.
BIX_DEMO.ZIP Bix - demo (COOL!) The Bix program is a demonstration of extremely realistic physics in 3d. In the future it will probably be used in several games, once I finish adding flatshading and texture mapping - as of now, it's all wireframe. Still, you can get a good idea of the depth and realness of the engine.
BM192A.ZIP Bad Mood project v 1.92a.A doom engine with full source code for the Atari Falcon030 computer. Requires a IWAD file. Shareware Doom WAD would do. And so do DOOM2, Heretic or Ultimate Doom. (MC680x0 Source)
BSP3D.ZIP 3D Demo with C++ Source (DJGPP)
CARHACK.ZIP See DOOM rendering engine in progress 190 byte TSR. Makes DOOM to run SLOW *UNBELIEVABLE* SLOW And You can see, how it works, GREAT
CLIPPOLY.ZIP 3D polygon clipping multiobject rotating thing! With assembler source
CUBEDJ.ZIP Cube rotation demo - Djgpp version (C source)
DDJBSP2.ZIP This archive contains the source code for a sample system to render 3-d scenes from 2-d bsp trees
DEVEL2.ZIP REND386 -- A C-source of a 3-D Polygon Rendering Package for the 386 and 486
DOOMPROJ.ZIP Well, here is my first attempt at implementing the most basic concepts for a 3d type engine somewhere between wolf3d and doom.
DWU.ZIP This is a simple demo of a dynamics/graphics engine that I am making. The floor or trampoline is a flexible body, and the spheres are rigid. If you are adventuresome you can edit the scene.dat file, and modify the radius, velocity's, densities, etc of the spheres.
EASY_3D.ZIP Pascal source file showing the very basic 3d rotations calculus using matrices. Including a cute "delay vector" effect. For beginners...
F_IMATH.ZIP 32-bit 3D math routines for Pmode and WATCOM. By Flynn Integer 3d Matrix math, Lambert shading, inverse matricies,
FIELD.ZIP Commanche like 3D-height-filed terrain renderer with C++ source
FIRST3D.ZIP Filled polygon demo, C source.
FRAMES.ZIP Frames.c Example of how to use coordinte frames in a 3d world This example shows how to use the notion of frames of reference to simplify the transformations between OCS, WCS, CCS, etc. also shows how to specify rotations in local axis to have a coherent rotation direction always This example is that _an example_ it is not optimized nor the best possible way to implement it;
GORAU.ZIP Goraude Shaded Polygons in basic
HDSRC.ZIP Hozie doom , 3D Doom like clone with C source
HEIGHT.ZIP Demo of Height-Field Terrain Rendering This program is a demonstration of the height-field rendering graphics "engine" I have been working on for the past few months. For the most part I have used it as a test harness to explore the visual results of various "speed-up" techniques. It is not a game (yet), but intended to be used in one.
I3D_212.ZIP I3D (Interactive 3D) tool kit I3D is a software tool kit designed to help you create your own interactive 3D programs in C. If you're interested in creating a program similar to Castle Wolfenstein or Ultima Underworld - I3D is for you! ver 2.1
ICUBEDJ.ZIP Simple 3d gouraud/zbuffered cube demo , C source.
NEWEST3D.ZIP 3D source in C
OBJ3D01.ZIP Object3D Samples V0.1 Is a C++ librarie used to draw real time 3D Objects. But you can use it with other languages than C++. Samples are made in Visual Basic, C and C++
P3D.ZIP P3D.EXE Demo of a 3D-doom like engine (no src)
P3DVE.ZIP P3D vector engine Flat Shading, Gouraud Shading, Texture Mapping, ENV Mapping Phong Shading
POINTS.ZIP Display, shift, rotate and morph points in 3D with color fading. Asm src
POLY.ZIP 3D rotating cube (filled polygons) C++ source (DOS)
RAYCAST.ZIP Raycast 3d Engine v2.6 with basic source
SHROMBMP.ZIP Rotation of a Shroom Picture, C source
SIPP_30.ZIP SIPP -- 3d rendering package with source in C Is a library for creating 3-dimensional scenes and rendering them using a scan-line z-buffer algorithm. A scene is built up of objects which can be transformed with rotation, translation and scaling. The objects form hierarchies where each object can have arbitrarily many subobjects and subsurfaces. A surface is a number of connected polygons which are rendered with either Phong, Gouraud or flat shading. An image can also be rendered as a line drawing of the polygon edges without any shading at all.
THREED.ZIP TRI_D.TPU A pascal library for 3 dimensional graphics Is a toolkit for drawing and manipulating three dimensional objects. The intent is to be fast, yet accurate, and to keep the actual mechanics out of the way of the user.
VECTOR.ZIP 3d vector graphics engine ver 1.91 (in Basic)
VGA-VUL3.ZIP 3d-rotations in pascal/assembler Hello there and welcome to yet another release from Outlaw Triad. This one is a trainer on 3d. I must say that there are a LOT of trainers and sources available already on this subject. But again, it never hurts to study more than just a few of them, right? Ok, as always I started to code & write this stuff primarily for myself. And then decided to release it... why not? ;)
VGA-VUL4.ZIP 3d-rotations in 100% assembler Hello there. This is Vulture typing this little textfile. Yeah, uhm, well, some of you might be confused since Outlaw Triad already released sources covering 3d-rotations (VGA-VUL3). But, that source was coded in pascal with some built-in assember and because a lotta people out there are more interested in pure 100% asm, I thought it might be a good idea to release my own little asm source-code covering 3d. This source was coded in IDEAL mode. I'll assume basic knowledge of vga-coding, assembler and Pascal.
VGAMAZE4.ZIP VGAMAZE (C++ src) Display mazes in three dimensions on your VGA monitor.
VOXEL.ZIP Fully commented source code of a voxel landscape generator.
VOXELSP2.ZIP Voxel space 2 (full c++ sourcecode) This version uses raycasting to generate a voxel landscape
VOXELSPC.ZIP Voxel-Space A Very Fast Gouraud and Height-interpolated Voxel Landscape (a left-out routine from Pureness) [Full sources in C & Asm]
VOXELTUT.ZIP Voxel Renderer (Heightfield Engine, C Src)
VOXRAY.ZIP RayDeal, C/C++ source for a Doomlike engine The Raydeal game is a game based on the recently released Raydeal game engine, also known as the Nottingham engine. The idea is to create a much more stategic and expanded Deathmatch. In other words, people will now not only be in charge of their own survival, but will also control bases, defenses, etc. Teams of people will be pitted against eachother, in charge of capturing their oppenents base (or in a larger game, multiple bases). Hopefully, the end result will be a ten on ten all out strategic war, all in real-time 3-d. It'll probably take a lot longer than a normal deathmatch. Environments will be mostly outdoor forests and the like, while base will be interior DOOM like buildings. Obviously levels will all be a lot more complex in the real game.
VPE63.ZIP VIRTUAL PRESENCE ENGINE version 0.63 A portable post-Doom graphics engine. Regions below/above one another, non-orthogonal walls, variable level floors/ceilings, full object support, complete physics system, moving walls, virtual views, etc. Works in 32-bit protected mode (DOS4GW).
VRKIT.ZIP VRKIT - A full Virtual Reality Kit. This amazing 3D virtual reality engine features super-fast 3D texture mapping of floors and walls. Great for aspiring game programmers. Register this kit and get the FULL ROYALTY FREE SOURCE CODE! Written in C/ASM for the BORLAND C/C++ Compiler. Make your own 3D games and learn hot game coding secrets.
X1.ZIP Wolf-3D Generic engine in c
XYZ_20.ZIP Xyz++ is a 3d graphics class library for users of borland c++ 3.1 And above. a Comprehensive package of optimized c++ classes for both floating point and fixed point 3d graphics. aLso includes bgi, mouse, keyboard, and gui control panel classes, an instructive manual and several example programs. Complete source code is shipped with the registered version.
YANNS3D.ZIP 3D engine source