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Assembler tutorials and documents

4P_V331.ZIP Programmer's processor power package v3.3.1 You really need this if you're writing optimized code for the intel ipentium! the package contains all secrets about the news inside the i586 including the undocumented things. Also you get easy access to the 'performance monitoring' using the included tsr called stat, so you can improve your own code for ip5! also included: info - the best cpu/fpu detection software with many extras.
8086TUT.ZIP 8086 assembly language tutorial
80X86.ZIP Good info about 80x86 programming, good reading!
86LISTSW.ZIP Hamarsoft (R) 86BUGS list 04 By Harald Feldmann. Most complete collection of BUGS in the x86 and x87 family of CPUs. Contains testing software and Pentium optimizer. If you're a programmer, you NEED this. Also distributed with Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.
A86CNVRT.ZIP An example of converting a program written for masm into one written for a86
ADDRESS.ZIP Effective Addresses
ALPROG.ZIP Ibm personal computer assembly language tutorial
ANTI-D.ZIP Anti Debugging Tricks
ANTI-D1.ZIP anti-debugging techniques
ASM03001.ZIP Assembly tutorial version 1.0 , part 1
ASMP1L0.ZIP Assembly tutorial version 1.0 , part 2
ASMP2L1.ZIP Assembly tutorial version 1.0 , part 3
ASMTEXT1.ZIP Assembler tutorial
ASMTUT1.ZIP Pc assembler tutor, part 1
ASMTUT2.ZIP pc assembler tutor, Part 2
ASMTUT3.ZIP pc assembler tutor, Part 3
ASMTUT4.ZIP pc assembler tutor, Part 4
ASMTUTTX.ZIP A introduction to x86 assembly
ASSEMBLE.ZIP Assembly language tutorial (PC)
CPU2.ZIP The 80x86 Microprocessor Family Story
CRITERR.ZIP Intermediate Programmer Tutorial #001 Critical Error (0x24) Handler
DEBGTUTR.ZIP THE DEBUG TUTOR v1.0 Are you mystified by people who use debug? You won't be after the Debug Tutor. If you want to know the "black magic" of debug, then download this Windows program. Learn how to dump memory, assemble programs, even find out what cards are installed in a PC without ever turning a screw on the back of the case. You'll wonder why you never took the time to learn debug before. Inc: Word Treasure, Reg: $15.
DEBUGTUT.ZIP Debug tutorial
DMADOC.ZIP Direct memory access controller info
DPMISPEC.ZIP Dos protected mode interface (dpmi) specification protected mode api for dos extended applications version 0.9
EDIT96.ZIP Assembler Tutorial 1996 Edition
EMPM20.ZIP A text file discussing the advantages of using protected mode and the flat memory model for embedded controllers. Also includes instructions for obtaining software which implements such models. Provided by TechniLib.
FDIV.ZIP This file contains information explaining the workaround that Microsoft has implemented in their compiler and run-time library for the Intel Pentium processor's which contain a potential flaw in four instructions.
INTER54A.ZIP x86/MS-DOS Interrupt List, Release 54 A Comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Contains over 8400 entries (plus some 3600 tables) in INTER54A to INTER54D, utility programs and viewers in INTER54E, WinHelp utilities in INTER54F, and non-WinHelp hypertext converters in INTER54G.
INTER54B.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part B
INTER54C.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part C
INTER54D.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part D
INTER54E.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part E
INTER54F.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part F
INTER54G.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 54, part G
MTL-OPTI.ZIP Optimizations for assembly coders (Intel series 80386-Pentium)
NG_TASM4.ZIP Norton Guide to TASM v4.0 (Ideal mode). This guide covers the Ideal mode syntax of Borland's Turbo Assembler version 4.0. * Main topics: - Assembler directives & extensions - Operators - Predefined equates - Command line switches - Symbols & expressions - C/Pascal interfacing - Keywords list by version - TASM error & warning messages
OPCODE.ZIP The following opcode tables aid in interpreting 80386 object code. Use the high order 4 bits of the opcode as an index to a row of the opcode table; use the low order 4 bits as an index to a column of the table. If the opcode is 0FH, refer to the 2-byte opcode table, and use the second byte of the opcode to index the rows and columns of that table.
OPTIMIZE.ZIP Some useful informations about how to optimize code on a 386/486/Pentium
PCTUTO.ZIP The PC Assembler Tutor is an assembler tutorial that covers all 8086 instructions. It starts with the simplest instructions and works its way through the whole instruction set. It also covers details of the hardware involved with the 8086.
PENTIUM.ZIP A huge collection of pentium optimisation docs. includes ALL the stuff you need to know to write optimal assembly code for the pentium processor :)
PENTOPT.ZIP How to optimize for the pentium processors
PMTUT002.ZIP This archive contains my protected mode tutorial v0.02 (Bugfixed) and jerzy tarasiuk's cpumodes.
PRIMER2.ZIP Whitman's ASM language primer for beginners
REALMEM.ZIP Read about how to use over 64KB segments and extended memory in REAL-MODE Address 4GB of memory under DOS!
UPLOAD.ZIP Antibugging


0938.ZIP ASSEMBLY language tools pop-up manual,debug,dis-asm etc
AFORM.ZIP Aform - Assembly source formater Is a filter used to format assembler source. It will create as output a file with consistent capitalization (or lack thereof) and indentation. It will even handle files with (yecch) line numbers.
ARROWASM.ZIP The arrowsoft assembler public domain version 1.00D The Arrowsoft Assembler takes as its input 8086, 8088, 80186 and 80286 assembly language source files and produces relocatable object modules which may be linked and run under the MS-DOS and PC-DOS operating systems. The syntax of the input files is a superset of that accepted by the Microsoft Macro Assembler (versions 3.0 and later). In fact, most programs written for the Microsoft product should assemble without modification with the Arrowsoft Assembler.
ASM110BG.ZIP Magic Assembler (v1.10) Simple 8086 assembler, which can produce as well as COM files as boot sector programs, and print the sources including correct addresses.
BIN2DB.ZIP BIN to DB Converter version 2.4
CRYPT120.ZIP CRYPT Version 1.20 The ultimate protector for S-Ice and Turbo Debugger. This program encrypt an EXE file previously compressed with any of the actual or futur EXE compressors (like Pklite, Lzexe ,...).
DESA101.ZIP disassembler GEMA v1.01
DISASM32.ZIP Visual Disasm32 (free limited demonstration version) is a symbolic visual disassembler for 32 bits Portables Executables (PE) used by Windows95/NT and Win32s. This new version 0.46 add somes improvements and had many bugs fixed and has been tested on many more misc. executables and work on Windows95/NT 3.5, Win32s 1.2 or more.
DISASTER.ZIP DISASTER v1.0 >ASP< Interactive disassembler. This program reads a COM, SYS or EXE file and tries to find out what is code and what is data. The user can interactively correct it, add comments and meaningful labels. Eventually a source-file is produced which can be re-assembled.
GEMA26AA.ZIP GEMA, [G]enPC [E]lite [M]acro [A]Ssembler v2.6a A New 8086 to P6 Assembler, Based Upon GenST And Motorola 680x0. Easier And More Reliable Than The Old, Lousy And Bugged Turbo ASM.
ICECREAM.ZIP ICECream - SoftICE '95 Detection A friend of mine, Per Mellstrand (author of ShellWizard 95), was kind of annoyed of people poking in his program. He guessed that the main tool people used to "break into" his software, was SoftICE from Nu-Mega. What he wanted was a nice way to detect that SoftICE was running. I found it. A nice way to detect SoftICE '95 is as follows: * Get the Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) with assembler command SIDT * Get the address of Interrupt gate 1 * Move 16 bytes back * Check if the four bytes at this position is "V101" - if so, SoftICE is running!
MAKESRC2.ZIP Make Source 1.0, .COM-file dissasembler To generate assembly language source files from COM files. Will not work on any other type. Although I wrote this to generate source which is compatible with the A86 assembler, a little work will convert your resultant source file for use with other assemblers. (Mucho credit to Eric Isaacson for his incredible A86 assembler.)
MASM_CN3.ZIP MASM Converter V1.3 Converts V6.X .ASM Source to V5.X Format for those (like me) who have an Older Assembler.
NASM095.ZIP NASM, the Netwide Assembler v0.95, EXE-files Is a prototype general-purpose x86 assembler. It will currently output flat-form binary files, a.out, COFF and ELF Unix object files, Microsoft 16-bit DOS and Win32 object files, the as86 object format, and a home-grown format called RDF. The Netwide Assembler grew out of an idea on comp.lang.asm.x86 (or possibly alt.lang.asm, I forget which), which was essentially that there didn't seem to be a good free x86-series assembler around, and that maybe someone ought to write one.
NASM095S.ZIP NASM 0.95 Sourcecode (C-source)
PAIR.ZIP Intel Pentium(tm) Source Code Analyser. Will analyze your assembler source code to see how well it will run on an Intel Pentium processor.
PASM.ZIP PASM v1.2 PASM is a utility to allow you to insert strings directly into your ASM source code.
SPY_TRAK.ZIP Spy-Trak (Korvin Communications; $35) Is a disassembling and debugging tool for .EXE and .COM program. It tracks, step by step, each operation performed by the program as it is executing, records the status of its registers and flags any errors.
TRACE41.ZIP TRACE 4.1, Disassembler, Debugger, Tracer This software offers to programmers the entire knowledge to program a PC, to find out what is it hidden behind interrupt number 10h (video) for instance but also to find out the secret of the hardware interrupt, and hence, to discover the undocumented DOS and BIOS. TRACE 4.1 is the ideal companion of your debuggers TD and CodeView. TRACE 4.1 accelerates your Application Development.
WALK32_1.ZIP SBS WALK32 Win32 Assembly Language Kit Version 1.00 This programming toolkit is designed for the experienced ASM programmer who not only wants to casually write some assembly code, but instead aims at building large projects in all assembly language. If you would classify yourself into this category, WALK32 is for you. Please note that WALK32 is not a stand-alone development environment. You will still need some additional products to be able to use it. Luckily, you won't need very much additional
XFIRE510.ZIP Crossfire: a 680xx/80x86 Hybrid Macro assembler/ Cross Assembler
ZIPWASM1.ZIP WinAsm is a Windows Development Environment for Assembly Code development. It does not supply an Assembler, Linker, or Make utility. It requires that you (the User) supply these DOS based tools. This version has been tested with Borland Turbo Assembler 3.2 and 4.0. It has not been tested with Masm, but is designed to be configurable to Masm.

Assembler libraries

ASMLIB1.ZIP A86 assembler library
ASMWIZ16.ZIP Assembly Wizard's Library v1.6 For assembly language (most assemblers are supported). Text and graphics, buffered file I/O, kbd, mouse, exception handler, string support, hi-res timers & countdowns, lots more. Tiny model (.COM format). By Tom Hanlin.
FREELI30.ZIP Freelib: The free assembly language library 200 optimized assembly language routines that Do everything from file I/O to VGA graphics. Full source code is included for all routines FREELIB is public domain software, completely free for all non-commercial use.
OOPASM.ZIP An object-oriented assembly language macro library
RHSTDLIB.ZIP Randy Hyde's Standard Library for 8086 Assembly Language Programmers
UCRASM24.ZIP The UCR standard library for assembly language programmers,

Protected mode dos-extenders

ASM32.ZIP ASM32 v3.0 DOS Extender For 32-bit Assembly language programming with the CauseWay DOS extender - A library that includes routines for: extensive graphics for HGC, HGC+, CGA, MCGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA & SVGA VESA, etc., SuperFAST buffered disk I/O, keyboard & direct screen I/O, system info, pull down menus, popup windows, and much more! Shareware by Doug Herr - $25
DOS32B35.ZIP DOS32 Version 3.5 beta Is a complete DOS-extender package for the development of true 32bit DOS applications. Includes: 32bit linker, almost 500Kb source with a cut down ANSI C lib, lots of examples ,a debugger, DLL support and is fully documented supporting assembler and some C programming. Its also fast, small and most importantly its easy to use.
FLAT.ZIP Flat real / real big / unreal mode (v1.2) Flat is fully compatible with: - dos 2.0 And above - ms-win 3.X in 'real' and 'standard' modes - desqview - himem/xms/umb drivers - ems drivers with sources and examples.
FRMI150.ZIP Flat real mode interface v1.5 (aSm) break the 64kb limit of real mode addressing !
PMW133.ZIP PMODE/W v1.33 DOS Extender, For use with WATCOM C/C++ is a DOS extender for the Watcom C/C++ package. It allows DOS programs to run in full 32 bit protected mode, with access to all memory available in the system. PMODE/W basically extends the DOS environment to protected mode and provides a simple interface to the real mode DOS system services for your code. Features: Extender size is less than 12k Extender is internal to the EXE Replaces DOS4GW.EXE Fully compatible with WATCOM C Fast execution Free for non-commercial use Protected mode EXE compression
WDOSX092.ZIP WDOSX DOS- Extender v0.92 Yet another DOS- extender for .ASM DPMI/VCPI/XMS/RAW, small, freeware and easy to handle (I hope:) V0.92 Just check it out! WDOSX has been written mainly for use with 32 bit ASM coding. However, the principles of interfacing Borland C/C++ (4+) code are shown.
XLIB61.ZIP XLIB is a library of procedures which can greatly simplify protected mode programming under DOS. XLIB provides the simplest and most reliable method for accessing extended memory from real mode languages. A tutorial on protected mode is included. XLIB procedures handle mode switching, extended memory, memory-mapped IO, interrupts, and files. XLIB also handles CPU exceptions and performs debugging functions. XLIB operates under DPMI, VCPI, XMS and clean configurations. Both Microsoft and Borland formats are included.

Assembly Mathematics programming files

AFLOAT.ZIP Single-precision floating-point library float.Lib with Asm soruce
BCDASM.ZIP x86 assembly language BCD math. TASM 80x86 16-/32-bit routines to handle packed signed Binary-Coded-Decimals (add, sub, imul, idiv, mod, shl, shr, cmp, mov, load, conversion, display). Huge integer math. No FPU support. Includes multi-memory-model assembly source, docs, C libs, and Pascal TPU. TASM v3.20+ required for reassembly. Un-Zip with /d. (FW)(June 1997)
FLOAT.ZIP Floating point routines in assembly
PCRNG.ZIP A Random Number Generator for PC's in asm
QMATH10.ZIP Fast 64-bit signed integer arithmetic routines
REALASM1.ZIP Floating point math functions using microsoft masm 6.00B
ROOTS02.ZIP Asm sources that calculates roots
SQRT.ZIP Method for calculating squareroot in asm

Assembler sources

2MON10.ZIP 2mon is a collection of utilities for use on dual-monitor systems: mclock, mcls, and mprtsc. Full source code in assembly language is provided. Source included
3-52.ZIP ISCDROM: Demonstrates Testing if Drive is CD-ROM ISCDROM is an assembly code fragment which demonstrates how to determine if a drive is a CD-ROM drive. (asm src)
32BITFIX.ZIP Fast blit functions make 32bit ops in 16bit code. Enables some 16-bit users to enable 32-bit code in there apps.
386DDASC.ZIP This ASm program will take a double-word (4 bytes) and write it out to the screen in ASCII format.
80XXX.ZIP 1996 ASM code snippets from Fido's 80XXX echo.
80XXX_90.ZIP Code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
80XXX_91.ZIP ASM code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
80XXX_92.ZIP ASM code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
80XXX_93.ZIP ASM code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
80XXX_94.ZIP ASM code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
80XXX_95.ZIP ASM code snippets from the 80XXX Fidonet echo.
AFLOAT.ZIP FTOL Version for use with assembly language programs Convert single-precision floating-point value to four-byte long integer.
AMISL092.ZIP Alternate Multiplex Interrupt Specification Library, v0.92 Public Domain library (with full source code and five sample TSRs) for creating self-highloading TSRs which may be unloaded in any order. Up to 256 TSRs created with AMISLIB may be installed simultaneously, and TSRs can be as small as 128 bytes resident, 1.4K on disk. One of the sample TSRs is a popup which accesses DOS.
AOTSR.ZIP Spinning o's TSR I have enclosed here my latest freeware utility. It is a TSR that animates all the little "o"s on your DOS screen. (Asm src)
APL2EM.ZIP IBM 286/386 Apple ][ emulator with Asm src
AS01.ZIP Useful Assembler Routines (1/4) A collection Of 37 assembly source codes for use with BASIC. Includes memory management, interupt controllers, window scrollers, text conversion, program loaders, printer conversion and more.
AS02.ZIP Useful Assembler Routines (2/4)
AS03.ZIP Useful Assembler Routines (3/4)
AS04.ZIP Useful Assembler Routines (4/4)
ASC2HEX.ZIP An efficient algorithm for converting ASCII hex to binary (asm)
ASM4.ZIP Various disc/file utilities written in assembly sourcecode
ASM5.ZIP Various disc/file utilities written in assembly sourcecode
ASMCOL1.ZIP ASSEMBLY COLLECTION volume 1 ASM Libraries, Snipets & Source Compilation! includes routines for: Advanced graphics for HGA, CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, Xmode, etc., FAST disk I/O, easy keyboard/screen I/O, EMS/XMS/ VMS, accessing, system info, advanced math, complex data types, pull down menu's, popup windows, buffered file I/O, mouse, exception handler, string support, countdowns, hi-res timers, protected mode programming under DOS tutors, and much more!!
ASMCOMM.ZIP IBM PC Communications I/O Routines in assembly
ASMDRV.ZIP Write DOS device drivers in C and ASM - source code provided.
ASMFILES.ZIP huge Collection of PC utilities written in assembly language
ASMPI.ZIP Asmpi is a program i made back in december '92 to calculate pi in 100% assembly. The program itself is still a little rough around the edges, and the source code could use some more documentation, but it's still a neat program to fool around with on a rainy day.
ASMSRC.ZIP Collection of assembly language routines
ASMWIN16.ZIP WINDOWS.ASM - Assembly level windowing routines
ASNIP40A.ZIP This is the Assembly Snippets 4.0, including the original Fido 80xxx Snippets, the ASM0-Z collection, and LOTS of new code! Contains over 200,000 lines of code. Part 1
ASNIP40B.ZIP This is the Assembly Snippets 4.0, including the original Fido 80xxx Snippets, the ASM0-Z collection, and LOTS of new code! Contains over 200,000 lines of code. Part 2
ASNIP40C.ZIP This is the Assembly Snippets 4.0, including the original Fido 80xxx Snippets, the ASM0-Z collection, and LOTS of new code! Contains over 200,000 lines of code. Part 3
ASYNC20S.ZIP Buffered asynchronous serial I/O driver for IBM PC and closely compatible computers. This is a complete replacement for the original INT 14h (serial I/O) handler. In addition to the normal services, it provides XON/XOFF and selectable DSR/DTR and RTS/CTS handshaking. (asm src)
ASYNCASM.ZIP Handling Interrupts using the Macro Assembler!
AUUUUU_.ZIP This is a simple assembly program that shows a 80x25 text screen, animates a few characters and gets back to dos on a keypress. The file auuuuu!.Inc must contain the picture (80x25x2 bytes) in dbs addressed as img. You may save it with thedraw and then strip the picture sizes off and leave only the raw data.
BCOPY.ZIP BCopy.Asm - copies a block of memory from here to there
BLANK-IT.ZIP Blank-It Screen Saver (asm source) This simple screen saver is useful if you are running low on memory. It occupies 192 bytes of conventional memory and works under Windows 95 as well as DOS. In fact, this program is so small that if you look for it you won't be able to find it!
CLEANDOC.ZIP CleanDoc 1.2 This is a simple litte assembler program that cleans out the documents folder in the start menu. Asm src.
CNTWORDS.ZIP Asm Program to count the number of words in a file. Words are Limited by whitespace, which consists of spaces, tabs, rriage returns, and linefeeds.
COMASM.ZIP COMASM is an integrated terminal emulation package combining two modes, VT52 and CHAT. While in the VT52 emulation mode, COMASM will impersonate a DEC VT52, transmitting, receiving and interpreting all escape sequences in this terminal's command set. While in the CHAT mode, COMASM allows messages to be sent between two PCs. Any characters may be sent, in messages up to 256 characters long. (asm src)
COS24.ZIP COS24 : a 24 bytes costable generator (in asm) v0.1
CRLF.ZIP Assembly-language source code for CRLF A filter to copy the std input to the std output making sure that every carriage return is paired with a linefeed, as with normal pc-dos files . Also a ctl-z (hex 1a) is added to mark the end of the file if none is present
CTRLADEL.ZIP Disabling ctrl-alt-del (asm)
CWSORT.ZIP Cwsort 1.0 32-Bit flexible sort, asm source assembly language source and dos-extended executable for flexible high-speed text sort utility. Sort variable and fixed fields, 2G files, user-specifiable sort order. For 386+ machines. Released to public domain.
D86BIOS4.ZIP D86's BIOS interface for unusual machines, v4
DATETIME.ZIP DateTime A substitute for the annoying MS-DOS Time and Date commands. With Asm source. This is a combined Date/Time command. Does NOT ask for any silly input.
DDD.ZIP TYPEAHED - Expands type ahead buffer to 128 chars. (asm src)
DIV-SOU1.ZIP Assembly sourcepackage with various sources for PC
DUMPENV.ZIP DumpEnv 1.0 A simple utility that shows how to get access to the ENVIRONMENT variables.
E_OS300B.ZIP Eclipse Operating System v3.00 * Easy and handy pmode system for Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or Dos * Support Watcom C++, Tasm and Masm * Support : DPMI 0.90 * Support : VESA 1.0 with Automatic Bank Switching (read and write) * Support : VESA 2.0 with Linear FrameBuffer * Include a new powerful debugger (turbo-debug clone in pmode) * Include a new sound system for both GUS and SB. * Kewly linker, and compressor completly transparent to the user * Include a new memory manager * Include a large number of well commented examples for Tasm and Watcom C
FMOUSE12.ZIP Fast mouse for mode 12h source in turbo assembler
FONT.ZIP FONT (asm) A little utility(joke) that lets You change the appearance of the fonts in a DOS window. You have three options. Turn them upside down,mirror them or both.
GGOURO2.ZIP His is just a little example for Gema, featuring a Gouraud routine. It deals with any convex polygon ( with any number of points ) . Although it isn't that slow, this piece of code was not intended to be optimized at all, but for a didactive purpose.
INT13.ZIP This program intercepts Int 13H calls and prints the drive, side, track, sector, # of sectors, operation, and return code. (asm src)
INT2.ZIP This code demonstrates a working protect mode interrupt. (Asm)
INTEXEC.ZIP A general purpose assembly routine to execute any real mode interrupt.
IOMON.ZIP IOMON - Disk I/O Monitor
KBDHAND2.ZIP Keyboard INT 9 handler Handles multiple keypresses!
KBKEY.ZIP Key recorder, asm code
LANRMOTE.ZIP MASTER -- remotely control a PC across a Netbios LAN. (Asm src)
MAD.ZIP Usefull asm code that allows you to see the number of second your program ran.
ODU200.ZIP OMF Object File Dumper V2.00 with ASM src
ONOFF.ZIP OnOff A VERY simple Terminate and stay resident program (TSR). * It intercepts the keyboard hardware interrupt 09h. * Press CTRL and 9 to turn the screen OFF. * Press CTRL and 1 to turn it ON.
OPTIMIZ1.ZIP Show how to write very graphics fast programs, using assembler.
OVL301.ZIP Overlay manager, linkable+standalone versions
PARSE.ZIP This asm code will parse an command line and place all command line arguments onto the stack and build "argc" and an "argv" array to allow access to these arguments.
PMINT.ZIP 32-bit pmode/dpmi code to control interrupts
PROGRAM.ZIP Assembler program examples
ROT13DEV.ZIP Rot13dev - a functionally useless, but interesting example of a device driver, asm source and .Sys file included.
SCRNPRT2.ZIP Utility Program to Dump the Screen to a Disk File (asm)
SEEPORTS.ZIP This simple program is a pop-up TSR that reports the current settings of your serial ports ( baud rate, data bits, parity, etc ). Since SEEPORTS is resident, it can be extremely useful if you are debugging communications H/W or S/W, or if you are just curious how your ports are getting set by such software. This TSR should work fine with other well behaved TSRs, but you probably won't have a reason to use it frequently (don't bother putting it in your AUTOEXEC.BAT unless telecommunications is all you ever do).
SER_PORT.ZIP A very simple serial -< keyboard redirector (asm src) Uses Num Pad Keys on another PC. And converts to the correct scan code ; that is then sent to the Keyboard Buffer. (COM1 or COM2) ;
SHOWMEM.ZIP Showmem, with Asrm src A little utility thats shows what's in a given mem position.
SHUNT.ZIP Console to Auxiliary (RS232) Shunt with Asm src
SIZEOF.ZIP Sizeof.asm -- returns size in bytes of specified file
STEPRATE.ZIP STEPRATE A program to change the step rate of Floppy drives (asm src)
SWITCH.ZIP This program demonstrates one way to read single-letter switches from the command line.
TBONES07.ZIP T-BONES v0.7 Skeletal asm programs to help in programming your own TSR's
TEDASM.ZIP TED.ASM -- The Tiny EDitor.
TEMPLATE.ZIP A template for a terminate and stay(TSR) resident program
TIME.ZIP the smallest TSR prog. on the world (48 bytes) (Asm source included)
TIME_IT1.ZIP This is the most precise and most convenient timing routine ever on pc (asm, C)