C++ tutorials and information

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

3PBGIAD.ZIP How do I link a third party BGI driver into my program?
BEGINCPP.ZIP Some Introductory C++ Code Examples
CLASSPTR.ZIP How do I create a pointer to a member function?
CONVERTI.ZIP General Steps in Converting C application to C++
CPPL1.ZIP A C++ lesson
CPPTECHS.ZIP C++ Techniques and Applications sources
CPPTOU.ZIP Turbo C++ hypertext programming tutor
CPPTUTR1.ZIP C++ tutorial #1 - Textdisk
CPPTUTR2.ZIP C++ tutorial #2 - Sourcedisk
CPTUTOR1.ZIP C++ tutorial, part 1
CPTUTS22.ZIP Coronado Enterprises C++ tutor 2.20 - source
CPTUTT22.ZIP Coronado Enterprises C++ tutor 2.20 - text
DARKCPP.PDF The darker side of C++ revisited
ELLEMTEL.ZIP Programming in C++, rules and recommendations
IOSTR.ZIP Tutorial in iostreams
MFCTIP10.ZIP The Top 10 MFC Tips
STACKCAT.PDF Sixteen Ways to Stack a Cat This paper presents a series of examples of how to represent stacks in a program. In doing so it demonstrates some of the fundamental techniques and tradeoffs of data hiding as seen in languages such as C, Modula2, and Ada. Since all the examples are written in C++ it also demonstrates the flexibility of C++'s mechanisms for expressing data hiding and access.
TCTNT.ZIP Turbo C++ Tips and Techniques

C++ sourcecode files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

13H_KIT.ZIP Game programmers mode 13h toolkit - c++ src.
ACTLIB12.ZIP General purpose libraries C/C++ programmers
ALERTDRV.ZIP AlertDriver C++ Class Library v1.00 DemoWare by Logical Operators. Allows C++ programs to report & record errors & messages and prompt the user for decisions independently of target environment(s) or output device(s). Supports Borland C++ v3.1 (DOS text mode, TurboVision, Windows, OWL) & Microsoft C/C++ v7.0 (DOS text mode). Elegant OO design and integration with detailed docs and tutorial! serious c++ programmers, get this!!!
ASTRO3.ZIP Overloading of == operator examples
ASYCLS11.ZIP Asynchronous class, C++ source code
BCCAPP.ZIP C++ library for databse design
BCPP11.ZIP Bestlibrary++ 1.1 - graphics,text,keyboard,data,timers (c++)
BCRTSC1.ZIP Borland C++ Runtime Library Source Code 2.0.
BCWDEMO.ZIP Bc++ bcwdemo program files Borland C and C++ programming files
BFAST11.ZIP FREE Btrieve fully functioning C++ library
BGICLA.ZIP C++ graphic source
BID4STRM.ZIP Bids 4.0 streaming examples using tstreamable class
BIDS.ZIP Using bi_ibagasvector and bi_bagasvectoriterator
BIGARRAY.ZIP C++ source on using big arrays
BITSAVE.ZIP Save bitmap to memory dc using bitblt creatcompatibledc
BLTC18Z.ZIP BULLET is a super-fast, super-small B-tree/dBASE .DBF, transaction-based, multi-user database toolkit for DOS C/C++ compilers. Also availble for BASIC. BULLET DOS C version 1.08z, 01-Aug-94.
BOBTV2.ZIP Turbo Vision examples for Bob
BOXCLASS.ZIP C++ Box class definition to make popup menu's and text windows really easy. Allows you to save and restore text behind the windows, and create shadows behind the boxes you draw.
BSPLINE.ZIP C++ src for simple b-spline curve algorithm
BTREE.ZIP Object based container class Btree, uses DeleteType enum
BUILD100.ZIP Builder Library v1.00 This library containts various routines for time, date, system, string, mouse, xms, keyboard, screen and other functions. For reference on this routines s header files and sources.
C_QNA.ZIP All turbo c, turbo c++, borland c++ question and answer file
CALC.ZIP Implements classes used in a simple four-function calculator
CCC1053A.ZIP Part One Of Three, C++ Oop System, Complete
CCC1053B.ZIP Part Two Of Three, C++ Oop System
CCC1053C.ZIP Part Three Of Three, C++ Oop System
CCL110JE.ZIP DOS coroutine class library for Borland C++
CHARTP10.ZIP C++ object oriented chart parser with source
CISAM120.ZIP B+Tree/ISAM Database progrmming system for C++ <ASP> ISAM Manager v 1.20. Database Programming System for C++. Windows, DOS and OS/2 tested. Will work on other O/Ss too. Full B+Tree/ISAM database system which is really easy to use. Very fast single-user and multi-user systems! Multiple indexes per file, multiple fields per index. Up to 2 billion records per file! Comes with source code, and supports all major C++ compilers! <ASP>
CL182.ZIP Portable, Persistant Container Class For C++
CLOCK.ZIP C++ TSR example of a clock
CMAGIC.ZIP C MAGIC v1.5; An Add-in For Borland C/C++ Products. Create professional multi-color, shadowed pop-up help, warnings, dialog, general text boxes and lightbar menus instantly. Incorporate .BGI graphics drivers and .CHR fonts directly into your .EXE programs. Write programs to run on 256-color VGA. Mouse support without writing a mouse driver. Add sound effects to your program effortlessly.
CMDLNC.ZIP Parse Command Line Parameters For C++
CMOUSE.ZIP Microsoft Mouse Class For C++
COLOR1.ZIP C++ How to Modify the Desktop Pattern
CPORT20.ZIP Pport Serial Communications Library for C/C++ Version 2.0
CPPCOM.ZIP C++ sources for serial communication
CPPTASK.ZIP C++ Multitasking Library (Port Of Ctask), Src
CPPTASK1.ZIP C++ routines for multitasking
CPPTSR.ZIP Undocumented-dos tsr ported to borland
CPTUTOR2.ZIP C++ Tutor Examples This Is The Second File
CPU_C.ZIP C++ example to find CPU type
CPU115.ZIP TMi0SDGL 1.15 - CPU/FPU feature detection (asm/C/C++/pascal) Recognizes 20+ CPUs and about 15 FPUs, checks for V86, determines CPU clock speed and determines 386dx chip stepping. ASM/PAS/C[++] sources included! Windows, OS/2 & DESQview-aware: works fine in DOS box, even returning correct MHz under Windows and DESQview! DPMI-compatible. Make batches provided. Absolutely free of charge!!!
CSLIB16B.ZIP CS-libraries, A C++ database system. The libraries are to be used with Borland C++. Both MS-DOS and Windows applications are supported.
CSOURCE.ZIP Borland C/C++ Source Pack [CSOURCE] FREEWARE] Borland C/C++ Source Pack includes full sources for color blending, morphing, dissolving(+fixer), GFX- loader, warping, image-flips and more ...
CSTREAM.ZIP C++ Base Class For Streamable Classes
CTLTXT.ZIP "BC++" OWL Custom control example
C-TRICKS.ZIP C and C++ language tricks for TURBO C..
CTRLC.ZIP C++ TSR example to prevent
CTRLZ120.ZIP ControlZ 1.2 Custom Control Library It basically aims at making developers job easier. It is Borland's Resource WorkShop 1.01+ compliant.
CURSESP.ZIP Unix Curses Window Lib for Turbo C++-Borland
CWINSOCK.ZIP A C++ Base Class for Winsock
DDISPATC.ZIP How OWL does dynamic dispatch virtual table's (DDVT's).
DDJCSPC.ZIP C++ String Classes
DESKLOGO.ZIP How to display a logo on the DeskTop
DETMODE.ZIP C++ code to detect video type
DFC11.ZIP DFC, A Different File Compare Program
DI1244Z.ZIP Program for task scheduling for embedded microprocessors applications. This program is written for ibm pc using timer interrupt as system tick. It uses both preemptive and nonpreemptive scheduling strategy. No msdos system calls are used to implement this contextswitcher, hence the program will run with any intel 86 family processors.
DLGDRAW.ZIP Change text in dialog box by sending message from idle loop
DLGMODE.ZIP Modal modeless dialog boxes
DLGREZ.ZIP Streams class object and reads back in the streamed resource
DOS386C1.ZIP Total C & C++ compiler package.
DPMIFI.ZIP Borland C++v3.00 DPMILOAD DV-compatibility fix
DUMB.ZIP Redirects stdout to a window
DYNARR.ZIP A dynamic growing array, implemented with templates
EBKSRC.ZIP C++ Source, Electronic Hypertext (Ebk.zip)
EMIL.ZIP MSC6/TC++ library - access Ext Mem w/HIMEM.SYS
EMODAL.ZIP Button ends modal dialog
ET10.ZIP EasyText is a shareware C++ toolkit that makes text-based applications much easier. It provides easy ways of doing many text primitives. It is not free, however. To use EasyText in applications where the author will collect a fee for every copy sold, you must pay a $25 licensing fee to Steven Miller, the author of EasyText.
EV_201.ZIP Easyvision 2.01, C++ User Interface.
EVISION1.ZIP Library of C++ routines for user interfaces.
FARSTR.ZIP Far-string - moves static strings out of dgroup
FHEAP.ZIP RTL source code of the far heap routines [BC++ v3.1]
FILE_CL.ZIP File Classes For C++ From French Author
GCONIO.ZIP C++ replacement for borlands outtext()
GETVEC.ZIP Why does getvect() generate errors in a C++ program?
GETVECT.ZIP Example of getvect()/setvect() from Borland C++ 2.0
GRAPHICS.ZIP Modified graphics.h for additional fonts from Borland C++ 3.
GUI_LIBR.ZIP Complete GUI Library, Professional Results! C++
GUI100.ZIP GUI Handler version 1.00! Requires knowledge of Borland C++/C programming. Make GUI's faster than before! Draw buttons, windows, and more! Very Flexible and easy to use!
GUILIB20.ZIP Gui_lib 2.0 GUI Builder for BC++/TC++.
HELPDE.ZIP How to make multiple status lines use status line hints
HOWBIG.ZIP How large a C program can BC++ compile?
HUGE.ZIP Example of dealing with arrays greater than 64k in size.
HUGENEW.ZIP C++ use new to allocate big memory
INIFIL.ZIP IniFile - is an ini file function set for DOS programs. This implements the GetProfileString, GetProfileInt, WriteProfileString, GetPrivateProfileString, GetPrivateProfileInt and WritePrivateProfileString functions for use with DOS programs.
INTRPT.ZIP C++ example: installing an interrupt
IOSTREAM.ZIP Turbo C++ Tutorial on <iostream.h> by Eric Nagler. This is a tutorial on the use of the header file <iostream.h>, as implemented by Borland in its Turbo C++. This tutorial assumes prior knowledge of C Language and assumes you have knowledge of member function and can write simple classes.
ISAM110.ZIP ISAM Manager v 1.10. Database Programming System for C++. Windows, DOS or OS/2. Full B+Tree/ISAM database system which is really easy to use. Very fast single-user system! Multiple indexes per file, multiple fields per index. Up to 2 billion records per file! Requires Symantec C++, Borland C++, Microsoft Visual C++, or Borland C++ OS/2. <ASP>
ISC366.ZIP Interrupts in C++, create TSRs + serial, w/src
ITER.ZIP DoubleList and DoubleListIterator example
ITERATE.ZIP Shows how to use BIDS list iterator on a user defined class
JCNOISE.ZIP An example of C++ programming - a graphical screen design.
JCOOL01.ZIP Extensive C++ class library (uses templates)
JFCPPSYN.ZIP Portable thread synchronization using c++
JFKLIB.ZIP Class Library for Borland C++
KEYVAL.ZIP Key return value program for C++ bioskey() every possible comb. Returned.
LBOXTRAN.ZIP Two sets of ListBoxData used with transfer mechanism
LISTBOX.ZIP Create a simple list box which is inserted into a dialog box
LP.ZIP Send Codes To Prt. From Ascii File. W/ C++
LVSWIN31.ZIP Powerful C++ Windowing Class System, Super!
MATV.ZIP Matv v2.0, A Simple Matrix Class
MEMBER.ZIP Example of executing a member function via a pointer
MEMPTR.ZIP Examples of using and dereferencing class member pointers
MENUNEST.ZIP Using the tsubmenu class to create nested menus in tvision
MENUZ.ZIP Overloading operator+ for use in creation of Menus
MESS1.ZIP C++ How to pass messages
METAKIT.ZIP METAKIT v1.2 C++ classes for persistent structured data. Features: on-demand loading, commit/rollback, serialized I/O, simple API in a few C++ classes. With hypertext intro & Winhelp API reference guide. No royalties. Src examples: disk/ftp cats, Winsock cli/srv. Win32/Win16/Dos DLLs/LIBs included for MFC.
MONEY.ZIP C++ class to fake Decimals/BCD's using floats
MOUPP400.ZIP Mouse++ is a mouse interface class for Borland C++ or TurboC++.
MOUSPP30.ZIP C++ Mouse Interface Class For Borland C,C++
MSC2BC.ZIP From c to shining c++ a conversion guide from msc to bc++
MSGS.ZIP Messages sent between TView TDialog
MSPELL.ZIP MSPELL V1.5 C/C++ Spell checking library Spell checking library for c/C++ programs. Includes library files for all models of Borland and MicroSoft C. Current dictionary sizes are: 39,000 words and 119,000 words. Very easy to use interface is identical in both DOS and Macintosh versions. Full working version, registration gets source. From MicroGenesis
MTL100JE.ZIP Class DOSThread: a base class for multithreaded DOS programs.
MTL11.ZIP MegaToolBox - console/event/mouse/sysinfo libs, 386+, C/C++
MTL110JE.ZIP DOS multithreading library for Borland C++
MUZSRC1.ZIP MUZIKA - A Musical Notes and Scores Editor, Borland C++ src
MVIS01.ZIP Megavision application frameworks - gui lib, 386+, c++ source
MYOBJECT.ZIP Derives from class Object to be used in container class
NDX303.ZIP Btree Package With C++ Source.
NERVES.ZIP Nervous System Construction Kit w/ C++ src
NEWMAT07.ZIP C++ classes and functions for Matrices
NEWPRT10.ZIP Print PCX Image Qirh C++ Source Code.
NOTEBK.ZIP A simple C++ sample that illustrates loading a notebook page from a dialog resource file.
OASYS.ZIP OASYS stands for Object-Oriented Adventure SYS. It's a system designed for writing text adventure games. Comes with C++ source code a binary format, disassembler and more!!! Please read OASYS1.DOC and OASYS.DOC after extracting.
OBJEAS3A.ZIP Graphic/text user interface C++ library, 1of2
OBJEAS3B.ZIP Graphic/text user interface C++ library, 2of2
OOT-106A.ZIP Object Oriented Documentatioin Tools for C++
PAR256.ZIP Supervga bgi driver for turbo c paradise adaptor (16 color)
PCCURSOR.ZIP Mouse & Cursor Class For C++
PCKEY.ZIP C++ Keyboard Class
PENT_BUG.ZIP Pentium BUG detector with source
PERSIST.ZIP Create your own persistent objects (TV 1.03)
PMC08B.ZIP PMC 0.8b pre-release. 32bit extender for Borland C++ 4.0. Includes PMODE 3.01 extender and all source. Experienced C/ASM programmers only!
POPUP1.ZIP C++ popup tmenubox example
POPUPX.ZIP Shows how to create a modal popup menu using TMenuBox
PUTGENV.ZIP Modifying the global environment
PXLIST.ZIP Using a pxengine table in a tv listbox
RES104.ZIP RES 1.04 - RES is a resource file management package for C++ developers. The advantages of using resource files (files containing other files) are increased speed, less wasted disk space, and a much more professional appearance. RES is a must for programs with many data files.
RYEMOUSE.ZIP RyeMouse.lib - mouse library (C/C++)
SCROLLER.ZIP Defines type TScroller
SERIAL_1.ZIP C++ source code routines for serial ports
SETCLASS.ZIP Examples Of Class Overloading
SKPR115C.ZIP Flat File Database API For C++
SLSTR201.ZIP A string class for C++
SPELLER2.ZIP The Speller , The Spell Checker Library for C++
SPP.ZIP Serial Comunications Lib. for Borland C++.
SPPBC2.ZIP Serial++ v1.10: safe/efficient C++ class LIB providing interrupt-driven asynch support; classes are as easy to use as console I/O in C, yet give complete access to the 8250 UART, & are protected against keyboard interruptions; for use w/Borland C++ 2.x;
SRTOOL.ZIP Stage Research Toolkit c++
STRCLS10.ZIP Another string class for C++
STRMDLG.ZIP Stream and read back a TV class object derived from TDialog
STRPP310.ZIP String++ v3.10: String class for Borland C++
STRSTREA.ZIP Example of dynamic stream instance I/O
SWITCH.ZIP Sample sdi with modeless dialog and toolbar/menu switch
TABS.ZIP Example that strips out <TAB> char
TBACK.ZIP How to change background chars
TC3.ZIP Info about Turbo C++ 3.0
TCOOP2.ZIP Various C++ sources
TECH01.ZIP Techniques C++ Class Library, w/src
TECH10.ZIP Techniques Class Library v1.0: C++ class library implementing linked lists, stacks, queues, memory management etc. Used by all SciTech C++ products.
TEMP.ZIP Template question w/ answer from Lippman, 2nd edition
TEXTWIND.ZIP Text-mode windowing functions for Turbo C++
TI2_099C.ZIP Text Interface/2 v0.99c -- C/C++ Development -- Easy to use classes allow advanced program interfaces to be designed. Windows, pull down menus and data entry allow unlimited design options to the developer. Non-system dependent source code available. OS/2 and DOS versions. $25 shareware from Revolutionary Software.
TLCLAS.ZIP Status bar, toolbar example
TLIB.ZIP Tlib.doc for tc++ 2nd edition
TLIB30.ZIP Borland c++ tlib 3.0
TLINK4.ZIP Tlink4.zip is a beta test linker for C++
TRANSMDI.ZIP Uses mdis_allchildstyles to set child style in an mdi app
TRANSP.ZIP An mdi app example that creates a transparent child window
TRIDR10A.ZIP TRIDOOR 1.0a - Is a library of Borland C++ and Turbo C++ routines for writing doors for such systems as PCBoard, TriBBS, Gap, Spitfire, WildCat!, RBBS, WWIV, etc. Very easy to use! This version includes a header file that was omitted from the original release.
TSR100JE.ZIP TSR class for Borland C++ (with source)
TURBOCPP.ZIP Hypertext Based Tutorial For C++ Programming
TYPESC10.ZIP Types is a library used to support the creation of reusable software components in C++. Types provides:Garbage Collector,recursive data estructures, multiple referenced data,encode and decoding to and from files or memory using external or local data representation, exceptions,...
TVWORK.ZIP Turbo Vision Workshop. Generates C++ or Pascal Code From Dialogs, Menus and Statuslines You Design for Turbovision.
WB16-914.ZIP The Webster OLE2 Custom Control An HTML-Aware OCX From Trafalmador
VCCRT.ZIP Run Time Lib source code for Microsoft Visual C++.
VECPRO11.ZIP VECTORPRO v1.1 <ASP> -Math Library for C,C++ with assembly language boost for extra power. VectorPro helps you provide the snappy response times today's users expect! Complex functions, Vectors, Matrices, Trig, Sorting, Searching, Interpolation, and Polynomials. Many important functions are nearly twice as fast as C counterparts. 6 memory models.
VERIFY.ZIP Turbo Vision example that verifies input to TInputLine
WGT4.ZIP Wordup Graphics Toolkit v4.0 for TC++/BC++
VIR_V203.ZIP C++ Virtual Array mgr smashes the 640k barrier
VMEMPP.ZIP C++ Source Virtual Memory routines.
VOGON15.ZIP Demo for the Webster HTML-control
WSYAM.ZIP Asynch Routines: This library is currently designed to work with Borland C++ v3.1, and hasn't been tested with any other C compiler. This is an ANSI C library. Well, not totally ANSI. It uses some
YICONS23.ZIP YakIcons, graphics library in C++
ZTIMER22.ZIP ZEN TIMER v2.2: The Zen Timer is a high precision (microsecond accuracy) timing library for 16 bit real mode, 16 bit protected mode and 32 bit protected mode programs. Supports Borland C++, Watcom C++, Visual C++, Symantec C++, Metaware C++ and DJGPP.

Borland's Open Windows files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

3DBTTN.ZIP Uses bwcc to add a 3 state bitmap button to a tdialog in owl
ACCHELP.ZIP OWL Example of Accelerators
CHILDDLG.ZIP Owl example of child dialog
DLGICON.ZIP Owl example uses a dialog and icon
DLGMAIN.ZIP Owl example makes a dialog the main window
DUALDIAL.ZIP OWL posting/responding messages to show and hide child windo
DYNMENU.ZIP OWL dynamic menu manipulation Appends to Popup menu
FONTCDLG.ZIP OWL example with Font common dialog example
GROUPS.ZIP Owl 2 example of dde to progman to install bc4 icons.
MDIALL.ZIP Owl: modify an mdi app: sets hook, uses mdis_allchildstyles
MDIBAR.ZIP Owl mdi toolbar example
MDIDLG.ZIP Owl keyboard handling in mdi child dlg
MDIMENU.ZIP Owl MDI example that modifies menu dependent on current chil
SDIBAR.ZIP Owl 2 example of simple sdi app. with tool and status bar.
TRANTEST.ZIP OWL Transfer buffer example
VALIDATE.ZIP OWL Example of control validation
WSTOP.ZIP Owl: example of topmost window
XFER.ZIP OWL: Another Transfer buffer example