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1970-A.ZIP Harvard article on copyrights
1STAMEND.ZIP Showdown over computer 'Crime'
2600DCR1.ZIP The 2600 Raid info
2600DCR2.ZIP Reports of the "Raid" on the 2600 Meeting in DC
ALG-PA1.ZIP Legally Speaking: Should Program Algorithms Be Patented?
ASMP_COP.ZIP Copyright guide for photographers
ASMP_GUI.ZIP American Society of Magazine Photographers guide to copyright
BANNED.ZIP Banned Computer Material of 1991
BBS_AND_.ZIP The electronic pamphlet--computer bulletin boards and the law
BORLAN1.ZIP Final Draft of the Law Professor Amicus Brief for the Lotus v. Borland Case
BORLAN2.ZIP Lotus dev. corp. versus. borland intl., inc. case
CANADA-A.ZIP Canadian law as it related to computers
CHAP32.ZIP General intro to US Copyright Law
CITIZENS.ZIP A Citizens Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act
COMCRIME.ZIP Computer Crimes--Laws
COMPCRIM.ZIP Computer Crimes
COMPUSER.ZIP What is a compilation copyright?
COPRIGHT.ZIP Copyright Information
COPYRI.ZIP The copyright law and the musician
COPYRIG1.ZIP How to investigate the copyright status of a work
COPYRIG2.ZIP Copyrighting public domain programs
COPYRIT1.ZIP Info-copyright am digest: april 12, 1984
COPYRITE.ZIP What is copyright?
COPYWRT.ZIP Copyright your software.
CORPOR1.ZIP Multimedia and Software Patents
CRIME.ZIP Is there computer crime?
CWRITE09.ZIP Usenet FAQ, 9.93 ver: on copyrights
DEMO1.ZIP Scientists Challenge Companies' Lock on Software Programs
DEMOFI1.ZIP Programmers and users picket Lotus, protesting user-interface copyright litigation
DENNISHA.ZIP Dennis Hayes talks about Copyright violation
EMAIL.ZIP Policies on electronic mail - a summary
EMAIL_PR.ZIP Computer electronic mail and privacy
FBI9.ZIP Biblio resource: "Computer Crime" handbook
FONTLAW.ZIP US copyright office rules font software not copyrightable
GAMEWORK.ZIP Who do you need in a game writing team and for what
HACKER.ZIP The social organization of the computer underground
HAKHARAS.ZIP Hackers and the authorities, from newspaper
HOWTOCPR.ZIP How to Copywrite Software
HOWTOSEL.ZIP How to make Shareware pay
IBM-PA1.ZIP List of 55 software patents issued in one week
INTRUNDG.ZIP An introduction to the computer underground
IP_LAW_B.ZIP Copyright Law
ISSUES1.ZIP Why Patents are Bad for Software
LAF-SU1.ZIP Survey on the Software Copyright "Look and Feel" Lawsuits
LEAGUE.ZIP Information on the League for Programming freedom and software patent
LEGALFNT.ZIP Why printerfonts are not copyrightable
LEGLBYT1.ZIP Legal Bytes - BBS Laws #1
LEGLBYT2.ZIP Legal Bytes - BBS Laws #2
LEN_ROSE.ZIP Article about the Len Rose case
LOOK-A1.ZIP Software - The Great Software Debate: Who Owns an idea
LOTUS.ZIP Legally Speaking: How to Interpret the Lotus Decision (And How Not To)
LPF1.ZIP Protect Your Freedom to Write Programs Join the League for Programming Freedom
LPF-PT3.ZIP Software patents: An industry at risk
NEIDORF.ZIP Transcription of Craig Neidorf's trial
NEWLAW.ZIP US Copyright Law and Shareware
ORACLE1.ZIP Oracle Corporation patent policy
ORG-ANAL.ZIP Organizational Analysis in Computer Science
PHRACK_R.ZIP When Copying Isn't Theft: How the Government Stumbled in a "Hacker" Case
PROGRA.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 11
PROGRA1.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 1
PROGRA2.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 2
PROGRA3.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 3
PROGRA4.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 4
PROGRA5.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 5
PROGRA6.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 6
PROGRA7.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 7
PROGRA8.ZIP League For Programming Freedom Programming Freedom, Number 8
PROGUIDE.ZIP Programmers' Guide by Nelson Ford - what to do w/program
PSL_INFO.ZIP PsL (Public software Library) Registration Service info
REN_TRUE.ZIP The REAL Truth About Renaissance
REPLY.ZIP Here is some information about the League for Programming Freedom.
RIGGS_BR.ZIP EFF Amicus Brief in U.S. v. Riggs
RIGGS_CO.ZIP EFF case comment for the U.S. v. Riggs case
RIPCO-WA.ZIP Seizure warrant documents for ripco bbs
RIVERA.ZIP Transcript of NICBT: Mad Hackers' Key Party
ROTHFEDE.ZIP To Have and To Hold Can copyrights extend to cyberspace without increased costs and threats to privacy?
SAFARI.ZIP Safari (game company) contact info
SHAREWRE.ZIP The concept "Shareware"
SIMSON.ZIP computers security for lawyers
SJ-DECIS.ZIP More on the Steve Jackson case
SJ-RESP.ZIP More on the Steve Jackson case
SOFTMARK.ZIP Information and documents needed for software copyright application
SPI.ZIP What Can The Software Patent Institute Accomplish?
STAC_MS.ZIP Discussion (Text) of the Stac Electronics Patent Infringement Suit Against Microsoft for the New Compression Feature in DOS 6.0.
SW_MAGAZ.ZIP Shareware Magazine mail address
SWVENDOR.ZIP Vendor List - shareware and retail channels - 18 Sept 94
SYSOPS.ZIP What Files are Legal for Distribution on a BBS?
TECHRE1.ZIP The Software Patent Crisis
UNNATU1.ZIP What Algorithm Patents Can Do For You
USCR1976.ZIP Copyright Act of 1976
USCRBASI.ZIP Copyright Office's "Copyright Basics" 1991
USERINTF.ZIP Protecting Rights in User Interface Designs
USROYTRI.ZIP Copyright Royalty Tribunal 1976
USUNICPY.ZIP Universal Copyright Convention 1971