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101.ZIP 101 Uses For the National Information Infrastructure
ACTIVE2.ZIP List of active Usenet newsgroups
ADDRESS_.ZIP Obtaining Host and Address Information
ALT_NEWS.ZIP Complete list of ALT. newsgroups on the Internet
ALT1.ZIP Alternative Newsgroups hierarchies #1
ALT2.ZIP Alternative Newsgroups hierarchies #2
ALT-CONF.ZIP How to create a new 'alt' group on Internet
AMIB.ZIP Internet book for windows: program for ibm-pc (MS Windows 3.1). Whether you are an Internet experienced user or just a beginner Internet Book is for you. It gives you an easy way to gather information about all the Internet Resources: World-Wide Web Pages, Gophers, Archie Servers, FTP Sites, E-Mail Addresses, and News Groups. All your information about the Internet can now be stored at one place and easily retrieved!
AMIGA.ZIP List of Amiga usenet groups
ANON2.ZIP Information on how to post anonymously to Internet
ARCHIE.ZIP Brief Description of Archie
ARCHIE_M.ZIP Info about Archie
AU_REGIS.ZIP The Australian Internet Registry
BABEL94C.ZIP BABEL: A glossary of computer oriented abbreviations and acronyms
BANCOMP.ZIP Banned Computer Material
BGI13A.ZIP The Beginners Guide to Internet
BIGDU221.ZIP EFF's Guide to Internet v2.21
BIGFUN.ZIP Big fun in the Internet with Uncle Bert
BITN.ZIP Info about BitNet
BRIEFCAS.ZIP The InterNIC Briefcase Service for NICs
BUSINESS.ZIP What can businesses get out of the Internet?
CANHIGH.ZIP The Canadian information highway
CANTER_A.ZIP An interview with canter & siegel, the green card lawyers
CCINET10.ZIP The Central Core InterNet Guide - Version 1.0 This archeive contains a collection of documentation from various InterNet sites that are reachable via email. Generally, the this documentation is what you get back if you send a message requesting help to one of these sites. Hopefully this will save someone some time. Look for periodic updates.
CIDIOTGI.ZIP The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet
CIS_ADDR.ZIP Addressing CompuServe Mail users
CISLER.ZIP A summary of two meetings with steve cisler of nre
COMING_O.ZIP The coming of the fibersphere
COMMUNIC.ZIP Free Market Telecommunications Industry
COMP_SYS.ZIP List of industry phone numbers as a service to the net
COMPANIO.ZIP The Internet Companion, 2nd
CREATE_N.ZIP Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion
CROCKER.ZIP Political & Social Implications of the Net
CYBCASH.ZIP CyberCash Credit Card Protocol Version 0.8
CYNIC.ZIP A cynic looks at a moo
DATABASE.ZIP Catalog of Free Database Systems (internet)
DEL_REY_.ZIP The Del Rey internet newsletter
DIAC92.ZIP Mudding
RAFT.ZIP Site Security Handbook
E6.ZIP Life on the internet, #1
E7.ZIP Life on the internet, #2
E-CASH.PDF Electronic cash on the internet (Acrobate format)
EI_UP3.ZIP Everybody's internet update
ELECTR.ZIP Electropolis info about internet
EMILY.ZIP Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
EMLYPOST.ZIP Emily Postnews (what not yo do)
EXPLORER.ZIP Explorer kit for Internet
EXPTELNE.ZIP Experimenting with Telnet
EXTENSNS.ZIP Country codes for Inet
FAQ_INTE.ZIP FAQ sheet for the Internet
FAXFORFR.ZIP How to send FAXES via the Internet.
FEDS_ON_.ZIP The Feds and the Net: Closing the Culture Gap
FINDING.ZIP How to find sources on internet
FREESERV.ZIP Why are Internet Resources free?
FS5_RANT.ZIP 5 Reviews of "Rant Zines" From Internet
FVHIST.PDF Perils and pitfalls of practical CyberCommerce The lessons of First Virtual's first year (Acrobate format)
GEOZONE4.ZIP Internet address two-letter country codes list
GETLINKS.ZIP Discover how you can maximize your internet exposure with advertisement 'linking'
GORE.ZIP Gore's proposal for a National Data Super-Highway
HELD.ZIP Networking the nineties
HHGDINET.ZIP Text: HitchHiker's Guide to the Internet
HHGUIDE.ZIP Hitchhikers guide to internet
HIGHWAYS.ZIP Highways of the Mind or Toll Roads Between Information Castles?
HOSTS.ZIP Internet Host Table (large)
HOTNEWS.ZIP The Mike Enlow Letter. Technology Marketing "The Marketing Breakthrough of The Century..."
HOW_TO_G.ZIP How to Get Information about Networks
HOW-TO.ZIP Internet How-to
IADDS.ZIP Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication. Huge list of Internet adresses
I-GROUPS.ZIP List of lists, huge list of mailinglists and other groups
IHHD.ZIP IHHD - internet head-to-head protocol FAQ
IHIWAY.ZIP Speedbumps and Roadkill on the Information Superhighway
INCOMP_G.ZIP An Incomplete Guide to the Internet
INET.ZIP Special Internet services
INETADS.ZIP The Usenet Marketplace FAQ
INETECON.ZIP Economic FAQs About the Internet
INETFAX.ZIP Internet Fax Service
INET-LET.ZIP THE INTERNET LETTER On Corporate Users, Internetworking & Information Services
INETRISK.ZIP Can I Really Use the Internet for Banking?
INETRSK2.ZIP More Evidence: Keep Your Banking and Finances Away From The Internet!
INETTOUR.ZIP An internet tutorial
INETWORK.ZIP How the Internet Works
INFORM_O.ZIP Informing Ourselves to Death
INRG.ZIP The InterNet Resource Guide
IN-SFLAW.ZIP Basic Flaws in Internet Security and Commerce
INSTANT.ZIP Internet Instant Reference
INTEREST.ZIP A list of interesting newslists
INTERN.ZIP "The Beginner's Guide to the Internet" is a full-color, computer-based tutorial about the Internet. It is not only complete, covering email, ftp, telnet, gopher, archie, veronica, wais, www, USENET newsgroups, BITNET listservs, and Internet Relay Chat, it is the only computer-based tutorial that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do almost anything productively on the Internet, even as an Internet novice. Also included is a comprehensive list of Internet providers for those who do not yet have Internet access.
INTERNE1.ZIP Information on Internet
INTERNE2.ZIP A hackers guide to the Internet ver 2
INTERNE6.ZIP How to connect to internet outside USA
INTERNET.ZIP Beginners guide to internet
INTRESOU.ZIP Internet resource list. Where all the public information is...
IP_HOOK.ZIP Information on hooking up a PC to the Internet
ISO-NEW.ZIP This is the ISO list of country abbreviations (used for net-domains)
ISSN.ZIP ISSN Information on the Internet
JIBC.ZIP Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
LIBCONGR.ZIP Info about Library of Congress catalog on Inet
LISTSERV.ZIP A list of listservers
LITA.ZIP Libraries and the National Research and Education
LOCATING.ZIP Locating internet resources
LRNINET2.ZIP Learning The Internet
LSTSERV.ZIP Text file listing internet list services
LYNCH.ZIP An article about Library Automation on the InterNet
MACTCP.ZIP MacTCP and related Macintosh software
MAGUIDE.ZIP Guide to social newsgroups and mailing list
MAILING.ZIP Sasha's list of lists (Email lists)
MARKET.ZIP 1996 secrets of internet marketing
MKGROUP.ZIP How to make a new newsgroup
MOSAIC.ZIP The Internet via Mosaic and World-Wide Web
MUD_MISC.ZIP MUD Information
MUDLIST.ZIP List of internets MUDs
MULTIMED.ZIP A survey of distributed multimedia research, standards and products
MYSTICS.ZIP The Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet
NAL006.ZIP Not Another (Internet) List interface, 8/93
NAMESERV.ZIP Setting up nameservice on your machine
NET.ZIP Internet services frequently asked questions
NET_ANON.ZIP Anonymity on the Internet FAQ
NET_ECO1.ZIP Future internet pricing, notes from varian talk
NET_ECON.ZIP Economic FAQs about the internet
NET_INFO.ZIP How to Get Information about Networks
NET_PROT.ZIP Protection and The Internet
NET_SOFT.ZIP Usenet software: history and sources
NETBOOK5.ZIP List of books about the Internet. June 1994
NETCHAT.ZIP NetChat - Where to Meet People in Cyberspace
NET-FAX.ZIP FAQ: how can i send a fax from the internet? (v. 0.4)
NET-FAX-.ZIP FAQ for "an experiment in remote printing"
NET-FAX1.ZIP Remote Printing Coverage List
NETGOLD.ZIP There's Gold in them thar Networks
NETGUID2.ZIP FAQ: EFF's (extended) guide 2.3, life, and everything...
NETHIST.ZIP A short history of the Internet
NETSRFHK.ZIP Netsurf - where to find things on the internet
NETSTATS.ZIP Internet Statistics - very interesting
NETTERMS.ZIP Here are some useful terms for your everyday internet conversations...
NETWORKI.ZIP Networking -- developing important market intelligence!
NEWBIES.ZIP COMPUTERS IN THE '90S; Internet Lingo for a 'Newbie'
NEWFAQ.ZIP Usenet frequently asked questions (faq)
NEWINTRO.ZIP Introduction to news.announce
NEWSGRPS.ZIP List of UseNet newsgroups
NGONLINE.ZIP Net Guide Online
NIE.ZIP Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering
NREN.ZIP National research and education network (nren)
NUGU93.ZIP New user guide to usenet
OBSCENIT.ZIP The risks of carrying graphic sexual materials.
ONLINE_A.ZIP Online Activism Resource List
ONLINE_O.ZIP ONLINE OUTPOSTS -- Cyberspatial Community Groups
ONLINE18.ZIP This is The Online World resources handbook version 1.8. It describes the breadth of the offerings by focusing on selected applications on major global networks and services including Internet, CompuServe, Fidonet, Usenet, and BITNET. Perspective is global. It is an ASCII text file that is suitable for sending to a printer.
ORG-DIST.ZIP Public Organizational & Network Distributions
PAPERSXO.ZIP Papers available from the net
PASSWD2.ZIP ``Foiling the Cracker'': A Survey of, and Improvements to, Password Security-
PDIAL.ZIP The public dialup internet access list
PEGDOC.ZIP Text intro to Internet guide model
PEGTXT.ZIP A Plain English Guide to the Internet
PICTURE2.ZIP Getting your point across On-line
POLLY.ZIP Everything i need to know about the net
PRIMER.ZIP How to work with the Usenet community
PRIVACY_.ZIP Privacy & Anonymity on the Internet FAQ
PRIVATIZ.ZIP A suggestion to privatize Internet
PROTEST.ZIP Join hundreds of thousands of other internet users in * 48 hours of protest * after president clinton signs the bill that will censor the internet
PUBLIC.ZIP Internet Public-Access Dial-in Guide
REALIFE.ZIP MUDs as a Psychological Model
REGISTRA.ZIP Internic (sm) registration services FAQ
RESOURCE.ZIP Internet resource discovery tools
RFC1462.ZIP FYI on "What is the Internet?"
RFC875.ZIP Gateways, Architectures, and Heffalumps
RFC968.ZIP Twas the Night Before Start-up
RISKS_OF.ZIP Experiences with anonymous posting?
ROADMAP.ZIP The Internet Roadmap, 2nd
RULES.ZIP Rules for posting on Usenet
SAT13ASC.ZIP Internet Guide for VAX/VMS systems, ASCII vers
SBI0495.ZIP Guide to selects BBB's on the internet (SBI list)
SERPENT.ZIP Serpent Mass Collision IRC Script Version 3.07
SERVICES.ZIP Internet Services FAQ
SIGFING.ZIP Signature & Finger FAQ
SIMPLEIN.ZIP Simple Internet
SNOSWELL.ZIP Cyberterms, List of words used on the net etc


The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AMAIL.ZIP How to send anonymous e-mail
ANON_RE.ZIP Info on anonymous remailers
ANON_REM.ZIP Frequently Asked Questions About Anonymous Remailers