Various Fileformats & Protocol Specifications

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ALL_FAX.ZIP All you need to know about the FAX-protocol
APPNOTE.ZIP Specification on the .ZIP filecompression format
ASCII.ZIP ASCII/ipa representation
BIFF.ZIP Notes about BIFF file format
BINHEX4.ZIP BinHex 4.0 (HQX) format description
BNK_FORM.ZIP *.INS, *.BNK file formats
BWDEV201.ZIP Blue Wave Offline Mail System Mail Packet File Structures 2.01
CCITT.ZIP Group 3 fax (CCITT t.4)
CCITT_T4.ZIP CCITT draft recommendation t.4
DBASEFIL.ZIP Dbase III database file structure
DVM_FORM.ZIP DVM movie file format
EMD_FORM.ZIP EMD module/song format for (A)dvanced 16-(B)it (T)racker ABT
EMS4SPEC.ZIP EMS 4.0 specification (the better version of limems41.doc)
ENFF.ZIP Extension to the neutral fileformat
EXEFS.ZIP IBM PC *.exe file format
FFMTS001.ZIP File formats Release #01 06/95 +A documentation of over 100 file +formats covering : +Modules : (MOD,S3M,669,XM etc.) +Images : (GIF,LBM,IFF,PCX etc.) +Binaries: (COM,EXE,Windows etc.) +Archives: (ARJ,LHA,ZIP etc.)
FILEID.ZIP FILEID.TXT v1.9 - A complete explaination of the format and use of the FILE_ID.DIZ file, created originally for PCBoard BBSs, but adopted as the "standard" description file. This file also contains a detailed guide for creating a Distribution Archive file that can be used by both Disk Vendors and BBS systems. Will help any author get the most benefit from their distribution archive file(s). Written for the ASP by Richard Holler.
FOSSIL.ZIP Fossil v5 specification (PC serial driver)
FSC-0056.ZIP IEMSI/EMSI protocol description by J. Homrighausen
HQX.ZIP Binhex Specification
INTELHEX.ZIP The format listed as INTEL-HEX
LIB_INFO.ZIP Microsoft library (.LIB) format
LIMEMS41.ZIP LIM Expanded Memory Specification 4.0
LIMSPEC.ZIP Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory
LUDEF5.ZIP LBR archive format definition
LXEXE.ZIP LX - linear executable module format description
MACBIN2.ZIP Mac Binary II standard
MOTOROLA.ZIP Motorola S Record Types
MOVIEBYU.ZIP Movie.BYU geometry file format info
NFF.ZIP Neutral File Format description - draft #1 version 3.0
NFF-WTK.ZIP Neutral ASCII fileformat
OBJECT.ZIP ObjectFile format for Microsoft C
OBJLIB.ZIP OS/2 OBJ/lib formats (?) (masm/msc object file format)
OMF.ZIP IBM OS/2 16/32 bit Object Module Format (OMF) introduction
PASMOBJ.ZIP PASM's .OBJ file setup data definition
PBSTR200.ZIP ProBoard v2.00 File Structures
PNPSCSI.ZIP Proposal for Plug and Play SCSI
QWK_15.ZIP QWK mail packet file layout
QWKDOCS.ZIP QWK Documentation
QWKLAY13.ZIP QWK File Layout 1.3 [06-Jul-92] by Patrick Lee. This is one of the most comprehensive file on the QWK-format. It covers everything from the format to implementation notes. See related file QWKP*.ZIP for a list of current QWK-format products & author contact info. This version details changed to the QWK format made by Qmail door.
QWKSPEC.ZIP QWK mail format information
RASTR-C.ZIP Remote Access structure definition i C
RTF.ZIP Rich Text Format (RTF)
RTFSPEC.ZIP Rich Text Format Specifications
SETEXT.ZIP Structure Enhanced (setext) text specification - August 1992
SS0288.ZIP .OBJ - relocatable object module format by Microsoft
SUN_RAST.ZIP Inside SUN Rasterfile
TECHREF.ZIP Various fileformats specs
VCPISPEC.ZIP Virtual Control Program Interface (VCPI) specs 1.0
XMODEM.ZIP Description of Xmodem protocol
XMS2SPEC.ZIP EXtended Memory Specification (XMS) 2.0
XMS30.ZIP EXtended Memory Specification 3.0
XYMODEM.ZIP X/Y-modem protocol reference
YMODEM6.ZIP Modem standard specification
Z3950.ZIP Ansi Z39.50, internconnection/retrieval
ZIPISPEC.ZIP Zeta instrument processor interface (ZIPI) info (midi related)
ZMODEM6.ZIP Zmodem standard specification