C programming tutorials and hint files

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standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

CANTHAPP.PDF Can't Happen or /* NOTREACHED */ or Real Programs Dump Core*
CBIBLE.ZIP The C Language Described In Biblical Terms
CLESSONS.ZIP Good tutorial for C
CONSL10.ZIP Console v1.0: High performance, compiler portable text based console output library. Requires SciTech PM/Pro library and will support any compiler/DOS extender supported by the PM/Pro library, such as Borland, Watcom, Microsoft etc.
CPROG.ZIP Notes on Programming in C
C-SPEN.ZIP The 10 Commandments for C programmers
CSTYLE.PDF Recommended C Style and Coding Standards (PDF format) This document is an updated version of the Indian Hill C Style and Coding Stan-dards paper, with modifications by the last three authors. It describes a recommended coding standard for C programs. The scope is coding style, not functional organization.
CSTYLE61.ZIP Indian hill c style and coding standards 6.1
CTRAPS.PDF C Traps and Pitfalls* The C language is like a carving knife: simple, sharp, and extremely useful in skilled hands. Like any sharp tool, C can injure people who don't know how to handle it. This paper shows some of the ways C can injure the unwary, and how to avoid injury.
CTUT.ZIP Tutorial for programming in C
CTUTOR.ZIP Programming in C, a Tutorial
CTUTOR1.ZIP Learn about C (part 1 of 2)
CTUTOR2.ZIP Learn about C (part 2 of 2)
GENCSRC.ZIP Coronado Enterprises C tutor 2.00 - source
GENCTXT.ZIP Coronado Enterprises C tutor 2.00 - text
IPTUT001.ZIP Tutorial on Critical Error (0x24) Handler (C) Intermediate Programmer Tutorial #001 Critical Error (0x24) Handler How to set your own 0x24 handler and what it is supposed to do. C source. Freeware.
MCOMM600.ZIP Mcomm 6.00 - async serial communications library (C) mcomm async communications library - fast serial communications library for C program- mers. Supports 4 simultaneous ports, up to 115200 baud, 16550 FIFO mode, and IRQs 2-15. Async code is 100% optimized assembler for maximum speed. Includes popular TXZM zmodem protocol driver. Also includes ANSI BBS video routines. $45 registration includes complete source code.
OPERATOR.ZIP Operator Precedence and Associativity Rules in C / C++
OPTC38.ZIP Hints On How To Optimize Your C Programs
POINTERS.ZIP A Brief Tutorial on Pointers, Lvalues, & Rvalues
STRUCT.ZIP Hint on using files in C structures
TABALT.ZIP Match tab spacing in C program to editor
TCS-0001.ZIP The Coding Sheets, Issue Number 1, An Introduction to C
TCS-0002.ZIP The Coding Sheets, Issue Number 2, An Introduction to Graphics in Pascal
TCS-0003.ZIP The Coding Sheets, Issue Number 3, Graphics in C
TCTUTOR1.ZIP Turbo C tutor 1 of 2
TCTUTOR2.ZIP Turbo C tutor 2 of 2
TEACHC.ZIP Teaches you how to program in the 'c' language.
TENCOMMA.ZIP The Ten Commandments for C Programmers (Annotated Edition)
WAT_TUT1.ZIP Knut's Watcom tutorial #1, Using Watcom's in-line assembler
WAT_TUT2.ZIP Knut's Watcom tutorial #2, Linking External ASM-files with Watcom

C-programming files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

2DTURING.ZIP Source to a 2D turing machine
3DPIC.ZIP Creates a 3D picture, C source
ABMAKE14.ZIP Make Utility For C
ACTLIB17.ZIP Another c tools library 1.7 - several libs w/source (c)
AMISL091.ZIP C Lib to make highloading removable TSRs; w/C and ASM sources. whose purpose is to show that MASM 6.0 can be used to write WINDOWS programs.
ANSIREM2.ZIP A program to remove ANSI escape sequences from a text file.
ANYWHERE.ZIP Find Files Across Multiple Drives
APPND.ZIP Short C Source To Append Two Files To A Third
ARGTEST.ZIP Argtest - test program for getargs
ASBENC.ZIP SCSI benchmark test program under ASPI It can measure Hard-Disk, MO-Disk, CD-ROM drive's performance.
ASSEM.ZIP Package of C sources
ASYCNCH.ZIP Serial Port Driver And Source Code
ASYNCPEC.ZIP C Serial Support For Interupts & Driver
ASYNLIB2.ZIP Async serial communication routines (asm/C) - 2nd release
BALLIST_.ZIP Source of a Ballistic calculation program
BASCNVT.ZIP Convert Basic to C and visa versa, C source
BAS-INT.ZIP Basic Interpreter source
BAUD.ZIP Determine baud rate in C
BDC.ZIP Bulk Disk Copier, MicroGenesis Software; Contains the C source code and executable file that will read a floppy image into the hard disk, and then copy it back out to as many additional floppies as you wish.
BESTL232.ZIP Best library 2.32 - 360 functions graphics,text,math,string (c)
BEYONDC.ZIP ASCII file comparison utility
BEZDIS.ZIP Logic to quickly compute the points along a bezier curve.
BFSORTS.ZIP Public Domain Sorting Algorythms - Ansi C Src
BINCOMP.ZIP The telemacus file comparison utility in turbo c
BIOSKEY.ZIP Inline assembler version of a bios keyboard routine
BITMANIP.ZIP Bit manipulation functions in C
BITMAP.ZIP Bitmap manipulation routines
BLTC13A.ZIP BULLET for C v1.03: Super fast, super small B-tree/dBASE .DBF, transaction-based, multi-user database toolkit for DOS C compilers. Also available for BASIC.
BMG.ZIP The boyer-Moores search routines, in C
BOOL_E.ZIP C Source for a Boolean evaluator
BOOT.ZIP Tsr that demos use of int 9 and int 8: cold boots computer
BPLUS25A.ZIP B-Trieve Indexing Module For C Programmers
BRACE.ZIP Check C source code to verify paired braces
BTOA.ZIP Unix Standard Ascii Filter
C_FDC.ZIP C Source to access the Floppy controller
C_LINES.ZIP C_lines is a program to find some statistics about c sources
C_MATH.ZIP Math functions for C
C_PROTO.ZIP Produce Function List From K&r C Source
C1.ZIP Reboot And Freemem Turbo C Source
CACHEC.ZIP Cache source
CALC.ZIP IBM/RPN calculator,simple functions w/src
CALLF.ZIP Source For Call-forwarding Program
CALLS2.ZIP PD C function call analyzer w/source
CASM1.ZIP C To Assembly Language Interface
CASTOOLS.ZIP Miscellaneous C Routines 1/1.
CB1.ZIP Source Code For Pretty Print Utility
C-BAR1.ZIP C Source For Printing Bar Codes
CBASE102.ZIP C Database Toolkit 1/1.
CBREAK.ZIP Implements ctl-c/scroll-lock/break sensitive keyboard handle
CCOMP.ZIP Small C compiler for the PC
CENVIW1.ZIP CEnvi/Cmm (C minus minus); 'C' for the rest of us. CEnvi runs Cmm programs in the DOS, Windows, OS/2, NT, Unix, etc... environments. Together, CEnvi and Cmm make the power and flexibility of the C programming language part of every computer user's environment, without the hardware, time, and programmer resources needed to develope C programs.
CGAZV5N3.ZIP C Gazette Listings, C Code For Compiler Tech
CHATT.ZIP Change file attributes from command line
CIRCLESC.ZIP Draw circles with non-unity aspect ratio (c source)
CKIT254.ZIP CKIT2.54; Door Developer kit for Microsoft C, Quick C, Turbo C and BC++. Supports PCBoard 12.0, 14.0 -> 14.5, WILDCAT!, DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF and ANY BBS known. Supports Digiboard Intelligent Async boards and irq 0-15. This release fixes problem with higher irqs.
CLEARC.ZIP Clear C 1.1: Format C Source Code
CLPV11.ZIP Command-line Processor Source Code
CLT162.ZIP CLint v1.62: tool which reads the source files of your C programs, & generates reports about possible problems.
CMDPARSE.ZIP Parse Command-line Parameters
CMENU.ZIP Easy Menu System With C Source Code
COMMASM.ZIP Communication source in C and Assembler
CONIO.ZIP Larry Jordon's console I/O functions
CONTOUR2.ZIP A Contour plotting source
CONVCHAR.ZIP Dos Filter That Converting A Selected Char
CPROTOS.ZIP Generate Prototypes From C Source Code
CPRT104.ZIP C Source Code Printing System
CRC-16.ZIP CRC computation logic source in C
CRC-32B.ZIP CRC-32b source inc C
CRESIDE.ZIP C interrupt handler
CRIT.ZIP Examples of Critical Error handler
CRITERR.ZIP Examples Of Critical Error Trapping
CROOT.ZIP Source To Add Wildcard Extension & Pipes
CTASK22.ZIP Multi-task Software In C
CTASK22D.ZIP CTask 2.2d - multitasking kernel for C with source (asm/c)
CTOPAS.ZIP Convert C To Pascal
CTRLC.ZIP Routines To Handle Ctrl-c And Ctrl-break
CUG317.ZIP FAX-G3/G4 encoder/decoder source
CURSOR.ZIP C Routines to control cursor via DOS services
CWD.ZIP C Source For Kermit-like Cwd Commands
CVIEW130.ZIP C Language Pretty print program to format C source code to readable format and more with documentation. Not new. Well done. Unique
CXREF.ZIP Another C cross referencing utility
DAC12X16.ZIP Convert 12-bit sampling to 16-bit (Src)
DATA_BSE.ZIP C Relational Data Base Engine. Very good allows you to set up a data base extremly quickly.
DATE.ZIP Turbo source+com easily change date/time
DEBUGC.ZIP C lang debug aid w/ doc, C src code
DIREXE.ZIP List/execute your executables - by SAM/TFL (C)
DIRLIB.ZIP Implementation Of Dirlib Function
DISPST.ZIP Code To Display DBase File Structure
DLIBS.ZIP Shareware library for datalight c
DLIBSSRC.ZIP Shareware library for datalight c, Src
DLLIB.ZIP C library for Datalight C Compiler
DMAKE37S.ZIP Extremely Complete Version Of Unix Make Util, SRC
DSIIC2.ZIP Source Code For Designing Screen Interfaces
DUGIDE10.ZIP IDE disk drive info 1.0 - w/C source
DUMPGRAF.ZIP Code To Dump Hi-res Screens To Printer
EDIT1.ZIP Source Code To A Simple Screen Editor
EGA43.ZIP C routines for setting 25 43 line modes on EGA adaptors
ELLIPSEC.ZIP Ellipse algorithm
EMS4C10.ZIP Expanded memory management for c (EMS4C10.ZIP), July 93, Ver 1.0, <ASP>. The EMS4C library implements version 3.2 of the LIM (Lotus-Intel-Microsoft) specification for expanded memory. It runs with version 3.2 and 4.0 of the LIM specification. Included with the EMS4C library is the EMM4C library which allows C programmers to allocate and free EMS memory similiar to malloc() and free(). By MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. $35.
ERRHNDLR.ZIP Critical Error Handling Code
ERTIMER.ZIP Timing source code - lots of comments (c)
EXEWRITE.ZIP Writing to your own .EXE file
EXTMEM.ZIP Access extended memory in C
FABS_C.ZIP Fast datafile access in C, with interfaces for Pascal and BASIC.
FASTCLOK.ZIP Increase timer rate to 1165 ticks per second (C)
FC20C.ZIP Shareware C Compiler W/editor & Assembler
FCOPY32.ZIP Fcopy is a C function that copies one file to another, much like the DOS COPY command. It operates on single files only (i.e., does not accept wildcards).
FDF101.ZIP Source To Duplicate File Finder / Sorter
FGETS.ZIP Using fgets() and fputs() to copy a file
FILECOMP.ZIP File compare program, similar to unix diff
FILEHAND.ZIP Extending dos files handle: doesn't require rtl
FISCYR15.ZIP Source For Fiscal Year Calendar Program
FLEXLIST.ZIP C Linked List Functions.
FLOGGER.ZIP Sort Flogger 0.0 - source to 7 different sort algorithms (C)
FONT_CMP.ZIP A Small 'C' Function To Print Compressed Characters In 320x200x256 Vga Mode (Only) Instead Of The Clunky Default Font. Fast.
FOODTEST.ZIP Foodtest for duc ta
FORMGE.ZIP Form Generator In C
FORTIFY.ZIP FORTIFY by Simon P. Bullen, Cybergraphic Fortify is a fortified memory allocation shell for C and C++. It is capable of detecting memory leaks, writes beyond and before memory blocks, and breaks software that relies on the state of uninitialized memory, and software that uses memory after it's been freed.
FTIME.ZIP C routine to demonstrate how to get file date time stamp
FUNC11.ZIP Simple Parser and Evaluator of Mathematical Functions.
GET_IT.ZIP Find, goto sub-directories using text files
GETARGS.ZIP Command-line Processor For C Programmers
GETWORD.ZIP Utility program to extend transferring to GREP
GIF2EPS.ZIP GIF to EPS Converter with C source
GLBENV11.ZIP Setting global environment variables in c
GLOB.ZIP Wildcard expansion routine in C
GLOBLENV.ZIP Modify or set environment variables in the parent environment
GOLAY.ZIP Golay error correction code with source
GR.ZIP General Replace, Replaces Text Substrings
GRAY.ZIP C routine to convert color to gray-scale image
GRDUMP.ZIP C routine to send graphics to Epson compatible printer
GRIPPLE.ZIP Source To Old-type Pocket Block Puzzle
GROENING.ZIP Source Generates Random Life In Hell Quotes
GTAR_HLP.ZIP Source To Print Guitar Fretboard Diagram
HARDERR.ZIP Example hardware error handler for an unready floppy drive
HEAPDBG.ZIP Source To C Heap Debugger
HEAPSIZE.ZIP C function returns memory available on far heap
HELPEX2.ZIP A modified helpex example displays help for grayed menu items
HILITE.ZIP C Program demonstrates generating a graphics based menu
HODGE.ZIP Hodgepodge algorithm in C
HOMECD.ZIP Beta release of HomeCD writer software (source)
HPARSE21.ZIP FORMULC.C 2.1 The functions enable the user of a C program to enter mathematical functions and to evaluate them very rapidly.
HSORT.ZIP General purpose heapsort (C)
HUGESORT.ZIP Experimental huge version of qsort
IBMCOM.ZIP Com Port Driver For Turbo C
IBMTTY.ZIP Source For Dec Vax Terminal Emulation
IDD.ZIP Installable Device Drivers For Dos With C Src
IDE-INFO.ZIP This is the C-source of the IDE-INFO program, which can show some info of the IDE drives in your system.
IMED256.ZIP Sprite Editor For C Language
INDENT.ZIP A Good C Course Formater. Source Included.
INDENTSR.ZIP As/400 Indent Do Groups In Cl Programs
INGRES.ZIP Example of good C code style
INIT_WIN.ZIP X-windows example source
INKEY.ZIP Input from keyboard function
INPUTS.ZIP Inputs string from keyboard
INT21.ZIP Code segment variables, ISR in C
INT24_C2.ZIP Critical error handler (int24) - c source
INTERP.ZIP Command-line interpreter written in C
INTERRPT.ZIP Provides vector lists & locates ROMs
INTOPOST.ZIP Convert infix notation to postfix notation
INT-UTIL.ZIP How to work with INT vectors
IOCCC90.ZIP 1990 Int. Obfuscated C code Contest winner
ISAMC.ZIP Code Supporting Indexed Sequential In C
ITSY.ZIP ItsyBitsy Support Module: Create 'C' Menus
JOVE416S.ZIP Jove - an interactive display-oriented text editor JOVE is Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs. It is based on the original EMACS editor written at MIT by Richard Stallman. Although JOVE is meant to be compatible with EMACS, there are some major differences between the two editors and you shouldn't rely on their behaving identically. C Source.
JOY.ZIP Demonstration of reading joy stick postition
KBSTUFF.ZIP C routine to insert characters directly in keyboard buffer
KFS.ZIP KEYED FILE SYSTEM (DOS) VERSION 2.0 <ASP> C subroutines for keyed file support- A set of powerful, easy to use, subroutines that allow the Microsoft C (version 6 or 7) programmer to create and use files having alphabetic or numeric keyes. The routines provide the common functions of reading, writing, deleting, etc. Programming
LABYTE.ZIP Memory Management/Allocation Routines
LAR_C86.ZIP C Source For Cp/m File Transfer
LBOX.ZIP ListBox examples, which use collections
LINGUA12.ZIP Easy Multi-Language Support For 'C'
LISP.ZIP Source for a LISP interpreter
LL_KBD.ZIP 32bit keyboard handler (watcom) (asm/c)
LPT2PRN.ZIP How can I send output to the second parallel port?
LPTC.ZIP Parallel Port Routines For C
LYNN00.ZIP Simple Routines For C Programmers
MATH.ZIP MATH.C Mathematical subroutines for use with Lattice or Microsoft- compiler.
MATRIX04.ZIP Small matrix toolbox for c programmers version 0.4
MC20.ZIP The MICRO-C 2.0 Compiler MICRO-C is a tiny compiler for the 'C' language. It has been designed to be VERY portable, and can be moved between different processors and operating systems with little difficulty.
MCMVSMEM.ZIP Moves screen memory, doing snow control if necessary
MCOMM557.ZIP Asynchrouous serial communications functions for Microsoft, Turbo, or Zortech C programmers. Features Support for 16550 UART's FIFO mode of operation; Fully interrupt driven; Baud rates up to 115,200 baud; User defined transmit and receive ring buffer sizes; User defined port addresses, IRQ use, and interrupt vector numbers; Support simultaneous operation of 4 ports.
MEMMAN2B.ZIP Turbo C Memory manager 2.01b
MILLISEC.ZIP Source of a millisecond timer for PC
MIME64A.ZIP MIME base64 encoder/decoder (with source)
MIMEQP.ZIP ASCII encoder/decoder for MIME-QP, w/C source
MINILINT.ZIP T Jenning's C source checker
MKLAPI09.ZIP Marklin Digital API for C and BASIC with 16
MONSTE.ZIP How to use samples on your PC , with source
MOT2INT.ZIP Converting motorola s1/s9 hex to intel hex (c source)
MSEC_12.ZIP Pc millisecond resolution timer (asm/C)
MSGC21.ZIP MSGCOMP v2.1: allows a C programmer to remove text messages from the C source and EXE, and place them in an encrypted MSG file that can be maintained independently w/out recompiling
MSM4QC.ZIP Assembler routines for quick c ***.
MURPHY_5.ZIP Murphy's Law display program, with C source
MYSTERYC.ZIP Mystery of C is a beginner's course in the C language written in the form of a murder mystery. Also included are uncompiled C programs that form part of the mystery. A compiler is not required for use with the program.
MYTERM.ZIP My First Terminal, version 1.0, with source
NGS12SRC.ZIP Source to Norton Guide to Textfile conv.
NHMM3SRC.ZIP NetHack-- source code (C)
NWSUU125.ZIP NewsUUD v1.25: UUdecoder for news articles
OBJ2ASM.ZIP Converts a .obj file into assembly language; generates original labels and symbols in some cases and includes qualified support for OS/2. C source
OD1.ZIP Binary Dump Program, Like Unix Utility
ODOORS41.ZIP OpenDoors Door Programming Toolkit V4.10 powerful/easy door toolkit and BBS interface for Turbo C(++) and Borland C++ programmers.
ONE_ON_9.ZIP Learn C pointers and data structures
P2C12GNU.ZIP GNU p2c pascal to C translator, recognizes many pascal dialects. C source code, V.1.20
PANSHR24.ZIP PANELS for C, Verions 2.4; The premier DOS based user interface for C programmers. New interactive screen design utility. Interpreted screen design changes do not require application recompilation. Reduced registration fees for both object and source.
PAREN.ZIP Checks for parenthesis errors in C progs
PARK.ZIP Park that hard disk (source)
PARSER.ZIP Finite state parser
PCBOOT.ZIP Source/Programs For Hot Or Cold Reboot
PCC12D.ZIP PCC v1.2D: fast, powerful, personal C compiler, fully compatible with code written for DeSmet v2.51, making fast, tight, compact pgms; 01/11/93; C Ware Corp/DeSmet Software.
PCTIME12.ZIP PcTimer 1.2 - high-resolution timing routine (C)
PD126.ZIP Pop-Date Resident Calendar Source Code
PDSRT321.ZIP C Programming Sort Routines
PI-5WAYS.ZIP 5 Ways To Calculate Pi
PIELOGO.ZIP C Source To Make Fancy Logo Like Pie-In-Sky
PIKE-C.ZIP Rob Pike's Note on Programming in C
PPL4C11.ZIP Personal protocol library for c/c++ (PPL4C11.ZIP), Nov 95, Ver 1.1, <ASP>. PPL4C is a protocol library supporting ASCII, XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC, XMODEM-1K, YMODEM, YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols. Will support Turbo C, Borland C, MIX Power C, Microsoft C. Requires the Personal Communications Library for C/C++ (PCL4C). By MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. $40.
PPORT.ZIP 4bit communication between 2 computers via printer ports (C)
PRTGRAP.ZIP How do I print graphics on my dot-matrix printer?
PTRARRYS.ZIP Pointers and Arrays Storage and Parameter Passing
PUMPKIN.ZIP Genus Source & Program For Animated Pumpkin
PWRPAK.ZIP Borland powerpack for dos features
QSORT.ZIP General purpose quicksort (C)
QSORTNET.ZIP Variety Of Sorting Algorithms For C
READBACK.ZIP A diagnostic utility. Reads back all its args. Diagnostic. w/C src and prints them to the screen.
READKY41.ZIP Reads Key Pressed And Returns Scancode
REBOOT.ZIP How to reboot your PC in C
REGKEY22.ZIP Reg Key System for C Programmers v2.2.
ROMAN.ZIP Convert Numbers to Roman Numerals
ROMANCVT.ZIP Convert Roman numbers to/from Arabic, w/C src
ROOTPATH.ZIP Currentdir - return text of current directory for a particular drive
RS232.ZIP C functions for buffered IRQ controlled RS-232 communication
RS232_C.ZIP RS-232 serial routines in C
RS232EXP.ZIP Helps solve RS-232 comm interfacing problems
RZSZ9401.ZIP Source for RZ and SZ Z-Modem
SAL100.ZIP Sort Algorithms 1.0 - 7 algorithms demo (Windows) (C)
SC88.ZIP Small C compiler source
SCI.ZIP Serial Communication Interface, Interrupt Driven (c source)
SCSIDRVR.ZIP C source for a SCSI driver
SEGAC.ZIP Source for Sega's 3D glasses for PC
SERCOM.ZIP Source and .EXE for, MTERM simple terminal emulator
SG125.ZIP STOPWATCH, TSR 2k, with C source
SHOWEXE.ZIP C srce samples for dumping exe info
SMALLC22.ZIP Small C Compiler / Small Assembler
SMATH.ZIP Decimal math of #'s stored as strings
SNIP9503.ZIP The SNIPPETS collection is an archive of over 400 separate files, over 50,000 lines of mostly C/C++ source code - all public domain and freeware - which contains the best answers to "How do I...?" questions.
SORT.ZIP C source for Shellsort & Quicksort
SORTDIR.ZIP Sorts directories
STLTHB22.ZIP Steath Bomber, Source For Anti-Virus Utility
T_BCINFO.ZIP Lots Of Good Information On Turbo-C Programming
TABALT1.ZIP Improved tabalt, changes tabs in turbo c source
TABS.ZIP C source for tabber/de-tabber
TC2PROM.ZIP Routines & Help For Writing Romable Code
TCDEV.ZIP Device driver written in turbo c w sourc
TCRES2.ZIP Make Turbo C memory resident programs
TCTIME.ZIP High-resolution timing routines for Turbo C 1.0
TDE31.ZIP PUBLIC DOMAIN text editor with C source code
TEMPL.ZIP 101 keyboard template generator
TONE.ZIP Make sounds in asm f/PCTech
TPC14.ZIP Turbo Pascal to C translator
TSRFIL10.ZIP TSR shell able to handle file i/o by S.Hall (C)
UNDOC2E.ZIP This programs shows the usage of the undocumented DOS interrupt 2eh.
UNZIPSRC.ZIP PkUnzip source for Linux.
US20SRC.ZIP Source To MicroSpell Stand-Alone Spell Check
UUDOALL.ZIP More flexible uudecode for MS-DOS & Unix
V_ARRAY.ZIP Virtual Array Functions/toolkit In C Language
VARARG.ZIP C Code to demonstrate use of variable arguments types
WBITMAP.ZIP Source To Read, Write & Convert Bitmaps
WF120.ZIP Use UNIX *IX SH Style Wildcard Specs With C
WGT_SPR2.ZIP Sprite ToolKit For Use With WGT_TC21.ZIP
WILDF113.ZIP Unix Style Wild Card (*Ix) Sh Source Code
VISIONS.ZIP Interesting Hypertext Toolkit For C
WR_PROT.ZIP Check if disk is write-protected (C)
X3J11.ZIP ANSI C (X3J11) programming language standard (ps 125p)
XC.ZIP C cross referencer
XCA.ZIP Cellular Automata source
XMSLB121.ZIP C interface to XMS functions
XMSLB15U.ZIP How to use the xms driver with turbo c/pascal
XSOURCE.ZIP A X-windows example source
XYZUNIX.ZIP XYZ-modem source for UNIX
ZMODEM.ZIP Zmodem source in C

C-Programming libraries

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ALIB12.ZIP AutoLibrary Program-Playback Tool for C <ASP> The AutoLibrary Program-Playback Tool Version 1.2 March 1992 Needs Turbo C v2.0, COM1 or COM2 serial port, and an IBM PC or compatible. The AutoLibrary Program-Playback Tool is a C function library for automation. Automation is coded into programs then played back when the program executes.
ARRV110.ZIP Library For Large, Virtual & Huge Arrays
ASYNC3.ZIP Async3 (Nordtech Research. $45) is a library of communications routines for Borland C 3.0.
BOSS.ZIP The window boss and data clerk ver 8.02 <asp> Windowing and Data Entry Library for 'C' - Award winning Windowing and Data Entry library for C compilers from Microsoft, Borland, and Watcom. Consistantly ranked (since 1987) as one of the top shareware programming tools. Produces fast and tight code. MSDOS only.
CAPI326A.ZIP C-Tools Library 1/3.
CAPI326B.ZIP C-Tools Library 2/3.
CAPI326C.ZIP C-Tools Library 3/3.
CBASE101.ZIP Excellent Database Library For C Programmers
CDB114.ZIP B-tree/isam C Database Method Library
CGAMEJOY.ZIP C Game Adapter Library
CKEYTREE.ZIP The KeyTree Utilities is a set of library routines for C <ASP> programmers for the creation, access and maintenance of indexed files of variable length records
CSWITCH.ZIP A Multitasking Library For C, And Assembly
CWORD.ZIP C-WORD is a library of C functions to create Microsoft Word documents; supports all available fonts, font sizes and colors, all of Word's char/paragraph formats, tab positions & alignment and Word's page formats
HIM.ZIP Library Of 230 Functions For C Programmers
INTRLIB1.ZIP INTR_LIB v1.0 - an interactive library for DOS environment. Basic windowing, pop up and pull down menus, support for keyboard, mouse, and joystick devices. Includes C source code,
JCLIB.ZIP String Functions For Lattice C Compiler
JPL-C.ZIP C library
LIBDUMP.ZIP Microsoft OBJ library management - Siering/Downton (C)
LL_CLASS.ZIP Object oriented class library of linked list/stack/queue c routines Includes a linked LL_CLASS.OBJ + a testing program LL_TEST.EXE to show all functions available. Documentation explains with samples how to call the functions from your 'C' program. Extremely easy to use Extremely well-documented source also available.
PCL4C50.ZIP PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS LIBRARY FOR C/C++ (PCL4C50.ZIP), November 95, Ver 5.0, <ASP>. DOS & DOS/PM. Async comm library supporting COM1-COM20 to 115,200 baud, 4+ ports concurrently, many dumb multiport boards, 16550 UART, interrupt driven, RTS/CTS flow control, any UART address using IRQ2 thru IRQ15, all memory models + protected mode. Supports Turbo C/C++, Borland C/C++ MIX Power C, and Microsoft C/C++. By MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. $75.
PCLCJS.ZIP Power C Functions Library - is a multi-purpose function library. It contains more than two dozen funtions for string handling, video, i/o, and more. The C source code for several functions are included.
PGRAPH.ZIP Standard Printer Interface Library C/Pascal
PRBGI00C.ZIP BGI Printing Library Tools
ROBOT01.ZIP A Robot Control C Library, 1 of 4
ROBOT02.ZIP A Robot Control C Library, 2 of 4
ROBOT03.ZIP A Robot Control C Library, 3 of 4
ROBOT04.ZIP A Robot Control C Library, 4 of 4
SOFTC30.ZIP Soft C Database Library V3.0.
TCOMM11.ZIP Communications library for turbo c v1.1
TCOMM6.ZIP Small, Fast C Programmers Communication Lib <ASP> LiteComm is a programmer's toolkit for developing applications that require communications capability. Small, fast, and easy to use. Simplifies communications programming, yet very sophisticated. ASP Shareware. $65.00 Registration fee.
TXMS.ZIP A library enabling DOS-based C and C++ programs to gain quick and simple access to extended memory via XMS. Formats for both Microsoft and Borland are included. Developed by TechniLib.
VLIB105.ZIP Viewlib 1.5 File Viewer Library for C.
WTERM12.ZIP NAME: TERM for PCL4W KEYS: PCL LIB C XMODEM YMODEM ASYNC SERIAL RS232 MODEM 16550 DIGIBOARD BOCA COMM FILE: WTERM12.ZIP VER: 1.2 DATE: Aug 95 REG$: MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. --- $0.00 DSCR: Example windows terminal pgm with state driven XMODEM & YMODEM. Requires PCL4W communications library. <ASP>
ZCPP_JAE.ZIP C-Tools Library 1/1 (miscellaneous).
ZTIMER11.ZIP The ZEN Timer library