Z80 processor files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

DASMZ80.ZIP Z80 dissasembler with source
Z801.ZIP Zilog Z80 cross-assembler
Z802.ZIP Z80 Opcodes
Z80INST.ZIP Z-80 CPU Instruction Set
Z80MU52B.ZIP Joan Riff's "Z80MU PROFESSIONAL" Z80 and CP/M 2.2 Emulator
ZCC095.ZIP Z80 development package for Unix or DOS
ZRUN321.ZIP ZRUN, The Z80 CPeMulator
ZSIM241.ZIP Z-Sim, The hundred percent Z80 Emulator


The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

6502.ZIP MOSTek 6502 cross-assembler
65022.ZIP 6502 opcodes
6502ASM.ZIP 6502 cross assembler
65816.ZIP Proposed 65816 Assembly Language Standard
65XXX.ZIP The 65c816 dream machine
AS65_108.ZIP Assembler for 6502/65SC02 microprocessor
ASSEMBLR.ZIP 6502 assembler with source
UNDOC-OP.ZIP Undocumented 6502 Opcodes
C64ASM11.ZIP C64ASM V1.1 - a Commodore 64 (6510) Assembler Package for PC. C64ASM is an assembler for 6510 CPU, but runs on PC. Supports local & global symbols, math.expressions, .IF, .GOTO, .INCLUDE, .INCBIN, detailed report & more. C64DISA is a disassembler with hexa/ascii dumps. BAS2TXT converts a tokenized CBM file to textfile. PRG (C64 binary), T64 and P00 file format support. SHAREWARE by Balint Toth

8080, 8085, 8xc751, 8086 files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

1802.ZIP RCA 1802 cross-assembler
8048.ZIP Intel 8048 cross-assembler
8048DIS.ZIP Disassemble programs for 8048/8049 chip
8080.ZIP Intel 8080 cross-assembler
80802.ZIP 8080 opcodes
8087SMPL.ZIP 8087 sample programs
8096.ZIP Intel 8096 cross-assembler
DASM48.ZIP Intel HEX disassembler for 8048 microprocessor
DASM80.ZIP 8080 disassembler
DASM85.ZIP Disassembler for 8085 binaries Duplex UART Routines for the 8xC751 and 8xC752 Microcontrollers
I2C.ZIP I2C Interface for PCF8583 256 Byte RAM with Clock/Calendar. Controller. 'Bit bangs' I2C on port pins Single master I2C with the 8xC751/752. I2C to parallel bus i/f with the 80C31.
MUSIC750.ZIP Music-box program for the 87C750
REGS.ZIP Special Function Register Bits ... 8052
XLT86.ZIP 8080 to 8086 ASM translater, w/ASM source

PIC embedded CPU files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

DEMO.ZIP Complete source for Pocket Logic Debugger A calculator-style device with 23 key keypad, 8 digit LCD (raw gla*s drive), lotsa other stuff, Using 16c71. written in aspic.
DISASM.ZIP Intel hex file disassembler for pic disasm pic
FLOAT.ZIP Converts a decimal number to the IEEE Format required by the PIC16/17.
I2C2STI.ZIP I2c stimulus compiler for generating .sti file From an ascii script. Valuable for debugging I drivers. Includes C source. From ap-note, includes additional utilities And makefiles, etc. for mpasm. ASPIC version soon to follow.
LCD.ZIP Group of subroutines run lcd char modules. keywords: lcd hitachi
MATH.ZIP Floating point kit for PIC
MPA10105.ZIP Mpasm assembler for pic16/17, version 1.15
MTA85XXX.ZIP I2c communication app-note for mta85xxx
PIC84PGM.ZIP Pic16c84 programmer using pc parallel port
PICDIS11.ZIP Picdis - a simple pic16c84 disassembler
PWM_56.ZIP PWM motor control
RS232.ZIP RS232 Communication Using PIC16C54
VOLTMETR.ZIP Voltmeter/ad converter program 16c54


BASIC1_2.ZIP BASIC Commands for the BASIC Stamp and BS1-IC
BASICS~1.ZIP List Of Stamp Applications
BS_APPS.ZIP Stamp application notes
CABLE.ZIP BASIC Stamp Cable Description
CABLES.ZIP Cable Descriptions for BASIC Stamp I and II
DIGITEMP.ZIP Digital Thermometer Programs For The Parallax BASIC Stamp
LCDDEMOS.ZIP Using LCD Displays With The Stamp
MULTI.ZIP How to build over 30 I/O lines for the Basic STAMP
NEWCABLE.ZIP BASIC Stamp Cable Description
QBTERM.ZIP Serial interface experiment for the Parallax BASIC Stamp
STAMP.ZIP BASIC Stamp I Integrated Environment Tiny Basic specifications modified for Intel's MCS-51 family of single-chip microcontrollers.
STEP4.ZIP Stepper motor demo using "basic stamp"

Various processor files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

21164.GIF Picture of a DEC Alpha CPU die
601_DIE.GIF Picture of a PowerPC CPU die
6309.ZIP A memo on the secret features on 6309
63092.ZIP Secret Features of 6309 CPU
96T.ZIP Source to play on TI 76489A soundchip
AS80_109.ZIP As80 - assembler for 8080, 8085 and Z80 microprocessors.
ASM7000.ZIP TMS-7000 Assembler Program
COPRO15.ZIP Everything you always wanted to know about coprocessors
COPRO15A.ZIP Co-Processor Descriptions and Data.
DASM.ZIP Transputer dissasembler with C source
EL_SITES.ZIP Internet sources of information on specific microcontrollers
EMILY52.ZIP Programs for Intel's 52 CPU family
EPASM13.ZIP EPASM, Microprocessor assembler for the Intel 8749H
ET35.ZIP Embedded techniques for ths I2C bus
HP211X.ZIP HP211X opcodes
I2C_FAQ.ZIP I2c Bus FAQ Version 1.6
I2C2.ZIP Pseudo-code for an i2c driver.
I2CBITS.ZIP Software Implemented I2C Drivers These routines allow an 80C51 based microcontroller to drive the I2C bus as a single master. The main program at the end demonstrates writing and reading several types of devices.
MC310PC1.ZIP The DDS MICRO-C Compiler A compact 'C' compiler for Small Systems. different processors & computer platforms. Code generators are available for 8080, 8051, 80x86, 8096, 6809, 68HC11 and 68HC16 cpu's,
MICROCPU.ZIP Great CPUs of the past and present
MICROFAQ.ZIP Microcontroller primer and FAQ
P_C_C_3.ZIP Huge list of all PC chips available
P6HEXIUM.ZIP P6 (Hexium) report
P6PKG.GIF Picture of a PentiumPro CPU
PENTIUM.GIF Picture of a Pentium CPU
PRESS_FA.ZIP Press facts for the Alpha processor
STEPDEMO.ZIP Stepper Motor Control Demo
TASM28.ZIP Tasm, assembler for 6502, z80, 8051, 6805, 6800 and more
TECHNICA.ZIP Digital's Alpha CPU specifications
UASM.ZIP UASM - Universal Cross Assembler...
ULTRAS1.JPG Picture of a Ultra Sparc CPU
XASM220.ZIP XASM generic Cross Assemblers

NoICE debugger

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

NOI25Z80.ZIP NoICE - Z80 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5) NoICE is a PC-hosted debugger for use with a variety of microprocessor targets. Processors currently supported are the Z80/Z180, Z8, 8051, 80(1)96, 6809, 68HC11, 65(C)02, M50740/M38000, and TMS370. The debugger consists of a target-specific DOS program, NOICExxx.EXE, and a target-resident monitor program (about 1K code). The two programs communicate via RS-232, at user selectable baud rates from 300 to 57600. Features include: - Disassemble r, which may also be used without target hardware - Single step using no interrupts or special target hardware - Breakpoints and watches - Source-level debug - Memory display and editing - Load Intel Hex and Motorola S1 record files - Definition of symbols, used in expressions and by the disassembler - Record and play back files of commands - Most monitors use no page zero or on-chip RAM - Utilities to extract line and symbol information for many assemblers
NOI25_02.ZIP NoICE - 6502 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25_09.ZIP NoICE - 6809 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25_11.ZIP NoICE - 68HC11 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25_51.ZIP NoICE - 8051 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25_96.ZIP NoICE - 8096,80196 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25_Z8.ZIP NoICE - Z8 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)
NOI25370.ZIP NoICE - TMS370 Debugger for 8 Bit Microprocessors (v2.5)