Game sources and programming

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

2KTETRIS.ZIP 2kB tetris with assembly source
ADVCODE.ZIP The Source file to Colossal Cave adventure
ADVENT1B.ZIP Advent System 1.01b - create adventure games
ADVTUTR.ZIP How to make an Adventure Game. Tutorial.
ARASAN_S.ZIP Arasan - Chess for Windows - version 1.2 Programmer's Guide This archive contains the source code for Arasan.
AS_GUIDE.ZIP Whizzard's Guide to Text Adventure Authorship v1.0
ASTEROID.ZIP Source for an Asteroid game!
AUTHORSH.ZIP Whizzard's Guide to Text Adventure Authorship v1.0
BLOWUP.ZIP Source for a game called BlowUP
CA-TSA.ZIP Computer Adventures, The Secret Art
CGDA.ZIP THE CGDA REPORT Newsletter of the Computer Game Developers Association Volume 1, Premier Issue 1994
CHASE.ZIP C Source Code To Chase Game
COLLID.ZIP (by request) information by collision detection
CONNECT4.ZIP This file provides the functions necessary to implement a front-end- independent, device-independent Connect-4 game. Multiple board sizes are supported. It is also possible to specify the number of pieces necessary to connect in a row in order to win. Therefore one can play Connect-3, Connect-5, etc. An efficient tree-searching algorithm (making use of alpha-beta cutoff decisions) has been to insure that the computer plays as quickly as possible.
DCG402.ZIP DCGAMES 4.02 ($45) DC SOFTWARE (c) 1995 Create your own graphics based adventure and role playing games using the DCGAMES Graphics Adventure Game Builder. Create up to 1000 worlds with over 500 characters and objects in each world. A complete scripting language allows you to customize the game system to your exact requirements, including full music and sound support, PCX images, mouse and keyboard interface, etc.
DCG402UP.ZIP DCGAMES 4.02 ($45) (c) DC SOFTWARE, 2/96 This ZIP file contains file DCPLAY.EXE, an update to DCGAMES Version 4.0 that fixes the problem with the game driver hanging up after a fight when you have used the -s parameter. The -s parameter is used when you don't have a sound card and DCGAMES hangs trying to find one. It also fixes variable WORLD.INDEX, adds WORLD.SINDEX, the function LoadPal() to change the palette and the utility of the same name to CREATE the palette.
DECODER.ZIP Source for a Game Genie codes decoder
EGASNARF.ZIP This is a video game for the IBM PC family of compatibles. It requires an EGA display, but that's about it. It was written on an AT class machine, so performance might be a little slow on a 4.77MHz PC, but I don't know. It WON'T work on CGA displays. The game was inspired by an arcade game of several years called "Tutankham", or something like that. In the process of the development, a number of changes and additions have been made.
EGL_RISE.ZIP EGL-rise arcade game language + sample games
FGHEDGE.ZIP Hedge Row version 1.0 beta. This is an unreleased, partially finished game by Diana Gruber. It is being distributed with source code for the benefit of game programmers and Fastgraph users. It features a recursive maze algorithm, SVGA support, EMS/XMS logical pages, and constricted mouse support. Source code is in C and may be linked with Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light.
FRING11.ZIP Sources of an incomplete scrolling vga game (tp)
GAME11.ZIP Game toolkit for Turbo Pascal 6.0/7.0
GAMEDMAG.ZIP Game Developer magazine address - 26 Sept 1994
GAMFAQ.ZIP The getting started guide to game development faq.
GCCFAQ10.ZIP DJGPP DOS Game Programmers FAQ (GNU C Compiler) - 1.0 (C)
GD_GUIDE.ZIP Game Developer (magazine) Writers Guidelines + contact info
GMSMTH01.ZIP Game programming Library for Borland C, DOS. Gamesmith is a library of ASM and Borland C compatible modules in the MEDIUM memory model, DOS real mode. A 386 or better and VGA card is required. Gamesmith includes powerful utilities to be used by programmers to quickly create a wide variety of games. Gamesmith is based on the XLIB xmode libraries.
GPBETA10.ZIP The Games Programmer's Beta Testers List - version 1.0b
GRAVIT1.ZIP Gravity FAQ The information contained in document will allow you to realistically simulate jumping and interstellar maneuvers.
GRAVWAR2.ZIP Gravity Wars is a two-player game (or one-player if he plays against himself.) The players choose ships (one the Enterprise, the other Klingon) and try to shoot down each other by specifying angles and initial velocities for the
HUNCHY.ZIP This is a game I wrote back in the eighties - the tender, golden
LORRI4.ZIP The rescue of Lorri in Lorrinitron. The game was created using the DCGAMES game building system from DC Software in Plano Texas. The game itself is copyright (c) December, 1991 by Bob Cristello, BC software.
MAZE2A.ZIP This program builds a maze on your CRT. After the maze is built, you may use the cursor keys to solve it. Press "Q" to quit or press "S" to have the computer solve the maze. If the computer solves the maze, you must press some key to exit. A different random number seed will produce a different maze. Each maze has exactly one solution that does not involve backtracking (passing through a doorway more than once).
MMMMAZE.ZIP Mad Mad Mad Mazes! - A game of Skill, Patience and EYESIGHT!
MS.ZIP Programming Object Oriented Arcade Games in Turbo C Interactive book
MS_ARCAD.ZIP Programming Arcade Games [MS ARCAD] (David Conger; $15- is a tutorial on programming object oriented arcade games in Turbo C.
NERAK2.ZIP Nerakian Adventure ($5) Karen Scites Nerakian Adventure was written by Karen Scites using the DCGAMES Graphics Adven- ture Game Builder. Requires a VGA card and supports Sound Blaster/Adlib cards (or compatibles).
OASYS.ZIP Object-orientated Adventure System for text adv w/source
OPTIMIZE.ZIP Writing Smaller Games
OTHELLO.ZIP This is a fairly portable program I wrote to play othello for an AI class back in 1983.
PCGAMN6.ZIP PC-Gammon 6.0, the LampLighter edition, is a WARP-SPEED full screen backgammon game for PC clones. This edition, now with COLOR, has pleasant sound effects and takes full advantage of the IBM standard screen characters. You may alter any or all of the colors/attributes to suit your own taste, and PC-Gammon distinguishes between CGA and Monochrome.
PCGPE10.ZIP PC Games coding Encyclopedia
RESOURCE.ZIP Resource Guide for Computer Game Developers
ROCKSVGA.ZIP Pascal source for the game ROCKS!
SIMULATE.ZIP Source for a Flight Simulator Subsonic Jet Aircraft
SPADV.ZIP This is a game I wrote back in the eighties - the tender, golden age of PC's. Actually, "Space Adventure" is a conversion of an even older favourite of mine on the BBC 'B' Micro, publis
TADS110.ZIP Text Adventure Development System (no source, shareware)
TANK11.ZIP Super Tank is a version of the classic tank combat game. The object is simple enough: shoot the other tanks before they can shoot you. Variations on the theme include guided tank shots and a new method of scoring.
TICTACAI.ZIP Game & Source Code To Tic-tac-toe That Learn
TILEFA1.ZIP Tile-Based Games FAQ version 1.2
TRIV201.ZIP Source To BBS Trivia Game Door
WORM.ZIP Worms, pascal game source

Rules for games

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AAS.ZIP Adventure authoring systems
CLAYRAM2.ZIP Clay-o-Rama (Claydonia) 2.0 rules
ENTROP2.ZIP Rules of Entropy by A.Carreno
ENTROPY.ZIP Entropy .ZIP and playing tips
FUDGE.ZIP Fudge (free role-playing game)
GAME_Y.ZIP The Game of Y - the rules (board game)
HEXRULES.ZIP Rules and .zip to a game called hex
LS_TREL.ZIP La-Trel (chess variant) - the rules
MANCALA.ZIP Rules of "Mancala" - African hole game
NOMIC.ZIP Nomic (change the rules game)
PHASE.ZIP Phase Chess - intro and rules of 4 person chess variation
PUZZLES.ZIP Rec.puzzles
ROGUES.ZIP Roguelike games info and ftp sites
TRAX.ZIP Trax FAQ - 2 player strategy game rules
X11GAMES.ZIP X11 games - what there is and where

GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE and other magazines

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

GDM001.ZIP GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE - Issue 1 Created by Phil Inch - Australian Made! At long last, an electronic magazine dedicated to people who are in to games programming, or would like to learn. News, reviews, hints and tips and detailed articles (covering all programming languages) will teach you everything you need to know to create your own masterpieces! G.D.M. is a monthly publication, and is totally FREE!
GDM002.ZIP ---=== GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE ===--- ---=== Issue 2, November 1993 ===--- ---=== Created by Phil Inch ===--- If you're interested in developing games for IBM compatible machines, this magazine is a MUST. Learn how to create stunning graphics, sound and music, step by step, month by month, with nothing more to pay! Don't get left behind - get GDM now!
GDM003.ZIP GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE - Issue 3 Created by Phil Inch - Australian Made! OK, OK, so it's really late, but at least it's here and it's the biggest issue yet! Bursting at the seams with source code and explanations! This issue - PCX files, sprites, integer optimisation, digital sound and much, much more! Don't delay - get GDM today and start writing your own games!
GDM004.ZIP GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE - Issue 4 Created by Phil Inch - Australian Made! MASSIVE issue - Intro to Mode X, more sprites, how to write a 3D dungeon, a 200+ page electronic novel, thoughts on game design, how to write a plasma, and much more than I can fit in here. Why pay $$ for crap magazines when GDM will teach you for FREE!?
GDM005.ZIP Game developers magazine issue 5. All new graphical user interface! (VGA and mouse required). This issue, we start writing a complete game. FULL SOURCE CODE (available to registered readers only) and detailed explanations of how the game works! Registration costs next to nothing (full details in magazine).
GDM006.ZIP GAME DEVELOPERS MAGAZINE Issue 6 Created by Phil Inch New format - keyboard and 'print' now supported! This issue - introduction to assembler programming, how to program the mouse, how to play MOD and WAV files, using 4 pages in mode 13h, how to do starfields, building custom palettes, and much more. The biggest and most informative issue yet.
GHM01.ZIP >>>>>>> GAME HACK MAGAZINE <<<<<<<< Welcome to the premier issue of the electronic publication for gamers. This online magazine is free and was created just for game developers. This issue includes some great reviews, Fastgraf (tm) tools, tips on programming styles, and even a service directory. A fun magazine - Have a look! Published by Visual Impact Software using NeoBook (tm).
GHM021.ZIP >>>>>>> GAME HACK MAGAZINE, issue 2