Networking and Communications

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3COMBRD.ZIP 3Com-network cardinfo
ACERUL.ZIP Netware access services, rules of thumb
ADMIN.ZIP Administration of a tcp/ip lan
ATM.ZIP Cell-relay-FAQ
ATMTUTOR.ZIP A brief tutorial on ATM networks
BASE100.ZIP 100 Base-VG network information
BASIC-TC.ZIP Basic TCP/IP (internet) commands for decnet/vms users
BRIDGES_.ZIP Summary: Bridges vs. Routers
C30E-INT.ZIP C/30E physical layer interface guide
CNEZIP.ZIP Novell certified engineer test (PC)
CS-PILOT.ZIP Defense information system network dial-in data service
CTCP.ZIP Client to client protocol (CTCP) summary
ETHERNE2.ZIP Guide to Ethernet and Network design guidelines in postscript
ETHERNUM.ZIP Some known ethernet and IEEE802.3 "type" fields
ETHPAC.ZIP Ethernet Packet Description
GOSIPV2.ZIP Government OSI Profile v2
HI_PERF_.ZIP High Performance Computing and Networking
IGRP.ZIP An introduction to igrp
INFO.ZIP Intro to t1 and t1 csu's
INTERPRO.ZIP Introduction to Internet Protocols
INTERWRK.ZIP Internetworking Technology
INTRO.ZIP TCP/IP introduction
IP_BACKB.ZIP IP routing between U.S. government agency backbones and other networks
IXO_TAP.ZIP Ixo.tap.protocol part 1
LANBIB.ZIP Networking Bibliography
LANTVNOV.ZIP Lantastic Vs Novell
MAIL_OTH.ZIP Inter-Network Mail Guide
MBONE.ZIP FAQ on the multicast backbone (mbone)
MODEM.ZIP Mobile Computing
NETWORK.ZIP Getting started with ibm TCP/UP under OS2
NUG.ZIP DDN new user guide
PD10BA.ZIP Puredata connection bulletin
PPP.ZIP Comp.protocols.ppp part2 of 8 of frequently wanted information
SCS.ZIP The solution to your communicationsproblems...
SOCKETS.ZIP BSD Sockets Primer
SURFING.ZIP Surfing the Internet
TCPADMIN.ZIP Introduction to Administration of an Internet-based Local Network
TCPINTRO.ZIP Introduction to the Internet Networking Protocols (TCP/IP)
TCSB05.ZIP An Introduction to Packet Switched Networks Part I
TMS-SURV.ZIP Survey of Network Training Materials and Assessment of Requirements Reports
TRAINING.ZIP Network Training Materials & Related Documentation A List
WG0689.ZIP WWG setup & Troubleshooting
WG0690.ZIP Connecting wwg to novell resources q&a
WG0691.ZIP Connecting to Lan manager w. Workgroups Q&A
WG0692.ZIP Mail and Schedule for Workgroups Q&A
WG0693.ZIP Workgroups clipboard viewer Q&A
WG0695.ZIP Using 3rd party utils with WWG Q&A
WIRETAP.ZIP The Wiretap Algorithm
X25.ZIP X25 - specification