Computer Security files

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ADMGTOCR.ZIP Improving the security of your site by breaking into it
AUDIT_IN.ZIP A Guide to Understanding Audit in Trusted Systems
BEDWELL.ZIP Computer Security by E.A.Bedwell
BIBLIO.ZIP Bibliography on Database Security
BIBLIOG.ZIP Bibliography of computer security documents
BOOKS.ZIP Bibliography of computer security books
COMPROMI.ZIP Compromise: What if your Machines are Compromised by an Intruder.
COPS_104.ZIP Unix security package
CSBYLAWS.ZIP Bylaws of The Communications Security Association
CSLAW.ZIP Computer security and the law by Gary s. Morris
DATABASE.ZIP Bibliography on Database Security
DAVE_CUR.ZIP Improving the security of your UNIX system
EXEGUIDE.ZIP Executive Guide to the Protection of Information resources
FAQ_CERT.ZIP The CERT* Coordination Center FAQ
FAQ_FIRE.ZIP Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ_SECU.ZIP Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Security
FAQ_SOCK.ZIP Frequently Asked Questions about Socks
FORMAL_V.ZIP Guidelines for Formal Verification Systems
GARFINKE.ZIP Practical Unix Security
GLOSBLT.ZIP Bibliography of Computer Security Glossaries
GLOSSARY.ZIP Draft Glossary of Communications Security Terms
GUIDELIN.ZIP Bibliography of Guidelines
HOUSEACT.ZIP Electronic communications privacy act of 1986 h.r.
KIDHACKS.ZIP Report on destructiveness of childish hackers
KLAUS-SA.ZIP SATAN attacks everywhere
LONGPASS.ZIP On password security - longer passwords
MANUALS.ZIP Bibliography of Computer Security Manuals
MGTGUIDE.ZIP Management Guide to the Protection of Information
MICRRISK.ZIP Microcomputer security survey
NCSAREV.ZIP NCSA policy concerning security product reviews
NCSC_OFF.ZIP A guideline on office automation security
NCSLNEW1.ZIP A letter from the national computer systems laboratory
NIST_PRO.ZIP Computer User's Guide to the Protection of Information resources
NSA.ZIP NSA Security Handbook
NSA_EMPL.ZIP NSA employee's security manual
OMNIMO.ZIP Latest update on ominous anti terrorist bill....
ORGS.ZIP Computer Security Organizations
PASSWD.ZIP Password Security: A Case History Encryption
PERIODIC.ZIP Bibliography of computer security periodicals
PKZIP.ZIP PKZIP mark II The new and improved -AV proposal
PL100235.ZIP Computer Security Act of 1987
POLICY.ZIP A Draft Security Policy
PORTMAP.ZIP Replacement portmapper
PRIMER.ZIP Coping with the Threat of Computer Security Incidents
REINHARD.ZIP An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security
REPORTS.ZIP Bibliography Computer Security Reports
REVBLT.ZIP Review of federal agency computer security and privacy plans
RFC1281.ZIP Guidelines for the Secure Operation of the Internet
RISKTOOL.ZIP Risk management research laboratory overview
SECARTCL.ZIP Bibliography of computer security articles
SECPOL.ZIP NCSA draft security policy
SECURFAQ.ZIP Computer Security frequent asked questions
SECURITY.ZIP Computer Security
SOCKS.ZIP Internet secure socket server
SP4RPT.ZIP A report on a secure data network system transport
SPAN01.ZIP SPAN memorandum #1
SPAN02.ZIP SPAN memorandum #2
SPAN03.ZIP SPAN memorandum #3
SPAN04.ZIP SPAN memorandum #4
SPRINT.ZIP Computer system ID and password security alert
STD002.ZIP Department of defense, password management guidelines
SUN.ZIP A list of SUN security bugs
TCPR_1_1.ZIP Run ftp and telnet across a firewall
TECHPAP.ZIP Bibliography of Technical Papers on Computer Security
TRIPWIRE.ZIP Tripwire v1.0 - Unix security package
TRUSTBLT.ZIP Guidance to Federal Agencies on the use of Truste
UEBER.ZIP A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Uebercracker
UNIX_SEC.ZIP UNIX Computer Security Checklist
UNIXWRAP.ZIP Information about a TCP wrapper
UNKNOWN_.ZIP Packet filtering for firewall systems
USRGUIDE.ZIP Computer User's Guide to the Protection of Information
VENDORS.ZIP Security Vendors
VIDEOS.ZIP Computer Security Video Presentations