Various computer related textfiles

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1ST_BUG.ZIP Origin of the word "bug"
24HRS.ZIP Shall computers be turned on 24H per day or not?
32BFA.ZIP 32-BIT FILE ACCESS Frequently Asked Questions
3DDEMON.ZIP 3DEMON 3-D Graphics Accelerator for PCI Local Bus specs.
3DGFXFAQ.ZIP PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ
550DOC.ZIP Do i need a fast serialport?
896K_MEM.ZIP What is high memory, why do i care, and how can i use it?
ABACUS.ZIP Interview with a programmer
ACMSIG.ZIP Application for sig membership association for computing machinery
ACRONYMS.ZIP Acronyms used by computer people
ADLIBGLD.ZIP Info om Adlib Gold soundcard
ADVICE.ZIP How to become a computer consultant
AE.ZIP The analytical engine, newsletter of the computer history association of california
AMIBIO.ZIP The AMI BIOS Survival Guide
AN0001.ZIP Thrustmaster Application Note AN-0001 Advanced Key Programming Techniques for the FLCS
ANSIKODE.ZIP How to make Ansi logos
ANSIX364.ZIP ANSI Standard (X3.64) Control Sequences for Video Terminals and Peripherals
ARCHIVE.ZIP Test Results of MSDOS Archive/Compressors
ATTRIB.ZIP PC Character Video Attributes
BABEL93C.ZIP BABLE v93.c Computer abbreviations/acronyms
BBSGLOSS.ZIP Electronic Computer Glossary is the reference of choice for both industry experts and lost-in-the-lingo novices. More a mini-encyclopedia than a dictionary, it provides more than 5,000 definitions of computer terms including the proper names of products and companies. BBSGLOSS is the beta BBS version.
BEBOXINF.ZIP Information about the new dual PowerPC based computer
BIBLIO.ZIP Computer Hackers News Articles
BILDIT41.ZIP Understanding the IBM Compatible or How to do it yourself and leave me alone (How to build your own PC)
BIOSDOS.ZIP List of BIOS error codes and what they mean
CARDS.ZIP New card may revolutionize computer data
CHAPTER9.ZIP Opening your IBM compatible computer
CHIPLIST.ZIP Huge list of all existing CPU's
CLIENT-S.ZIP Issues in Client/Server Computing
CMPTRPAS.ZIP Wash State Computer Trespass Laws
COM3COM4.ZIP Tips on Using COM3 and COM4 Serial Ports
COMPUTER.ZIP Big List - computer history
COMPUTIN.ZIP List of the most powerful computing sites
COPRO16A.ZIP Everything you always wanted to know about math coprocessors
COPROC.ZIP About Math Coprocessors
COUNTERC.ZIP Hacking away at the counter culture
CPSR_PLA.ZIP A computer and information technologies platform
CPUCMP13.ZIP Compare of some computer benchmarks
DATAHIST.ZIP Datorns historia
DBR.ZIP How It Works -- DOS Floppy Disk Boot Sector
DECALPHA.ZIP Desc. of Dec Alpha New Generation of Risc Chips
DEMOEUR.ZIP Amigademos - Only for europeans?
DIAGNOSE.ZIP Troubleshooting your IBM PC
DUAL.ZIP How to use Dual Monitor Operation with ATI Accelerator Video Boards
EDI.ZIP EDI: What is it?
EDITOR.ZIP Text editor compendium
EDOE.ZIP E.D.O.E , An unified view of computing
EMU-MECH.ZIP Discussion on computer emulation
ENDIAN.ZIP Danny Cohen's Big/Little Endian article
FAMOUS.ZIP Famous Bugs
FAQCIR.ZIP Cirrus Logic, Inc. Technical Support Most Frequently Asked Questions.
FLAMES.ZIP The great school of Flamers
FPBIBL18.ZIP Bibliography of material on floating point arithmetic
FP-HLP10.ZIP Excellent tech help reference. everything to troubleshoot and configure your PC. Includes IRQ and memory defaults, tips and much more. Very valuable!
FP-TVN10.ZIP Text history of video graphics, special attention to Truevision products and their place in the early computer to video systems
FREEMAG.ZIP How to get free computer magazines
FTPFACTS.ZIP File transfere protocols facts
GEMULATO.ZIP Info on the Gemulator, PC based Atari emulator
GESTALT.ZIP Supplemental Mac Gestalt Selectors v1.2
GLOSRY51.ZIP Pc-glossary v5.1 from disston ridge inc. A desktop reference program to help keep abreast of the ever-changing terminology in the world of microcomputers. Hundreds of terms and acronyms defined with many useful reference tables. Must have. The author is a member of the ASP.
GLOSS.ZIP The ultimate computer glossary for hackers and other users.
GPT.ZIP Ati graphics pro turbo - professional true color accelerator specs
HALLMAN.ZIP Hallman's CWIS (Campus Wide Info Services) article
HARDWARE.ZIP Entertainment hardware companies addresses
HDTECH01.ZIP Technicians' Guide to PC Hard Disk Subsystems - chapter 1
HDTECH02.ZIP Technicians' Guide to PC Hard Disk Subsystems - chapter 2
IEN137_.ZIP On Holy wars & a plea for peace (Computer related)
LAPTUT58.ZIP Professor P.C. Laptop! Tutorial - Ver 5.8 Hundreds of tips & tricks for Laptop users. Travel with laptops, battery charging & more! How to buy a laptop or portable PC, secret CompuServe resources, DOS and batch files for laptops, virus info, laptop reading list, software selection for laptops, history of computers. From Jim Hood.
LATIN.ZIP Latin-1 to 7 Bit ASCII Conversion
LEVEL2.ZIP Postscript(r) level 2 -- questions & answers
LINQTY.ZIP Plotter-line quality and accuracy
LUCIDA.ZIP Description of the Lucida font
M32TIP.ZIP ATI Mach32 Troubleshooting Tips
MACH64.ZIP ATI Technologies Announces the mach64GX 64-bit Graphics and Multimedia Accelerator
MACIBM.ZIP Mac & IBM Info Sheet
MACINTOS.ZIP Macintosh secret tricks list
MACTRICK.ZIP The Macintosh secret trick list
MARRIAGE.ZIP How computers destroy marriages
MBR.ZIP How It Works -- Master Boot Record
MEMO.ZIP A memo from Bill Gates
MINIX-I.ZIP Minix Information Sheet
MPC-SPEC.ZIP MPC (Multimedia PC) Specification
MULTIBUS.ZIP New Concepts on Multibus II
NEAT.ZIP CS8221 NEAT (New Enhanced AT) chipset register
NEURAL.ZIP Neural Network Patent Abstracts
NEWCOMPU.ZIP New MC68040 based computer from Russia?
NEXT.ZIP Specifications of the NEXT computer
OLDCPU.ZIP A chronology of computer machines
PAINTBOX.ZIP Article on the Paintboxen
PDP11.ZIP Me and my PDP
PDP-LIST.ZIP List of PDP computers
PHYSIC4.ZIP Tutorial on math co-processors, and on math.
PROBDESC.ZIP From PK Ware, the description and test files for the apparent reason for the delay in the release of PKZIP 2.x.
PROTUR.ZIP Ati technologies announces the graphics pro turbo 64-bit True Color Graphics Accelerator
RUMOR.ZIP Computer related horror stories
S100BUS.ZIP S100 Bus Pins
SEAGLOSS.ZIP Glossary of Drives and Computer terms
SECRET.ZIP Secret Screen Cheat Sheet
STRATEGY.ZIP IBM personal software products: Product line update
SUN_BOOT.ZIP Pros and cons of SUN workstations
SWEDISH.ZIP Swedish recommendation for monitors
TEMPEST.ZIP Tempest (Electromagnetic Eavesdropping)
TN0407.ZIP TechNotes (PC hardware)
TN0421.ZIP TechNotes
TN0505.ZIP TechNotes
TN0519.ZIP TechNotes
TN0602.ZIP TechNotes June 2, 1995 Vol 1 No 5 TechNotes is a compilation of symptoms and solutions for various PC problems. A new release of TechNotes is released every two weeks.
TN0616.ZIP TechNotes
TN0630.ZIP TechNotes
TN0714.ZIP TechNotes
TN072.ZIP ATI mach8 Programmer's Reference Manual Information
TN0728.ZIP TechNotes
TN073.ZIP Stereo F/X Programmer's Reference Manual Information
TN074.ZIP ATI mach32 Programmer's Reference Manual Information
TN080.ZIP ATI mach64 Programmer's Reference Manual Information
TN0811.ZIP TechNotes
TN0825.ZIP TechNotes
TRON.ZIP TRON: The realtime operating system info
TSFAQN37.ZIP Prof. Timo Salmi's answers to Frequently Asked Questions about UseNet news, MsDos programs, and downloading and uploading programs and material from and to Internet FTP sites like
TSFAQP15.ZIP Prof. Timo Salmi's answers to Frequently Asked Questions about common Turbo Pascal programming. Does not cover object oriented or Turbo Vision questions.
TUHOCSG.ZIP The Unsanctioned, Highly Opinionated, Comdex (Fall 1995) Survival Guide
TURING.ZIP The Turing shroud - First computer by Charles Babbage
TURING_O.ZIP The Turing Option, Building Androids..
UNIXHORR.ZIP The Unofficial Unix Administration Horror Stories Summary Over 9200 products and over 5500 suppliers Prices, Suppliers in USA or Malaysia, Fax, Phone numbers, Compuserve, Internet, WWW, Addresses, Literature references, Latest version, 66 groups of products for, e.g. WORD, STATISTICS, DTP, CAD, COMMUNICATION, MATHEMATICS etc and combinations like NETWORK and UTILITY etc, Editors choice, Most popular, Test rating, Newslist about 10 new pages every month.
WHY-OS2.ZIP Why OS2? (IBM response to Microsoft)
VIDEOTSR.ZIP A talk with the VideoToasters Creator
VIETNAM.ZIP Glossary of Computer Science terms
WINDOWS.ZIP OS/2 vs NT features list, rev 1.4
VT100.ZIP VT100 Escape Codes

Computerbook reviews

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

25TH_ANN.ZIP Special Report: Early History of Unix
BREINHAR.ZIP Architectural Overview of Unix Security
CSHELL.ZIP C Shell Considered Harmful
INSTRUME.ZIP Mastering Instrument Flying, 2nd - Sollman 1994
PGP.ZIP PGP - Pretty Good Privacy - Garfinkel 1995
PLANET.ZIP Planet Internet - Rimmer 1994
RADIOCOM.ZIP The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook, 4th - Illman 1994
SECURIT2.ZIP An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security
SUNADMIN.ZIP Sun Administration FAQ
UNIX.ZIP Berkeley Unix Primer
UNIX386.ZIP PC-clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
UNIX-CHE.ZIP List of very useful UNIX commands
UNIXHAK.ZIP Unix Use & Security From the Ground Up
UNIXHIRA.ZIP The unix hierarchy
USL-UNIX.ZIP Known bugs in USL UNIX distribution
VI.ZIP VI Editor Reference