Various Hardware and electronics

10BASE.ZIP Ethernet 10base-T Surge Protection
15WAT_TR.ZIP Plans for a 15 watt transmitter
16550A_N.ZIP Info on the 16550a UART
3DDIGIT.ZIP About 3D-digitizers and how they work
500MM.ZIP How to get 1 Terrabyte per cm2
555.ZIP Simple 555 oscillator designer (.BAS source)
8BITCOMP.ZIP Designing & Building an 8bit computer
ADC0809C.ZIP How to use the ADC0809 A/D converter
ALARM.ZIP How to build an alarm
ALLBAND.ZIP All Band transmitter modifications
AMP_5-1.ZIP 25-200MHz / 8-45W AMP
AMSANDAR.ZIP A tiny AM-transmitter
ANALOGD.ZIP Electronic calculation programs in basic
ANYTHING.ZIP How to connect anything to anything
AUTOFIRE.ZIP Bygg din egen variabla Autofire. inkl. Ritning!
BASICS.ZIP Electronics Basics
BATDIS.ZIP An easy-to-build, inexpensive battery discharger.
BATERY.ZIP Powering Your Portables, how to take care of your batteries
BATTERY.ZIP How to charge batteries
BATTERYN.ZIP Nicad batteries, Facts & Fallacies
BEERBUZZ.ZIP Almost every student house has a beer or fresh drink list and a scoring list to keep track of the consumptions. Especially when more than one bottle of beer at a time is taken out of the fridge, people can forget to put the scores on the list. This problem has lead to unacceptable high beer loss for our beer list. Real electro dudes like us figured out something for this : "The Beerbuzzer".
BIKELITE.ZIP How to build a LED-based bikelight
BUSNOISE.ZIP How to reduce noise on the PC bus
CAP.ZIP There are many differnet types of capacitor material because no material provides the best performence in every regard. Here is a quick list of some of the characteristics. You can find worse and better units in each type. I'm shooting from the hip, not looking anything up, so I may be wrong on some of the particulars.
CAPINFO.ZIP Capacitor Value Reading
CCABLE.ZIP This text file has all known computer cables schematics
C-CABLE.ZIP Quick guide to computer cables
CHARGER.ZIP Nicad batteries loader/charger plans
CLKDOUBL.ZIP Simple clock doubler: the solution!
CONVTCAR.ZIP How to build a shortwave radio on low budget
CRITTE1.ZIP Critter Ridder - Ultrasonic Sound Generator
CRTSTUFF.ZIP The quest for the ultimate Display system
DA7528.ZIP Info om D/A omvandlare
DAC_ASC.ZIP How to build a cheap D/A converter on the centronics port
DACS.ZIP Connect a D/A converter to the centronics port
DB25_36C.ZIP DB-25 to 36 pin Centronics adapter diagram
DB9_DB25.ZIP Wiring info: DB9 to DB25 serial connector
DCFG.ZIP Building a dirt cheap framegrabber
DIGITAL-.ZIP Specifications on the CD digital output
DIGITIZE.ZIP Sound Digitizer schematics
DISK-ART.ZIP Good text about harddisks
DOLBY.ZIP How Dolby stereo works
DREAMSYS.ZIP Comparisons between dream computer systems
ELECFUN.ZIP Fun with electronics
ELECTRX3.ZIP Electronic Circuits #3,build a touch switch, stun gun, and a FM Bug
EPROMEMU.ZIP EPROM emulator for 2732 / 2764 for PC's.
EPROMS.ZIP A closer look at EPROM's
FCS2CH.ZIP Put Thrustmaster FCS handle on a CH Flightstick base
FLPYSTPR.ZIP Circuit and software drive floppy motors salvaged from floppy drives.
FM-TRAN1.ZIP This is a simple fm wireless microphone i designed. It will transmit about a mile.
FM-TRAN2.ZIP Small Radio Transmitter
FMTRANS.ZIP Good fm-xmitter, layout+schematics good
FORMANT.ZIP The Formant Synthesizer Project. Very intresting text about building your own analougue-synthesizer. 4 Pictures and a Text from a guy that has built one.
GAMEPORT.ZIP Game port pinout and reading info
GARAGE.ZIP Garage Door Opener Hacker Plans
HALFSURF.ZIP Micro transmitter plans
HIGHTECH.ZIP Technical Catalogs, Supplies, and Sources for High-technology Goods....
HUMFIX.ZIP Power supply modification for low hum
HVHF_CAP.ZIP How to build your own cheap high voltage capacitor
IBMCJOY.ZIP Schematics to convert analog joystick for digital input
IR_DEC1.ZIP Decoding ir remote controls
IRCODES.ZIP IR codes (infrared remote protocol list)
IRREPEAT.ZIP IR remote control wired repeater schematics
IRZAPPER.ZIP IR transmitter plans
JPOLES.ZIP Text files about J-Pole antennas
KEYLOCK.ZIP Schematic for an Optoelectronic Keylock
KM241.ZIP 100 watt RMS amplifier schematics
LASERDIS.ZIP Introduction to laser video
LCD_GLAS.ZIP Where to buy 3D viewing hardware
LITEWAVE.ZIP A lightwave transmitter and receiver
LOGADC.ZIP Plans for an Logarithmic A/D converter
MACNUBUS.ZIP Mac NuBus information and specifications
MACRO.ZIP Good text if you copy video tapes.
MACROVIS.ZIP Macrovision FAQ (Video protection)
MENGINE.ZIP Description of a hardware mandelbrot engine
MNWS594.ZIP MicroNews 5/94
MODOBJ.ZIP Hardware devices for great sound output! How to make: Mono output from a parallel port for about 5 pounds Mono output from a parallel port for around 1 pound Stereo from one parallel port for about 12 pounds A +5v power supply, A 22W amplifier
MOUSCODE.ZIP Output from a mouse info.
MULTIBUS.ZIP Build a Multibuss II computer with I860
MUSHOLD.ZIP How to build a music-on-hold device
NULCABLE.ZIP How-to-do a null modem cable
ON-OFF.ZIP Shall computers be turned on or off??
OPTICHIP.ZIP About Japans new Optical chips
OPTOS.ZIP isolated converter
OSC.ZIP How to build a simple oscillator
PARTS.ZIP List of Mail Order Electronics Companies
PAYTV.ZIP German text on satellite scrambling
PC_STEPR.ZIP How to buildi a Opto-Isolated Stepper Motor Controller.
PCB.ZIP This article is a collection of information sources on how to make your own printed circuit boards
PCB_NEWS.ZIP Tips on making cheap PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) at home
PEAKIND.ZIP build a peak indicator for your stereo
PICCARD.ZIP This design is for reading the information of a smart card.
PIN_CABL.ZIP Cable information for all types of HDs
PINOUT.ZIP Laplink & Lantastic parallel cable pinout
PKT_INTR.ZIP An introduction to packet radio
POWER_PC.ZIP Apple's PowerPC Success Hinges on Apps Delivery
POWER-S.ZIP Notes on the diagnosis and repair of small switchmode power supplies
PROM-EMU.ZIP EPROM Emulator schematics
P-SUPPLY.ZIP Linear power supply design program in basic
PWRSPPLY.ZIP How to build a cheap and simple power supply
RADIO.ZIP Build your own fm-transmitter
RANDNUMP.ZIP Generation of Random Numbers Using Photon Emissions.
REPAIRPS.ZIP Repairing switched power supplys
RFI.ZIP Cure RFI in your computer room
RFKITNEW.ZIP Kits from Radio Free Berkeley
RFSNIFF.ZIP RF Sniffer <.5 to >500 MHz.
RGCOAX.ZIP USA RG series coaxial cables specs
RS232GID.ZIP A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing
S100BUS.ZIP S100 bus pin-specs
SCART.ZIP 21 pin scart connector pinout
SCRL50.ZIP Semiconductor Cross Reference Library 5.0 (47000 devices)
SIMBLD.ZIP Building a Simulator Cockpit
SIMM30P.ZIP 30pin SIMM/SIP Pin connections
SIMPCRYP.ZIP Simple Data encryption hardware for sysops
SINE8051.ZIP Generate sine wave using a simple r-2r dac hanging off port b of an 8255
SIRCS.ZIP Sony control-s protocol specifications
SIXWATT.ZIP Plans for a 6 watt transmitter
SONYCTL.ZIP How to control a Sony broadcast VTR
STEREODA.ZIP How to build an Stereo DA-converter for the printerport
SURGE.ZIP Protecting your A/V gear from spikes & surges
SURGE1.ZIP You build - it surge protectors
SURGEA1.ZIP Surge Suppression Guidelines, FAQ Sheet, and Proper Connection
TELEVAXL.ZIP A mini-fone-priority-box
TOR_CODE.ZIP Transistor marking codes (LONG) FAQ
TRAKBALL.ZIP Trak Ball Basics:
TRANSMIT.ZIP Six different FM-transmitters for the 85-105mhz band.
TW523.ZIP Power line interface(s)
URC5000.ZIP Universal remote control interface
WIREWRAP.ZIP Wire Wrapping a 40 MHz system?
VOL_CONT.ZIP Remote volume control project
VOLC.ZIP Remote volume control
VTP.ZIP A guide to Video Tape Protection
X-10FAQ1.ZIP X10 FAQ, X10 is aa communications protocol for remote control of electrical devices.
X-10FAQ2.ZIP X10 FAQ, part 2
XICOR.ZIP How to interface Xircor EEPROMS to various CPUs
Z80_CIRC.ZIP Schematics for a Z80 computer
ZAPPER.ZIP How to build a computer controled remote control
ZEROSR.ZIP About surge protection

MiniSport Laptop Hacker, Magazine for the laptop owner

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

MLH1.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 1
MLH10.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 10
MLH11.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 11
MLH12.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 12
MLH13.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 13
MLH14.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 14
MLH15.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 15
MLH16.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 16
MLH17.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 17
MLH18.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 18
MLH19.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 19
MLH2.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 2
MLH20.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 20
MLH21.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 21
MLH22.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 22
MLH23.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 23
MLH24.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 24
MLH25.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 25
MLH26.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 26
MLH27.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 27
MLH28.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 28
MLH3.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 3
MLH4.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 4
MLH5.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 5
MLH6.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 6
MLH7.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 7
MLH8.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 8
MLH9.ZIP MiniSport Laptop Hacker - Vol 9