Artificial Intelligence

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AI.ZIP AI terms and list of books with AI
AI_DEC86.ZIP Source files from the AI experts magazine
AI_RPRT1.ZIP AI report #1
AI_RPRT2.ZIP AI report #2
AI-IN-C.ZIP AI sources
AI-TUTOR.ZIP An Artificial Intelligency tutorial
AINET100.ZIP aiNet v1.0 (for Windows). The very powerful neural network-like application. It does not require learning, has no limits in parameters (input & output neurons), no limits in sample size. It is not sensitive toward noise in the data. Provides several different charts types and comes with a manual written in Word 6.0 format.
ATREE_27.ZIP Atree adaptive logic network (aln) simulation package
BIODWARF.ZIP Src to Comp. generated biological forms
BPNN133U.ZIP backprop neural net recognition
BPS210.ZIP Back Error Propagation Simulator (BPS) Brief Tutorial and test your own neural networks.
EVOLUT~1.ZIP Intelligent Behavior Without AI: An Evolutionary Approach
FMAZ20.ZIP FMAZ20 Version 2.0 (10/24/94) generates mazes on your VGA display. The mazes are displayed in 3D. Use the arrow keys to solve them or have the computer solve them. Borland Turbo C 3.0 source code is included.
FRACAI.ZIP AI and mandelbrot calculations
GAF200B.ZIP Genetic-Adapt FuzzyWare
GAW110.ZIP Graphic demonstrations of genetic algorithms
GENALG.ZIP A simple genetic algorithm demo program w/src
INFERNG.ZIP Inference engine with C source
KOHONEN.ZIP AI Learning Algorithms
LOGIC_LN.ZIP Artificial Intelligence Tool Box by Lightwave.
NEOCOG10.ZIP Neocognitron ANN for OCR & Pattern Maker w/GUI
TIERATXT.ZIP The documentation for the Tierra simulator
TIERRA.ZIP The Source for the Tierra simulator
TOPMAP.ZIP Demonstration program of Topology Preserving Mappings: linear topology, input and weight vectors two-dimensional
UNCERT~1.ZIP Uncertainty in AI

Neural Networks

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AI-90-10.ZIP C++ Introduction To Neural Networks
ANNCAM.ZIP An example of content-addressable memory
ATREE.ZIP Atree library for windows release 1.0 Please note that atree.dll must be placed in a directory located on the your PATH. The atree software was originally developed on UNIX, and this is the second attempt to port it to a PC architecture.
BAM.ZIP Bidirectional Associative Memory Simulation
BAYES.ZIP Tree-structured Bayesian belief network
BMTXT.ZIP Neural Network related information
BPNN132U.ZIP Backprop neural net w/adaptive learning rate
BRAIN12.ZIP Neural network simulator based on backprop
COMBALG.ZIP Neural network related C source
DATAREP.ZIP Representing data in neural nets, AI-Exp.
ET.ZIP Perceptron simulator demo
GDELTA.ZIP Neural net program that 'learns' via delta rule n.
HAM.ZIP Source for a Hamming classification Net
HOPF300.ZIP Neural network simulation with GUI and OCR
NASANETS.ZIP A back prop neural net system W/ C src
NERVES.ZIP NERVOUS SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION KIT complete ,with the C++ source code.
NETS_1.ZIP Neural network simulator source
NETS_2.ZIP Neural network simulator
NETSTUFF.ZIP From 'A Practical Guide to Neural Networks'
NEUCLS3.ZIP DOS/Windows pkg for classification neural nets
NEUMAP3.ZIP DOS/Windows package for mapping neural nets
NEURAL.ZIP Paper on neural networks
NEURAL22.ZIP A working backprop neural network application. This version replaces SLUG2.EXE, and fixes some bugs, notably the one which caused the program to write to the windows screen like a DOS application when a run was done without specifying a log file.
NEURLNET.ZIP Neural network source
NEURON.ZIP Small Neural Network in C With Explanations.
NEURON14.ZIP Neuron digest magazine #14
NEURON18.ZIP Neuron digest magazine #18
NN2.ZIP ANN simulator with 256 neurons
NNETDRAW.ZIP A very visual representation of a neural net
NNS10.ZIP Neural net simulator
NNUTL101.ZIP C source library/tutorial for neural networks
NRLIBE32.ZIP Shell for multiple neural networks mgmt. w/src
NURON91.ZIP Neuron Digest magazine
NURON92.ZIP Neuron Digest magazine
PARKER.ZIP Source for a backpropagation network
TSP.ZIP Neural network prog. solves differential equations

Fuzzy Logic

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

2INVPEND.ZIP Fuzzy logic, 2 Stage inverted pendulum
AIR_COND.ZIP Fuzzy controller for air-conditioner system
AUTO_TRN.ZIP A fuzzy automatic transmission
BRUB1.ZIP A Fuzzy web tension controller
BRUB2.ZIP Dynamic extent of Fuzzy variables
FOCUS.ZIP About fuzzy camera focusing
FUZZCAL.ZIP About Fuzzy logic
FUZZY.ZIP Fuzzy systems - a tutorial
FUZZY1.ZIP Comments on fuzzy logic
FUZZY2.ZIP When and why should you use Fuzzy Logic
FUZZY3.ZIP Complete contents of the booklet "Clearly Fuzzy"
FUZZYD1.ZIP The kahner report on fuzzy logic
FUZZYNEW.ZIP Lots of texts about Fuzzy Logic
FUZZYTUT.ZIP A Fuzzy Logic Tutorial
KBG_11C.ZIP Fuzzy logic engine for the 68HC11
KBGA_SRC.ZIP Fuzzy logic engine
MOTOR.ZIP Fuzzy force controller
NEWS1.ZIP Fuzzy logic is anything but fuzzy
REACTOR.ZIP Fuzzy temperature controller for reactor
TEMP_CNT.ZIP Fuzzy control in a glass melting furnace
WASH.ZIP Fuzzy controller for washing machines