Telecom/Modem hardware files

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16550CHP.ZIP The 16550 UART story
24TO96.ZIP Convert your internal 2400 bauder to 9600 baud!
24TO96X.ZIP Why the file 24to96.lzh wont work
28_8KHST.ZIP Info about the new 28K8 modem from US Robotics
28800!.ZIP How to get 28.8 connects
288TECH.ZIP Discussions on why few callers get a 28,800 V.FC/V.34 connect over dial up phone lines
288TXT.ZIP Having troubles getting a 28.8 Connect rate with your USR? So are a lot of people. Read these posts to and from USR for a little help.
512KTO1M.ZIP U-1496 Series Modem Firmware Upgrade with 1Mbit EPROM
550DOC.ZIP Fast serial communication, do you need a 16550 UART
9600.ZIP About 9600 modems
9600INFO.ZIP Information 9600 Bps modem protocols
ADSL.ZIP ADSL - What is it ?
AINCOMM.ZIP FAQ: The 16550A UART & TurboCom drivers This article applies to Intel-based systems running Windows. Overrun and CRC errors and how to prevent them.
ANSMACHE.ZIP Answer Machine stopper schematics
ANTIARQ.ZIP How to get rid of the flashing ARQ
ARTHAYES.ZIP HAYES modems and compatables.
ATM.ZIP A Survey of ISDN, B-ISDN and ATM
ATM_TUTO.ZIP A brief tutorial on ATM
B_ISDN.ZIP Getting a broader picture (ISDN & HDTV)
BITSBAUD.ZIP Taking the mystery out of modem speeds
BUILDV32.ZIP How to build your own V32 modem
CALLERID.ZIP This is a quick glossary of "caller ID" terms
CALLID.ZIP Plans and software for a Caller ID box
CALLSEL.ZIP FAX class 1 call selection specification.
CAS_CABL.ZIP How to make a RS-232 interface for an Casio 8800 calculator
CCITT-T4.ZIP CCITT Draft Recommendation T.4, group 3 fax
CL1INFO.ZIP Class 1 Fax commands for Supramodems
CL2INFO.ZIP Class 2 Fax commands for Supramodems
CNID.ZIP Frequently Asked Questions About Caller-ID
COURIER.ZIP USRobotics Courier V.34: Undocumented Features
COURSPOR.ZIP USR 28.8 COURIER features not available in the USR 28.8 SPORTSTER
DETECTAP.ZIP Bug Detection on Home Fones
DIGSCOPE.ZIP Circuit cellar digital scope project
DLM140.ZIP An IBM PC based RS-232 asynchronous data line monitor
DTMF.ZIP Telephone tone dialing chips faq
DTMFDOC.ZIP DTMF-avkodare runt en MT8870
ERSATZ.ZIP Class 2 Fax/Modem scorecard
FAQ4PHON.ZIP How Do I Stop my Phones From Interrupting My Modem' FAQ
FAX25.ZIP FAXPHONE 25 and FAX-225 RS-232 Serial Interface technical Information
FAXINF.ZIP ATI faxinfo document catalogue
FAXSWITC.ZIP Fax/Telephone switch schematic in German
FAX-TEL.ZIP Plan for a Fax-Switch
FIRE.ZIP HST Settings for highest speed
FLOW_CON.ZIP How Modem flow control works
FXATCMD1.ZIP Fax class 1 operation
HAYES.ZIP Technical referece for Hayes (tm) modem users
HCDW.ZIP Building hardware carrier detect watchdog
HI_SPEED.ZIP What you need to know about modems
HST_SET4.ZIP Alternative HST setups
HSTHACK2.ZIP How to convert a HST modem to a HST DS
HSTMAX.ZIP Maximize HST efficiency
HSTXT.ZIP Good text about modems,tips & what to bye
IICPORTS.ZIP Apple //c Serial Ports
INTELREF.ZIP Intel High Speed Modem Command Guide
INTERFER.ZIP Telephone Interference
ISDN_TUT.ZIP An introduction to ISDN
ISDN-FAQ.ZIP ISDN (FAQ) frequently asked questions
LIGHTNIN.ZIP Lightening Surge Protection
LINE_STD.ZIP Minimum line testing requirements as set by the FCC
LINOISE.ZIP Line noise explained
LOOPBACK.ZIP Build your own RS-232 loopback tester
MAKE9600.ZIP Make a 9600 Baud modem from a 2400 baud
MAXHST2.ZIP Maximizing your HST
MAXHST3.ZIP Maximizing US Courier Performance
MDICTION.ZIP The Modem Dictionary
MNPDEF.ZIP MNP error correcting modems info.
MNPINFO.ZIP MNP error-correcting modems
MODEM.ZIP High Speed Modem Info for PC users
MODEM1.ZIP What You Need to Know about Modems
MODEMALL.ZIP Info about all V42, V22 etc Codes and Modems
MODEMLEX.ZIP Modem lexicon
MODEMS.ZIP Modem dictionary
MODM_INF.ZIP Modem tones explanation
MODWKS20.ZIP MODEM WORKSHOP 2.0ננ Modem book on disk. How to choose and set up a modem and tele- communications software. Informative sections include: modem testing, BBSs, message bases, online services, e-mail, shareware jewels, how to unzip .zip files, AT commands, how to use Interlink, packet-switching networks, modem terms, emoticons, and more. Steven Woas $19.95 <ASP>
NEWUSR.ZIP About the new us robotics HST modems
NOISE_1.ZIP Modem Noise Killer (alpha version)
NOISE-3.ZIP Modem noise killer
PCMOD12.ZIP PC and modem communication tutor
PHONEBUG.ZIP Build a Phonebug
PHONEREC.ZIP Automatic Phone Recorder
PHYSICAL.ZIP Standardization for ATM and related b-ISDN technologies
PINS.ZIP Text shows RS232C & parallel pins layout
PROTOCOL.ZIP Error correction in modems: MNP
RFC804.ZIP The CCITT fax group3 standard
ROCKWELL.ZIP Rockwell's 14.4/28.8 chipset ref. manual
RS232.ZIP Some info about the RS-232 serial port on the PC
RS232_D.ZIP RS-232 pin description
RS232GID.ZIP A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing
RSTUTOR.ZIP Tutor for communications, serial interface
SCRAMBLE.ZIP How to build a telephone scrambler, w/ schematics
SERIAL.ZIP All you need to know about serial communications on PC
SONETINF.ZIP A Technical Overview of SONET/SDH (Synchronous Optical Network / Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)
SPEEDUP.ZIP How to speed up your HST 14400 Modem to work as fast as possible!!!
SPORT.ZIP About patching Sportster modems
STARLINE.ZIP Sophisticated modems and Call Waiting
SUPRAINF.ZIP Supra technical support bulletin
TERBO.ZIP Upgrade your USR modem to V32 terbo
TWIN11A.ZIP Use 2 Amigas with nullmodem.
ULTRA.ZIP About Hayes ultra smartmodem
UMFHST.ZIP USR Modems info
USFIXIT.ZIP Repair kit for USR V34 modem
USR-28K2.ZIP The CCITT 28.8 Kbps standard
USRNEWS.ZIP News about the new USR 16.8 modem
USRPATCH.ZIP Convert your US Robotics 14.4k into a 16.8k dual standard
USRQA.ZIP Questions and answers about HST modems
USRREPLY.ZIP US Robotics reaction to Sportster Patching
USRUNDOC.ZIP USRobotics Courier V.34: Undocumented Features
V42INTRO.ZIP Introduction to V42 protocol
VFAST.ZIP Info on the new USR 28800 vfast modems
VFAST2.ZIP Background on the CCITT standard
WYNTKAM.ZIP What You Need to Know about Modems
ZTUTOR.ZIP A good tutor on Zmodem
ZYXEL.ZIP Technical info on the Zyxel u-1496 modem
ZYXEL2.ZIP Zyxel Voice Modem Summary