PC Hardware

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144DISK.ZIP How to make 1.44M disk from a 720K disk
144ON720.ZIP Making a 1.44meg write on 720K disks
288DRI.ZIP How to Add a 2.88 floppy to Your PC
3RDFLOPY.ZIP How to install a third floppy on your PC
4CHAN8BI.ZIP Plans for a 4 channel AD converter to PC
500HACKS.ZIP A DIY Guide to Computer Repair & Modification (PC and Amiga 500)
640XTMOD.ZIP Put 640K on an IBM 256K motherboard
80386.ZIP Info on Intel's 80386-processor
8CHAN12B.ZIP Cheap 8 channel 12bit AD for PC
A-D_CONV.ZIP Plans for a 4-channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter for PC
ADDA.ZIP This archive describes how to build and use a simple low cost analog I/O extension board for PC's. It utilizes the 8-bit AD7569 IC containing a 500 KHz analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a 1 MHz digital-to-analog
ADDA10.ZIP How to build and use a simple low cost analog I/O extension board for PC's.
AMI.ZIP Collection of information on the AMI bios.
ATA.ZIP ATA drive, Hardware Reference & Information Doc
BIOSTYPE.ZIP BIOS Types, CHS Translation, LBA and Other Good Stuff
BIPRINT.ZIP Making your PC parallellport bi directional
BUILDPC.ZIP Building an IBM compatible computer
CABLES.ZIP Guide to PC connectors & cables
CHEAPMID.ZIP Build a midi-interface for the Sound blaster
CLEAN.ZIP How to clean the IBM PC keyboard
COLOR.ZIP Pin assignment for the ibm color graphics adapter
COM1234.ZIP How to make COM3/4 work on the computer
COMLPT.ZIP Technical info on PC IO-ports
COPRO16A.ZIP Article on numeric coprocessors for PCs
COVOX2.ZIP Centronics port d/a converters and low-pass filter
CPUCMP14.ZIP Perf. comparison 386DX/38600DX/486DLC/RapidCAD
DIAGNOSE.ZIP Introduction on troubleshooting your PC
DIAGTXT.ZIP PC error diagnosis and memory error list
DMA.ZIP DMA techniques for PC data acquisition
EDORAM.ZIP EDO-Ram information
EISA_ALL.ZIP All you need to know about the EISA bus
EPROMEMU.ZIP EPROM emulator for 2732 / 2764 for PC's.
EXT_RAM.ZIP Good discusion of extended vs expanded RAM
EZ555.ZIP EZ555 v95 <ASP> (ESC) An easy to use design program for the popular 555 timer. Educators and engineers can use EZ555 to quickly explore many designs in a short time. EZ555 instantly displays oscillator circuit parameters in both graphical and numeric form. Uses a simple graphical interface. $19.00 for single users and $79.00 for site licenses. Registered users receive a bonus program.
FAISYN20.ZIP FAISYN is a low cost, effective alternative to expensive commer- cial filter synthesis packages. The program has been used successfully to design countless lumped element filters and diplexers from 10's of KHz to 1.5GHz and is the result of many years experience in filter design.
FAN_KOOL.ZIP FanKool allows you to add 2 fans to your computer to keep your system components COOL!. The Fans are mounted on a 8 bit full length card and supply sufficient air circulation to keep your system up to 30 degrees cooler! Docs have full info and a GIF pic of the device. Don't just cool your CPU, cool your whole system with FanKool. Excellent for BBS systems.
FAST550.ZIP Faq : high speed serial card & 16550 uarts
FLOPPY.ZIP Floppy disc connection High Density (Shugart) (Atari pc4)
FP-HLP10.ZIP PC Tech reference to help configure & Troubleshoot
GAMEPORT.ZIP How to read the game port
GLOS2.ZIP Glossary of Telecomputing terms
GPIBLPT.ZIP How to build a GPIB/IEE-488 interface for your PC
HANDSRC.ZIP Software for the powerglove
HARDDISK.ZIP Hard disc controller connector (atari pc4) = st 506 cards.
HARDWARE.ZIP How to build a PC sample replayer (D/A)
HOW_TO_H.ZIP How to connect a Powerglove to your PC
HPGLVU10.ZIP A screen previewer for HPGL plot files
I8259.ZIP 8259A Interrupt Controller on the PC
IBM.ZIP About IBM's Micro channel architecture
IBM_ERRS.ZIP Diagnostic errorcodes for the IBM PC
IBM_MIDI.ZIP IBM Midi Interface
IBMCOM.ZIP The PC serial port FAQ
IBMERRS.ZIP List of IBM diagnostic error codes
IBMKEYBD.ZIP IBM Keyboard/Scancode FAQ File & other keyboard related files
IBMPORTS.ZIP Port Map of the IBM for external I/O using homebrew plug in cards.
IC8259A.ZIP 8259A Interrupt Controller on the PC
IDE-TECH.ZIP IDE drive, Hardware Reference & Information Doc
IDETST.ZIP IDE drive diagnostics w. source (PC)
IRDETECT.ZIP Infrared Light Detector
IRQ.ZIP What is an IRQ line on your PC?
JOYSTICK.ZIP Programming the PC Joystick
KABEL.ZIP Quick guide to computer cables
KEYBOARD.ZIP Programming the Keyboard
KRISLPT.ZIP PC Parallel Port Mini-FAQ
MECCFAQ.ZIP The Metal Construction Set FAQ Slanted Toward Robotics Enthusiasts Rather Than Collectors
MIDI_TXT.ZIP How to build a midi interface for your PC
MIDI2SB2.ZIP A cheap MIDI connector box for the Sound Blaster card
MOD82C11.ZIP UM82C11-C Bidirectional Printer Port Modification
MONO.ZIP Pin Assignment for IBM Monochrome Interface
MOUSE_HW.ZIP Mouse hardware specs by Tomi Engdahl
MULTIJOY.ZIP Multi Joystick Interface - hard/software specs to use 6 joysticks
O2GLOVE.ZIP Powerglove interface for parallel port on IBM
OVERCLOC.ZIP CPU Overclocking FAQ 0.6.0
PAR_PORT.ZIP PPDIO Parallel Port Digital IO routines & examples on how to use the parallelport
PARALELL.ZIP PC parallel interface secrets
PARALLE6.ZIP Detailed information on the PC parallel port
PARALLEL.ZIP Parallel ports, make them bi-directional
PARAMIDA.ZIP Paramid, A parallel port Midiinterface for PC
PC_I2C.ZIP Low level I2C bit banging for parallel/I2C interface
PCDIAG.ZIP Listing of IBM PC Diagnostic Error Codes
PCI2CBD.ZIP I2C Printer Port Adapter Schematic
PCIOCRD.ZIP How to build an 24 line, PC In/Out card
PCSTGIF7.ZIP Schematics + docs for parallel port sound board
PCXT640K.ZIP PC-XT 64/256K to 640K system board upgrade
PGHAND2.ZIP Software for the powerglove
PGLOVE.ZIP How to build a Powerglove interface for PC
PIT.ZIP Programming the Intel 8253 Programmable Interval Timer
PORT11.ZIP Source for controlling the PC parallellport
PORTMSC.ZIP Schematics for a working I2C interface to a PC
POWERGL2.ZIP Tech: Powerglove serial adapter II data sheet
PPORT.ZIP PC parallel port info
PPORT092.ZIP IBM PC printer port FAQ
PPORTEXP.ZIP A two-chip i/o expander for ibm pc parallel printer port
PRINTER.ZIP How to expand the Printer Port on the PC
PRNBIOS.ZIP Everything you wanted to know about the PC printer port (but didn't want to ask)
PS2_REF.ZIP Reference manual for IBM PS/2 configurations
PTR.ZIP Trend Paper Tape Reader - PC printer port interface
SB_MIDI.ZIP Build a midi interface for soundblaster
SCANCODE.ZIP IBM Keyboard/Scancode FAQ File
SEGA3D.ZIP How to connect Sega's 3D glasses to a PC
SENDFILE.ZIP Parallel Printer Port By Polling or interrupts
SERIALPC.ZIP Serial ports of the IBM PC (FAQ)
SIMM30P.ZIP 30pin SIMM/SIP Pin connections
SIMM72P.ZIP 72pin SIMM/SIP Pin connections and info
THEREF42.ZIP Drive and Controller Guide. Version 4.20 Directory of Hard Drives, Floppies, Optical Drives and Controllers by F. Robert Falbo A Great Technical Reference Guide, and it's still Free!!
TOMLPT.ZIP Your PC's Printer Port: a Window on the Real World
TOSHIA.ZIP Toshiba External Floppy Drive Connection
TRYST.ZIP Articles about IBM-PC DOS and hardware
VCR_BKUP.ZIP Use an VCR as backup
VGA.ZIP Lite info om VGA kontakten
VIDEO.ZIP Some technical info about VGA graphics
XFAN.ZIP Text File - How to Quiet Your PC's Fan.