Windows .DLL files

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AGREP302.ZIP The AGrep Search Engine is a text search DLL to be used with any kind of Windows application. Windows .DLL files
APIREF.ZIP Windows API DLLs, function names and corresponding DLLs
ATBSB001.ZIP Demo of toolbar and statusbar DLLs v1.01 w/some source
ATCOPY.ZIP ATCOPY.DLL are a library to copy files, delete files, rename files and set attributes for files.
BARCODES.ZIP barcodes.DLL is a comprehensive barcode drawing library
BEBBER1.ZIP VISUAL BASIC DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY ACCESS TO PORT I/O (BEBBER.DLL) This DLL provides read and write access to IO ports on IBM compatible PCs. The DLL was written primarily for Visual Basic developers. It can be used by any program that can call a DLL. This DLL is a 16-bit DLL not intended for use on NT or any true 32-bit operating system which use device drivers for low-level device I/O.
AGREP301.ZIP BitList Engine v3.0 The BitList Engine is a DLL designed to handle lists of bits (and to a small extent, big numbers). It was built because of the limitations of the ANSI-C bit fields which cannot be larger than an "unsigned long".
CDLL.ZIP Demonstrates implicit importing of functions in a DLL
DDEAPP.ZIP Position paper on (DLL) dynamic data exchange spec
DDELIB13.ZIP Windows Dynamic Link Library With C Source
DLL_OTHR.ZIP A Short Tutorial on Writing a DLL
DLLEXP.ZIP How to dynamically load a DLL to call a proc
DLLHWND.ZIP Sample source illustrating window creation in a DLL
DLLMAKER.ZIP Assemble Turbo Pascal for Windows Units into a .DLL file
DOCDEM.ZIP An example source for DLL links in windows
DRAWBITS.ZIP Example DLL for displaying BMP's
ECJDLL11.ZIP WinECJ dynamic link library version 1.1 JPG decoder
EDILZSS.ZIP LZSLib - a windows compression .DLL for windows programmers.
FTP4W.ZIP FTP4W - FTP protocol (RFC 959) DLL and sample (C src)
GENERIC.ZIP Creating a Custom Control from an Existing DLL
HDCNV100.ZIP HeadConv - C DLL Header Converter Expert C/C++ to PASCAL DLL import header and def file converter. It needs the .H (and optional .DEF) file and generates a Delphi implicit import unit.
HTMTL070.ZIP RTF to HTML converter DLL
IMGLIB12.ZIP ImgLib is a 32-bit DLL for developers who would like to support reading, converting, and manipulating of all popular graphics image formats like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, Photo CD, and others as needed by today's multimedia applications. Windows 3.1 Windows 95 and Windows NT are all supported as target platforms. 16-bit development is supported via thunking. The developer of 16-bit code does not need to write any additional thunking code.
LDRU2016.ZIP LDRSUtil.DLL v2.0 - Utility library for VB, Delphi, and other Windows languages. Features: Special FX, String compression, file archiving, encryption, CRCs, Disk functions, multimedia functions (for .wav, .avi, .mid, etc.) and much more. The included sample application will show you just some of the things you can do with LDRSUtil.DLL.
MAGMAED.ZIP Demo of the Magma Editor DLL/VBX for Microsoft Windows
METAGIFA.ZIP MetaGif 1.01, MetaGif32 1.00 MetaGif converts Windows Metafiles to CompuServe Gif files. This DLL allows image resizeing without distortion. With this library you can create WEB documents on the fly, from your Windows application. With MetaGif you can create a Gif file that is larger than the screen.
MIKDLL.ZIP Docs, routines & example code for creating & using your own dynamic loadable routines/drivers for DOS
NETBIOS.ZIP NetBIOS DLL/network chat utility for windows
RESDLL.ZIP Sample Creating Resource-Only Dynamic Link DLL
SR_MODEM.ZIP SR_MODEM.DLL 3/13/94 Stage Research SR_MODEM provides functionallity to your application (C,C++,VB, etc) to determine if there is voice mail waiting. It can also create and send a message to a pager. This is a shareware product that should be registered if you find is useful. Full source code is available for additional cost.
STATUS.ZIP DLL to display status information in a window
SVGA.ZIP DLL for turbo debugger for windows
TABDLG2.ZIP TabDlg is a DLL for creating Microsoft Word 6.0 style tabs in a dialog box
TDWGUI.ZIP New turbo debugger video DLL
TEXTVIEW.ZIP TextviewDLL:tools for writing text to a window TextView is a system that provides a Windows 3 application with the ability to write lines of text to a window with the minimum of effort. TextView itself handles all the many operations needed to manage the window displaying the text; you need only call the function that writes the text, in exactly the same way as you would call printf in a DOS application.
WAVEMIX.ZIP Wavemix DLL - play multiple wav files simultaneously (sound)
VB16102.ZIP 'WD_VB16.DLL' allows access to the function WDCenter. The function WDCenter was designed as a convenient way to center VB forms, child forms, and objects.
WECJ20.ZIP WinECJ 2.0 - JPEG decoding DLL + programming API (C)
WFTP.ZIP WFTP.DLL provides an implementation of the FTP protocol
WINDES.ZIP Windows DLL for data encryption standard (DES)
WMIX.ZIP The wavemix DLL is a utility that allows multiple wav files to be played simultaneously. It is designed to be as simple to use as possilbe but still have the power to do what is required by games. The DLL supports 8 channels of simultaneous wave play, the ability to queue up waves along the same channel and