Delphi Utilities

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ADFINDER.ZIP Adrock Software Source Searcher Expert The TAdrockSearchExpert is a utility designed to help you locate references of your .PAS files from the currently loaded project.
AUTOSAVE.ZIP The Delphi AutoSave Expert The AutoSave expert was developed to deal with the synchronisation problems that occur when Delphi is used with an external editor like CodeWright (TM). Delphi will not automatically save files when you switch away from it and also not recognize that files have been changed by an external party when you switch back to it. The expert adds this functionality and also provides a menu item to save and reload all files manually.
COBUILD.ZIP If you write components for Delphi, you need Component Builder. Component Builder speeds through the task of defining properties, methods and event handlers and creates an output source file that can be compiled and installed into the component library. All you'll need to do is add the specific code to the methods and functions created by Component Builder and your component's done.
COPYDPR2.ZIP A Delphi projekt backup utility
COPYTEST.ZIP File Copy Utility (CopyTest Project)
D_ASSIST.ZIP Delphi-Assist 1.0 BETA All this mini app does is read through your DELPHI.INI file, and makes a toolbar with a button for each of the apps in your 'TOOLS' menu - you can click on a button instead of having to go through the menu. It attaches itself to the bottom of the main Delphi window in the IDE. D_Assist also copies the ICON from the EXE file of each of those apps. - My Icon->BMP conversion routine isn't too good so try and put up with the squashed Pics! print a table's structure.
DBPRINT1.ZIP DBPrint version 1.0 Datasource printing utility with the following features: - Field formatting dialog - Header string - Subheading stringlist - Font property for each section - Page numbering - Language translation dialog for language customization - ... and more!
DBUTIL.ZIP DBUtil - Database utilities for Borland Delphi Nor the Paradox or dBase programs themselves include a facility for printing table definitions.
DELPHR.ZIP Delphres - A resource editor for Delphi.
DELSTART.ZIP Rapid Starter for Delphi is designed to speed the launching of your current Delphi Project or start a new project. Benefits of Rapid Starter for Delphi: 1: Load a project directly from the Delphi list of most recent project. 2: Start a new project as if you were launching Delphi directly. 3: Search for a project file with a file open window and then launch the project. 4: Rapid Starter for Delphi works off the Delphi INI file so it knows exactly the list of files most recently opened in Delphi.
DHELPER.ZIP Delphi Helper version 1.1 Delphi Helper is a utility for making your life just a little bit easier using ©Borland's Delphi.
DLLMGR.ZIP This is yet another DLL manager program. This one, however, has the capability of LOADING DLLs, as well as unloading them. It can also compare the current module environment against the image of a previously save module environment, in order to find out which modules were either added or subtracted from the current list of modules.
DPD_VER1.ZIP The Delphi Project Documenter Version 1.0 utilized Delphi to create an executable program with which you can print all the unit (*.PAS) files associated with any project--including the *.DFM files if you so choose-- in a single operation. Although Delphi has a fairly nice print engine (under the File menu) one is required to step individually through each unit and, particularly if one wishes the *.DFM files printed as well, this can be a bit tedious. The essence of this program is to simplify an d automate documentation of a project's complete source code.
DPS.ZIP What is DSP ? DSP is a Database Structure Printer. In fact, it prepares things to be printed. DSP generates a simple report, in text format that is, by default, sended to the Windows NOTEPAD.
EDITHELP.ZIP The EditHelp program creates Help Files for use with the Windows help system. It is a stand-alone program which does NOT require Microsoft Word for Windows.
HLP2KW12.ZIP (v1.2) HLP2KWF Delphi .KWF from .HLP. Borland's Delphi allows multiple help files to be linked into the IDE's help system, using their KWGEN program to generate a keyword file. However, KWGEN requires .RTF source, and appears to be buggy. This program works directly on the .HLP files to avoid the need for KWGEN. This will allow you to link *any* .HLP file into Delphi. Freeware by D.J. Murdoch.
INSTALLS.ZIP Setup program for Windows v 2.00 (With Source) This program is able to install files from a floppy to your hard disk and create groups and icons in your Program Manager. It create his own log install file.
LIST10.ZIP TheLister v1.054 is an advanced source lister for Delphi and Pascal. Its particular graphic layout greatly enhances the readability of your listings. Fully and easily customizable to fit your needs and your taste. It's a Windows application - SHAREWARE Full support for Delphi added in this version.
MEMMND.ZIP MemMonD is a utility for monitoring and analyzing a Delphi program's memory consumption and in particular for tracing instances of pointers that are never de-allocated or de-allocated with the wrong size.
OWSHR_10.ZIP OWShare v1.00 <ASP> - Release professional shareware programs by using OWShare's Delphi source code. Supports ASP-compliant time/usage limiting, branding, site licenses, evalutation period extensions and MORE!! This demo was programmed using the OWShare code and will allow you to easily evaluate its performance.
PARSERTF.ZIP A helpfile source parser program for delphi All of you that are using VB Helpwriter to make your helpfiles can now also it to make Delphi keyword files (*.KWF) to integrate helpfiles in components It reads the PRJ file from VB Helpwriter and then convert all footnotes to the Microsoft RTF specifications and also makes B footnotes for those keywor that contains the string class_, prop_ or event_. The program is specificll written for VB Helpwriter rtf footnote format e.d. no post footnotes (K, $ ...).
PROCF11.ZIP ProcFinder Version 1.1 This utility allows you to popup a window of functions and procedures while working in the Delphi editor and move to a selected function or procedure. This overcomes a pretty major oversight in Delphi.
QKPICKSW.ZIP Quick Picture Editor v3.5 The Quick Picture Editor is a customizable replacement picture property editor. You can view your choices in the standard listboxes or visually in a scrollable grid. If you don't like to see the examples or just need the screen real-estate simply turn them off. Hate that annoying confirmation message when clearing the graphic? Turn that off too.
VB2DLPHI.ZIP VB TransFormer is a program that converts Visual Basic form files into Delphi form files. The Visual Basic form must have been saved as a text file.
VCL_WZRD.ZIP VCL Wizard 1.0 VCL Wizard is a program, whose purpose is to simplify the development of VCL components for Delphi. VCL Wizard is not a code generator in the traditional sense. It is a tool that is designed to create the framework of an application that creates VCL components for Delphi.