Delphi programming files

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ALLFAQ.ZIP Delphi programming Frequently Asked Questions
BDEHEL.ZIP Introduction to BDE Programming (Borland Database Engine)
BPVBX.ZIP The Pascal Magazine The Delphi Magazine
CGIHELP.ZIP The wide world of CGI programming with Delphi and WebSite... CGI tutorial as a Windows helpfile
CLASSDEL.ZIP Class Delegation Here you are a small idea for component creators that I think could be quite useful. I call this "Class Delegation" (I haven't found a better name yet) that allows derived components to override the ancestor subcomponents classes. It's a generic concept, so can be applied to almost every Delphi situation which involves components and subcomponents.
COMM2.ZIP More information on the COMM component
CURREDIT.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users
DAVETIPS.ZIP Delphi 1 Tips, Tricks, and Bug Work-Arounds
DEL&PB.ZIP A Comparison Between Delphi Client/Server and PowerBuilder Enterprise
DEL&VB.ZIP A Comparison Between Delphi and Visual Basic
DEL_QI.ZIP Delphi Quick Info Guide,
DELPHIFS.ZIP Delphi Fact Sheet
DELPHIQI.ZIP Delphi Quick Info Guide Borland Delphi for Windows
DFAQHLP2.ZIP Delphi FAQ in .HLP format
DKB16A.ZIP Delphi questions / answers reader & database 1.6a The Delphi Knowledge Base
DN0118.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #11
DN0223.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #12
DN0315.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #1
DN0401.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #2
DN0501.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #3
DN0524.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #4
DN0596.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #13
DN0626.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #5
DN0725.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #6
DN0831.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #7
DN1010.ZIP The unofficial newsletter of Delphi users - Issue #8
DN1109.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #9
DN1212.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #10
DN960601.ZIP The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - Issue #14
DRBOB1.ZIP Dr.Bob's Collection of Delphi 1.0 Expert tips
DT0196.ZIP Delphi knowledge base
DT0296.ZIP Delphi knowledge base
DT0396.ZIP Delphi knowledge base - March '96 Issue
DT0995.ZIP Delphi knowledge base
DT1095.ZIP Delphi knowledge base
DT1195.ZIP Delphi knowledge base - November '95 Issue
DT1195_H.ZIP Delphi Talk November 95
DT1295.ZIP Delphi knowledge base - December '95 Issue
DT1295_H.ZIP Best of Delphi Talk December 95
GIDELN.ZIP Standards and guidelines for Delphi and Paradox for Windows developers (word document)
GRAYPAPR.ZIP Gray Paper - Delphi Property Editors for Beginners
LDELPHI.ZIP .HLP file containing lots of code snippets and solutions to Delphi technical problems.
MULTIM.ZIP Delphi Multimedia report
NETSTALL.ZIP How to Installing Delphi to a network drive
NEWTIPS.ZIP More Delphi Tips & Tricks Below are a list of tips and tricks that I have run across on the various newsgroups relating to Borland Delphi. I have slightly editted these articles to remove unnecessary quoting, etc. However, these tips are untested and may not all work as written.
TIPS.ZIP Delphi Tips & Tricks Below are a list of tips and tricks that I have run across on Delphi Tips & Tricks the various newsgroups relating to Borland Delphi. I have slightly editted these articles to remove unnecessary quoting, etc. However, these tips are untested and may not all work as written.
VB2DEL.ZIP Moving From VB to Delphi: A technical discussion

Delphi files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ABOUT2.ZIP This unit provides a standard About.. box for your application.
ABOUTD.ZIP Unit that provides you with a standard About box for your app.
ACC_OBJ0.ZIP Example of creating file access objects and some demo programs
ACSTREAM.ZIP Source file for the base classes of streamable objects
ADDALI.ZIP DbiAddAlias adds an alias to the configuration file associated with the current session.
ANAF.ZIP "Anaform" stands for "Form Analizer". This utility analize a Delphi DFM file to generate a database. This database can then be printed, viewed, analyzed, ...
APDTR.ZIP Welcome to the Async Professional for Delphi Trial-Run Program (TRP)! The TRP provides you with the fully functional Async Professional for Delphi serial communications component library. The only limitation imposed is that applications you design using the Async Professional for Delphi TRP will run only while Delphi is also running. This document describes the installation process, and introduces you to the Async Professional for Delphi components.
APPEX.ZIP Writes application error messages to text-file.
APPLAU13.ZIP AppLaunch is a nice little application launcher
AS400.ZIP IBM AS400 Interface - Beta Version 1.01
ASCII.ZIP This is a demo of how to trap key events using OnKeyPress and OnKeyDown events.
ASSERT.ZIP This unit implements a convenient assertion mechanism for Borland Delphi programs. Some of the Delphi features used in this implementation of assertions are class references and the hardly documented RAISE-AT statement.
AWGFILL.ZIP Direction to creating a poor man's Gradient fill.
BA1.ZIP ButtonArt is a package of 250 16X64 16 color .BMP images which can be used by programmers as glyphs on speed buttons. This package also includes a viewer named ButtonView for viewing the .BMP images in a speed button format. An additional 250 images are included in the registered version.
BACKUP.ZIP Dialog box which will backup files from source directory to destination directory.
BDEPRT.ZIP BDE Structure Printer
BEZIER02.ZIP Bezier Draw The "Bezier Draw" is a sample Delphi program to demonstrate the use of "Bezier" unit.
BMH.ZIP This unit implements the Boyer-Moore-Horspool pattern searching algorithm. The algorithm searches for a pattern within a buffer. I have added functions to implement the searches with files of any type.
BMPLBOX.ZIP This is a test program for the TBmpListBox and TBmpComboBox components.
BTNPAG.ZIP Button Page v1.0 Button Page is utility that Stores a component or groups of components saves their properties and offers the ability to recall them at any time when using a form.
BWINPROC.ZIP Sample SendKeys for Delphi 1.x
CA.ZIP Evaluation version of the Conversion Assistant, file converter
CALCULAT.ZIP Calculator object.
CALL32NT.ZIP Call 32-bit DLLs from 16-bit Delphi/TPW! This unit allows you to call most 32-bit functions in Windows 95 and Windows NT from your 16 bit Delphi or Turbo Pascal application! Public domain inc. source.
CALNDAR.ZIP Calendar Utility
CFGED1.ZIP Configuration Editor 1.0 utility
COA.ZIP COA lets you send change-of-address notices to Windows
COMPCHEK.ZIP This is just a small exapmle of how to read BIOS information from the PC's BIOS segment from within Windows or any DPMI environment.
CONVERT.ZIP Value Converter: Converts Values to specified format
COOLCALC.ZIP COOL CALCULATOR 1.0 & Expression Evaluator Toolkit V1.00
COPYRECT.ZIP Flickerless Sprite Animation with Borland Delphi
CPUTYPE.ZIP Detecting CPU type
CREDSBOX.ZIP The Incredible Scrolling Credits Box
CRTOOL.ZIP CrTools for Crystal Reports crTools is a toolset of custom dialogs available within Crystal Reports that allow you to develop reports like never before. crTools works like all other functions except that it prompts the user for information and returns it in the form of a standard Crystal Reports return value. crTools gives Crystal Reports users the ability to create dynamic reports, something never before available in Crystal Reports!
CSV2.ZIP Creates schema (.SCH) file for any comma-separated ASCII file, to allow importing ASCII files into database tables via the BDE.
CURSOR.ZIP Changing cursors
CURSORS.ZIP Customizing Cursors
CUSTEDIT.ZIP Here follows a small unit that helps you use any derivative of TCustomEdit for standard Pascal Input/Output.
CUTIL.ZIP C.EXE is a small utility to clear delphi-paths from all files that can be reconstructed.
CYBORG.ZIP Software demo from Cyborg Software
DATAMAKE.ZIP This program is a simple code generator. It's intended to produce a Unit that will create all the databases used by your application. This way, a program can be shipped without the datafiles, which can be created as needed.
DATES.ZIP Clarifying TDateTime
DATESET.ZIP Program Dateset takes a selection of files and changes the dates and time to NOW. Source Code and compiled program is included.
DBCTRLS.ZIP New set of properties To make your DB Controls respond to the ENTER event as if the TAB key was pressed
DBCVT.ZIP Unit to import an ascii delmited file in to a (paradox) table.
DBDXPAND.ZIP DBDXpand.ZIP contains two "extension" editors for Borland's Database Desktop distributed wth Delphi. These are MemoEdit for BLOB Memo fields and PictEdit for BLOB Graphic fields.
DBFNDX.ZIP DB3TABLUZ, a NDX-aware TTable-descendant
DBPRT100.ZIP DbPrint is a small app (developed with Delphi) to display and
DBREADON.ZIP This demo shows you how to use the DBREADON.DCU unit.
DBSRCH02.ZIP TDBSearch is a class to enable Paradox like searching on any field in a TDataSource.
DBUTLTY.ZIP DBUTLTY - Paradox/Dbase Pack Utility Demo
DCOMP10.ZIP DCompress v1.00 library for Delphi and other Windows compilers. Compression/ Decompression routines .DLL library. Mostly assembler, Fast decompression! Shareware ($10) by Peak Computing.
DDEDEMO.ZIP DDEDemo - This demo establishes a DDE conversation with the Program Manager, and creates a program group by executing the CreateGroup macro. The difficulties normally associated with DDE conversions (such as timeouts, etc) are automatically handled by the TDDEClient object. }
DDRVPREV.ZIP DDRV Print Preview v1.51
DEBMON.ZIP This package contains Delphi source and object code for a simple debug system using a second monitor.
DELFMT.ZIP This is a WordBasic macro (Word6) that I wrote to do some brute-force formatting of Delphi code much like what is done in the Delphi IDE.
DELPHDLL.ZIP This is a simple test program that calls (from Delphi) a C++ DLL (which reverses a string). Full Source is included for both Delphi and the C++ DLL and this code may be used as you wish.
DELPHRES.ZIP Example of what you can do with delphi,
DELPHTCP.ZIP PowerTCP standard toolkit for Delphi
DELPTERM.ZIP Simpel term, terminal comminications routines
DELSEC09.ZIP FAQ about designing your own components in Borland Delphi
DETDRIVE.ZIP Detect Drive Types
DEZTWAIN.ZIP Delphi unit; allows the access to the TWAIN-API of optical scanners; included sample: a computer copier, it shows you the handling of DIB's (device independent bitmaps) too
DFM2TXT.ZIP Delphi Form to Text file converter. This is a program to convert DFM files (Delphi form files) to their textual representation and back again.
DICE.ZIP This is a free 'Dice' VCL
DIRSCAN.ZIP Directory Scanner, list files in a directory
DIRSELCT.ZIP DIRSELCT, A directory selection dialog
DISP3D.ZIP The DISPXYZ program is a windows program written in Delphi that displays a rotatable 3D image on the display. The DOSXYZ program is a MSDOS version of the same program.
DLL101.ZIP This is an example of creating and using a DLL with Borland Delphi
DLLEXP.ZIP DLL Skeleton Expert, DLL source generator
DNDTB.ZIP Drag N Drop toolbar demo application
DOEVENTS.ZIP Delphi version of VB DoEvents
DOSENV.ZIP Example code for accessing DOS environment
DOSVALU.ZIP Returns a string associated with a DOS Environment Variable.
DRAGDROP.ZIP Drag N Drop demo
DRIVED.ZIP This Unit collects routines to gather information about the disk drives on a system in both DOS and Windows. You can build a drive map with a single procedure call. In addition to drive type checking the volume name, serial number, and FAT type for local fixed disks or the netshare name for networked drives are also retrieved.
DWINGFR.ZIP WinG Fire A Delphi Fire routine using Microsoft's WinG library.
DYNAFORM.ZIP DynaForm Form Template for dynamic forms. This template allows AUTOMATIC configuration of user changes to forms, without needing any additional code to save/restore changed properties.
EDITSTAT.ZIP EditStat Editstat allows to type only a few letters in an editbox: if these letters are matching the beginning of several strings, a dialog box ("Valeurs) will appear to choose the right one (if you cancel, you will be back in the edit box).
ENCRYPT.ZIP Encrypt/Decrypt a File
ENHGRID3.ZIP The Enhanced grid is a combination of a Dbgrid, Dbnavigator, Statuspanel and a caption.
ERRLST.ZIP ERRLIST - Lists Borland Database Engine error codes and descriptions
EXCELDMO.ZIP This demo shows how easy it is to use DDE to communicate with Microsoft Excel 5.0a.
EXDELPHI.ZIP One of the few (very few) things that I don't like about executing Delphi is that the Windows desktop becomes cluttered if there are any other un-minimized applications. Listing1 shows the ExDelphi project which automatically minimizes all visible applications and then executes Delphi.
EXEC32.ZIP DsExecFile v1.0a This is a component to execute programs from within a program. It was writt that I had in running a piece of legacy DOS software from within Windows NT.
EXECFILE.ZIP Delphi TExecFile, execute other Windows or DOS apps
EXITER11.ZIP This is yet another quick exit program for Windows.
EXITWIN.ZIP Restarting Windows
EXPORT.ZIP Export - create SQL script from table.
EZDSL100.ZIP Easy classical data structures for Delphi
EZEDIT.ZIP EZ Source Editor
FBUF.ZIP Provides simple file buffering for Delphi
FERRET.ZIP File Ferret is a simple program to search for files
FFT_1.ZIP Unit for Real Fast Fourier Transformation
FILMRG95.ZIP File Manager DLL
FINDEXP.ZIP The Source Find Expert is a tool that allows the Delphi developer a quick and easy way to find and load Delphi source code files into the Delphi editor. This is freeware.
FORM3D.ZIP TForm3D Class, 3D forms
FORMAT.ZIP BIOS disk I/O routines for floppy drives
FORMEDIT.ZIP FormEditor is a Delphi-written form editor
FPEEK.ZIP Simple little file viewer
FREERES.ZIP Freeing Windows Resources on the fly in Delphi
FTBAR.ZIP Floating toolbar - here's some code to do it
GAUGE95.ZIP Windows 95 style progress bar.
GEDITOR.ZIP GEDITOR - A replacement for the standard Delphi bitmap selector
GENID.ZIP The files contained in this zip file are for providing a workaround to the problem with generating auto-id values using MS SQL Server 6.0 and Delphi.
GIF2BMPA.ZIP Gif to Bmp a free gif to Bmp conversion routine.
GLYFVIEW.ZIP Diplaying a directory of bitmaps that may be used as glyphs.
GLYPHPRO.ZIP GlyphPro is a Utility for the Serious Delphi Developer. It allows you to scroll unlimited number of images (limited only by the size of your memory (resources for win 3.1)). You can customize layout, size and of images and save settings to glyphpro.ini file.
GLYPHT.ZIP Browser for viewing Speedbutton glyphs,
GLYPHV10.ZIP Glyph Viewer is a small utility usefull to chose the glyph you want to put in a Delphi Button.
GRABBAR.ZIP A grab bar, or splitter, to allow two windows to be resized simultaneously.
GREPEXP.ZIP With the Grep-Expert you can search within the Delphi-IDE for files or text and load the source code into the Delphi editor.
GRFRM12.ZIP Delphi "Grayed Forms" is a very small delphi utility unit, that temporary paints a grayed net across forms, that are not accessable by the user, e.g. because another modal form or a "messagedlg" is currently active.
GRID3D.ZIP TDB3DGrid is directly derived from TDBGrid, but allow you to display it with a 3D cells look (as the title fixed cells).
HEADDESC.ZIP This is a demonstration of how to read the Windows Executable Format to get to the "Non Resident Name Table".
HEAPCHK2.ZIP HeapChk 0.91 - Test blocks on heap
HEAPTRAC.ZIP HeapTrace is a Delphi unit that enables debugging of dynamic (heap) memory. The unit provides optional logging of allocations,deallocations and errors either on a class by class basis, for all classes or for all heap memory.
HTRPD30.ZIP HyperTerp(demo) is a sophisticated full featured Script language component for Delphi
HUGE13.ZIP The Huge unit provides support in Delphi for huge pointers
ICONJACK.ZIP IconJack makes it easier to manage, view, and select from the icons on your hard disk.
IMAGELIB.ZIP Image Lite DLL /VCL version 2.2.1 The ImageLib VCL'S\DLL is an inexpensive way to add Jpeg, Gif, SCM and Pcx to your applications. Yes, there are image libraries supporting many more formats than ImageLib, but those libraries are expensive and add more overhead to your applications. In addition it adds DBMultiImage and DBMultiMedia to store and display JPEG, BMP, GIF, SCM, PCX , AVI, MOV, MID, WAV and RMI multimedia files in/from a TBlobField.
IMGBRW.ZIP *.BMP and *.ICO Image Browser
IMGLNCH.ZIP The enclosed Delphi project implements an application Launcher bar.
IMLIB201.ZIP The Imagelib is an inexpensive way to add Jpeg, Gif and Pcx to your applications.
IXE.ZIP Incremental eXceptions Engine
JDATES.ZIP Enclosed is a small unit I have used for years to do Date math. I am not the original author but have only update this code for use with Delphi v1.0. I hope it is useful to others as well.
JOYSTICK.ZIP Joystick routines for delphi
KEYSTATE.ZIP KeyState is based on the TPanel component because I wanted a nice statusbar with those fancy CAPS/NUM/SCR/INS panels. Well this is it. With keystate you can display the keystatus of CAPSlock, NUMlock, SCROLLlock or INSERT.
KILLDLL.ZIP DLL file killer
KLDLPH12.ZIP Delphi killer, removes delphi from memory
LASTL113.ZIP (v1.13) LASTLOOK: Last minute program checks. This program checks .EXE files produced by Borland's Pascal or Delphi compilers for compiler options and other potentially audience-limiting characteristics. This update adds Delphi and OS/2 support. Freeware/shareware by D.J. Murdoch.
LEDCLOCK.ZIP A Binary Clock for Windows
LEXSCAN.ZIP Lexical Scanner
LF2CRLF.ZIP LF2CRLF v1.00 - Convert LF-terminated files (from Xenix or Unix) to CR/LF text files as used in "generic" text files (e.g. MS-DOS). Requires the shareware file-parsing program Parse-O-Matic, which can be downloaded from CompuServe, Pinnacle Software's free BBS at +1-514-345-8654, or from the World Wide Web at This script was written by the author of Parse-O-Matic, and may be distributed as freeware.
LINKLIST.ZIP TLink unit: doubly linked lists
LMDPICPE.ZIP Property-Editor for Bitmaps/WMF/Icons
LOCATE.ZIP DbLocate Search Engine
MAKEDBF.ZIP DBFMAKE is a code generator. Drop a TTable on a form, drop DBFMAKE on the form, set a few properties and DBFMAKE will extract information from the database table and produce a complete .PAS unit containing the code necessary to create the .dbf file and its indexes at run-time.
MAPICTRL.ZIP MAPI.DCU provides a simple method to add basic messaging capabilities to Delphi programs.
MAPIEX.ZIP Demo of an MAPI application
MASDET.ZIP Master/detail listbox demo. This testbed demonstrates how to use the Objects property of listboxes to hold auxilliary data (in this case string lists), associated with items in the list box.
MATCH2.ZIP NameMch is a name matching DLL that can be used in applications such as on-line inquiry systems where only a text name (perhaps of uncertain spelling or structure) is provided to locate a particular data record. Reservation systems and telephone number lookups are a couple of examples. Called by a database, NameMch can also be used to clean up name fields in almost any DB application that is able to call a DLL.
MDI_BGRD.ZIP How to add a wallpaper to the client area of of a MDI parent form:
MENUBTN.ZIP TmenuButton Having moved to Delphi from BP7.0 I found that using Tpanel with Tspeedbuttons it was a poor substitute for the toolbar unit supplied with OWL (modified for menu synchronisation by myself) So I came up this little unit to handle the synchronisation.
MINCALC.ZIP Simple calculator for Delphi programs
MINMAX.ZIP This VCL allows the user to easily set the minimum and maximum tracking sizes of their forms by intercepting the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message.
MIRROR.ZIP The "Mirror" is a sample Delphi program to demonstrate how to "Capture" any partof screen, and it also demonstrate a technique to create "Transparent Window"
MKDBF101.ZIP MakeDBF unit for Delphi
MLOBJ001.ZIP VCR Objects to make your Delphi Projects look styled.
MODEMSPY.ZIP Modem Spy - 1.01
MODMASTR.ZIP MODMASTR makes it easy to see what modules are currently loaded in memory and how many instances are in use. Sometimes when if a program abnormally terminates (crashes) other modules such as DLL's are not properly unloaded. MODMASTR allows you to load or unload DLL's with ease.
MSCOMM.ZIP Easy serial communications access.
MSGPASS.ZIP How to use program communication through message passing.
MTBASE22.ZIP MTBASE - MultiThreading for Delphi 16 bit.
MULTGRID.ZIP The MultiDBGrid is for use with DBase and Paradox files.
MYVCS.ZIP MyVCS 1.0 - A Version Control Demo for Delphi This is a stupid little DLL I wrote for the Delphi IDE that shows how the VCSINTF and TOOLINTF units work. It isn't a real VCS, but could possibly help someone who wants to write their own. Full source and the DLL are included. Freely available software.
NFAT2GIF.ZIP A small program to extract GIF's etc from the Netscape cache directory}
NONRECT.ZIP This example demonstrate how to create non-rectangle windows by using WIN32 API in delphi. This example need to run in Windows95(TM) or Windows NT 3.51(TM).
OBJECTS7.ZIP Borland's Objects-unit from BP 7.0 ported to DELPHI
ONLY1.ZIP Allow only one instance of a Delphi program to execute
OWNDRAW.ZIP DEMO Unit for owner-draw listbox with bitmaps.
OVRWRT11.ZIP OVERWRITE - handle overwrite mode in IO-controls (delphi)
PAINTIKE.ZIP Here is a simple example of how to paint your minimized window
PALEX1.ZIP Palette Example #1 This is a test of using and maintaining 256 color palettes in Delphi. Complete source is included.
PASOCK.ZIP Pascal Winsock Examples
PNTCELL.ZIP Implements a cell-based game world
POPTEST.ZIP (Trial version) and a more resource friendly replacement for the ComboBox (csDropDownList)
PREVCHEK.ZIP PrevChek.Pas This component is yet another check for a previous instance of your application running.
PREXPR.ZIP Delphi IDE Project Manipulation (Menu) Experts
PRINTP1.ZIP PrintPage For printing reports without ReportSmith or other Report add-ons. This may be just what you need.
PRNSTR.ZIP This is a form which will print database file structures.
PROGMAN.ZIP Mini program manager - fully customisable
PROPEXP.ZIP Property Expert Version 1.0
PROTECT.ZIP This component helps you protect your self-written software against "software pirates". If you really want to protect your software effectively, your choose is right by PROTECT unit/component.
PTRP25DM.ZIP PASTERP is a unique Script language for Delphi, (demo)
QREP093B.ZIP QuickReport for Delphi version 0.93b
QSORT.ZIP This is a small example application which demonstrates the use of the QSort procedure to sort the contents of a Listbox.
RESIZER.ZIP This is a simple VC that resizes all the controls on a form.
RESMON.ZIP Delphi Resource Monitor
RESWTCH2.ZIP ResWatch Resource Watcher Version 2.0, A graphical resource monitor
RGNAV03.ZIP Intelligent DB Navigator
RM1.ZIP RegMaster is a program designed to allow distribution and marketing of software on-line, while still providing a level of copy protection. RegMaster works in conjunction with a Delphi Unit named RegTest (Regtest.dcu). The Unit is included with this program, as well as a sample of how to use the unit.
ROLLUP.ZIP Modified Roll Up Form
ROLLUPS.ZIP This lil' project demonstrates one way to implement some cool floating rollup tool-palettes similar to those used in programs like Corel's DRAW! and PhotoPaint.
ROTATER.ZIP Rotater, how to scale and rotate a Delphi bitmap
RTF.ZIP Pascal RTF reader
RZSTREDT.ZIP RzStrEdt - String List Property Editor and Dialog
SAVER.ZIP A Delphi Screensaver.
SCRWOW.ZIP Delphi: How to do Screensaver
SFW10.ZIP Show File for Windows, file viewer
SHUFFLE.ZIP Shuffle, demo of the use of TDrawGrid and TBitmap
SNDEX.ZIP Soundex function--determines whether two words sound alike.
SNDKEY32.ZIP SndKey32, Delphi SendKeys and AppActivate unit This unit includes two routines that simulate popular Visual Basic routines: Sendkeys and AppActivate.
SOCKV2.ZIP TCP/IP Socket's functions
SPLUS.ZIP These files provide access to Microsoft's SPLUS.DLL and MAPI.DLL. Using the DLLs allowes you to communicate with MS-Mail and MS-Schedule+ packages. These packages are also included in Windows for Workgroups.
SQL_LOAD.ZIP SQL_LOAD.EXE is a quick application I threw together to allow me to fire SQL scripts at a database via the BDE.
SSCE.ZIP Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Demo
STPGRD.ZIP Print-Tool >STPGRD.DCU< for TStringGrid Component
TBPRN15.ZIP You can use this software to easily print your Paradox, DBase and ASCIII table-structures, created with the Delphi Database Desktop or Paradox for Windows (BDE/IDAPI). There are many configuration options to create a personal table-structure at your wishes.
TIMEEDIT.ZIP Time - Set or Get the time associated with the control.
TIMETEST.ZIP The I/O Checking Check Box Mystery WINMESS.ZIP Example of dealing with Windows Messages
TTRAC23.ZIP OnLine-Time Tracker Keep a running total of the hours you are connected to your favorite on-line servive. Use it to let you know your total hours so that you can avoid having to pay for additional time by the hour.
TXTROTAT.ZIP Text rotation example. This is a Delphi project with one form that displays text rotating around a circle. It also shows how to change the angle for subsequent TextOut statements. There are two routines of interest in the ROTATE.PAS file. One routine sets the rotation for subsequent TextOut statements and the other sets the rotation for only one output which it handles. Please let me know if you find anything wrong with these routines or have additions. They are well documented. Curtis Keisler, ycSoftware.
VBWSK03A.ZIP Provides access to the Winsock network programming API.
VCSDEMO.ZIP How to use the version control capabilities in the Delphi IDE.
WINCHK.ZIP Returns text associated with value returned by WinExec function
WINRST.ZIP WindowRestorer - Window size and state restorer
VLN_20.ZIP A class of Very Large Number
WORDAPI.ZIP This is a translation of the Word API for Borland Pascal 7. It works with Borland's Delphi as well.
X3270_BD.ZIP DEMO x3270 for Borland Delphi, 3270 emulation
XCEEDZIP.ZIP Xceed Zip Compression Library for Delphi - Free Trial Version
XDB.ZIP Dababase modul
XPARBMP.ZIP Display a transparent bitmap loaded from a file
XSPDEMO.ZIP XSpawn library that replaces the Windows WinExec function
YACPU20.ZIP YACPU, prints four kinds of planning calendars