Visual Basic related .DLL files

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AAVBST11.ZIP AAVBSORT.DLL V1.1-Search/Sort VBarrays fast by providing a set of simple to use routines. Coded in C++ they are much faster than if in Visual Basic. Two types of routines are available: in-place and work via index. Arrays can be: Integer, Long, Single, Double, Currency, String, or Fixed String. If registered, arrays can be of User Defined types.
APIREF.ZIP Windows API DLLs, Function Names and Corresponding DLLs
B392254D.ZIP How to Pass One-Byte Parameters from VB to DLL Routines
B392255D.ZIP VB "Bad DLL Calling Convention" Means Stack Frame Mismatch
B392256D.ZIP How to Pass Numeric Variables to a C DLL
B3922589.ZIP How to Pass User-Defined Structure Containing Strings to DLL
B39225A2.ZIP How to Pass & Return Unsigned Integers to DLLs from VB
B39226A6.ZIP Debugging a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) in Windows
B39226D2.ZIP How to Pass a String or String Arrays Between VB and a C DLL
B3922710.ZIP DLL Correctly Performs Initialization and Termination
B392276D.ZIP Considerations for Programming DATA NONE DLLs
B39227C6.ZIP How to Write C DLLs and Call Them from Visual Basic
CALL32.ZIP DLL with source code for calling 32 bit DLLs under NT from VB
COMSTAT1.ZIP COMSTAT.DLL - COM Port Status version 1.0
CPPSUM.ZIP DLL functions to get summary info from OLE 2.0 document files.
DBAPPMON.ZIP DBAppMon notifies a Visual Basic program every time an application or a DLL starts or exits.
DDSRV.ZIP DLL to Support Win 3.1 Drag 'n Drop Server Capability
DLL.ZIP How to make DLL's in C that works with Visual Basic.
DRVTYPE.ZIP GetDriveType DLL for 16-bit Visual Basic programmers. If called in Windows 95 or Windows NT a thunk is made to the 32-bit GetDriveTypeA API, otherwise the 16-bit GetDriveType API is called. Includes source code for the PowerBASIC DLL Compiler for Windows. Freeware.
FNAVWGEN.ZIP DLL for determining what type of drive was being accessed (or determining if the drive is a CD-ROM drive), and determining how much disk space is available.
ICEBETA2.ZIP ICE.DLL, the windows compression library.
ITOOLB10.ZIP DLL to manage toolbars with win95 look in a picture box.
LHADLL.ZIP LHA.DLL Version1.10 , LHA compression .DLL file
MEDVBX.ZIP Demo of the Magma Editor DLL/VBX for Microsoft Visual Basic
MWATCH.ZIP DLL to monitor the position of the mouse and provide Dynamic feedback to the VB programmer, primarily in the Context of providing a status bar for the user.
PBCWIN.ZIP PBCwin 1.0 library for Visual Basic for Windows. This is a general-purpose DLL with some 78 routines. Shareware by Tom Hanlin. xmodem, xmodem-crc, xmodem-1k, ymodem, (PPL4VB20.ZIP), October 95, Ver 2.0, <ASP>. PPL4VB is a protocol library supporting XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC, XMODEM-1K, YMODEM, YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols. Requires the Personal Communications Library for Visual BASIC (PCL4VB). By MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. $40.
PPRTR44.ZIP Different printer utillities. Source-code. (.BAS, .MAK,.DLL)
Q107750.ZIP How to pass a user-defined structure that contains strings to a DLL.
SHTDLL14.ZIP Gives access to the cell values of Excel/Lotus worksheets
STSBAR.ZIP VB status bar control
VB4EX.ZIP How To Use DLLs With Visual Basic. (FRM)
VBASM.ZIP DLL to assist VB programmers to acceess 'behind the scenes' areas of VB, Windows and DOS.
VBDLL15D.ZIP Simulates a windows DLL with a VB exe
VBLZH.ZIP VBLZH.DLL for Visual Basic. Shareware DLL for file management. Includes LZH file compression & decompression, 2 diskspace functions, and 13 file functions. Shareware fee $15. Delphi pascal source code for the DLL is available for $99. See VBLZH.BAS for Visual Basic declarations and usage instructions.
VOLDLL.ZIP This is a DLL I wrote in order to gain some needed functionality in Visual Basic. This DLL will allow you to read, write, and delete Dos volume labels, in addition it will allow you to get file and disk information such as total disk space, available disk space, file date, file time, size of file, and has a conversion routine to get plain english dates and times out of those returned by