Visual Basic 4 specific files

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ALIGNE12.ZIP Align EASY 1.2 This is simple but powerful control alignment add-in for 32-bit Visual Basic 4.0
ANIMATE.ZIP Play an transparent AVI in a ressource file This sample will show you (using a Class) how to play an .AVI using the SysAnimate32 windows class
ASPI10.ZIP ASPI.OCX is an OLE control allowing high-level languages such as Visual Basic to execute SCSI commands and therefore execute operations such as reading and writing non-FAT/NTFS disks, communications with tape devices and so on.
BROWSDLG.ZIP In VB 4.0 32 have you ever wondered how to display the "Browse for Folder" dialog and return a user selected folder such as how Win95's Find command does? Here's the solution!
BTRWIZ16.ZIP BtrvWiz 1.5 Demo BtrvWiz is a Visual Basic 4.0 Add-In that gives the Visual Basic developer the ability to work with Btrieve data files and Btrieve File, Field and Index definitions (DDF files) from within the Visual Basic 4.0 Design Environment.
CD16.ZIP Code Doctor for Visual Basic 4.0 is an Add-in which provides many basic features that are invaluable in the Integrated Development Environment, but which are not inherent in Visual Basic. These features are the ability to Comment, Uncomment, Indent,etc., selected blocks of code at the click of a Tool Button or selection of a menu option.
CLASSMAS.ZIP ClassMaster is a Visual Basic 4.0 add-in that is designed to aid the developer in the creation of Visual Basic classes.
VBCM1.ZIP CODE MASTER 1.0 Code Master is a 32-bit Visual Basic 4.0 Add-In. It stores your useful code fragments, and lets you edit, delete, retrieve, move, copy and preview them anytime you want to. Code Master was written by Jason Blevins in 1995 and 1996. Code Master requires one file that is not included, VB40032.dll. If you have the 32-bit version of Visual Basic 4.0, you should will this file.
EASYRG.ZIP EasyReg is an OLE in-process server dll designed for use in Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit applications.
FTPEXPL.ZIP FTPConnect, FTP client for VBasic
HTTPEXPL.ZIP Internet HTTP Explorer in VBasic
ICONXT.ZIP Sample VB4/32-bit code to retrieve the regular (32x32) and small (16x16) icons from an .EXE file without starting the program. Extraction techniques using ExtractIcon only return the 32x32 icon. Note: If the .EXE does not include a small icon, the regular icon will be produced reduced to 16x16, making the function appear to have worked. This sample is hard-coded to look at Explorer.exe, which does have both icons.
JUMPVB4.ZIP Migration to visualbasic 4.0, a survival guide
MAILX4.ZIP Mail eXtension for Visual Basic V4.0 (OCX, VBX)
MNURADIO.ZIP Change Check mark menu to radio mark (only Win95) This a sample to change Check mark menu to radio mark This sample works with all version of VB4
MRB_CAL.ZIP This is some pre-written code of a perpetual calendar. This code can be used when creating to-do list programs, or scheduling programs.
MSBXBD11.ZIP This is Version 1.0 of MsgBox Builder a Add-In for 32-Bit Visual Basic 4.0. It has been designed to simplify the task of building the MsgBox command in Visual Basic by providing a graphical point and click interface.
MSGBOX12.ZIP Message Box Designer(MBD) is a Visual Basic 4.0 add in. It is simply a frontend for creating code for message boxes. MBD now supports VB4's help context sensitive message boxes.
OPTIMIZE.ZIP Listview Optimize Add method if doevents This a sample to optimize the add method of the listview if doevents is used
PT0196.ZIP Searchable Listbox Class Demo
SIMPLE.ZIP Enhanced HTML Browser
SIZEWTC.ZIP This Add-In for VB 4.0 allows you to copy the value of the Height, Left, Top, and Width properties from one control to another. Very handy for putting matching controls on a Tab control or across matching forms.
SPLIT2.ZIP Spliter between two controls. This a sample to make a spliter with VB4 32bit
T2WIN-32.ZIP T I M E T O W I N (32-Bit) (version 2.10 : 14.05.1996) for VISUAL BASIC 4.0 (32-Bit Edition under Windows 95) Under the blue sky, the sun lights. 'TIME TO WIN (32-Bit)' contains more over 645 functions or subroutines. You can find functions or routines over the following sections : Array routines , Big Numbers , Bit String Manipulation routines , Date, Hour and Time routines , Days and Months in different language , DIB & Bitmap , Disk Array routines , DOS, Disk and Files routines , File Inp ut/Output from C , Financial (interest rate) , Huge Memory Arrays , Huge Strings , IEEE Conversion routines , IsX Family Test routines , Matrix , Miscellaneous routines , Multi-Language support , Multiple Disk Array routines , Serialization , String Manipulation routines , Timer functions , Type functions , VB
TBICON.ZIP Add an icon in the Windows 95 Tray and Trap Mouse Event This a sample to add an icon into the Windows 95 Taskbar and trap mouse event without using any OCX !!!
TCPPORTS.ZIP TCP Port Search Engine
TINYDB.ZIP TinyDB is a complete database engine for Visual Basic Version 4.0. Great for projects where you don't need a full blown database engine. Fast and powerful, uses common properties and methods. Only adds 41k. Available as 16 or 32 bit Classes. Only $35.00 through Compurserve SWREG #10390
TXTEDIT.ZIP Textedit example
UNOMSN.ZIP UnOmissions is an OLE in-process server dll designed for use in Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit applications.
UPDOWN.ZIP This project demonstrates how to include the UpDown Windows Common Control within your VB 4.0 32 Bit applications.
VBCODE1U.ZIP VBCode 1.02us Shareware This application adds some useful tools for Visual Basic® 4.0 32bit, note that you must have Visual Basic 4 32bit to install the Add-In.
VBMAXLCD.ZIP Vbmax liquid crystal display dll A fully functional in-process OLE server for adding LCD style controls to your VB 4.0 applications.
VBWEB.ZIP This is the zip file from Chris Barlow for VBITS San Francisco 96 session "Programming with the Internet". This is designed for VB 4 32-bit and Windows 95.
WHYVB4.ZIP 50 reasons to upgrade to Visual Basic 4.0
WIZARD.ZIP Crescent Upgrade Wizard for Visual Basic 4.0.