Visual Basic utilities

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

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BUTNMSTR.ZIP Butt(n)Meister is a buttonbar compiler for programmers. It allows you to easily Create & Maintain efficient rectangular (Vertical/Horizontal) Button-Bars, Floating and Dockable Tool Pallettes, ect,
CDMLITE.ZIP VB codemaste lite, The code writing assistant
CGEN10.ZIP The VB Key Code Generator v1.0 - Enables you to build into your shareware program a built in registration method for your registered users. You can then post your complete program and add or inhibit features based on a key code that you later supply to your registered users. Req: Windows 3.1
COBUILD.ZIP Component Builder will create all the necessary code for a component source file including underlying variable declarations, method and event handler declarations and property declarations. It will build the code skeletons for methods, etc. as well as the declarations. It saves you a LOT of typing and eliminates a lot of errors as well.
CODELBVB.ZIP Code Libararian for Windows version 1.03
CONFORM.ZIP Access to Visual Basic Form Converter Form Converter is an MS Access 2.0 Add-In utility that quickly converts Access Forms and their associated Code to Visual Basic Forms. Form Converter will save you a great deal of time when porting an Access application to Visual Basic. You no longer need to copy and paste code from Access to VB and re-design Forms from scratch. Converted Forms and Code will run in either VB3.0 or VB4.0.
CONVERT.ZIP VB Declaration Converter v 1.2 The Declaration Converter reads WIN32 SDK header files and converts C prototypes to VB declarations.
CPVB21.ZIP Code.print for visual basic v2.10a <asp> - Creates pro-quality VB source code printouts. Provides full font and margin control, headers, footers, annotation, line spacing, project title, page numbering and more. Sort routines and index! Print single routines. A must have for any VB programmer! From Caladonia Systems, Inc. Registration $42.00
DB2VB10S.ZIP DBtoVB Wizard is a shareware tool designed to automatize database application development with Visual Basic 3.0 and Microsoft Access. DBtoVB takes an existing database as input, and generates a Basic module including routines to create another similar but empty database. This module can then be appended to a VB project to take care of the typical "Create New Database..." application menu command. All you have to do is to call the function Create_Database("MYDB.MDB").
DBLOCK11.ZIP DB Lock is a shareware tool for database application developers. It works best with Visual Basic 3.0 and Microsoft Access. It can read databases created in MS Access versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0.
DDD.ZIP DDD Professional ToolKit v2.0
FXPRO.ZIP Latest version of the FXTools demo from ImageFX
ICONSEE.ZIP Visbasic Icon Viewing Utility.
INSURE.ZIP INSURE2 demonstrates the functionality of Visual Basic
MAKE_MAK.ZIP Make_MAK is a Visual Basic AddOn-Compiler. Together with an existing VB.EXE (any version !) this program compiles one or more projects faster than you ever could operate VB ! Besides, EXE-files will partly be essentially shorter since VB is now unable to store data-'junk'. Make_MAK supports drag'n'drop from any file manager. ANTI-DISCOMPILER: check "DecompDefeat" and your apps will be immune against 'reverse engeneering' !
MEMMND.ZIP MemMonD A memory monitor for Delphi applications. Version 2.08 MemMonD is a utility for monitoring and analyzing a Delphi program's memory consumption and in particular for tracing instances of pointers that are never de-allocated or de-allocated with the wrong size.
MSPROPER.ZIP Demo of the MSProper case custom control
MSTOOLBX.ZIP Cool tools for visual basic, demo
OSLDT4VB.ZIP PowerTCP(tm) Tools for Windows(tm) - Winsock SDK
OVERDEMO.ZIP Decompiler defeater - helps prevent reverse engineering of your visual basic applications. It randomizes your executable code and removes object references to make decompilation more
OVERRIDE.ZIP DESCRIPTION: Functional VB developer's tool to prevent decompilation(reverse engineering) of Visual Basic .EXE into exact source code. This tool is designed to counter the reverse engineering threat from DoDi's Discompiler. It makes it more difficult (but never impossible to extract window resources from a compiled Visual Basic application.
PA32V293.ZIP LProject Analyzer is a Finnish shareware tool designed to help creating, maintaining and reporting applications developed in Visual Basic 3.0 and 4.0. The program should work with VB 2.0 too. Project Analyzer makes a full, two-phase source code analysis. It collects detailed information about all the files, procedures, controls, variables, constants, classes etc. in the VB project. The results can be viewed on the screen, in textual format in your favourite word processor, or on paper.
PFF1_3.ZIP Programmer's File Formatter
PIXEL10.ZIP Executable and source code for a pixel board
PMGR32.ZIP Project Manager V2 Project Manager for VB 3.0 Windows is a multi purpose tool to aid in managing VB projects.
POWERTCP.ZIP Power TCP demo toolkit v 1.2 make your own TCP/IP programs
PSS.ZIP The PSS directory contains a number of analytical programs which you can be used to help identify problems with Visual Basic, OLE, and your application before you call for technical support.
SDOC210.ZIP An essential tool for documenting Visual Basic (Windows) source code.
SNIP32.ZIP Snippet Version 4.00 Is a VB3 and VB4 Programmers Code Database & More. For Programmers who work in the Windows 95 Environment. It lets you for example: *Save your Code Snippets for future use *Add New Snippets, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete *Quicken style Search *Create Picture Buttons *Extract Icons from EXE, DLL, VBX and OCX file types *Create Code for Common Dialog Boxes *Create Code for Message Boxes *Set up Four External Applications plus Icon Editor
SNIPPET.ZIP The Snippet Program adds a button to Visual Basic's toolbar if Visual Basic is running at the time Snippet is run. The button contains a pair of scissors, should this button cause you any problems it can be prevented from being loaded by Starting Snippet before Visual Basic. The Snippet Button works in VB3 Professional and VB4 32 Bit.
SRCPRI12.ZIP SourcePrinter version 1.2 is a utility for printing Visual Basic code in a more usable, professional looking format. Prints VB code with headers, footers, margins, and page numbers. Prints procedure headings in bold, comments in italics. Line continuation for long lines. Prints user-selected procedures from each file. Prints index. Shareware.
VB2_TB.ZIP The Ultimate Vbasic v2.0 Add-on, Super! VBToolbox automates the process of saving and runing your projects during programming sessions in the Visual Basic environment to prevent lost work and frustration if the system crashes! Included in the toolbox are functions for full code printing capability, calling text files, Icon editors, add-on helpfiles, or any program from within the Visual Basic editing environment. Spy program. User configurable toolboar.If you use Visual Basic this utility is a MUST!!
VB42VB3.ZIP CONV.MAK - Converts VB4 Projects back to VB3
VBALYZ.ZIP VB*Alyzer, VB sourcecode analyzer
VBBAKRES.ZIP VB Backup/Restore your VB project files
VBBLD11.ZIP VB*Build Version 1.1 For Windows
VBDIS22E.ZIP VBDis3 - DoDi's Discompiler for Visual Basic 2.0 and 3.0 This decompiler generates the complete source files (including the forms, modules and the MAK file, ready to run the program in the VB environment) from compiled Visual Basic (VB) executables.
VBDIS8.ZIP DER Discompiler for Visual Basic 3.0 (In german) support. requires vbrun300.dll. Visual Basic source code documentation with structured formatting and customizable printouts. Automatically extracts form and module files from MAK files. New: VB4 support. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
VBFMT121.ZIP VISUAL BASIC FORMATTER V.1.2 Assists Visual Basic source code documentation with structured formatting and customizable printouts. Automatically extracts form and module files from MAK files. New: VB4 support.
VBGETDEC.ZIP When you have unused DLL declarations in a program, the .EXE file created by Visual Basic is larger than it needs to be. This happens because VB doesn't check to see if you've actually used each declared procedure in your program. The GetDec Utility is used to create a file containing DLL procedure declarations, Type..End Type definitions, and Global Const declarations. Once you've created the file, you can remove all the declarations in your program and paste this new file into your global modu le.
VBHLP.ZIP VB-Helper, Version 1.02
VBHTMLAI.ZIP HTML Form Wizard Version 0.1 (32-bit) HTML Form Wizard uses Visual Basic form as a template and creates a HTML form. Supported controls: Label, TextBox, ListBox, ComboBox, CommandButton. OptionButton, CheckBox)
VBMSG20.ZIP VB Messenger Version 2.00
VBO100.ZIP VISUAL BASIC OFFICE 1.0. *Powerful* VB add-on. Code Librarian for managing reusable code; ClipBoard File Manager saves Clipboard text for search/retrieval; ButtonBar access to EXE, HLP document, VBX and MAK files; Handle List displays window information; SpyMode shows window details! Elegant, efficient with *small* footprint, smart help and total configurability. Req. Win 3.1, VB 2/3 and VBRUN300.DLL. Get VBODES.ZIP in CompuServe's MSBASICS forum for more details. Shareware ($40) - go SWREG #126 2.
VBOFFICE.ZIP VISUAL BASIC OFFICE 1.0. *Powerful* VB add-on. Code Librarian for managing reusable code; ClipBoard File Manager saves Clipboard text for search/retrieval; ButtonBar access to EXE, HLP document, VBX and MAK files; Handle List displays window information; SpyMode shows window details! Elegant, efficient with *small* footprint, smart help and total configurability. Req. Win 3.1, VB 2/3 and VBRUN300.DLL.
VBONTOP.ZIP Visual Basic Example For Programmers: How To Make A Form Or App stay allways on top. (FRM, BAS)
VBPSC.ZIP Roland Consulting VB Project spell checker
VBRIG10A.ZIP VB/RIG, STANDARD EDITION v1.0a <ASP> A specialized code-generator that protects your application from fatal runtime errors. "Rigging" a VB project automatically creates a global error-handling subsystem, and provides an optional facility for logging errors that occur "in-the-field". Your application instantly becomes bullet-proof.
VBS3SHR.ZIP VB Servants 3.0 - Use for automating programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0. Fill in the blanks and have code generated to the clip board. Covers over 100 syntax items including a message box servant, an input box servant, and 5 common dialog servants.
VBSCRI11.ZIP VBScript 1.1 - Tool for VB Programmers Provides a scripting language which can be used to manipulate Visual Basic controls at design time.
VBSTYLE2.ZIP Code Stylist/VB is a source code formatting tool for Microsoft Visual Basic. Within a matter of minutes, Code Stylist/VB allows you to specify your personal or company standard formatting preferences, process and format all of the source code, and save the new clean code into a new directory. It will even spell check your code and allow you to see all changes in a side-by-side code comparison.
VBTRACE.ZIP VBTrace, debugging tool
VBTRC96.ZIP VBTRACE is a Visual Basic developer's tool for tracing program flow at runtime. With VBTRACE you can: 1. Spot procedures which are being called accidentally or unnecessarily, 2. Tell if a procedure is being called recursively, 3. See which areas of your program use the most Windows resources. 4. See when each form is actually loaded and unloaded. 5. Track GDI, USER, and Global Memory usage from prcedure to procedure. 6. Set and track an unlimited number of watch variables and properties. 7. Moni tor the value of arguements being passed to procedures. 8. Pinpoint cascading events. 9. Time a procedure or group of procedures. And much more!
VBTRCPRF.ZIP VB/Tracer-Profiler (version 3.00) VB/Tracer-Profiler' is a program to add/remove automatically the tracer-profiler's information in a VB .MAK file.
WINBUG.ZIP WinBug - Visual Basic Bugs Reporting Tool.
VLP.ZIP Virtual Linker Pro, Release 2 Virtual Linker is a linker to link modules, (VBX,DLL's, HelpFiles,readme's,*.MDB's etc) to one single-File. very simple to use with all no-linking programming- languages.
VPRINT22.ZIP VPrint v2.2 Release - VB Source Printer A new Visual Basic/Windows source code printer with options for fonts (code, page header, comments, sub headers, declarations), indiv subs, line numbering, print formats, more more...
VSBEVAL3.ZIP Vision StoryBoard release 3.0, eval. version Vision StoryBoard is a tool for planning, documenting, and presenting Microsoft Visual Basic applications.
XTXT32.ZIP Simplex Software XtraText XtraText is designed to provide nearly complete upward compatiblity with the standard VB TextBox control with