DOS Diagnostic Utilties

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

COM2DOS.ZIP TSR that copy's chars from the RS-232 port to the keyboard
COMCHK18.ZIP Commchk 1.8: Serial port protocol analyzer
COMHEL16.ZIP Com Port Help.
COMHELP.ZIP Comprehensive comm/tutor and UART tester
COMHEX42.ZIP Serial communications display program Displays data in both HEX and ASCII
COMPRT25.ZIP Config COM/LPT ports: Show address, IRQ & UART
COMSND14.ZIP Send arbitrary characters to COM port from DOS
COMST12.ZIP Comset v1.2: Modem/UART/serial port tester
COMSTAT.ZIP Gives a complete diagnostic readout of either serial port status,
COMTAP21.ZIP COMTAP v2.1 ASP - Software serial communications line monitor and debugger. Microsecond timestamp resolution; Passive bi-directional dual port monitoring and interactive single port control; Display macro-recording; Full log parameter control; Context-sensitive Hypertext help. Fully functional ASP approved, v2.1 Revision A, from Paladin Software, Inc.
COMTRAP.ZIP TSR to trap unexpected COM port interrupts with asm src
CTSSPU21.ZIP The CTS Serial Port Utilities (SPU) is a collection of Com Port setup and control utilities for anyone involved with PC support or with a serial port problem. Detect failed UARTs, more than one port at the same address, PCs which can't use Com4, shared and conflicting IRQ assignments, com ports which can't generate IRQs, & non-standard BIOS port assignments. IDs which ports have modems, and identifies the modems as internal, external, FAX-capable, and FAX class supported. IDs all UART types (including T/Ports, ESP, HSSP & emulated UARTs), actual IRQ & address used. Updates the BIOS to match actual port settings; short form report perfect for AUTOEXEC.BAT operation. DOS 2.1+, or "DOS box" under Windows or OS/2.
DCOM20.ZIP Captures COM port input. Requires two ports
DLM140.ZIP Data Line Monitor: Turn PC into a datascope
IOMON2.ZIP IO Monitor 386 control watches COM ports
IOVIEW.ZIP Diagnostic - view of PC's I/O ports in action
IP132.ZIP IP - PORT IDENTIFIER - VERSION 1.32 - IP will identify serial port base addresses, IRQ assignments, register status and quite a variety of other serial port info. Ports - Diagnostic - Address - IRQ
KBFAKE10.ZIP Redirects serial input as if from keybd, w/src
NCDC151.ZIP Fast XX/UU de/encoder for DOS/VAX/UNIX w/C src
PC_TO_PC.ZIP Assist on PC-PC direct connection
PF271.ZIP Port Finder: Display info/swap LPT & COM ports
PORT11.ZIP I/O port debugging tool, with C source code
PORTS13.ZIP Permits reading and writing to hardware ports
PORTST11.ZIP Diagnostic program for serial/parallel ports
PRINDIR9.ZIP COM/LPT port redir. to any other port or file
PRLINK20.ZIP File transfer prog. via printer/parallel port
PRNWAT.ZIP ASM source for monitoring printer output. Data sent to the printer is sent to the console display as well.
RS204.ZIP Displays RS-232 serial port status
RS232101.ZIP RS232 1.01, debug most of RS-232 problems
SLIKMODE.ZIP New MODE: Set baudrate to any rate w/C src
SWAPIRQ.ZIP CTS SwapIRQ v1.1: Redirect IRQs for DOS. SwapIRQ is a tiny DOS TSR that lets DOS software use any IRQ by redirecting the interrupts (IRQs) from your modem, sound card or any other device. SwapIRQ can be used with some games that require a specific IRQ for the sound card, and with communications software that does not support non-standard IRQs. Dos 2.1+, any display. <ASP>
SYSCHK40.ZIP SYSCHK v2.40 <ASP> - System Info Checker. System information utility provides complete details on devices installed in your system. Clean, easy to use menus show CPU, IRQs, BIOS Bus Type, Mouse Info, Port Info, IDE and SCSI disks, CD-ROM, TSR info, Network, Video, CMOS Memory info, speed, and lots more. Print out a full configuration report on your system. NEW! Windows info, Cache, PCI, more Netware info, and more video info. Required utility!
TIMIO3_0.ZIP Timed record and playback COM port data
UARTBUG.ZIP UART and COM port debuging tool, TSR
WEDGE20.ZIP Wedge - is a TSR which intercepts characters at the serial port, and redirects them to the keyboard buffer. You can use WEDGE to have serial barcode scanners send data to applications without specifically programming your app for a scanner.
WHTPRT40.ZIP Displays system serial ports & IRQ assignments
XPORT21.ZIP Fast PC-to-PC RS232 serial line file transfer

Windows Diagnostic Utilties

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

LISTN1A1.ZIP Listen is a Windows application designed to monitor serial data communications utilizing the receive line of one or more serial COM ports. Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, or Windows '95 is required. At least one free serial port is required, however, to be an effective communications monitor two ports are necessary.
R232MN12.ZIP This Windows 3.1 Utility allows you to monitor the RS-232 port activities of your DOS programs as your DOS program runs. This program is great for the development of embedded data terminal applications as it allows you to transparently monitor any DOS access to your RS-232 ports. It works just like an HP RS-232 protocol analyzer except it cost $$$ less.
SCPKEY.ZIP SCPKey provides a method to collect RS232 data into any Windows program. Once setup, SCPKey will monitor a communications port for input. The program translates this data into keystrokes and 'plays' these keystrokes into the Windows program that currently has input focus.
WXI95-20.ZIP Win-eXpose-I/O ,v2.00,Util,SHAREWARE Windows 95 Files I/O Tracer/Debugger Gives REAL-TIME report on files I/O all over the system (even DOS BOXES) a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who tries to find out which file an application is using or missing. Great tool for also for dev. tracking