DOS Graphics utilities

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

1SVGA.ZIP Lots of good looking (S)VGA utils and source code (Pascal)
256PAINT.ZIP Nice 256 color paint program
3D_2.ZIP 3D object viewer with source This program allows you to rotate an object, and shade it (using Lambert shading).
3DEDITB0.ZIP 3D edit for creating polygon shapes, beta 0.5, VGA
BEDIT110.ZIP Bobs Editor v1.10 A great sinus bobs editor for coders and common-folk alike!
BJIM040.ZIP Bonijoni IntroMaker v0.4 VGA Loader Maker , Supporting SB Including Graphical Fonteditor 50 Fonts & Programming Tools
BYTERAPE.ZIP ByteRaper 2000, Graphics and Module ripper With ByteRaper you can rip the Graphics and Modules from your favourite demos! Works with demos like Hex Appeal, Panic, Unreal and LOTS more! Edit the fonts and grafix in demos and games! Cheat with money and lives in your favourite games!
CMORPH21.ZIP The Complete Morph v2.10 <ASP> Complete morphing facility. High-end tools for home users. Features include: read & write TGA/IMG/BMP/GIF/IPI/PCX; nice GUI; mult. spline types; advanced mesh editing tools; and so much more! Requires: [386DX+/4MB+, Math-Co & SVGA are highly recommended]
DPTOOLS.ZIP Dptool - cursor and font utils w/src (Turbo Vision) (C/pascal)
EDISPR20.ZIP EDiSPRiTE ver 2.0, It's the sprite editor you are waiting for
F3D150.ZIP Font3D - Version 1.5 Font3D is a utility program for the generation of 3-dimensional text objects. Once created, these objects can be included in a scene description file for later modelling or rendering. Several different output formats are supported, including: o Persistence of Vision 2.x o Vivid 2.0 o AutoCad DXF o RenderMan RIB o RAW Triangles
FULLEDIT.ZIP Full Edit is a graphical editing program actually used by H/M Software to design graphics for their games. It includes many features including ordinary drawing commands plus rotating, color transposing, mirroring, fatbits editing, and advanced color processing. Uses C/E/VGA display modes.
FWIZARD.ZIP FontWizard is a simple font editor, for use in demos, games, or whatever else you want to use it for.
GFNT.ZIP GFNT (KYPP production; $39) is a graphic editor for creating sprites for animation for VGA. Several sample files are included. Requires 512K memory and VGA. Last revision date in archive: 04-06-1994.
GFV20.ZIP Graphical File Viewer v2.01 bye Jare/Iguana. Views a file in mode 13h. Useful for finding graphics inside files, etc. Includes source. Now allows cutting portions of the file!
GN2V100.ZIP GNOOM II, The sprite editor
GRAFWK70.ZIP Graphic Workshop for DOS 7.0f The best Workshop yet! Converts, prints, views, dithers, transforms, flips, rotates, scales, crops, colour adjusts, catalogs, quantizes and wreaks special effects on MAC, IMG, PCX, GIF, TIFF, EPS, JPG, WPG, MSP, IFF/LBM, WMF, BMP, PNG, RLE, CUT, ART, HRZ, RAS, TGA, EXE and TXT files. Decodes uuencoded images directly. Mouse driven interface, supports most super VGA cards and printers.
JOBE12.ZIP John's object editor
LBENCH.ZIP Graphics Library Benchmark v2.01
MAND54A.ZIP Mandel is a fractal generator that is easy to use and allows the image to be colored in many ways with user produced color masks. Both Mandelbrot and Julia images can be created. An easy to use window zoom feature allows blowups of interesting areas to be made with the mouse alone. Images up to 4000 x 4000 pixels can be produced and saved in a compressed format. Good documentation, technical information, file formats.
MCED203.ZIP MultiColor Sprite Editor (MCED)
MDRAW.ZIP 320x240x256 sprite editor for XLIB MDraw--Wonderful 320x240x256 sprite editor for XLIB. Lovely interface, all the basic features and then some. And it's Free!
MEMSCAN.ZIP MEMSCAN: Bit Mapped Graphics Memory Scanner
MGK110A.ZIP MEGIK v1.1 ASP-Multi-Platform GUI Toolkit 1/2 Create GUI apps in C for DOS, WINDOWS, OS/2. With same source code apps run portably on all platforms (1.1 has DOS only, WINDOWS and OS/2 in preparation). Supports windows,menus, dialogs, controls, events, graphics, bitmaps, icons and more. Easier and faster to program than native GUI. Example code. Over 300 pages of comprehensive on-disk documentation.
MGK110B.ZIP MEGIK v1.1 <ASP> - Multi-Platform GUI Toolkit Create GUI apps in C for DOS, Windows, OS/2. With same source code apps run portably on all platforms (1.1 has DOS only, Windows and OS/2 in preparation). Supports windows,menus, dialogs, controls, events, graphics, bitmaps, icons and more. Easier and faster to program than native GUI. Example code. Over 300 pages of comprehensive on-disk documentation. No runtime fees. Shareware.
MKFNT8.ZIP Font editor
MKTIL16A.ZIP PC Tile editor
MMM20A.ZIP MULTIMEDIA MAKER will allow you to create custom presentations, advertising, tests, tutorials, courseware authoring, reports, school projects and much more. With this package you can combine real human SPEECH, and MUSIC with high resolution IMAGES (up to SVGA). Use this package to create your own custom AUDIO/VIDEO SHOWS on any subject, place, product or procedure. Now with Sound Blaster support. part 1 of 2
MTGRAP1.ZIP Multiple utilities for programming in 320x200x256
MTOOL11.ZIP MTOOL V1.01 - The Programmer's Tool! MOUSE EDITOR lets you create Mouse cursors. ICON EDITOR lets you edit icons up to 64x64 pixels. For users of Turbo C and Borland C++. Requires VGA Color, Microsoft mouse, and DOS 3.3 or higher. Shareware from Mathews Associates.
NPT31C.ZIP NeoPaint 3.1 - A complete image editing/paint program for DOS! Includes powerful features and naturalistic tools (such as oil and water colors) usually found only in more costly apps. Resolutions up to 24-bit. Supports PCX, TIFF & BMP formats.
PALEDIT.ZIP PalEdit is a simple but versatile Borland C++ 4.5 application that allows one to create perfect WinG identity palettes for 256 color bitmaps.
PCXUTILS.ZIP PCXUTILS, Raw saver,Tweaked saver,File viewer,Font converter
QPV16C.ZIP QPV/386 1.6c, the famous grafx viewer, incredibly fast!, with unique preview feature (nearly realtime), mouse panning etc., it supports VGA and many SVGAs (including VESA), requires 386 or better. JPG TGA GIF PCX BMP,IFF/ILBM PBM/PNM PCD (PhotoCD) NEW: supports PNG ("ping")!!!
RHGEN.ZIP Little programming util to generate the RGB or HEX values for any color or get the RGB colors for a HEX value. Hope U like it....
RIE103.ZIP Rimrock Icon Editor v1.03 for TCXL. Creates <ASP> custom EGA/VGA icons in 'C' form for use with the TCXL program interface libraries.
SCREEM.ZIP Screen Maker Utilities, version 1.0 Create, Display or animate text screens. Use for prototyping software interfaces, or for logo/introduction screens. Includes other batch file goodies. upld by author
SGRAB10.ZIP The sprite grabber v1.0
SHIMMER.ZIP single image random dot stereograms (SIRD) Program
SHOWSTOP.ZIP ShowStopper - A multimedia development tool for creating training applications or any kind of multimedia presentations. Scripts are created in a dBASE file to display screens with 256-color images & scrollable text as well as sound clips. Interactive Q&A supported. Create script using WAMPUM for Windows or dBASE clone. Included sample can be modified as reqd. Ward Mundy <ASP>, PO Box 1169, ATL 30301
SIRDSANI.ZIP Single Image Random Dot Stereogram Animator
SMPFNT.ZIP RasterFont Maker,Creating raster font files with Borland Resource Workshop and BC++
SPR_CUT.ZIP Sprite Cutter Utility v2.0. Written half in C and half in Assembly, Should be useful to all the people who are interested in game programming. The utility cuts from a PCX image file created by a graphic package, such as Deluxe Paint, sprite bitmaps and it also gives the possibility to play simple animation in order to see if the sprites are good enough.
SPRDES.ZIP Sprite designer v0.8, modex or VGA256 (shareware, no source)
SPRED40.ZIP Spred v4.0 sprite editor
SPREDIT3.ZIP Sprite Editor for 256 colour games. Very good A must for all game programmers. A lot of features and abilities. Animation,
SPRITE21.ZIP VGA and mouse req editor for creating/editing SPRITE graphics for many uses, esp. For making games and other applications using small graphics. Programmer's tool V2.1. Last revision date in archive: 08-22-1993.
SPRIV103.ZIP SPRITER V1.03, A useful tool for drawing: Sprites, DemoFonts,ICONS
STK110.ZIP Sprite toolkit, sample game, EGA/Herc (freeware, TC2.0 source)
SVGADIAG.ZIP SVGA DIAGNOSTIC UTILITY This diagnostic utility basically gathers as much information about your computer and video hardware as it can by checking the VESA BIOS, running various graphics functions in a 640x480x256color graphics mode, trying out other SVGA modes, and finally by asking you questions about what you saw and what your system is like.
TDRAW430.ZIP TheDraw Version 4.30 Screen Image Generator/Editor TheDraw is a powerful screen image generator/editor for color and monochrome video users. What does that mean? Literally, TheDraw makes designing and figuring out a video screen display childs play.
TED.ZIP Font cuter & editor & corrector bitmap optimization
TEXTER5.ZIP Font editor
TGAUTL.ZIP Utilities & Source Code For Targa File Access
TILER.ZIP Tile Maker For Graphics Programmers
TUMEDEMO.ZIP Demo of TUME mapeditor, for Sega/SNES/PC/Amiga...
TWEAK16B.ZIP WEAK 1.6 - Mold your own VGA modes
UNCHAIN2.ZIP UNCHAIN Planar VGA Mode 13h Enforcer There is a great deal of hype over "Mode X", but if you don't own a secondary video card (monochrome), it's impossible to debug in a Borland IDE without this util.
UVBE51A.ZIP UNIVBE v5.1a: Universal VESA BIOS driver makes SVGA cards compatible with VESA BIOS (VBE 2.0) standards so that games, CD-ROMs, utilities and other applications will work properly (and faster) in high resolution modes. Also includes: chip detection, power management, monitor centering and compatibility & performance testing utilities. Now supporting over 160 different SVGA chips. Previous Downloads: 10,145+
W_FONTED.ZIP Watcom font editor
VECANIM.ZIP Vector graphics editor and animator
VECED100.ZIP Vecedit vector editing package, first release version. Vecedit v2.00, Texedit v1.00.
VECED300.ZIP Vecedit! The ultimate FREEWARE 3D vector editor Up to 1000 polygons Gouraud/Texture
VED10.ZIP VED, vector editor
WIZDR175.ZIP Wizdraw Version 1.75; ANSI Drawing Program. If You Are Having A Tough Time Figuring Out Thedraw or Laughing Dog, Then Try Wizdraw.
YCSPED10.ZIP All game designers MUST download this program! yc's Sprite Editor is a 32x32x256 sprite editor for use by video game program designers for the IBM PC. This program requires a SVGA card capable of 640x480x256 and compatible with VESA, Trident or Video7 and a MS compatible mouse. It outputs C or Pascal source and is fully loaded with editing functions. Very nicely done with a very intuitive GUI. Very compact! A great addition to your game designing toolbox!

Windows Graphics utilities

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ESFTT20.ZIP ESFs TRUETYPE COLLECTION 1 V2.0 <ASP> 10 fonts for Windows 3.1 or WP 6.0 for DOS, with SETUP to install and preview, plus a tutorial on fonts. Includes: Apex, Century n/b, Cursive Elegant, Friz Quad n/b, Old English, Micro n/b, & Zap Chance. Shareware $25 registration, from Elfring Soft Fonts.
GIFWEB.ZIP Gif+Web v1.2 Transparent GIFs <ASP>. Converts GIF, bitmap, JPEG, and TIFF files to transparent GIF files Essential for web pages. Supports dithered color backgrounds. Option to make background grey. $19.00. Requires VBRUN300.
HYSNAP.ZIP HyperSnap 2.66(formerly SnapShot/32) CAPTURES WINDOWS 95 and NT SCREENS. Great for WEB & HELP use -save captures in PROGRESSIVE JPEG, or TRANSPARENT GIF, auto-select or choose BMP colors, and CROP CAPTURES within HyperSnap! Use HOTKEYS to grab your desktop, highlighted window areas, or user-defined areas. INCLUDE CURSOR in your captures! PRINT captures with frames, in reverse or black and white. AUTOMATIC FEATURES save time! "I encourage you to check it out." Windows OnLine Review
ICON.ZIP IconWorks rel.6 for Windows 3.1; Freely distributed, full-featured .ICO icon editor for Windows that rivals many shareware and commercial packages. It is full of tools and options, with complete online help.
ICON2BMP.ZIP This utility was created to provide a fast, easy way to convert an ICO image to a BMP image. This is useful since there are thousands of interesting ICO images floating around in the public domain and converting them to button glyphs can save a lot of development time.
IMGV16.ZIP ImgViewer/16 Graphics Viewer v1.0 <ASP> Windows Viewer for GIF and JPG. Easy to use viewer with quick zoom and simple editing, without the overhead of paint and cataloging programs. Full program, with 60-day time limit on usage. Req VBRUN300.DLL
LVIEWPRO.ZIP LView Pro is an image file editor for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 with NewShell. It loads/saves image files in: JPEG JFIF, GIF 87a/89a, TIFF, Truevision Targa, Windows and OS/2 BMP, ZSoft's PCX, and PBMPLUS' PBM, PGM and PPM formats.
MORPH32E.ZIP Morpher for Windows makes VfW digital movies using a 2-D morph between two still images.
NGCHR104.ZIP CHARTIST v1.04 <ASP> - A comprehensive flow and org charting package for Windows 3.x. Features full color and font support, multi symbol and border styles and auto routing of lines in multi styles. Also supports hyper text jumps, import of graphics into symbols and export of data to other applications. "Trophy Rated" by Public Brand SW. Shareware Indstry Awards "Best New Business App Of '92" Nominee. Novagraph, Dallas, TX, $69.95 + S/H.
PBROWSE2.ZIP Picture Browser written in Delphi
POLYV252.ZIP PolyView Version 2.52 by Polybytes. ~ PolyView is a shareware graphics viewer, file conversion, and printing utility for Windows NT and Windows 95. PolyView supports the majority of the popular image formats available on Windows and Unix systems.
PS3D201.ZIP PHOTO SHOW 3D v2.00 <ASP> - 3D Screen Saver for Windows that maps a BMP or PCX image to the surface of a 3D object and tumbles it across the screen. Great for company logos and family photos. Now supports all Windows video modes and can choose an image at random from the current directory. Requires a 386+. Registration includes JPG support.
PSP311.ZIP Paint Shop Pro v3.11 <ASP> The complete windows graphics program for image creation, viewing, and manipulation. Features include painting with 8 brushes, photo retouching, image enhancement and editing, color enhancement, image browser, batch conversion, and scanner support. Included are 20 standard filters and 12 deformations. Supports plug-in filters. Over 34 file formats supported. Winner SIA & ZiffNet awards. From JASC, Inc.
PSP32BIT.ZIP Paint Shop Pro v3.12-32 <ASP> The complete windows graphics program for image creation, viewing, and manipulation. Features include painting with 8 brushes, photo retouching, image enhancement and editing, color enhancement, image browser, batch conversion, and scanner support. Included are 20 standard filters and 12 deformations. Supports plug-in filters. Over 34 file formats. 32Bit Version. Winner SIA & ZiffNet awards. From JASC, Inc.
ROPS1643.ZIP RoPS --- Roger's PostScript viewer The RoPS interpreter is an implementation of the level 1 PostScript programming language interpreter described in Adobe Systems' book, the 'PostScript language reference manual'. RoPS is not an Adobe approved product. The name 'PostScript' is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
SDRAW95.ZIP SmartDraw 95 Draw & Flowchart for Windows 95 WINNER BEST GRAPHICS PROGRAM 1995-Shareware Industry Awards. SmartDraw is the Windows program that lets anyone draw great looking flowcharts,diagrams and business graphics. Better value and easier to use than Visio, SmartDraw provides drag & drop drawing and lines between shapes that stay connected. Works with the Microsoft Office and other programs as a OLE Server, and much more!
SNAP230.ZIP (v2.30)SnapShot/32 scrn. capture, Win95/NT Capture entire desktop, individual window or client area, or draw rectangle to select. Print w/opt. reverse black and white, save to BMP or GIF or copy to clipboard. Hot key activation for captures with menus pulled down.
SPRANI11.ZIP SPRITE-ANIMATOR V 1.1 for Windows 3.1/3.11 with Win32s or Windows 95 or Windows Nt (>=3.5) NEEDS WING!! Very useful tool for testing sprite- animations. You can use every paint program for creating the animations.
SSMMEDIA.ZIP Shoe-String multimedia The object of Shoe-String MultiMedia is for you (the salesman) to use a back ground image relating to one of your products which you need to promote. Locate and program Hotspots over the key points of this image.So that when you click on a Hotspot , the Media previously saved will automatically appear on screen and play. I suppose one might call this program, a form of a MultiMedia file manager system ?
VUEPRO41.ZIP VuePrint Pro/32 Edition v4.1, reads, writes, and prints JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PCX, and TIFF files. Shareware.