DOS File/Disc/CD utilities

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

144TO2_0.ZIP Changes 1.44 meg disks To 2.0 meg disks
2M30.ZIP High Capacity Floppy Formatter 3.0 100% safely and 100% reliable formats to: 3.5 DD (720K): 984K / 1066K / 1176K 3.5 HD (1.44M): 1804K / 1886K / 1972K 3.5 ED (2.88M): 3608K / 3772K / 3944K 5.25 DD (360K): 820K / 902K / 976K 5.25 HD (1.2M): 1476K / 1558K / 1639K
ALTER255.ZIP ALTER allows the user to change the date, time, and attributes of disk files.
ANA.ZIP Flexible Utility for analysing binary data in a user specified form Displays the hexadecimal contents of file interactively.
ATARI.ZIP ST2DOS will make Atari ST written Floppy Disks readable under DOS.
BINSUB14.ZIP BINSUB 1.4 Basically it will let you search any type of file for any type of string, up to about two thousand characters in length, and replace it with another string of variable length up to about two thousand characters.
CDBENCH.ZIP BenchmarkAnalizer for CD-ROM-Drives English/German//Englisch/Deutsch All Rights Reserved (c)1987-94 by: DesignerTeam Rolle&Schild (tm)
CDDA.ZIP CDDA - What is it? CDDA is a simple utility to allow the transfer of the DA (audio) tracks from a CD to a hard drive. This release only supports the Toshiba 3401 CD-ROM drive and a SCSI controller running an ASPI driver, and MSCDEX. Because the 3401 needs proprietary commands to setup and read the audio sectors, I chose to talk to the drive through the ASPI interface. I hope that most people with the 3401 have gone the ASPI route. The program also uses a few of the MSCDEX commands.
CDDA13.ZIP CD-ROM Duplicate Analyzer v1.3 Will read "allfiles" listing for 2 CD-ROM discs and quickly produce a listing of duplicate files found between each, and duplicates found within the disc. Want to know if that new CD wil duplicate what you already have? Use CDDA to prepare analysis. Supports 20,000 files/CD list.
CDBNCH.ZIP CD Bench V1.00s, checks the data transfer rate of your CD ROM drive
CDC105.ZIP BenchmarkAnalizer for CD-ROM-Drives
CDGRAB.ZIP CD Grab, read CD-audio tracks
CDM34.ZIP Compact Disc MASTER v3.4 - full featured, DOS based controller for playing audio CDs on most CDROM drives. Special features are included for the SB Pro, SB16 and PAS-16. Shareware. Written by author of BLASTER Master, Gary Maddox (1995)
CDR310.ZIP CD RESIDENT is a simple to use audio CD player that stays in memory once installed, allowing you to run any other program but still control your CD player. CD RESIDENT also incorporates a number of other useful features such as a peak level meter.
CDT.ZIP CD-TOOLS v1.15 A utility for ROM/AUDIO CD's
CDTEST09.ZIP CD-TESTER,cd-rom integrity test program
COMPFL10.ZIP COMPare FILEs v 1.0 A filecompare tool wich can check on size, time and CRC32. It can optional generate a human readable errorlevel besides the one it always generates.
DA2WAV13.ZIP CDDA, copy CD audio and MPEG streams from CDI digitaly
DAC21.ZIP Digital Audio Copy V2.1 Now supports SCSI Drives via ASPI !!! Copy Audio Tracks from CD to Hard Disk. Convert them to 11, 22 or 44khz Stereo/ Mono (Mix/Left/Right). Comfortable SAA User Interface. Tools for CD Access included: CDOPEN, CDCLOSE, CDLOCK, CDUNLOCK, CDPLAY, CDSTOP, CDPAUSE, CDRESUME, CDSKIP, CDVER, CDBENCH, CDRESET, CDSIZE, CDCHECK. CDCHECK is a Tool to scan Files on a CD for Read errors.
DCF50.ZIP DISK COPY FAST v5.1 : Powerful 1-pass diskette duplication utility. VERY fast. Support DMF, XDF, selected FDFORMAT, 800KB, MAC HD and standard formats. Support PS/2. Command line or menu driven; Hot keys for backup or multiple target; Mouse support; Format diskcopy diskcomp all in 1 pass; Use extended memory; Image file; On-line help;
DFL340.ZIP DUPLICATE FILE LOCATOR V3.40 <ASP> Best Duplicate File Locator v3.40- The BEST Duplicate File Locator in the world. Knows all, sees all. Security scanning, Load/Save, HUGE disks, ALL archives, include/exc lude dirs and trees, command files, multiple file masks, virt memor y. Scan CDs. Upgrade today! Utilities - Disk/File W.S. ATARAS ENGINEERING
DFMAKE.ZIP DFMAKE, joins a number of files in a unique BIG file
DSKDUP51.ZIP DISKDUPE TRIAL V5.1 R8 - A disk duplication program used by professionals worldwide. Its features include single pass duplicating, automatic formatting and disk change sensing, byte-by-byte comparing, Relay and Cascade copying, 5.25" to 3.5" disk conversions, support for Microsoft's 1.68Mb DMF format, user definable jobs, and more. Unlock Code available for registration. From Micro System Designs, Inc. $29.00
DUPE14D.ZIP Find duplicates
FAKECD.ZIP Fake CD fakecd is a program that simulates a CD-ROM drive with a directory of a hard drive. Its intended purpose is to allow running of CD-based software entirely from a hard drive.
FINDS101.ZIP Find strings in any file
GGREP.ZIP Find regexp patterns in files
GREPFV10.ZIP Text/binary/archive regular expression sear
MAKEUU11.ZIP Create self-decoding uuencoded files, w/C src
MLRDIZ10.ZIP My Little Realm's DizzE v1.0 <ASP> - The DIZ editor of your dreams. Create, load, print, and save. Checks for the hyphen that BBS's require in the first two lines. Checks for too many lines (more than ten). Allows blocking operations. Deletes DIZ files. Prevents accidental overwrites. Prints your pithy masterpiece in one of three positions: normal, top center & dead center. Cost: $10 + 5 s/h. IBM compatible required.
MSOFT17F.ZIP MSOFT17F will format a 3.5" floppy disk to the new format scheme being used by Microsoft. This new scheme creates a floppy that holds 1.7 megs rather than the standard 1.44. It is impossible to make a backup copy of one of the new Microsoft releases using the standard floppy format/copy procedures.
NCAV48BA.ZIP AVIEW V4.8 Beta-A, 27-Jan-95, The Norton Commander Archive Viewer. A small utility to manipulate ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, PAK, RAR, SQZ, UC2, ZIP and ZOO files, lots of options, can be fully mouse-operated, very easy to use, can also be used as stand-alone utility.
RBS_FV15.ZIP Norton Commander Fileid.diz Viewer v1.5
REP127.ZIP Replicator v1.27 <ASP> - Diskette Database! Replicator is a disk image utility used to create images of diskettes and catalog them in a database. Recreate disks as needed. Store up to 10 description lines and a complete list of files contained on the original disk for each disk image in the database. Modify database entries at any time. Easy push button interface. Network support.
SBUST24R.ZIP Stick-Buster Version 2.40R Removes many types of executable compression and encryption!
SFC35.ZIP SERIAL FILE COPY (SFC35.ZIP), Feb 94, Ver 3.5, <ASP>. SFC allows the transfer of disk files (including entire directories) between any two IBM PC compatible computers using the serial ports. Features: COM1-COM4; baud rates to 115200; on line help; DOS Shell; 16 bit CRC; uses timestamps; uses the ARCHIVE bit. Use to back up hard disks easily. By MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. $30.
SUPER219.ZIP SUPER-CDX , version 2.19 SUPER CD-ROM Extension A functional equivalent to and replaces MSCDEX.EXE, the Microsoft Multi-Media extensions.
UN_DUP01.ZIP Rosenthal Un_Dup v1 <ASP> - Windows & DOS disk space recovered from duplicate files and optimize "PATH" statement for the most efficient access speed. FREE BONUS supports highly acclaimed Rosenthal UnInstall (tm). "Highest awards! Excellent!"
UUXFER20.ZIP Comprehensive UU/XX en/decoder with C source
XRAY.ZIP XRay is a simple file dump program designed for looking at files in non-text formats. It will display the contents of a file in either decimal or hexadecimal.
ZDIF14.ZIP ZDIFF v1.4 The Archive/Directory comparison 1.4 version : Real mode + DPMI included, and MANY new options ! ZDiff compares 2 archives (even of different formats), 2 directories, or an archive and a directory > it's FAST ! Zip, Arj, Lha, Lzh, Pak, Arc, Zoo archives supported. 32-bit or 16-bit CRC comparison.

Windows File and Disc utilities

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

CDLAB2.ZIP CDLABEL for Windows, application designed to print labels for CD jewel boxes
CDPLAY35.ZIP CDPlayer v3.5 Windows Audio CD Player for both Windows and DOS. Provides all the functions associated with a normal CD player together with the ability to catalogue and search your CD collection. Features include Custom, single, shuffle, and repeat program play. Fit tracks to time, track skip, music search, replay track and pause. Plus browse through Disc catalog. From Jupiter Software.
CDQCK120.ZIP CD-QUICK Cache v1.20 <ASP> PC Mag 1995 Best Shareware of the Year Award winner! CD-Quick will improve the performance of any CD-ROM drive by storing frequently read data in fast XMS memory. Uses advanced caching techniques for top performance. Includes CDTEST to measure your CD-ROM drive's performance and the Windows' QUICKMON program to show cache statistics in real time. INSTALL program makes setup easy. For DOS/WIN. Shareware $29
CDR134.ZIP CDRec, CD-Rom playing utility
CDRUNR.ZIP CD-Runner for Windows 2.1 - New Version includes the ultimate Audio CD player & CD-ROM runner; actual faceplate from a CD player used to play CDs. Also includes CD/CD-ROM Libraries & CD-ROM Multi-Disk Changer support. VERY EASY TO USE, CD-Runner automatically identifies CD/CD-ROM loaded & runs it! Version 2.1 is now compatible with a wide range of computers (CD-ROM drive & sound board types).
COMPWIZ.ZIP Compress Wizard v1.4b filecompressor
CRON11.ZIP CRONO is a convenient utility to set date-time stamp(s) of your file(s) to any specified value. It is especially useful when programmers or software publishers need to change the time stamps of their program files so that the time stamps can look neat and uniform and carry version information.
DF95_150.ZIP DRAG AND FILE for Win 95/NT v.1 5 <ASP> Very powerful and easy Windows file manager- Drag And File is a very powerful replacement for Windows File Manager. Copy, move, view, zip files from single or multiple windows. Config toolbar. DOS command line. Synch. directories. Filter Sets. Views files on all drives. Network Shows duplicate files. Windows - Utilities DAN BAUMBACH - CANYON SOFTWARE
DIRSORT1.ZIP Directory Sorter V1.1 for Windows 95. Directory Sorter will physically sort all your files and directories into Alphabetic. Great for Zipping, Copying or Backing up files in Alphabetic order. Also eases brain strain when listing and handling files from the Win95 DOS prompt. Restricted Shareware version.
DISKERS.ZIP Diskers: Disk/File Duplicator (v 1.52) Easey to Use Disk to Diskette Copy Utility. Great for Win'95 users. Create diskette Image files from floppys. Use them to re-create the original diskettes at a later time. Perfect for installation diskettes, and when the boss says "Make two copies each of these 10 diskettes". (Req: VBRUN300.DLL)
DISKL310.ZIP DISKLIST v3.10 <ASP-U> - produces lists & labels with the directory contents for 5.25", 3.5", and hard disks in 39 formats. DISKLIST reads all sub-dirs. Prints different or duplicate lists on every label on Avery Laser label sheets. Prints on disk sleeves with PCL5. Font downloading. Can display file names in ZIP, LHZ, etc. DISKFLAP holds non- sticky list to 3.5" disks. Configure list layout. Shading, multiple selection spec.
DSPACE9.ZIP DSpace 9 for Windows - English Searches thru multiple disks for duplicate and superfluous (scratch) files. Equal files are found, even when they do not have the same name. Works fine in networks. Helpfile and installation program provided. Manual for registered users. Also available in German.
DVGOLD10.ZIP Drag And View Gold v.1.0 - File Viewers for Win 3.1 File Manager or any file manager that supports Drag and Drop. ASP Shareware. Drag And View adds what's missing to file manager. Views most popular database, word processor, spreadsheet, and graphic formats, plus also ASCII and HEX. Copy to clipboard, print, search and goto functions. Open multiple windows.
DZ95_113.ZIP Drag And Zip For Windows 95/NT v.1.0 Zip File Manager. Zip and unzip file with a right button click. Built-in zipping and unzipping. Built-in extraction of GZ and TAR. Links to Netscape and Mosaic. Makes Windows hosted self extracting Zips. Creates backup sets to automate zipping Interfaces to LHA. ASP Shareware.
EGREP.ZIP Fast search for text in specified files
FERRET.ZIP File Ferret 1.10 File Finder Superior search features including multiple disk drives, multiple file mask, date & size ranges, text searches, export and printing capabilities. Registered Version includes file viewer. A Novell Netware specific version is also available.
FILEFIND.ZIP Nifty James File Finder for Windows
FINDTEXT.ZIP FindText is a text search utility that enables you to quickly find files containing a particular text string anywhere on your disk.
GREP12.ZIP WGrep v1.2 Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled on the UNIX utility of the same name. It is particularly useful as a programmer's tool for searching program source files for specific variables or function calls.
GREPDLL.ZIP Documentation for GREP.DLL The Grep DLL was written to enhance Huw Millington's WinGrep program. It allows the program access to a more robust set of GREP type searches. But, it may be used as a grep engine to any program that has the ability to call a DLL. Version 1.0 of GREP.DLL has three functions.
IFA.ZIP INSTANT FILE ACCESS (tm) Version 3.02.6 enhances the Open-File dialogs of Windows applications by adding file/directory recall, file manager functions, a toolbar, floating windows of frequently, accessed files global file/text search and replace. Also allows replacing of old style open dialogs with standard Common File Open Dialog. Now works with Windows 95
LIST91B.ZIP LIST Plus is a general purpose file browsing and viewing utility. Features include file selection/utility menu, selective printing, telephone dialer, scrollable windows, and viewing files within archive files. Version 9.1b improves split window displays.
MULTVU20.ZIP MULTIVU (TM) v2.0 <ASP> Windows utility for viewing files up to 2 GB. Scan disk for text, files. Fast text search. Up to 20 open files. Drag 'n' drop support. File 'preload' for smooth scrolling. Browse ZIP, ARJ, LZH contents. Load, search, print while browsing or using other programs. Bookmarks. Separate screen and printer fonts. Network compatible. For Windows 3.1, 95, NT.
NBENCH.ZIP Nbench 2.0 for Windows NT and Windows 95 Aug 1995 Nbench reports the following components of performance: - CPU speed: integer and floating operations/sec - L1 and L2 cache speeds: MB/sec - main memory speed: MB/sec - disk read and write speeds: MB/sec Version 2.0 adds multi-threaded measurements, along
REPW101.ZIP Replicator For Windows v1.01 - <ASP> Replicator is a disk image utility used to create images of diskettes and catalog them in a database. Recreate disks as needed. Store up to 10 description lines and a complete list of files contained on the original disk. Modify database entries at any time. Optionally compress images and scan disks for viruses. Network support. Easy to use!
SABDU291.ZIP SAB Diskette Utility Version 2.91 (ASP) THE MS Windows Diskette Utility Format/copy/compare/save floppy diskette images in foreground or background. Read a diskette once and make multiple copies. Save images to hard drive. Convert diskette image formats while preserving boot and reserve sectors. Create distribution sets with group restores. Browse diskettes and saved diskette images. Shareware from SAB.
SMI95V13.ZIP SmilerShell/95 1.3 - Win95/NT control center and command line takes NO screen space! Like Dashboard plus 4DOS, without the heavy memory requirements. Launch from favorite-apps list, switch to running app, cal/clock, real-time mem/rsrcs report, FindFile. Cmdline runs DOS or WIN pgms, hist/edit/srch, fast dir change over multiple drives ... and keeps Explorer in sync! Command completion, aliases, 4DOS cmds, more! "Must-have" (Windows Mag)
SPACEH.ZIP Space Hound 1.64 Win Disk Utility Find duplicate files, "sniff out" wasted space and forgotton files. Includes printable directory tree which reports storage usage within nested directories. Version info display, file compare, file extension display, file and directory deletion, deletion tracking statistics, miscellaneous reports and more. Works great on networks also.
SPCMK140.ZIP Space Maker(TM) v1.40 - A powerful duplicate file search utility for Microsoft Windows. The purpose of the program is to reclaim extra space on your hard drive by identifying and optionally deleting duplicate files. You can also list all files on your disk in alphabetical order, execute them, delete or mark them for deletion with a simple click of a button, and more... Registered users can upgrade to the Enhanced Version with unique features such as listing duplicate files among different drives (!) and scanning for the largest, oldest and newest files, and more... Requires: 286+, VGA+, Windows 3.1+ (Shareware)
TEA100.ZIP Welcome to the Stardust AutoPlay Teaser Toolkit for Windows 95! Please take the proper time to evaluate it. The Stardust AutoPlay Teaser Toolkit is the fastest, easiest way to create a professional quality AutoPlay "teaser" for your CD product!
UCOPYW20.ZIP ucopy is a utility program for Windows ucopy copies or moves new & updated files skipping unchanged ones, and ignoring those specified by you, e.g. *.TMP and *.BAK, even when copying or moving all files (*.*).
WIMA9522.ZIP WINIMAGE 2.20<ASP>THE WINDOWS DMF DISK IMAGER This .ZIP:Win32:WinNT-x86,Win95,Win3.1+Win32s New : Win32s, DMF bug fixes, explorer-like icon under Win 95.True background in WinNT/95 New in version : CAN READ/WRITE/FORMAT DMF under WinNT 3.5,!WIN95!, Win3.1. support LFN Contain both Win 3.1 and WinNT Intel version make disk image from floppy, extract file from image, make an empty image, inject file on it and put the image on blank disk. TRUE WINDOWS APP (modern interface). English, french, german and spanish. Change image format,defrag delete file on image. POWERFUL BATCH ASSISTANT
WINZIP.ZIP WinZip 5.6 w/Built-in ZIP TAR gzip & compress Easily Install/Try/UNINSTALL software in ZIPs PKZIP is not needed for basic ZIP operations Brings the convenience of Windows to Zipping "Best Utility" 1994 Shareware Industry Awards "Recommended Download" Windows Magazine 9/94 "Top 10" Windows Utility CompuServe Mag 10/93 Winner: Windows Magazine's 1993 WIN100 Award "Slick and Intuitive" Computer Shopper 5/94 "Easy to use" InfoWorld 4/18/94 <ASP>
ZC301.ZIP Zip Chunker 3.01 - Fast! ZIP File Splitter for DOS, OS/2, & Win32. Zip Chunker splits and sizes all types of files, including ZIP files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size. Files except ZIP files can be rejoined. Supports PKZIP 1.x/2.x files. ZIP files can be split so that they will extract to fit on a specific floppy size.
ZIPNAV.ZIP FlashPoint Windows ZIP navigator
ZIPWRK22.ZIP ZipWorks v2.2 Zip File Utility ZipWorks is a full featured 32 bit ZIP file manipulater for Windows 95. The built-in 32 bit compression is fully compatible with PKZIP v2.04. The VB 4.0 32 bit Runtime Module, VB40032.DLL, is required to run this program. Shareware
ZS25A.ZIP Zip Studio 2.5 (Part 1/2) New major release for the Windows ZIP/ UNZIP API: A Zip Shell, Multiple parts and encrypted ZIP files support, Zip functions are 600% faster, informations functions are over 1000% faster........
ZS25B.ZIP Zip Studio 2.5 (Part 2/2) New major release for the Windows ZIP/ UNZIP API: A Zip Shell, Multiple parts and encrypted ZIP files support, Zip functions are 600% faster, informations functions are over 1000% faster........