DOS programming utilities

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

2SCRNS20.ZIP TWOSCREENS v2.0: TSR that can copy the text from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor;
ABSADR.ZIP ABSADR v1.0 Absolute address calcluations.
ACONVERT.ZIP PEYEB LABS' File Converter This is a little programm to convert ASCII to C, Basic and BAT format. You can Also print any ASCII file.
ALG22.ZIP APPLICATION LABEL GENERATOR v2.2 <ASP> - The Application Label Generator will print the labels most used by the shareware author. Registration $19.00
ANALYZE2.ZIP C source files analyzer
ASMLOOK.ZIP LOOK.COM is a very simple program that searches DOS memory from the bottom (0:0) to the top as reported by int 12h for the string entered on the command line. with asm src
BETA27.ZIP THE BETA TEST PROGRAM v2.7 <ASP> - This application is designed to assist software authors in developing a beta test program. The application includes a report generator that assists in insolation of bugs in beta software. Registration $19.00
BIOSR1.ZIP BIOS Reporter v1.0 <ASP> - actively reports system information available in BIOS data area; can be run as pop-up TSR to report changes to BIOS values while a second program is running. Allows printing
BLD23.ZIP Builder 2.3 is a code generator and function library which makes developing professional Clipper systems. Builder creates mouseable applications. Many window types available: Dialog, Picklist, TBrowse, Handcode, File Maintenance, Related Maintenance. Also includes a report code generator. Includes extensive function library. [ASP]
BRIK2EXE.ZIP General-purpose CRC-32 program, v2.0
CALC_JNC.ZIP CALC_JNC VERSION 9.51 <ASP> The Ultimate TSR Calculator- Automatic conversions from decimal,hex,octal and binary.All logical functions supported. Full floating point calculations. Entry of complex formula's. Paste. Colors. Line Printer. Moveable. Online help. Manual. Memories. TSR. Much more...
CDMTCH10.ZIP CodeMatch 1.0 - Smartly matches two source files by ignoring/including comments, spaces, preprocessors, and character case. Works with C/C++, Pascal, Basic, Assembly, Clipper, or dBase. Easy to use!
CDOC.ZIP Scan C source & extraction function calls
CENVID.ZIP CEnvi Scripting Language v2.10 <ASP> DOS The CEnvi Cmm Interpreter for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and NT. Nombas is pleased to introduce CEnvi, the first cross-application / cross-platform macro-language interpreter. With CEnvi you can take control of your computer. CEnvi scripts give you the full power of a computer language, without the hardware, time, and engineering resources needed for developing full-blown low-level programs. Power, safety, and simplicity make CEnvi ideal for scripting/ma cro uses.
CFOG102.ZIP C-FOG 1.02 <ASP> - c-fog obfuscates C source code making it difficult for humans to understand, or copy. This allows you to distribute programs for multiple platforms as source code. C-FOG processes preprocessor directives, renames identifiers, octalizes strings, removes comments and converts all flow control to if ... gotos. For all Intel PCs. JAYAR Systems. (416)751-5678 $24.00
CL121.ZIP CODELISTER v1.21 ASP - A Progam used to print C source code with statistics giving the number of lines of code and a Table of Contents of function names and the page in the listing where the function can be found. CodeLister can also print multiple pages on a sheet of paper. $20.00
CLT165.ZIP CLint v1.65: tool which reads the source files of your C programs, & generates reports about possible problems;
CPAR01.ZIP CPAR - C Source Code Parallelizer for MS-DOS CPAR is a preprocessor to facilitate a simple-minded form of multitasking. With the addition of a few preprocessor statements to C source code, selected routines may be parallelized. Once a routine has been parallelized, it can be executed several times, and will perform a little bit of its job on each execution. Several parallelized routines can then be called sequentially from a loop, so that on each loop iteration, each routine performs a little bi t of its job.
CPC202.ZIP CodePrint for C/C++ Version 2.02 Jan 1996 Full-featured command-line driven source code reformatter and pretty printer for the C and C++ programming languages. Over 20 customiza- tion features including auto-indent, adjust- able tab spacing, indent styles, flow lines, comment alignment, and line editing for con- sistent white space. For IBM PCs, 640K, hard drive and DOS 3.1 or later, Shareware from Geist Microsystems. License fee: $25/$49.
CSCOP122.ZIP C-SCOPE 1.22 <ASP> C-scope completely analyzes the functions in a multi-file C program. c-scope produces reports showing which file each function is defined in and its starting line number in the file; the functions defined in each file; functions calling calling and called by each function; Static Calling Tree and complexity metrics. For all IBM PCs and compatibles. From JAYAR Systems. (416)751-5678 $24.00
CXT230.ZIP The C Function Tree Generator (CFT) and the C Structure Tree Generator (CST) are powerful program development, maintenance and documentation tools. They provide the programmer the ability to analyse the C or C++ source code of applications, no matter how big or complex they are. CFT and CST are very useful to explore new, unknown software and to support software reuse and maintenance.
DC.ZIP DC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS, v1.4 <ASP>, March 1995 This program can create and evaluate computer circuits. The documentation functions as a tutorial on computer circuits. The program requires a 286 or later, EGA or VGA graphics adapter and a color monitor. It can run in 300 KB of RAM. A mouse is recommended and a math coprocessor will speed up calculations. Neither mouse or math coprocessor is required. From Arthur Tanzella, $15.00 (US)
DESIGN25.ZIP THE DESIGNER'S FRIEND v2.50: "A Productivity Enhancer for Programmers", is 7.5K TSR util that automates many interface & screen design tasks; includes functions to centre strings in a field, count the characters in a string, read a string off the screen, write a string to the keystroke buffer, display an ASCII chart, create bit masks, etc.; 06/17/92.
DINT-SW1.ZIP DOS Interrupt tool - 21h.
DMAKE200.ZIP The DemoMaker v2.00 <ASP> Create slide show demos & presentations with screen effects. Extremely easy to use! Program authors can create demos of their software, BBS sysops can create tutorials for their systems. The presentations created are self EXEcuting programs that end users can run. Released as fully functional shareware!
DOCZ16.ZIP DOCZ is a software development tool that allows the sharing and re-use of software modules by automating the documentation of subroutine libraries and programs. DOCZ builds reference manuals, revision notices, and on-line help libraries for use in software development environments under MSDOS.
DOS_LOG.ZIP This file was written to keep a running log of DOS commands issued. Speed! 100% Programmed in 386+ Assembly New "dir", and "type" commands w/color Tab filename finishing Random Screensavers/Demos 5 Sweet Display Modes (25/28/33/40/50) Only 368 bytes resident in memory Configurable Fonts and palette Screen Dimmer/Brightener Like 4DOS but smaller and easier to use!
DWRK11I.ZIP Demo Workshop v1.1i - Demo/Tutorial Maker Create on-line demos & presentations using actual screens recorded (in motion) from DOS programs. Edit the recording with the DW presentation editor like editing a movie. Cut and resequence scenes, add pop-up menus & text windows.Special effects too! No programming required. Output is .EXE file with no restrictions on use. Fully functional ASP shareware from P2 Enterprises.
EXEVALC.ZIP This package contains the complete source code for an .EXE file validation system that can be used in C and C++ programs. Using this system you can make it more difficult for people to tamper with your program's executable file. This can be of benifit to prevent users from altering copyright notices, copy protection schemes and other information stored in your program's .EXE file.
FILTRY11.ZIP FILTRY v 1.10, analog filterdesign program
FULLVIEW.ZIP View memory or debug programs - v5.0, powerful TSR written in Assembly. Pushbuttons, icons, animated icons, pulldown menus, the works! Borland compiler compatible
GUIDE101.ZIP GUIDE Freeware 1.01: the Generic Universal Integrated Development Environment for Programmers. An IDE for ANY command-line compiler. Up to 5 files open at once, definable compiler, linker, editor and viewer. Run your compiled program and view output at any time! Easy & flexible filename passing, pull- down menus and hotkeys simplify everything! Freeware by Stephan Beal
HCAT1.ZIP HYPERCAT V1.0 <ASP> Hypertext catalog/authoring application. - Super-easy, hypertext catalog and authoring system. Scrollbar menus that display hyper- text, run external programs, display graphics or more menus. Mouse support, bookmark, order form, colors, sound, data compression, topical/string search, history, CD-ROM support, EMS support, international date and currency, context sensitive help, tutorial and more. Mouse recommended.
HELPPC.ZIP Shareware tsr with great dos info
HEXER.ZIP Great Text/Hex editor, that also is a dissasembler, let's you view .EXE and .COM files in assembly calls.
HEXUTILS.ZIP Three utilities for dealing with Intel hex format data files.
ID3-2.ZIP MICRO-ID is used to mark ownership information in computer hard disk drives. Once a computer hard disk has been marked law enforcement officials can use the information to identify the owner of the computer in the event that the computer is recovered as stolen property. Such information is accessed using a special law enforcement program called COP-ONLY.
INCBIN10.ZIP Psycon Software Include-Binary Utility V1.0 IncBin is a small utility that allows for the including of binary files into an executable (EXE) file. This can be useful for programmers who wish to easily include bitmapped graphics or sound samples or any type of data into their programs without the hassle of linking them in or loading them in at runtime.
INTRO30.ZIP Intro maker
IXREF11B.ZIP Interactive Cross Reference (IXREF) v1.1B: simple programming tool that helps you quickly understand C or C++ source code by turning C or C++ code into a cross referencing database, w/interactive features
JSEDIT11.ZIP JSEdit - assists programmers in reading and ASCII and HEX codes.
KEYDEF.ZIP KEY DEF, allows you create macros and redefine your keyboard
KEYSCAN2.ZIP Keyboard Scan Code Interpreter.
KEYSCN12.ZIP Popup Help, Convert Keys to Hex Code.
LOGIC.ZIP LOGIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS, v1.1 <ASP>, March 1995 This program can create and evaluate logic circuits. The documentation functions as a tutorial to learn about logic and digital computers. The program requires a 286 or later, EGA or VGA graphics adapter and a color monitor. It can run in 300 KB of RAM. A mouse is recommended, but not required. From Arthur Tanzella, $20.00 (US)
LORAM100.ZIP Simulate low ram conditions for program test.
MKUTIL22.ZIP SCITECH MAKEFILE UTILITIES v2.2: The SciTech Makefile Utilities combines DMAKE with a set of pre-configured configuration files and batch files for re-compiling SciTech Software products. Supports Borland C++, Watcom C++, Visual C++, Symantec C++, Metaware C++ and DJGPP.
MRKEXE10.ZIP MARK EXE 1.0 allows a message (copyright or other) to be placed at the beginning of EXE files taking up no room. Highly visible from TYPE command and HEX editors and adds a nice touch to your .EXEs.
PAKHEX.ZIP Packhex is a hex-file compaction utility. It attempts to concatenate hex records to produce more size-efficient packaging.
PAR.ZIP PARSE-O-MATIC 3.40A - Programmable file modifier. Use it for Importing, Exporting, Auto-Editing, Text Extraction, Data Conversion, Table Lookup, Retabbing, Info Weeding, Selective Copying, Binary-File to Text, Report Reformatting, Text Folding, Batch Creation, Tab Removal, Filtering, Recasing, Column Switching, Properizing.
PCECAP30.ZIP PC-ECAP v3.0 <ASP> - AC circuit analysis pgm. Calculates magnitude, phase, group delay, impedance, VSWR, and return loss. Now also calculates TRANSIENT response with one of 8 waveforms as input. Handles circuits with up to 90 nodes and 1000 components. Completely menu driven, very easy to use. Many features. High res plots on screen or 9/24 pin printer or HP LaserJet/DeskJet. All video adapters supported. Shareware $89.
PINFO.ZIP The PSCI program for Dos is a utility to analyse 'C' and 'C++' source code files. The program displays the number of code lines, blank lines, inline comments and more. Even calculates the comment/code line percentage. This program is a must for all programmers, code writers and
PJ110.ZIP PJ V1.10 <ASP> Great source file management tool- An indispensible programming tool for use on a software project utilizing shared project libraries. Includes: Library checkout control; Automatic updating of Make and Library files; and Automatic 'BAK' versions of up to 1000 files/library.
THEPRN25.ZIP THE PRINTER 2.5 Programmer's database of printer codes for HUNDREDS of printers! The Printer helps eliminate a nightmare many programmers face: * Formatting text on the dozens or hundreds of different printers our users have. * To print bold here, italics there, etc., one needs printer codes that will work REGARDLESS of which printer a user installs. The Printer provides them!!
PROXY14.ZIP Proxy v1.4: interpreter for a rapid prototyping language with C/C like syntax based on modelling software using data structures such as sets, maps, sequences, and objects;
PWRBAT23.ZIP POWERBATCH v2.3 <ASP> A high-level command compiler which creates standalone .EXE programs. Great tool for replacing DOS batch files. All the functions of a .BAT file plus 80+ additional commands. If you can write a .BAT file, you can create a sophisticated, fast replacement. DOS 2.0 and up, 1 floppy and up, 128k and up. $30 shareware by CSD, Inc.
QPATCH13.ZIP Quick, Patch It Version 1.3. This is a complete patching program. Allows developers to update files easily, and quickly. Validates files before updating, makes changes, then verifies changes. Includes the make and patch files. Now with better reporting and delete file option. Registration $10.00.
RAND20.ZIP RAND 2.0-Random errorlevel generator [ASP] Generates a random errorlevel, any number between 0-x, where x can be up to 255. Can also be used to generate unique file names.
RANDKEY2.ZIP RANDKEY 2.00 -- Generate random bytes in a file from random keystrokes. A good balance between pure randomness and speed for generating test files, cryptographic keys, and possible other uses. Shareware registration: $25.00.
REG-410.ZIP Database program for programmers to keep track of user registrations. Two formats. Does Labels, Printer Dumps, etc.
REGKEY30.ZIP RegKey 3.00 - Registration key system for programmers. Supports C, C++, Turbo Pascal, QuickBASIC, VisualBASIC and others. Allows distribution of your software for demonstration purposes. When a user pays for your program, they receive a registration key which switches your application into registered mode, possibly enabling additional features.
SBI.ZIP Allows you to enter your registration info into your compiled executable file
SC10F.ZIP Extreme's SineCreator v1.00
SCANH326.ZIP ScanHelp v3.26 Makes help files (.TEX/.TPH/.TXT/.HDF) from TP code (PDN). Last revision date in archive: 01-23-1994.
SCH250.ZIP SCHOONER 2.50 GUI <ASP> - is a complete application development system that lets you create true DOS Graphical User Interface software. Dbase III+ file and Clipper '87 compiler compatible. Registration bonuses: Report Writer, Run Module Compiler, Royalty Free Runtime Module, Image Processing Tools, Wallpapers and Icons. $39.95. Jonathan Cook. For more information call: (209) 299-4958 Credit card orders only: (800) 242-4775
SCODE21.ZIP ScanCode Show v2.1 <ASP> - reports scan and ASCII codes as well as keyboard BIOS value for any keystroke, in scrolling display. Small, fast, and allows printing. For programmers and the curious. Freeware
SETMODE.ZIP Setmode 1.0, utility to use 320x200x256c progs with nonstandard resolutions
SG_V07.ZIP Sine Look-Up Table Generator
SIMHLP20.ZIP Simply Help v2.0 <ASP> - Create text based hypertext documents & help systems as stand alone EXE or TSR files. Includes complete integrated development environment (IDE) for hypertext. Modify any aspect of your document and instantly "run" it to see the results. Easy to use with pull down menus, dialog boxes, mouse support, internal editor, on-line help and much more... Shareware by Robert E. Pitcher
SINEMAKE.ZIP Sine V0.9, create sine-tables for ASM With it, you may, edit, compile, link, run, and debug assembler programs. You just need TASMX and TLINK.
SRCTIMER.ZIP Source code timer, helps you to optimize your code
SSHOT123.ZIP SnapShot v1.23: A Software Installation Aid. This program takes a snapshot of all the files and directories on your hard disk(s). It is designed to be run before installing a new software package and again after the package has been installed. The second time the program is run it will produce a text file detailing the files and directories that have been added, changed or deleted which can then be stored as a record of the installation. <ASP>
ST156.ZIP SCREEN Thief - Screen Capture System! SCREEN Thief v1.56 is a screen capture program that will capture the screens other programs cannot reach! Captures directly to .GIF, .PCX, .TIF or .BMP format, supports all VGA modes, plus extended support for Trident, Cirrus, Paradise, Tseng, S3-911 and Oak cards in SVGA modes. Will even capture soft fonts in text mode (such as those used by DOS 6). Requires 286 AT or better with VGA display. <ASP>
SWT311.ZIP SHAREWARE TRACKER v3.11 <ASP> - Business and record keeping office system for shareware authors. It keeps track of registered users, submissions, revenue and expenses. Update, tech support, subscription sales, and more. Mail-merges letters and labels. User-defined and pre-defined reports, and much much more. Requires a hard drive. DOS 3.3 or higher. Shareware $29. Minor update adds credit card ordering info.
THEPRN14.ZIP THE PRINTER 1.4 Programmer's database of printer codes for HUNDREDS of printers! It's designed to help eliminate a night- mare many programmers face: * Formatting text on the dozens or hundreds of different printers our users have. * To print bold here, italics there, etc., one needs printer codes that will work REGARDLESS of which printer a user installs. The Printer provides them!!
TJGOLD.ZIP Finally, there is an easy and convenient way to build state-of-the-art DOS applications. Introducing GOLD, the power toolkit for Turbo Pascal users. Gold is jampacked with a complete arsenal of user interface tools, including sophisticated input forms, multilayered windows, a desktop, database access, calendars ... you get the idea.
TLDR22.ZIP ToolDriver V2.02 <ASP> - Organizes software files and names. It comes with menus, mouse support and online help. Produces a File Parts List report showing loops and obsolete files. Makes changing names easy - in all source and documentation text files. REQUIRES: DOS 3.1 or higher. FROM: ConVal Software, Inc. Moorpark, CA (805) 529-6847 $59.95 Upgrade $29.95
TP_ASCII.ZIP Ascii - table v2.00.
VLOAD.ZIP V-LOAD 0.9 This is a tiny utility that allows you to link your own intros to any existing EXE-file. The output is a single EXE file that contains your intro plus for example a game. w/ ASM Source.
WSWPP21.ZIP Programmers Most Needed Most Popular TSR Combines the most needed online TSR Utils ALL IN 1 Convienent Configureable Package Latest revision Ver 2.01 Oct 1992 (c) Vince Butera.
XNAS213.ZIP XNAS, the C source structogramme generator.
XREF32.ZIP XREF v3.2 <ASP> - (formally C xref) Cross-references any number of C modules and outputs: 1) A list of their global variables and constants. 2) A summary listing of the functions. 3) A verbose list of the functions. 4) A tree of the function's calls and callers. Registered version now has DOS mem. extender. From DA Software. Shareware.