Windows 95/NT specific utilities

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

APTT100.ZIP AUTOPLAY TEASER TOOLKIT FOR WINDOWS 95 - TEST DRIVE - A toolkit for developers to create cool high quality Windows 95 AutoPlay "teaser" applications for CD products. Supports multimedia sounds and animated hotspots. No programming required. The toolkit requires a Windows 95 PC with about 1.5MB hard disk space.
AUTOKIT.ZIP AUTOPLAY DEVELOPMENT KIT BY GS TECHNOLOGIES. Rev: 31 Mar 1996. Contains shareware version of the AutoPlay Development Kit. This kit will allow you to put the finishing touch on your Windows 95 application by having AutoPlay support. Windows 95 will launch AutoPlay when a CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive.
CLIP95E.ZIP Win95 Enhanced Clipboard is a utility which replaces the Windows clipboard when it's AutoCopy mode is enabled, and allows an "unlimited" number of individual text items (64K bytes) to be copied into itself using the copy or cut commands within Windows applications.
ENVARS.ZIP Tools for utilizing MS-DOS environment variables in Windows 95
ESYICO.ZIP Easy Icons 95 icon editor
FDSTR95.ZIP This Windows 95 Search/Replace application was built to allow application developers, html writers, system/network administrators, and others to change a key word or phrase in many lines of many text files quickly and efficiently. Application developers can, for example, wire it into the Microsoft C++ visual work bench through its Options/Tools menu to enrich the editing capability. It can also be used stand-alone by developers or administrators who need to change a piece of information in one o r more lines of many files located in multiple directories.
IMPVWM22.ZIP The Imp Virtual Window 95 Manager v2.21
KEEPGOIN.ZIP Keep Goin' (Dial-up Helper Utility) Eliminates the hassle of hitting Connect every dial-up attempt. Detects the need to hit the "Connect" button when using Windows 95 Dial-up. Simply put this very small program in your StartUp group, and with the aid of RoboDun, or Microsoft's Dial-up scripting, you will be able to sail right onto the Internet.
MEMSTAT.ZIP MemStatus 1.1 MemStatus shows 32-bit Windows' (NT, 95) current memory status (physical memory in use, paging file in use, and overall memory load). As a percentage of use ascends, its bar becomes redder, its background darker blue. Anything above 80% will cause the percent digits to become red.
POSTIT.ZIP is a small Windows 95 software-'post-it'....
REGSRCH.ZIP Registry Search & Replace Is a Win32 utility which can be used to simplify maintenance of the Windows NT 3.5 and Windows 95 registration databases (the "registry").
SYSTIP.ZIP SysTips: System Tooltip Utility for Windows 95 SysTips is a small utility designed to help those new to the Windows 95 interface by providing "tooltips" for system items such as the Close button, Sizing buttons, System Menu and sizable borders.
UNZIP95S.ZIP FlashPoint UnZIP95 The Completely Simple (tm) solution for managing zipped archive files under Windows95. Integrates with the Windows95 Explorer to provide custom icons, property sheets and context menu controls for unzipping, testing and opening ZIP files. No painful nag/delay msgs. Support for ZIP 1-2.0 compatible files. Easier than WinZIP.
WH95-11S.ZIP WinHacker 95 Version 1.1 Shareware [1/1] This configures all the hidden options and secrets in Windows 95! A MUST-HAVE!
WIDEN14.ZIP **WideOpen for Word 6 and Windows 95.** Replaces the Word 6 Open and Save dialogs with the new Windows 95 dialogs, which support long file names, shortcuts, etc. Shareware. Requires Word 6 and Windows 95.