Various programming utilities

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

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AHLP14.ZIP AHELP5 1.40: distributed by MicroFox Company. Advanced Help & Index Library for Clipper 5.0 AHELP 1.40: MicroFox distributes exclusively. Advanced Help Library for Clipper Summer '87. AHLP14.ZIP contains both AHELP and AHELP5. Context sensitive help with popup windows for applications written with Clipper. Key word indexes available for complete system. <ASP> Written by Capella Inc. and distrbiuted by Jim Hass. [ASAD] <ASP> {STAR}
CENVI2.ZIP CEnvi Scripting Language v2.10 <ASP> For OS/2 The CEnvi Cmm Interpreter for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and NT. Nombas is pleased to introduce CEnvi, the first cross-application / cross-platform macro-language interpreter. With CEnvi you can take control of your computer. CEnvi scripts give you the full power of a computer language, without the hardware, time, and engineering resources needed for developing full-blown low-level programs. Power, safety, and simplicity make CEnvi ideal for script ing/macro uses.
CLR10.ZIP CONTENT LABEL RATING 1.0 <ASP> A system for labeling software and packaging to indicate contents such as violence or sexual material which may be of concern to parents or other consumers. CLR provides authors and publishers with a simple, inexpensive method of labeling or rating their products for sale in retail stores or other environments where such labeling may be needed or required.
FXTW104.ZIP FXT - the FORTRAN EXPLORATION TOOLS! The FORTRAN Function Tree Generator (FFT) is a powerful program development, maintenance and documentation tool. It provides the programmer the ability to analyse the FORTRAN source code of applications, no matter how big or complex they are. FFT is very useful to explore new, unknown software and to support software reuse and maintenance.
KFSOS220.ZIP KEYED FILE SYSTEM (OS/2) VERSION 2.11 <ASP> Subroutines for keyed file support (OS/2)- A set of powerful, easy to use, subroutines to allow the OS/2 programmer to create and use files having alphabetic or numeric keys. These routines provide the major functions for keyed files including reading, writing, deleting, etc.
MDF150.ZIP Complete software to produce and apply patches to your programs and data files. For DOS, OS/2, Windows 95 and Windows NT. It also produces self installing patches. C libraries and samples included. Shareware. Author:
MNDFRSFX.ZIP "MindFrame for Windows" is a freeware application developed to teach an object modeling approach presented in the book: "Object-Oriented GUI Application Development", This application is useful in many other areas as well, for example, in Bible study (metaphors, parables, prophecies, types), life form modeling, neural modeling, ecological modeling, biology, physics, astronomy, and task modeling. There are 25 sample applications covering these areas. There are also description of each of the sample application in the on-line Help. Please read "About MindFrame..." help topic for more information.