File converting programs

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

2OBJ110.ZIP 2OBJ v1.10 - Binary to OBJ file converter. This great programmer's utility to allows data files to be linked into programs. It supports and can decode CEL,GIF,LBM and PCX files and their palettes. Also splits > 64k files into multiple segments and generates file dependancy information for MAKE. C src is included. From NPS Software. FreeWare.
7BIT10.ZIP Filter converts high-ascii characters to 7-bit ascii. Useful for posting material to Internet or Usenet, since many of the Net machines can't handle the PC graphics characters. C source included.
ABE.ZIP ASCII<->binary encoding system w/error check
ASC2CLAR.ZIP Converts ASCII files to Clarion files.
ASC2PAS!.ZIP Convert Assembler source to Pascal.
ASCIFY13.ZIP Convert binary files to/from ASCII
BIN2ARR.ZIP Converts Binary Files Into Usefull C and ASM Include Files
BIN2DBG.ZIP BINARY -> DEBUG - binary file to (dos) debug script (binary)
BINCON10.ZIP Programmer's Utility to Convert Any File to A Linkable List.
BINTOC.ZIP Utility to convert binary data (bitmaps, textfiles, etc..) to C source code.
EXEHEX.ZIP EXEHEX - A Microsoft EXE to Intel HEX file converter
FORMAT83.ZIP Convert binary file to Intel hex
HEX_BIN.ZIP Converts Intel HEX files into binary
HEXBIN.ZIP Convert Com + Exe files to Hex and back
HEXCOM.ZIP Convert hex file to .COM
HLP2TPH.ZIP Turbopower HLP -> Borland HLP - Pascal help file converter
HTMLCO16.ZIP HTML -> ASCII - HTMLCon 1.6 (text)
HXOCDE.ZIP Hex/Decimal Conversion Utility - will give the Hexadecimal, Decimal, and Octal equivalent to any character entered at the prompt.
LDIFF12.ZIP Makes ASCII or Binary compressed .DIF files
MOT2INTE.ZIP Convert Motorola S1/S9 hex files to Intel hex. C source
STRIPLNK.ZIP StripLink (STRIPLNK.EXE) This application will copy all hyperlinks from any HTML file to a single file without much work.
STRIPTXT.ZIP StripText (STRIPTXT.EXE) This application will copy all pure-text lines from any HTML file to a single file without much work.
VCRPLUS.ZIP DECODE and ENCODE those darn VCRPLUS codes. With original INTERNET .sh and source modified for BC++.

Music and Sound converters

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

16VOCW.ZIP VOC <-> WAV (SB 16) - creative technology (sound)
2PAT20.ZIP Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format Converter & Player Importable file formats: AIFC,AIFF, AU, AVR, CDR,DEWF, DMF, DSF, DSM, EFE, EUI, F2R, FAR, FSM, GKH, IFF, INS, KRZ, MED, MDL, MOD, MTM, OKT, PAT, PSM, RAW, SAM, SBK, SDK(S50,S550,S330), SDS, SDX, SF, SMP, SND,SND(Akai),SNDR,SNDT, SPL, STM, S3I, S3M, SYW, TXT, TXW, 669, UL, ULT, UNI, UWF, VOC, WAV, WFB, WFD, WFP, XI, XM. Exportable file formats: AU, AIF, IFF, PAT, RAW, SBK, SDS,SND, TXT, WAV, WFB, WFP, clipboard,DAC-device. Au ditioning support (optional): Advanced Gravis UltraSound/MAX/ACE, Turtle Beach Maui/Tropez, Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32.
6692MOD.ZIP 669 -> 8-track MOD - v1.0 (music)
AWAVE27.ZIP A wave 2.7 Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format Converter, Editor & Player for Windows. Import_formats: AIFC,AIFF,ALAW, AU, AVI, AVR, CDR, DEWF, DIG, DMF,DSF,DSM,EFE(Ensoniq), ESPS,EUI, F2R, F3R, FAR, FSM, GKH, HCOM, IFF, INI(IBM MWave),INI(GUS), INRS, INS, KRZ(Kurzweil), MAT, MAUD, MED, MDL, MOD, MPA(MPEG),MP2, MTM, MUS10,NIST, OKT, PAC, PAT(GUS),PSION, PSM, RAW, SAM, SB, SBK(SB AWE32), SD1, SDK(Roland12b),SDS, SDX, SDW, 669, SF, SF2(EMU), SFD, SFI, SFR, SMP, SND, SNDR,SNDT,SPPACK, SOU, SPL, STM, S3I, S3M, SVX, SW, SYW, TXT, TXW, UB, UDW,ULAW, ULT, UNI, UW, UWF, V8, VAP, VOC,Wxx(Yamaha) WAV, WFB, WFD, WFP(TB WaveFront), XI, XM. + Export_formats: AIFF,ALAW, AU, DES, EFE, IFF, INI, MAT, MWS, UB,ULAW, UW, PAT, S3I, SB, SBK, SF2, SDS, SND, SW, TXT, VOC, WAV, WFB, WFP....
C2SND201.ZIP Deskmate SND <-> WAV/RAW - conv2snd 2.01 (Pascal) (music) Convert RIFF WAVE or raw, 8-bit digitized sound files to and from DeskMate Sound.pdm format. Features: selectable sampling rate, preprocessor for 16-bit and stereo .wav's, naming the converted sound, and automatic .wav detection. Source code and description of .snd format included.
CAKE2MID.ZIP Cakewalk 2.0 -> MIDI format 1 (music)
CONVRT14.ZIP 43 formats -> formats - Convert 1.4b (music) Convert v1.4B, (c) 1994 Jesus Villena The latest solution to obtain samples from: -Instruments: PAT,GKH,ED?,EF?,TXW,SDK,KRZ,SBK,SYW -Sound Files: SND,RAW,WAV,AIFF,IFF,AU,SMP,SDS,SDX,SF -Modules : MOD,MTM,S3M,ULT,FAR,669,DMF,UNI,DSM,OKT, STM,MED,PAC,PSM,F2R,F3R,XM ,DSP,UWF,FSM, S3I,SOU,DSF,XI and convert them to: PAT,SND,RAW,WAV,AIFF,IFF,AU,SF,SBK,SMP,SDS,SDX,UWF,FSM, S3I,SOU,DSF XI,SYW,TXW,INS NEW Stereo and Bidirectional Looping facilities. Che ck it out.
CV2SAM31.ZIP SAM <-> RAW/VOC/WAV - convert to SAM 3.01 (sound) MOD Edit users utility! This program converts raw sound data, VOC files and now WAV files, to SAM files (for use as MOD instruments). All major VOC and WAV types are now supported! Great speed enhancements were added to this version! Convert WAV, VOC, or raw to SAM, or SAM back to RAW for editing!
DA2WAV1G.ZIP CD digital audio data -> WAV - CDDA 1.0g (music)
EPS2TX16.ZIP Utility to extract waves from eps image files and convert to TX16W files
ESBK110.ZIP Utility to extract waves from eps image files and convert to TX16W files
KRZ2TX.ZIP This program converts Kurzweil files (*.krz) files to Yamaha TX16W .W wave files. (C Source)
MIDCMF.ZIP Mid -> CMF (SB) - creative technology (music)
MIDI2CS.ZIP MIDI -> CSOUND - Midi2Cs 0.92, create Csound scores (music)
MOD2669.ZIP MOD -> 669 (music)
MOD2MID.ZIP Mod -> midi (windows 3.x visual basic program)
MTMMOD11.ZIP MTM -> MOD - v1.1 (music)
PAT2RAW.ZIP GUS patch files -> raw samples (8/16-bit) (sound)
PTMID3.ZIP General midi 0 and 1 -> mod - ptmid 0.3 w/c source (music)
PVOCW.ZIP VOC <-> WAV (SB pro) - creative technology (sound)
ROLCMF.ZIP Rol (AdLib) -> CMF - creative technology (music)
SC11.ZIP Sound converter 1.1 - nst/stm/669/mod 6/8-tracks (music)
SDX2TX.ZIP This program converts SDX (SDS eXchange Format) files to Yamaha TX16W .W wave files. (C Source)
SNDCON.ZIP Source To Convert WAV, SND, VOC Etc. Files
SNDTOWAV.ZIP SND -> WAV - v0.05 (sound)
SNDVOC.ZIP VOC -> SND (raw file) - 0.01b (sound)
SOX10DOS.ZIP Sound exchange 10 for DOS - sound file converter/processor
STM2MOD.ZIP STM -> MOD - to Amiga v1.0 (music)
STX2STM.ZIP STX -> STM - version 1.0 by Lutz Roeder (music)
SUN2VOC.ZIP AU -> VOC - version 1.0 (sound)
UDEC1_0.ZIP UDEC, Universal decoding program for UUENCODE, XXENCODE, MPACK, SHIP and HEXBIN files.
VAP2VOX.ZIP VAP <-> VOX - Rick Geymont (C src) (sound)
WAV2VOC.ZIP WAV -> VOC - version 1.01 (sound)
WAVCONV.ZIP WAV <-> VMF/SND/VOC/VMD - wavconv 1.0(sound)
WAVTOSND.ZIP WAV -> SND - v0.05 (sound)
VOC2SAM3.ZIP VOC -> SAM (sample) - version 3.0 (sound)
VOCWAV.ZIP VOC <-> WAV - creative technology (sound)
WSD2SND.ZIP 16bit Motorola WDS -> 16bit intel SND - (sound samples)
XMI2MID.ZIP XMI -> MIDI - 1.0b by Markus Hein (music)

Graphics fileconverters

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

BMP2BGI1.ZIP BMP -> BGI - v1.0 with c source (graphics)
BMP2BPI.ZIP BMP -> BPI (Bit Plane Image) - David Springer (asm) (graphics)
BMP2TXT.ZIP BMP -> text by Graeme Scott - version 0.99 (graphics)
CEL2PCX.ZIP CEL -> PCX - kiss file converter (C++) (graphics)
CEL2SPR.ZIP Simple sprite conversion from Autodesk Animator .cel format to .spr format. A nice mode-x ready format converter + ansi C source
CMF2MID.ZIP CMF -> midi format 0 (music)
CONV_MPG.ZIP Mpeg -> RAW or DIB - dmpeg 1.1 (graphics)
CONVMPG2.ZIP AVI <-> MPEG - guide and utils for conversion (movie)
COOLVIEW.ZIP PCX -> ASCII - Cool View Pack, convert/load/view (asm/pascal)
DL2GL.ZIP DL -> GL (animation)
DTA.ZIP Daves Targa Animator (TGA -> FLI)
DXF2HSH.ZIP 3D Font -> Animation Master - C source (graphics)
FLI2EXE2.ZIP FLI -> EXE - version 2.0 (animation)
FLI2GIF.ZIP FLI -> GIF (animation -> graphics)
FLICIT25.ZIP GIF/TGA -> FLC - Flicit 2.5 (animation)
FLIEXE10.ZIP FLI -> EXE - Fliexe 1.0, self-displaying programs (animation) Make your FLI(tm) animations into self-displaying EXE programs. Works will VGA, SVGA and HiColor FLI's made with HCMAKE/HCPLAY. From Synergrafix Consulting.
FLIMAKER.ZIP SLD/RND -> FLI - Autodesk Animator FLImaker 1.02s (animation)
FNT2BDF.ZIP FNT -> BDF - MS Win format to bitmap dist format (font) (C)
FONTPAK.ZIP DOS screen font -> SVGACC font (font)
GIF2BMP.ZIP GIF -> BMP (graphics)
GIF2DXF.ZIP Gifdxf is a dxf file generator. The program will take as input a gif file. The image will be sampled at the rate specified generating a 3D representation of the image. The dxf file generated is geared for input into Autodesk 3D Studio. The dxf file will contain only one entity consisting of polyfaces. Designed to be used as an aid to generating landscapes for 3D Studio using fractal gif files. However, we're sure other uses will be found.
GIF2ICON.ZIP GIF -> icon - 32x32x16 gif to windows icon (graphics)
GIF2JPG2.ZIP GIF <-> JPEG - beware HSI format (graphics)
GIF2LBM.ZIP 256 color GIF -> xlib LBM/PAL - 1.1 w/source (graphics)
GIF2LBM1.ZIP GIF2LBM is a *very* simple bitmap converter.
GIFTIF.ZIP Convert GIF Graphics To TIF (With C Source)
HP2PS18.ZIP HPGL to Postscript converter
HSI2ARR.ZIP Converts RAW format picture files to C readable ARRAYS
IFF2PBM.ZIP ILBM -> PBM/PAL (xlib/ACK3D) pictures w/src (graphics)
IFFVOC.ZIP IFF (AMIGA) -> VOC - 1.0 (sound)
IW2GIF.ZIP ImageWise -> GIF (graphics)
JPG5A.ZIP JPEG <-> GIF/BMP/TGA/RLE/PPM/PGM - JPEG Group 5a (graphics)
JPG5A386.ZIP JPEG <-> GIF/BMP/TGA/RLE/PPM/PGM - JPEG Group 5a (graphics)
MAC2GIF.ZIP Macpaint -> GIF - mac2gif 1.00 (graphics)
MPEG2P12.ZIP MPEG -> PPM - extract 24bit PPM files, version 1.2 (movie)
PCX2CSRC.ZIP PCX to C++ Source Code conversion utility
PCX2IMG.ZIP PCX -> IMG (ACK3D) files (graphics)
PCX2TXT.ZIP PCX -> TEXT - compile pcx into C programs (C source) (graphics)
PCXDXB11.ZIP PCX -> DXB - b&w pics, Autocad (graphics)
PCXSLT18.ZIP PCX -> DXF - PCX scan line trans 1.8, b&w, Autocad (graphics)
PICCONV.ZIP Chris Egerter's - GIF/PCX/LBM/PAK/RAW/own format (graphics) Convert from/to any format, make up your own RAW file formats. Handles any size Images.
POV2MRY2.ZIP POV -> MDL/ANC - pov2mry 0.91 (Povray to Moray) (graphics)
PPMTOXPM.ZIP PPM -> XPM (graphics)
PPP.ZIP PCX -> pascal source (TP) (graphics)
QT2MPEG.ZIP QT -> MPEG - 24bit QuickTime to MPEG + WAV (unix) (movie)
S1P_I2R.ZIP IFF -> RAW - mode13h, 286+ by Unreal/S!P (asm) (graphics)
SHX2SHP.ZIP SHX -> SHP - Autocad (fonts)
SLPCXRAW.ZIP Flexible PCX to RAW converter The fastest, coolest and most flexible PCX to RAW converter available today! It's the SL1210 PCX2RAW ! Features : - saving partial PCX - saves RAW files - saves pelette files - full PCX viewer Cool PCX files included.
TGA2GIF.ZIP TGA (type 2) -> GIF - (C src) (graphics)
TGA2TIF.ZIP TARGA -> TIFF (graphics)
TX2PCX.ZIP Text screen -> PCX (graphics)
VFD16G.ZIP VFD v1.6g (Video For DOS) is a DOS command-line motion video cross- compiler that creates and converts among FLI, FLC, AVI (dib & rle) formats plus MPG input. Reads and extracts BMP, RLE, DIB, TGA, PCX. Many FX and editing features. Includes AVI player for DOS, and adds/displays AVI text comments.
VFF2BMP.ZIP VFF -> BMP - SUN/IVP .vff to 24bit .bmp (graphics)
X2PS.ZIP X window dump -> postscript - c source, need xwdfile.h