Midi and Audio files

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ADDITIVE.ZIP Additive synthesizers & synthesis
ALGO_COM.ZIP List of tools for Algorithmic composition
ARCHIVES.ZIP List of Midi/Software FTP sites
ATARI-FA.ZIP Why Atari might be an Music workstation for you
A-Z_OF_A.ZIP Review: "The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers , Part One: A-M"
BIBLIOGR.ZIP Electronic music bibliography
C64MIDI-.ZIP How to build a Midi-interface to your C64
CASIO1.ZIP Summary of Casio synthesizer gear
CASIO-VZ.ZIP Articles about the Casio VZ series synth modules
CHUA-OSC.ZIP CHUA's oscillator basic ASCII schematics
CMIDILIB.ZIP Library To Read/write Standard Midi Files
CODE1.ZIP Description of MIDI: Status Bytes
CODE2.ZIP Channel voice messages
CODE3.ZIP Channel mode messages
CODE4.ZIP System messages
CONT.ZIP MIDI control change numbers
CZ_1000.ZIP CZ 1000/101 midi implementation
CZ_101A.ZIP CZ-102 midi data and implementation chart
CZ_SENS.ZIP The sensitive CZ-1000 synth
CZ1MAN.ZIP Midi Command table
CZ-MIDI-.ZIP Casio CZ midi guide
CZPGMN.ZIP CZ programming tips
D-70.ZIP Articles about the Roland D-70 synth
DIGITALP.ZIP A guide to buy electric pianos
DRUMPAD.ZIP How to build your own drumpad
DX_100.ZIP DX100 midi implementation chart
DX_32VOX.ZIP Voice compression format for Dx-7
DX_CASTA.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX_CLAPS.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX_CONGA.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX_GUIRO.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX_HAMND.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX_SYNTH.ZIP DX-7 text patches
DX100.ZIP About midi programming
DX7PARAM.ZIP DX-7 Midex parameter table
EM101.ZIP EM101 Midi implementation chart
ESQ_1.ZIP Spec sheet on the Ensoniq ESQ-1 synth
ESQ1_DOC.ZIP The ESQ-1 Architecture
EXAMPLES.ZIP Examples of ZIPI Applications
FAQ.ZIP Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About ZIPI
FB01.ZIP Info about the Yamaha FB01 module
FB01_DOC.ZIP FB-01 Midi implementation chart
FOOTSWIT.ZIP How to build your own footswitch
FRACTMUS.ZIP How to generate FRACTAL music
GENERAL-.ZIP General proposed midi MIDI level 1 specs
GENMIDI.ZIP Brief Overview of Proposed General MIDI Level 1 Spec
ID.ZIP Midi Manufactures ID numbers
IMA_INFO.ZIP Midi related text
INTRO.ZIP ZIPI: Origins and Motivations
KURZWEIL.ZIP Articles about the Kurzweil K1000 and K2000
LFO.ZIP Simple LFO schematics in ASCII
MAC-MIDI.ZIP Minimal Mac Midi interface
MAILLIST.ZIP List of Famous Musicians E-mail addresses
MAN-MACH.ZIP Man vs Machine interface
MCPPC8.ZIP MCP-PC8 midi implementation chart
MD8.ZIP MD-8 midi implementation chart
MELLOT.ZIP What is (was) a Mellotron Synth?
MELLOTRO.ZIP Description of the Mellotron
MICROWAV.ZIP Description of Waldorf MicroWave and waveshaping synthesis
MIDI.ZIP Standard MIDI File Format
MIDI_DIC.ZIP Dictionary of Midi & Computer terms
MIDI_MUS.ZIP Midi/music ftp sites #1
MIDI_SSW.GIF Midi switcher schematics picture
MIDI_TST.GIF Midi tester schematics picture
MIDI2.ZIP A MIDI primer for ComputerPhiles
MIDI4CSS.ZIP Midi And 4 Channel Surround Sound
MIDI-AND.ZIP A tutorial on MIDI and wavetable music synthesis
MIDIARTI.ZIP How much for just the MIDI?
MIDIBNF.ZIP BNF definitions of the MIDI standard
MIDI-CA.ZIP Midi cable specs
MIDICODE.ZIP Midi file describing various midi codes
MIDI-COM.ZIP A Comparison of MIDI and ZIPI
MIDIDATA.ZIP Midi status & data bytes in hex/dec
MIDIDMP.ZIP Dump the data from your synth
MIDIDUMP.ZIP Description of the MIDI sample dump standard
MIDIFILE.ZIP Description of standard midi files
MIDIFILM.ZIP Proposed standard for patch files
MIDI-INT.ZIP Introduction to MIDI
MIDIMAC.ZIP Doc - A midi-interface for the Macintosh
MIDIMERG.ZIP Articles about MIDI mergers
MIDINOTE.ZIP Description of MIDI notes
MIDIPRIM.ZIP The Usenet midi primer
MIDI-SPE.ZIP Midi specs
MIDISPEC.ZIP MIDI 1.0 specification
MIDISTAT.ZIP List of MIDI status bytes
MIDITABL.ZIP Summary of midi status and data bytes
MIDITIME.ZIP Midi time coding and cueing
MIND12.ZIP How to listen to music with your hands
MIRAGE.ZIP Mirage Masos Midi implementation 1.1
MIXER.ZIP Building a midi channel mixer
MKB300.ZIP MKB-300/1000 midi implementation chart
MKS900.ZIP MKS-900 midi implementation chart
MOOG.ZIP Computers And Music, by Robert Moog
MPDL.ZIP The ZIPI Music Parameter Description Language
MPU101.ZIP MPU-101 midi chart
MPU103.ZIP MPU-103 midi chart
MQUEST-W.ZIP Music Quest MIDI Programmer's ToolKit for Windows(tm) Product Description
MSPEC06.ZIP Midi fileformat V0.05 information
MUSIC.ZIP Music composition languages
MUSICBRA.ZIP What happens when music meets the brain?
MUSICLAN.ZIP Compilation on Music compositing languages
MYTUTOR.ZIP DX-7 related source
NED_MIDI.ZIP Synclavier digital implementation chart
NETJAM.ZIP Information about the Netjam project
NETWORK.ZIP A Summary of the ZIPI Network
OPTIGAN.ZIP The Optigan Explained
ORGAN.ZIP Midi pedalboard, how to build one
OVERSAMP.ZIP Mash, bitstream, oversampling.. explained
PARADOXI.ZIP An paradoxial sound synthesizer
PHASE-MO.ZIP Phase modulation
PRO24SON.ZIP Midisongs for Pro 24.
RAVEL.ZIP Source For a C-like Midi language
REFERENC.ZIP (Rudimentary) Computer Music Reference List
RESAMPL.ZIP 48KHz to 44.1Khz sample rate conversion
RESAMPLI.ZIP Theory of resampling (sample frequency conversion)
ROLAND-C.ZIP How to calculate the roland checksum
SAMPLERS.ZIP Getting the most out of Akai S900
SBMIDI.ZIP A cheap MIDI connector box for the Sound Blaster card v1.0
SBMIDI1.PCX Schematics picture #1 for a Midiinterface for Soundblaster
SBMIDI2.PCX Schematics picture #2 for a Midiinterface for Soundblaster
SBMIDI3.PCX Schematics picture #3 for a Midiinterface for Soundblaster
SBX_10.ZIP SBX-10 midi chart
SBX_80.ZIP SBX-80 midi chart
SDE2500.ZIP SDE-2500 midi chart
SECRETS_.ZIP Review of the Secrets of the Synthesis
SEQUENCE.ZIP Sequencer algorithms
SIGNALS.ZIP SiGNALS Issue #1-5. How to create good MusicModules. (.MOD)
SMDL-IN.ZIP Standard Music description language #1
SMDL-T.ZIP Standard Music description language #2
SPRING-R.ZIP Spring reverb plans
SRV2000.ZIP SRV2000 midi chart
SURNDSND.ZIP Midi And 4 Channel Surround Sound
SURROUND.ZIP Introduction to surround sound
SY55_DOC.ZIP Test program for the SY55 synth
SY77.ZIP Articles about the Yamaha SY77 synth
SY77_DOC.ZIP Test program for the SY77 synth
SY99.ZIP Articles about the Yamaha SY99 synth
SYNCHRO.ZIP Getting in SYNC, miditextfile
SYNCINFO.ZIP An introduction to Tape/Midi sync
SYNTH_RE.ZIP Compilation of new and used synths, samplers, and rack modules
SYNTH-RE.ZIP Huge review of various synths
SYNTHREV.ZIP Synthesizers list
TALKING.ZIP Talking Machines
TAPE-MAS.ZIP Mastering DAT vs. cassette deck--which to buy?
TIME.ZIP MIDI Time Code and Cueing Detailed Specification
UART-PRO.ZIP Programming Music Quest Interfaces in UART Mode
WAVE2MID.ZIP Wave 2 midi Frequently asked questions
WAVEBLAS.ZIP Proteus, Sound engine MIDI specs.
WHATMIDI.ZIP What is midi
VOCODER.ZIP Vocoder tutorial
YAM_DX7.ZIP DX-7 Mididata format
YAMAHA-C.ZIP Articles about the Yamaha CS- series synths