Module (.MOD) Players and soundtrackers

The notation 'ASP' indicates the program complies with the
standards of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

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_A_SAT10.ZIP SATplayer v1.0 with source
AMP121.ZIP A.M.P v1.21 , New AWE32 Module Player Plays S3M & MTM & MOD modules. 35 Protracker & ST3 effects supported. The perfect, clean sound !
AP_0430.ZIP AWEPlay 0.430 by Thor The best module player for the AWE32! Features: +loads and plays XM/MOD modules (for XM, 8/16 bits samples) +up to 30 channels, max 256 rows, max 256 patterns +almost all FastTracker II's effects implemented (so Protracker's too)
ASMOD09S.ZIP A mod player for the UltraSound written in Borland Pascal.
AWEMID05.ZIP Awe-midi player v0.4b
AWEMOD76.ZIP AWEMod v.76 is the world's first publicly available modplayer for the Creative Lab's SoundBlaster AWE32! It was written by Judge Dredd (Vincent Vu) of Infiniti 2001.
AWEMP145.ZIP AWE32 modplayer version 1.45 * Plays all XMs, S3Ms, MTMs and MODs, up to 32 channels. * Digital bass and treble EQ. * 16 different reverb and chorus effects. * Play-list with random play, holds a max. of 1024 files.
AWEPIA02.ZIP AWEPIANO with the following features: * An Effects manager with chorus and reverb editing (you can make new variations!) * A piano-like keyboard on your own PC keyboard for testing and playing with custom effects and other parameters (NRPNs, etc); * a little MIDI player if you don't want to test those parameters with your fingers :) * a new AWE CP with SBK info, Digital Equalizer for EMU8000 (in real time-no need to restart Windows!) and Save/Load multiple Mixer settings * a MIDI driver that imp lements custom effects sending,bank loading&clearing, changing synth emulation, and even mixer settings (all these through System Exclusive messages, obviously);
CMOD222.ZIP CapaMod 2.22 , A damn good MOD and S3M player for Gravis UltraSound.
CP16.ZIP Cubic player v1.6 Formats: XM,S3M,MOD,AMS,DMF,MTM,ULT,PTM,OKT,669 & MIDI devices: SB/2/PRO/16/AWE,PAS/16,GUS/DB/MAX,WSS,DISK,no new feat: AWE,disk writer device, sampling mode, pattern
DEMOVT15.ZIP Play MOD/S3Ms thru SB/GUS in your productions!
DMP270.ZIP Dual Module Player v2.70 Supports many sound cards: SB16, WSS, PAS16, PAS+, SB, SB Pro, Aria, GUS, Covox and stereo DACs Now with SURROUND SOUND!
DMPDR401.ZIP Dual Module Player v4.01, New Drivers for DMP V4.00 New Drivers for DMP V4.00 Fixes Bug with DMP32 on 16-Bit Soundcards using non amplified modes! Directly from author!
DMPSRC.ZIP The SRC-Code Of (Dual Module player that uses DSMI) 2.91 C++/Asm
FT206.ZIP Fasttracker v2.06
GLX212.ZIP GLX v2.12, This is the world's fastest modplayer Supports: SoundBlaster (Pro), PAS , GravisUltraSound, AdLib, AdLib Gold, Stereo-on-1, Covox DAC, PC-Speaker supports the following formats: .669/.E669/.FAR/.MOD/.MTM/.NST .S3M/.STM/.ULT/.XM
GOLDP101.ZIP Gold-play ver 1.01, Asm/C/Pascal mod-player interface (w/obj)
GP15PAS.ZIP GusPlay 1.5 Hacked For Use With Turbo Pascal + Some Extra's (Full ASM/PAS Source Included)
GP15-PAS.ZIP ModulePlayer 1.5 for Advanced Gravis UltraSound
GRIND.ZIP GRIND -- an incredible new MODplayer that displays people dancing perfectly in time to the music! Supports MOD, STM, S3M, MTM, 669, and FAR song modules; 8-bit and 16-bit sound cards; also supports Gravis Ultrasound.
GSRC211.ZIP Asm source code to GUSMOD v2.11
HSC15ECR.ZIP HSC-Tracker V1.5, Source Code Included
HSC-V15.ZIP HSC/PLAYER V1.5 FOR TPAS 7 Allow You To Easily Use FM Music Into Your Own program
IPLAY120.ZIP INERTiA PLAYER v1.20!, 100% 386+ ASSEMBLER! SUPPORTS: GUS,PAS16,WSS,SB16,SBPro, SB,Adlib,Covox,StereoOn1, PC Speaker and MIDI PLAYS: MOD,NST,STM,S3M,669,E669,MTM,WOW,INR,PSM,FAR & ULT FEATURES: EMS,UMBs,Menu,DOS Shell,256x Oversampling, Volume Amplify, PAL/NTSC Switch, VU-Meters, Graphical V1.2 Scopes, Fourier Frequency Analysis and much MORE!!!
JMP.ZIP JMP - Jorian's MOD player
MMED101B.ZIP MultiTracker Module Editor 1.01b - 386+, 32-tracks, SB/GUS SoundTrackers and MOD players
MMM26.ZIP MMM 2.6 , Multi Media Machine Supporting :.DL .FLI .MOD, .MDI .HSC .SAT .VOC .WAV .CMF .PCX .BMP .GIF .TGA .WPG .LBM .IFF .RIX .SC? .CUT .ICO .JPG SB|SBPro|GUS|Adlib
MODIFIED.ZIP ASM listing of how to create a MOD player.
MODINFO.ZIP Info about writing replayers for module-playing (source included)
MODOBJ.ZIP Mod sound player objects for tp6.0 and tc2.0 (no source)
OPLAY099.ZIP OmniPlayer v0.99 Multiformat Player Formats: MOD NST WOW OCT MED (MMD0) STM S3M MTM ULT FAR 669 Devices: Gravis UltraSound, Sound Blaster 1.xx/2.xx Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16 Pro AudioSpectrum
PPS110.ZIP Protracker Playing Source (PPS)
REALMP.ZIP RealTech Module Player v1.18 supports many sound cards: SB16, WSS, PAS16, PAS+, SB, SB Pro, AudioTrix Pro, Aria, GUS ! Plays: MOD,MTM,S3M,NST,STM,FAR,...Supports VGA / SVGA, Gif viewer ! CD audio player,mixer and nice gfx
RMP120.ZIP Renaissance Music Player Version: 1.20 Release Date 8/29/94 Formats: MOD/MTM/S3M Supported Hardware: GUS/SB/SBPro/SB16/PAS/PAS16/AudioTrix Pro/WSS Requires: 386 or Higher Processor Features: Extremely Stable DOS Shell ProTracker Compliant Pattern Tracking Mode
SATD2.ZIP Adlib player source for SAdT
SOUNDPAS.ZIP Pascal Source for the Player program, which uses multimedia Windows calls to play CDs, MIDI files and WAV files. You must have either a CD player or a Soundcard in order to use this program.Copyright (c) June 1993, by Charlie Calvert. Feel free to use this code as an adjunct to your own programs.
SOUNDSS2.ZIP Sound System Source release 2 - MOD playing by Crew242 4/6/8 & FX channel MOD-Players for your own games & demos. Supports GUS/SBPro/SB with 100% Assembler, 8/16-bit DMA (GUS), 16-bit mixing routines (SB) for max performance. And best: Source&Code is freeware.
SOUNDSS3.ZIP Sound System Source Release 3 4/8 & FX channel MOD-Players with GUS/PAS+/16/SB16/SBPro/SB support. Ideal for games & demos, 100% ASM, special feature: SB16/PAS panning, 16 bit, interpolation, amplifying, ASM & C-interfaces, autodetection and best: Source&Code is freeware.
SOUNDX.ZIP SoundX Library 1.0 - SB/Adlib sound/music lib w/src
STARP200.ZIP STAR PLAYER v 2.00 multi-module s3m and mod player for the Gravis Ultrasound. Features: load 8 s3ms or mods into extended memory flip modules in dos ultra-click free wildcard file loading and much more...
STMIK020.ZIP Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit
STMIKFIX.ZIP Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit Version 0.2 - converter fix
TINYPLAY.ZIP Tiny MOD Player v0.1 New 286/VGA/SB module player, supports 15 or 31 instruments module formats. requires only 33 kB of free memory!
TNYPL211.ZIP 32-bit PM Tiny MOD player 2.11 for DOS/4GW (asm/C) by Pelusa
TP_MOD09.ZIP Vision Factory, MOD - Player Routines for TP6 / TP7 / BP7 Supports ASM, C, TPAS, WC++ and Tran's PMode!
TUCGP10B.ZIP TuC PLAYER ROUTINES 1.0 ,These Turbo Pascal player routines support SPEAKER, DAC, SB(/PRO), GUS(/MAX). They are easy to use in your demo, intro, ....
VFP11.ZIP FairPlay v1.1 Great MOD player for SB, SB Pro, SB16 and GUS, featuring... GUI in 640x480x16 mode, ECHO and CHORUS on GUS file & Setup requester, 99% ProTracker support 16-Bit mixing on SB 16, Sample bars and scopes
VIB-ASM.ZIP Vibrants play driver (ASM)
WMIDAS.ZIP Windows MOD and S3M MCI device driver
VMODPLAY.ZIP Vanic Module Player V1.0 SB / SBPro
VTSRC12B.ZIP VangelisTracker 1.20 beta source - asm,pascal,Spanish
XMM111.ZIP Extended MikMod v1.10 Awesome GUS ModPlayer Supports ALL ProTracker Effects ProTracker, StarTracker 4/6/8 FastTracker
XTCP050G.ZIP XTC PLAY, The ultimate module player 669,AMF,DMF,DSM,FAR,MDL,MED,MOD MTM,NST,S3M,STM,OKT,PTM,ULT,WOW,XM! DOUBLE SOUNDMEM, play up to 8MB modules ! TIMESLICES FOR OS/2, All new protected mode version !