Soundblaster files

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

ADIP1.ZIP Sound Blaster AWE32 Developer's Information Package
ADLIB_NG.ZIP Adlib and SoundBlaster reference guide (NG)
AWE32.ZIP The Un-official Sound Blaster AWE32 Programming Guide
AWE32FAQ.ZIP Frequently Asked Questions for SB AWE32
BLASTREF.ZIP Soundblaster/Adlib Quick Reference
FM_REF.ZIP How to program FM-sound on Soundblaster
GUS-SB.ZIP How to use a GUS and SBlaster on the same motherboard.
PC2PHONE.ZIP how do I hook the Sound Blaster output to play over the phone line
SB_AWE32.ZIP Warning to all people who think the Soundblaster AWE 32 is a good soundcard!
SB_BOOK.ZIP Sound Blaster: The Official Book material
SB_VOL.ZIP Speaker to Sound Blaster Amplifier Converter
SB16DOC.ZIP Programming the SoundBlaster 16 DSP - 3.1 by E.Brodsky
SBADLIB.ZIP Programming the adlib/sound blaster fm music chips
SBDSP.ZIP Receive Satellite images with Soundblaster
SBF.ZIP Soundblaster programming information
SBGUS.ZIP Info on using SB/SBPro with GUS
SBLAST09.ZIP Soundblaster programming information, great!
SBMIDI.ZIP How to build an Midi-interface for soundblaster
SOUNDBLA.ZIP Info on the Soundblaster midi-port

Soundblaster sources and programs

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AWE32BNK.ZIP program for download own patches in the RAM memory of the AWE
AWE-DUMP.ZIP Small but usefull AWE prog that dump AWE's ROM samples Your AWE32 card has 1Mb of ROM. That ROM contains the GM samples, and NO Creative's software can -SAVE- them. This program will save 1048576 bytes of ".RAW" sample (16 bit/44Khz) that contains all AWE's ROM. You can edit that file later with WaveStudio,... I'm giving you the FULL SOURCE CODE (in Pascal 7). Usefull 2 understand AWE programming (RAM detect,D/L,..)
AWEFXW11.ZIP AWE32FXWorkShop v1.1 Create, load, and save your own effects processor parameters Comes with dozens of presets. Easy to use REQ: AWE/SB32/286/DOS
AWEPA101.ZIP AWEpatch, The concept behind AWEpatch is that AWE32 users with limited dRAM (i.e. 512k to 2MB) can use it more efficiently than when using the user banks. The user can replace any of the General MIDI [ROM] voices (some of which are asking to be replaced!) with an alternative RAM patch saved in the format of a user SBK file.
AWERESET.ZIP AWERESET is a small utility to reset the EMU8000 chip on the Sound Blaster AWE32 in the old style (the style of ADIP 2.0). You'll need it to prepare the AWE32 for Cubic Player v1.6 or the AWEMP player after using any program with a new style EMU8000 code.
AWEVBANK.ZIP AWEVBANK Manager V2.49, Virtual Bank Manager for the AWE32 Soundcard AweVBank has been made and designed to make music-making with the AWE32-soundcard easier. Everyone (even with BIG ram on the card) has the problem, that you don't need the whole SBK but just a few patches from it. That's where AweVBank steps in.
BLAST13.ZIP Soundblaster sources in C
CBLASTR.ZIP C-Blaster 1.0, is C source-code that controls Adlib/Sound Blaster compatible cards to produce sound and music. You can incorporate the code right into your C/C++ apps.
CNV_10.ZIP Configuration File IO routines sounds through a Sound Blaster or compatible card.
CTV-MOD.ZIP C Library To Interface With Sound Blaster C
DETECTSB.ZIP SB-Detect Routine (Pascal source, German)
DIGIKT11.ZIP Library Of C Routines For SoundBlaster Cards
DIGIPACK.ZIP Routines for digitized voice output Full assembler coding. SB only.
FFTMORSE.ZIP This program will decode Morse Code on your SB
FMPLAY11.ZIP Adlib/SB FM Music Toolkit 1.1 - w/C source
FREQ4.ZIP Freq4 - realtime spectrum analysis program (SB/PAS16)
MANAGER.ZIP AWE Instrument Manager is a small Windows application, with which you can use to scan the dRAM & ROM of the AWE32 to see which SBK's are in which banks, and what instruments are available in each of the AWE's banks.
MASTMIX2.ZIP Master Mixer v2.2 This program can replaces -ALL- the SB programs needed for booting !!! Mixer Part can handle MORE controls (24!) + some undocumented ones !
OPL3_DOC.ZIP Yamaha (SB Pro II) OPL3 FM Synth Programmer's Reference Guide
PROS_WAV.ZIP How WAV-Soundfile could be played on SoundBlaster-compatible cards.
RESETSB.ZIP Soundblaster detect and reset pascal source
SB_PAS10.ZIP Pascal source for soundblaster
SB01.ZIP record and play sounds - SB, WAV, djgpp (C)
SB16SND.ZIP play/record 16bit sounds on SB16 (C/Pascal) by E.Brodsky
SBDAC.ZIP Test Code, Drive SoundBlaster DAC /DMA/Directly
SBDETECT.ZIP Detect SoundBlaster IRQ and interrupt
SBDSP103.ZIP SB DSP 1.03 - background VOC playing w/o CT-VOICE (pascal)
SBF3.ZIP C callable library for Soundblaster/Pro, w/src
SBLIB10.ZIP SBLIB - Routines for playing .VOC files
SBMIXER.ZIP Sound Blaster Mixer Control Library - E.Brodsky (C/pascal)
SBPROCSS.ZIP Real-time Signal Processing - E.Brodsky (C/pascal)
SBPROG10.ZIP C++ sources for Soundblaster soundcard
SBSTUFF.ZIP Misc Soundblaster programs including sources SBO v4.x, SBECHO & SAMPX, the Special edition of SAMP v1.0. Including sources!
SCRD_ASM.ZIP How To Program Adlib/SoundBlaster In Asm
SNDBLST4.ZIP Sound Blaster programming code and info
SOUNDHAX.ZIP Sound Routines For Soundblaster and CD-Rom
SPECGRAM.ZIP Specgram - realtime spectrogram (SVGA/SB/PAS16)
TP6SB110.ZIP Program to demonstrate the SBVoice Unit
TP6VOC.ZIP Unit SBVoice (v1.00) for Turbo Pascal 6.0 For interfacing with the SoundBlaster's digitized voice channel.
TPSBK1.ZIP Turbo Pascal SoundBlaster Toolkit Version 1.00 TPSBK(tm)