Graphics libraries

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3DLIB.ZIP 3D Transforms 1.0 - manipulate/display 3d objects (turbo C)
3DLIB30A.ZIP 3dLIB 3.0 - 3D graphic object library (pascal/C++) 1/2
3DLIB30B.ZIP 3dLIB 3.0 - 3D graphic object library (C++/pascal) 2/2
3DVECT37.ZIP Full modeX 3D Vector Library 3.7 w/386+ asm source
ACKCPP.ZIP for TC++/TASM with fixes + doomtech.doc - S.V. ackcpp - is identical to acksrc except for changes
ACKKIT.ZIP Ack3D animation construction kit 3d - wolf3d-type engine
ACKSRC.ZIP Source for a DOOM-like engine
ANIVGA12.ZIP AniVGA 1.2 - mode13h sprite lib w/source & sample game (TP6+) VGA sprite animation unit for TP v6.0, v1.1
AVRIL10.ZIP Avril 1.0 - virtual reality interface lib, 3d polygon graphics
CO256_05.ZIP Col256 - modex library for borland pascal 7.0 and 286+
DASHANIM.ZIP A C++ Library (BC3.1) for creating and playing full screen 320x200x256 animation files at high speed. (originally made for the technodrome bbs), but with comments for beginners or average programmers.
DBVGAL15.ZIP VGA library with source
DFLT20.ZIP D-Flat Version 20 Dobb D-Flat Version 20 Great library of C++ tools for menus, buttons, string manipulation and text boxes, and lots more. The source files in the DFLAT archive constitute the D-Flat windowing system. This is public domain code. You may use it in your applications without restriction. You may freely distribute source code.
DFPP04.ZIP D-Flat++ Version 4
DJVGA02.ZIP DJVGA is a toolkit of low-level programmed graphic routines for the EGA/VGA Turbo Pascal v6.0 programmers that can be used to completely replace or to be used with Borland's BGI interface.
ETCH.ZIP Mousedriver in SVGA-Modes
FEDIT256.ZIP The Vgafont unit is used with the fonteditor to create multicolor(256) mcga fonts. This is only working with mode 13h, and is most suited for game development. The unit is usable with TurboPascal 6.0 and will, probably work with other versions.
FLILIB.ZIP Fli.lib - create and play fli animations w/source (c)
GAMLIB21.ZIP MIKE'S GAME GRAPHICS ROUTINES, These routines should allow anyone with a knowledge of C to create there own arcade, adventure or roleplaying games. Yep, you read it right, I said ARCADE. These routines are FAST. These routines were written for an 80286 or higher computer with VGA (320x200x256) color and a Microsoft C compiler or 100% compatible.
GAMSPD11.ZIP Gamespeed v1.1 This is an OUTSTANDING 256-colour VGA graphic library for C programmers. It has been specially designed for FAST game programming using frame animation.
GIF_LIB.ZIP Turbo C 2.0 library to manipulate GIF images
GIFLIB12.ZIP Portable GIF handling library with utils - C source
GLCB.ZIP Graphics Library for 'C' Beginners - very portable programs
GRAPHSRC.ZIP Portable Core System graphics package - 3D graphics source
HCSVGA13.ZIP Hicolor supervga library 1.3b - borland c, tseng/vesa hicolor
HGXMOU10.ZIP Hgxmouse 1.3 - multimode mouse cursor tsr, svga/hicolor/modex
HOBBES3.ZIP Hobbes 0.3 modeX library
MGLD201.ZIP MGL Graphics Library 2.01 for DOS - 386+, VESA/SVGA, C/C++
MGLD201D.ZIP MGL for DOS Demonstration Archive
MGLD3D01.ZIP Megagraph graphics library 3d extensions demo
MGLW201.ZIP MGL Graphics Library 2.01 for Windows - Win32, WinG, WinDirect
MGLW201D.ZIP MGL for Windows Demonstration Archive
MLIB.ZIP MLIB mode13 C++ graphics library
MODEX104.ZIP Library of High performance assembler routines for setting, accessing and manipulating the undocumented 256 color modes available in all VGA adapters. Full source code and libraries for the following languages: Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 ,MS 7.1 PDS, Borland C/C++ 3.1, and Borland Turbo Pascal.
MODEX105.ZIP Mode X Library 1.05 - library, editors, demos w/source (asm)
MPEGLIB.ZIP The MPEG Library 1.1 available (portable C)
MTGRAP1C.ZIP MtGraph mode13h Graphics Toolkit 1.0c - mode13h, 286+
PASKAL20.ZIP Paskal, a graphics library for Turbo Pascal
PCXKIT.ZIP Turbo Pascal PCX Graphics Tool-Kit.
RLIBDEMO.ZIP RenderLib , A 3D Graphics Dynamic Link Library for Windows 3.0
SPX10.ZIP The SPX Library The (shareware) SPX library allows Turbo Pascal 6.0 and 7.0 programmers to EASILY write games in the native 320x200x256 VGA mode. It includes all the routines needed for a game. Animation, Sound, text and various input devices. Advanced graphic techniques. Such as Parallax scrolling, tile map scrolling, displaying sprites on layers and 3D perspective drawing.
SPX20.ZIP The SPX library allows Turbo Pascal 6.0 and 7.0 programmers to EASILY write games in the native 320x200x256 VGA mode. It includes all the routines needed for a game. The library also includes full GUI programs to help you create your game. Such as the Sprite maker, PCX2VSP converter, Tile map maker, Font editor, and even a POCO program to convert CEL2VSP for Animator PRO users.
STRPCHRT.ZIP This is a C graphics library to create strip charts on dot matrix printers. It has lots of features similar to very expensive dedicated strip chart hardware recorders.
SVGACC24.ZIP SVGACC.LIB-ver 2.4 is a high-res, 256-color real mode graphics library for MS compatible C/C++ compilers. It recognizes 20 different SVGA cards and VESA in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 modes. Capabilities: hardware id, simple primitives, 2D/3D points, joystick/mouse support, PCX encode/decode, paging, XMS, palettes, bitmaps and sprites.
SVGAKT52.ZIP SUPERVGA KIT v5.2: The SuperVGA Kit is a full Software Development Kit for writing VESA VBE 2.0 applications for DOS (for Windows support see SciTech's WinDirect package). Provides full support for banked and linear framebuffer modes, including virtual linear framebuffer support.
TCG101.ZIP TrueColour Graphics 1.01 - TCG is a very fast graphics library for C/C++, devoted to 32k-, 64k-, and 16.8M-colour video modes. TCG has such features as a powerful library of graphical and mouse interface functions, device-independence, support for loadable drivers and fonts, virtual screens, output modes, viewports and advanced clipping, virtual coordinates, definable mouse pointers, and more.
TEGL6A.ZIP Tegl Windowing & Graphics Package (1/2)
TEGL6B.ZIP Tegl Windowing & Graphics Package (2/2)
TGE133.ZIP The Graphics Engine 1.33 - TGE is a very fast VGA/SVGA graphics library for C/C++ programmers. TGE has such features as a powerful library of graphical and mouse interface functions, device-independence, support for loadable drivers and fonts, virtual screens, viewports and advanced clipping, output modes, PCX support, virtual coordinates, bitmap scaling, definable mouse pointers, and more.
TIFLIB.ZIP TIFF256 v1.0; C Graphics Library Extensions for C Programmers, TIF Image Programming.
TPPCX.ZIP TPv6.0 Object-Oriented unit for displaying or saving PCX format picture files on Hercules, EGA, VGA, or compatible adapters.
TUGU10.ZIP TUGU - an awesome Pascal graphics unit with ultra-quick routines for VGA mode 13h. A complete font editing system is included along with a huge collection of routines for circles, lines, rectangles, dealing with the palette, putimage, getimage, putting images onto backgrounds, setting up video buffers, sprites, loading PCX files, etc.
TVGR70.ZIP TVGraphic; Port of Borland's text based Turbo Vision to DOS graphics mode with extensions, enhancements and a pleasing graphic look. It runs using the Borland EGA/VGA graphics driver and requires Turbo Vision TPU's to compile programs. Core functionality is nearly identical to Turbo Vision but the BGI coordinate system is used. Minor source changes are required to port existing TV applications that use standard views.
WDRC201.ZIP WinDirect 2.01 Product Overview text file
WDRCT201.ZIP WinDirect 2.01 - Full screen SVGA graphics under Windows
VESATES2.ZIP VESA graphics/sound/mouse library for BC++ 3.1
VGAKIT60.ZIP VGA programmers kit 4.0
VGANIM10.ZIP Library Uses Undocumented Vga Graphics Mode
VGFX10.ZIP VGFX v1.00 graphics lib for Borland Pascal 7.0 - Ultra-smooth animation engine using 320x200x256 VGA - xmode. Sound support for playing VOC files. EMS memory support. Font support (31 incl). Input device support. Image format support (PCX/BMP). Utility for creating graphic / sound libraries. Palette fading, mouse routines, other misc. routines geared toward game development. Shareware ($17.95) - BQ
VGL20.ZIP VGL 2.0, VGA Graphics Library (VGA mode 13h) VGL is a graphics library for VGA mode 13h. Perhaps a `collection of graphics routines' is a better description than `library'. The core of the package is an assembly language module. This module exists in both a 286 and 386 version and contains the basic "core" routines. All the other routines are written in C and are contained in seperate modules. Full source is included.
VORT212.ZIP Very Ordinary Rendering Toolkit - imaging C src toolkit
VSA25611.ZIP VSA256 v1.1 Graphics library for C programmers. 256 colour VESA library for modes 100,101,103,105, and 107. Includes demo
XLIB05B.ZIP XLIB - Mode X graphics library
XLIBP202.ZIP XLIB v2.0 - Graphics Library for Borland/Turbo Pascal 7.0 by Tristan Tarrant. XLibPas v2.0 is a set of libraries and utilities that allow you to use some extended features of the standard VGA adapter which are not exploited in mode 13h. The most important features are : - Use of all of the 256k of standard VGA memory - Several tweaked resolutions, all in 256 colours - Multiple pages, double and triple-buffering, page flipping and panning - Split screen - Planar, Video and Compiled bitmaps - Draw ing procedures, more...
Z8SRC.ZIP A source toolkit for those beginners. Compiled by Locke. Includes graphics, sound and fossil routines.
ZFONT-CC.ZIP Here is the "final" version of the Zephyr Software Scalable Font System, zFont. It is written for compiler and memory model independence which means if you compile zfont.c in large model, you can link it with any other code regardless of memory model (real mode, of course).
ZSVGA100.ZIP ZSVGA - ver 1.00 is a high-res, 256-color 32 bit protected mode graphics library for Watcom & Symantec C/C++ compilers. 20+ SVGA cards and VESA are recognized. Support up to the 1280x1024 mode. Features: hardware id, graphics primitives, joystick/mouse support, 2D/3D point transformations, paging, sprites, PCX encode/decode, bitmaps and palettes.