Texture-mapping files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

BASTXMAP.ZIP Texture Mapping example in GFA basic
BPLANETS.ZIP Texture-mapping (bouncing planets demo)
DEMOSTU2.ZIP Gouraud,texture,morph,tunnel,doom,floor,mouse,lbm (asm/pascal)
FDTM.ZIP Free Direction Texture Mapping
JTEXTURE.ZIP John McCarthy's Constant Slope Texture Mapping
KARMADOC.ZIP More about shading, z-buffer, and textures
KS_SP.ZIP Fast sphere texture map
TEXMPSRC.ZIP "Slimy" (warping) texture mapping (asm/C)
TEXT_ENG.ZIP Texture mapping in C with comments (DJGPP, Watcom)
TEXTTEXT.ZIP One Appraoch to Real Time Texture Mapping
TEXTU.ZIP My idea of texture mapping
TEXTUR.ZIP SOURCE for the fast Texturing etc. of Spheres
TEXTURE.ZIP One Appraoch to Real Time Texture Mapping
TEXTURE-.ZIP Bibliography on texture mapping
TEXTURE3.ZIP Texture mapping routines with source & exe
TF_TEXMP.ZIP Full screen (320x200) texture mapping (Pascal)
WALLTEXT.ZIP How to make texture mapped walls
ZED3D060.ZIP A tutorial for 2d and 3d vector and texture mapped graphics