WordUP Graphics Toolkits

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

CITIG3D.ZIP Citigrade 3D Editor The Citigrade 3D Editor was developed to make the designing and editing of 3D objects very easy. A lot of planning went into the User Interface to make it as easy as possible to work in 3 dimensions, with only 2 dimensional pointing devices.
CITIGDOC.ZIP Citigrade 3D Editor DOCS
MAGIC.ZIP WGT Polygon Landscape Demo A demo of an engine similar to the game "Magic Carpet" by Bullfrog. Yet another amazing demo from Egerter Software!
PHONG.ZIP A demo of the WGT 5.1 triangle rendering capabilities: Phong texture with textured highlights!!
WGT_CD.ZIP WGT CDROM Audio Player fncludes FULL BC++ 3.1 code! This code could be used for CD games!
WGT_GN.ZIP GooRoo Nation Megademo v2.0 Requires: VGA, 386 or better (486 DX2 preferred) Sound cards supported: SB, SB16, SB 2.01, SBPro, GUS, Quiet. Uses the DSIK and WGT libraries- C/ASM SOURCE CODE INCLUDED!!!!!
WGT_SPR3.ZIP WordUp Sprite Creator Version 3.0 Excellent sprite designer for graphics programmers. Many easy tools, variable zoom and much more. Much better than any other sprite editors out there. Supports many file formats: PCX, BLK, PAK, CEL. Saves up to 200 sprites in one file. Get the whole WGT system as well.
WGT45.ZIP WordUp Graphics Toolkit v4.5 A graphics programming library for Turbo C++/Borland C++ that includes routines for sprites, scrolling worlds, loading images, polygons, 3D objects, texture mapping, and much much more. Contains everything you need to write your own games and graphics applications. ALSO INCLUDED: The WGT Sprite Editor and Map Maker. These utilities allow you to design your images and scrolling worlds with greater ease than ever before.
WGT4HELP.ZIP Wordup graphics toolkit 4.0 help in Borland thelp format A Borland C++ format Help file which contains all of WGT's commands, structures, and example programs for use with the Borland C++ DOS IDE and the THELP utility. This is a very helpful reference manual for this popular graphics programming library. Quickly look up a function or copy parts of the example files into your own programs with only a few keystrokes.
WGT51.ZIP WordUp Graphics Toolkit V5.1 Shareware Release for Watcom C/C++ 10 The ultimate 32 bit protected mode games and graphics library available for Watcom C. Includes: Sprite Editor, Map Maker, Realtime 3D rendering, joystick, 8 way scrolling, sprites, SVGA, FLI/FLC, serial/modem and many more routines. Download this and discover the world of professional graphics programming!
WGT5BETA.ZIP WGT 5.0 for Watcom c beta release - 10 Oct 1994 Graphics library for VGA and VESA 256 color modes. Includes polygons, texture-mapping, palette fading, FLI/FLC support, sprites, 50 layer parallax scrolling and more! Uses DOS4GW. CDROM source code included. SHAREWARE VERSION TO BE RELEASED SOON !
WGT5DOC.ZIP WGT 5.1 Online Documentation This is an online version of the WGT 5.1 manual in MS Word 6.0 format. The WordUp Graphics Toolkit 5.1 is the most complete game and graphics library available for Watcom C/C++.
WGT5P1.ZIP WGT 5.1 Patch Level 1 This patch fixes bugs in the SVGA, Flic, and Texture Mapped Triangle routines.
WGTEN1.ZIP WGT Engine Pack #1 Complete source code for a heightfield rendered similar to NovaLogic's Commanche. Features: - 3 Detail levels - Textured sky - C/ASM code - Change elevation, tilt - Virtual or direct buffer Requires Watcom C/C++ and WGT 5.1 to recompile.
WGTEN2.ZIP WGT Engine Pack #2 Complete source code for a textured plane similar to Apogee's Wacky Wheels. Features: - 3 Detail levels - Shaded Texture Mapping - C/ASM code - Change elevation, tilt - Virtual or direct buffer Requires Watcom C/C++ and WGT 5.1 to recompile.
WGTFNT10.ZIP Wordup Graphics Toolkit font utils 1.0
WGTMAP42.ZIP WGT Map Maker 4.2 Create game worlds with tiles Maps are 200*200 tiles in 320*200*256 VGA mode 13h with each tile being 16*16 pixels. Designed for game programmers.
WGTRUN.ZIP This is an example of parallax scrolling, shadows and transparency, using the WordUp Graphics Toolkit v5.0 for Watcom C/C++ 10.0. This program requires DOS4GW.EXE to run. This kit will be released around late March of 1995. Please note that the GIF routines will be removed on the final release.
WGTTPLY2.ZIP WGT4 texture mapped polygon patch - 7 Oct 1994
WGTTUT1.ZIP WGT graphics tutorial #1 - filled polygons (solid) (c)
WGTTUT2.ZIP WGT Graphics Tutorial Issue #2 Topic: Shaded Polygons Learn how to draw shaded polygons in C language from the author of the WordUp Graphics Toolkit.
WGTTUT3.ZIP WGT Graphics Tutorial Issue #3 Learn how to draw texture mapped polygons in C/ASM language from the author of the WordUp Graphics Toolkit.
WGTTUT4.ZIP WGT graphics tutorial #4 - dirty rectangle animation (c) Speed up your animated sprites using the dirty rectangle technique. Full source code and explanation. Note: Requires WGT 4.0 to compile.
WGTTUT5.ZIP WGT Graphics Tutorial Issue #5 Topic: Realtime Morphing Learn about image fading, color quantization, and texture mapping. Full source code and explanation.