FastGraph graphics package files

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

AAAS.ZIP About Action Arcade Adventure Set
FG_GIF.ZIP Here's the deal on GIF support in Fastgraph
FG_XMAS.ZIP Cute Christmas card demo with source code
FGCE100.ZIP Fastgraph Cursor Editor A mouse cursor drawing program, that output the source-code of your choise (Pacal, c, Fortran, Basic). The output can be used directly with Ted Gruber Softwares Fastgraph graphics library, and any other graphic library that support a mouse through interrupt 33h. The program requires EGA and a mouse. And it's FreeWare!
FGDEMO40.ZIP FGDEMO: Fastgraph demo program. Must-have for Fastgraph programmers. Includes C source code for a GUI menu system, and a grand tour overview of Fastgraph's powerful features. Also source code for special effects and animations. Requires EGA/VGA graphics, mouse optional.
FGFADE11.ZIP Palette fade demo with source
FGFDEMO.ZIP Fastgraph Fonts demo
FGFF13.ZIP FASTGRAPH FONT FACTORY for Windows v1.3 A third party utility for TGS' FG/FONTS to convert TT fonts to FGF format! Version 1.3 introduces text rotation at any angle, HLP file support, and continued improvements to the interface. Requires Windows 3.1 and VBRUN300.DLL. Shareware $15.
FGFISH20.ZIP Fish tank example with source code
FGFONT10.ZIP Example source code: how to do fonts without Fastgraph/Fonts
FGFX11.ZIP Fastgraph/Effects: fades and wipes with source code
FGFX12.ZIP EFFECTS: An example of special effects using Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light
FGHELP30.ZIP Fastgraph/Help is a hypertext help system for Fastgraph. Use standalone or as a TSR. Hotkeys will invoke context-sensitive help, jumps to example source code, cut and paste source code into your editor. Written by Mike Stephenson. Version 3.03b, wide-area beta version. Copyrighted freeware.
FGHELP40.ZIP Hypertext help for Fastgraph 4.0
FGL403A.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 High-performance graphics toolkit for BC++, TC, TC++, MSC, QuickC, Power C, Visual C++, Watcom C++, Zortech C++, QB, BASIC PDS, VBDOS, Borland/Turbo Pascal, and MS FTN. Over 225 routines, from pixel display to animation tools. 28 video modes supporting CGA through 1024x768x256 SVGA.
FGL403B.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 User's Guide and Reference Manual. Use with FGL403A.ZIP.
FGL403C.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 C source code for the example programs in the Fastgraph User's Guide. Use with FGL403A.ZIP.
FGL403D.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 BASIC source code for the example programs in the Fastgraph User's Guide. Use with FGL403A.ZIP.
FGL403E.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 Pascal source code for the example programs in the Fastgraph User's Guide. Use with FGL403A.ZIP.
FGL403F.ZIP Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.03 FORTRAN source code for the example programs in the Fastgraph User's Guide. Use with FGL403A.ZIP.
FGMISC10.ZIP free source code! A hodgepodge of functions to do pull-down menus, data input, horizontal text scrolling and detect "hot spots" with the mouse. Works in mode X and mode 13. Cut and paste this code into your own graphics programs. Requires Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light to link. Freeware by Diana Gruber.
FGWIN.ZIP Fastgraph for Windows frequently asked questions
FGWINFO.ZIP Writing Windows Games with Fastgraph for Windows
FGWTET11.ZIP Simple Tetris game. Includes Delphi source.
HEDGE12.ZIP Hedge Row version 1.20 beta. This is an unreleased, partially finished game by Diana Gruber. It is being distributed with source code for the benefit of game programmers and Fastgraph users. It features a recursive maze algorithm, SVGA support, EMS/XMS logical pages, and constricted mouse support. Source code is in C and may be linked with Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light.
MELT.ZIP Source code of an attempt to create the melting screen ala DOOM.
MKF.ZIP Font editor for Fastgraph fonts
PCXHEAD.ZIP Display PCX file information
QF2.ZIP QF2.ZIP: Quickfire source code. Shows fast arcade scrolling done two ways. Tile based scrolling in Mode X and 32-bit RAM blits in mode 13h. Requires Fastgraph to re-link. Interesting technique, well- documented source code.
QFWIN11.ZIP Quickfire! ported from DOS to Windows. Includes C source.
SPRDEMO.ZIP This demo shows the TSprite object that I am currently developing for use in Game programming. The underlying graphic kernal is FastGraph 3.03. This shows how to implement higher level graphics routines. TSprite is an object that's derived from TTask, that knows how to load a PCX file onto a hidden page and grab that image and manipulate it as a dynamic sprite. The stars in the background are also sprites. Use the arrow keys to move the ship. The stars will move accordingly to show the accelerat ed motion of the ship. Look for the complete implementation soon.
SPRMAK10.ZIP SPRITE MAKER VER 1.0 , A shareware sprite designer tool for fastgraph.
STARBUG.ZIP The Red Dwarf Starbug Demo for FastGraph
SWFONT.ZIP Compiled stroked fonts example 7-12
TGSDEMO1.ZIP Scrolling sky demo with scaled logos. Includes C++ source.