Fractal sources , Docs & Programs

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3MFRAC_1.ZIP This file contains a module for generating mid-point displacement fractals in two- and three-dimensions
4DFRACT.ZIP Source to a 4D fractal
ATRACT_1.ZIP Plots a rotating lorenz atractor in 3d.
BANNER_1.ZIP A fractal banner listing in Borland C
BIFURC_1.ZIP A program that draw bifurcation.
BTM.ZIP Source for a new way of making mandelbrot
CLOUD.ZIP Source for fractal clouds
CLOUDS_1.ZIP Plots clouds-like fractals (or burnt paper if you plot it with iopt=1)
CNEWTON3.ZIP Map of Newton's method of solving Z^3 =1
COMPLE_1.ZIP Complex functions in C
CORDIC_1.ZIP Cordic Math 1.0d1
CORDIC_2.ZIP Cordic Math 1.0d1, part 2
DISKS_1.ZIP Plots six Julia sets with inner contours in shadings of gray.
DRAWST_1.ZIP Fractal Drawing Styles 6.0
DUFF1.ZIP Plots Duffing's oscillator with shaded, colourful spheres.
ESCAPE_2.ZIP Fractal Formula's 1.0
FASTBA_1.ZIP Order & beauty from chaos - program fastball.c Plots thousands of randomly-generated spheres and rosettes, some very intriguing (rotating and pulsating).
FDESI313.ZIP Fractal Designer 3.08 and 3.13 w/source (C)
FOAM1.ZIP Fractal foam algorithm
FP104.ZIP Fractal paint program for PC
FRAC2.ZIP Here is a sample fractal program, pascal src
FRACT3_1.ZIP Rendering Fractals in 3D
FRACT30.ZIP Mandelbrot/Julia set 2D/3D EGA/VGA fractal generator
FRACTAL.ZIP Fractal curves and surfaces
FRACTALS.ZIP References for getting started with fractals
FRACTC_1.ZIP Mandelbrot set generator
FRACTFAQ.ZIP Frequently asked questions about fractals
FRACTFLY.ZIP Fractal fly through, needs fractint
FRACWARP.ZIP FractalWarp-Interactive by Robert Fielding
FRACXTR5.ZIP Extra datafiles for Fractint FracXtra v5: Fractint Extras Collection A huge collection of .map, .par, .frm, .ifs, .l, .key, and .bat files, as well as some small external programs for Fractint v18+ fractal generation program.
FRAIN192.ZIP FRACTINT 19.2, DOS-based fractal generator. Generate Mandelbrot, Julia, IFS, and many more fractals in 2D and 3D, including those you design yourself. Version 19 now supports arbitrary precision which allows zooming to a depth of 10^1600, as well as generation of random dot stereograms. Copyrighted freeware.
FRASR192.ZIP Fractint 19.1 complete C and ASM source for the DOS-based fractal generator. Requires Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 or later or Borland C/C++ 3.0 or later. Object code of ASM modules supplied so an assembler is not required. Copyrighted freeware.
GHOSTS_1.ZIP Plots phantom-like Julia sets; very fast., C++
HPFRAC_1.ZIP The source code for a fractal program for the HP48G/GX handheld calculator.
JHILL__1.ZIP DEEPZOOM - I, Mandelbrot Set Coloring Method.
JJTRAN_1.ZIP Fractal Image Transforms 2.0
KAMTOR_2.ZIP Plots *hundreds* of Kamtorus fractals.
LOGOMU_1.ZIP Dragon curves with music
LORENZ_1.ZIP Plots Lorenz attractors with shaded, colourful spheres.
LSYSTE_1.ZIP LSYSTEMS.C - Generates plant-like objects using an algorithm originally coded in Turbo BASIC.
LYAP.ZIP Lyaponov Fractal source
MANDEL.ZIP A utility to generate mandel's fractal geometry.
MOUNT2.ZIP Mandelbrot mountain source
MOUNTAIN.ZIP Fractal mountain generator
MSETPO_1.ZIP Mandelbrot Set via Continuous Potential Method with detection of Periods 1 & 2
NEWMAG_1.ZIP Plots 18 magnet-like fractals in the x-plane for different q's.
OLIVERF.ZIP Fractal drawing program with source
ORBITA_1.ZIP Orbital Fractals 1.2
PMAP1.ZIP Plots rational maps from complex functions of the form h(z,c) = [f(z,c)/g(z,c)]^2. 12 functions are proposed.
RAND1.ZIP A program to make fractals of random generation.
SHADES_2.ZIP Plots the Mandelbrot Set with period checking.
SIEGEL_1.ZIP Plots a Julia sets
SMOKE.ZIP Create a image of a 3D chaotic attractor
SPIRAL_1.ZIP Plots spiral plant forms from a randomic complex number u = v + wi.
STARSC_1.ZIP Plot stars
STRANG_1.ZIP Plots strange Mandelbrot Sets with decomposed outer layers (similar to binary decomposition, but quite different at a first sight). Periods 1 & 2 are also decomposed in colourful levels.
SVGATT_1.ZIP Displays 40 strange attractors in SVGA.
THREED.ZIP Mandelbrot & 3D sources
TRIGJU_1.ZIP Plots 10 Julia Set-like fractals from trigonometric functions.
TRIGON_1.ZIP Plots some fractals from trigonometric functions
VANDRP_1.ZIP Plots isoclines of the Van Der Pol's ODE (VDP Oscillator)
WINF1821.ZIP This is version 18.21 of Fractint for Windows. Fractint for Windows requires Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or some Windows 3.1-equivalent environment.
WINFRSRC.ZIP Fractint For Dos Source Code
WINS1821.ZIP Source for Fractint version 18.21 for Windows