Raytracing sources & Docs

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

BALLS.ZIP Some shaded spheres with reflection
BEACH_BA.ZIP The Beach-Ball C-source.
BLOB10A.ZIP BLOB SCULPTOR ( BS ) version 1.0a This program helps you manipulate and model 3D objects thru the use of blobs.
CODET.ZIP Raytracing sourcecode
DBW_PICT.ZIP Dkbtrace example files
DKB211DT.ZIP Dkbtrace 2.11 datas
DKB212SR.ZIP Dkbtrace 2.12 sources
DKBUTDOC.ZIP DKB trace docs and utils
DKBUTSRC.ZIP DKB Trace 2.12, Source code
F3DSHL11.ZIP FONT3D Shell v1.1 - GUI Shell for FONT3D11 and POV-Ray. This is a Windows program that serves as a GUI shell for Todd Prater's True Type font converter called FONT3D11.ZIP. From the SysOp of The Tackle Box BBS. (405) 359-3301 FREEWARE - Enjoy!!!
FRACTREE.ZIP FracTree is a program that creates fractal trees for use with the PovRay raytracer, it conforms to the Version 2 standard of the language. A 286 with 640k and a VGA card is the minumum specs required.
JIREND.ZIP Rend386 raytracer with source
MATRIXC.ZIP Matrix and 3D geometry functions
MORAY20.ZIP MORAY V2.0 - An easy-to-use interactive GUI modeller for use with POV-Ray 2.2 and Polyray V1.8. Supports cube, sphere, cylinder, torus, cone disc, plane, height- field, CSG, bezier patch, lights, blobs, user-defined objects, RAW triangles, cameras, textures as well as tapering, rotational, translational sweeps. Includes an integrated, complete Texture Editor. Shareware US$64. Requires 486 or higher, 8MB, mouse, VESA in 256 colors only.
PHONG.ZIP Example of phong shading
POVINF.ZIP Persistence of Vision Raytracer, Basic Information
POVLAB30.ZIP 256 colors graphic svga/vesa modeler for pov-ray 2.2, textured design, 387 fast protected mode, virtual memory, 4 viewports, material preview, real time camera, omni, spot, area light, deformation, scaling viewport, user configuration, selection, normal/fast/boxed display, raw objects (3DS,etc..), box, cone, cylinder, disc, tube, torus, plane, sphere, ... CSG, procedures, graphic installation, support mouse. Contain : demo version, samples scenes, images, material, textures, WWord 6.0 manual. Ch romaGraphics production, release 3.0.000. Shareware : 300 FF/$60 US.
POVSRC.ZIP Persistence of Vision Raytracer source This is the source code in highly portible C for the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer POV-Ray version 2.1.
POVTSRC.ZIP Transputer version of POV-raytracer
PSRAYTRA.ZIP Postscript Raytracer source
PVCWN401.ZIP POVCAD v4.01 for Windows 3-D Modeler and Ray Tracing Scene File Utility Windows Version 4.01
PVDOC.ZIP Persistence of vision raytracer docs
PVSRC.ZIP Persistence of vision C source, Ray Tracing
QUARTICS.ZIP Quartic shapes module source for DKB trace
RAY_NEWS.ZIP Raytracing news
RAYSRC.ZIP Source for a raytracer
RAY-TR2.ZIP Winners of the minimal ray tracer programming contest
RAY-TR3.ZIP Ray tracer source
RAYTRA2.ZIP Raytracing source
RAY-TRAC.ZIP Winner of Minimal Raytracer contest source
RAYTRACE.ZIP Ray tracing Jell-O, from Pixar
RENDC101.ZIP RenderDotC for Windows '95, version 1.01 Is a photorealistic 3D rendering toolkit with the following features: - RDC bytestream (ASCII text file) interface. - ANSI C/C++ programmer's interface. - Hierarchical graphics state including matrix and attribute stacks. - Orthographic and perspective viewing transformations. - Automatic and manual hidden surface removal. - Antialiasing through supersampling, jitter sampling, and filtering. - Gamma correction and color jittering (to reduce Mach bands). - Output of any combination of RGB, alpha, and depth samples (*). - Output quantization from 1 to 160 bits per pixel (*). - Arbitrary image resolution. - The following geometric primitives: Quadrics: Sphere, cylinder, cone, disk, torus, paraboloid, hyperboloid Patches: Bilinear patches and meshes Bicubic patches and meshes with built-in or custom basis matrix NURB patches and meshes Polygons: Convex polygons and meshes General (concave and/or holes) polygons and meshes Procedural models User defi ned objects (command lists) - Constant, matte, metal, and plastic surface models. - Ambient, distant, point, and spot light source models. - Depth-cue, and fog atmospheric models.
RS113.ZIP Raytrace scene generator with source
RSHADE.ZIP Source for a raytracer in C
RTSRC800.ZIP Antonio Costa's raytracer 8.0.0 + utils (AWK/SED/..) source
RTSYSTEM.ZIP Example of realtime raytracing (PC only)
TMKR11.ZIP Terrain Maker-Ver 1.1-Mouse driven SVGA terraign editor for the freeware raytracer: POV. Features fractal landscape generation, colormap editor, 3D preview, importing, and a suite of landscape editing tools. Requires: 386 or better and VESA SVGA adaptor with at least 512 Kb memory. Shareware: $5.
TRANFAST.ZIP Transputer version of POV-raytracer
WINFERN.ZIP A fern generator
VPOVA10.ZIP Varmint's POV animator Version 1.0

RayTracing newsletters

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

POVZINE1.ZIP PovZine #1, Windows magazine
POVZINE2.ZIP PovZine #2, Windows magazine
POVZINE3.ZIP PovZine #3, Windows magazine
RTN.ZIP Ray Tracing News, index
RTNEWS1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS4.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS5.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS6.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS7.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS8.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNEWS9.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV2N1.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N2.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N4.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N5.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N6.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N7.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N8.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV3N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV3N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV3N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV3N4.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV4N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV4N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV4N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV5N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV5N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV5N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV6N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV6N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV6N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N2P.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N4.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV7N5.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV8N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV8N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV8N3.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV9N1.ZIP Ray Tracing News
RTNV9N2.ZIP Ray Tracing News
STNV4N1.ZIP Raytracing News magazine Vol4 #1
STNV4N2.ZIP Raytracing News magazine Vol4 #2