2D and 3D-Graphics

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2DROT.ZIP ASM routine for 2D rotations and other vector alike stuff
3D_MATH.ZIP Principles how to do 3D graphics rotation and shading
3DANIM.ZIP 3D animation example in Pascal
3DGFX.ZIP A tutorial for 2D and 3D vector and texture mapped graphics
3DGPL.ZIP 3D graphics tutorial for game programmers
3DKIT1.ZIP C Language Tools For 3-D Wireframe Graphics
3DLAB110.ZIP 3D-Labyrinth 1.10 - almost all source (Pascal)
3D-MATH.ZIP The Mathematics of Three-Dimensional Manipulations and Transformations.
3DROTATE.ZIP 3D - Rotate Source
3DROTSCP.ZIP 3D rotation example in pascal
3DROTSRC.ZIP VLA Presents Intro To 3d Rotations
3DSCAPE.ZIP ove in 3D fractal landscape by David Hedley - 386+ (asm/C)
3DWAVE.ZIP 3D Wave (pascal)
3DVECT39.ZIP 3D Vector Engine,By John McCarthy. Polygon, Routines, Gouraud Shading. Make Your Own Objects, Xmode Mouse, Mix Vectors With Bitmaps, 3d Math, Variable Sized Bitmaps Multiple Objects, Full 3d Matrix Rotation User Defined Clipping, IRQ Driven Movement Make Your Own Vector Demo. Uses Any Xmode Runs in Protected Mode. All in 100% Assembler! Protected Mode Header by TRAN Xmode Routines by Matt Pritchard. CARDWARE FULL SOURCE CODE
BD-2D3D.ZIP ASM-Sources for: 3D & 2D rotation!!
DCC_3DE.ZIP 3D-ENGINE by Zjack Full source code thirtythreethousand polys - not faked
DEMOSTUF.ZIP Lots of demo stuff: stars, rotate, magnify, 3D maze (Pascal/asm)
EEDEMO.ZIP REND386 -- A 3-D Polygon Rendering Package demo for the 386 and 486
GOR_LAND.ZIP Land Runner by P.Geary - fake 3D dot landscape, 386+ (asm)
GVECTORS.ZIP Gouraud Vectors complete with source code
KUBROTAT.ZIP 3D-Pascal code, rotating cube
LAND3D.ZIP 3D LANDSCAPE V0.8 This is a small demo of a realtime landscape simulator, inspired by the Mars demo by Tim Clarke.
MAC3DPRG.ZIP About the Third dimension
MOONBAS2.ZIP MOONBASE, 3D Landscape Demo, c++ source
MY3D.ZIP How to start coding 3-D Include full ASM Source.
NACKDEM.ZIP Station Escape - ACK3D playable demo by Lary Myers
NACKDMS.ZIP Station Escape source - ACK3D demo by Lary Myers (C)
NACKENG.ZIP New ACK3D Animation Construction Kit 3D engine - 386+ (asm/C)
NACKEXP.ZIP ACK3D example - move around in 3D world (C)
NORMALS.ZIP Algorithm to attempt to find outward-facing normals
OTM3D095.ZIP 3DTOOLS v0.95 - C++ 3d engine with supporting graphics library. Lambert and Gouraud shaded polygons, matrix rotation, z-buffering, polygon intersection. C++/ASM source.
PHANTCYB.ZIP Cyberspace 2.4 by nostalgia - 3d world, 286+ (asm/pascal)
PLOT3D.ZIP Plot 3D surfaces, with Source
POLYGON2.ZIP Program to take a polygon definition and convert it into triangles that may then be rendered by the standard triangle rendering algorithms. This assumes all transformations have been performed already and cuts them up into optimal triangles based on their screen-space representation.
PROJ3D.ZIP Projectile 3D Pascal source
RAYCAS1.ZIP Demo Source for a doom like engine using raycasting and voxel landscape!
RETVEC10.ZIP 3D FixedPoint Retarded vectors asm src
ROTATE3D.ZIP How to do 3D Rotations by VLA
ROTSCAPE.ZIP A Fast 3D Landscape by TTT
SJM386-1.ZIP Basic 3D effects demo with source - 386+, xlib, lex, yacc
SRGPSPH3.ZIP SRGP(2D) and SPHIGS(3D) libs - source to Foley & van Dam book
TC_3D.ZIP 3-D Graphic Routines For Turbo C 2.0+
TEXTUR3D.ZIP Real-time 3D rendering for Linux (c source)
TEXTURE.ZIP Texture mapped polygon rotating on screen, 3D-Demonstration
TMAPSHAD.ZIP SVGA/VGA/Sound Blaster interactive vector graphics thing
TUT13.ZIP VGA trainer 3D starfield (Pascal)
TUT8NEW.ZIP VGA trainer in 3D Basics (C++)
V3DT090.ZIP 3DTOOLS v0.90, C++ 3d engine with supporting graphics library. C++/ASM
VECTOR0_.ZIP 3D-Rotaion Routines in C
VR386.ZIP VR-386 is a freeware VR program for the IBM PC (386 and higher) compatibles. It supports many VR devices, including stereo flicker glasses, HMDs, the Nintendo PowerGlove, joysticks, and so on. VR-386 has the fastest drawing speed of any VR software in its class, exceeding 20,000 polygons per second.
VR386VID.ZIP This package is an add-on Cyberscope driver for REND386 and intended to be used with the disk from "Virtual Reality Creations". It replaces the CONFIG.EXE and CONFIG.DAT files, and adds the video driver VDCYBER.RVD.
XSHARP22.ZIP X-Sharp 3D animation package #22
YANNS3D.ZIP 3D stuff - Pmode/Rmode, fixed point math (asm)