DOS programming files

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The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

00MSDOS.ZIP About the gnuish ms-dos project
AWK_REV3.ZIP Awk under ms-dos: programming power for the masses
BATCHART.ZIP The Power of PC/MS-DOS Batch Files
BATSEC.ZIP Introduction To Batch (Bat) Files
CCL110JE.ZIP Class Coroutine: an abstract base class for DOS coroutines.
CRITERR.ZIP Intermediate Programmer Tutorial #001
DEBUGCOL.ZIP Some Useful info for HACKERS and other interested Dudes methods to protect Your program against debugging
DOS4TECH.ZIP Dos 4.0 technical reference guide
DOSFV203.ZIP This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list from the comp.os.msdos.programmer. This covers many topics related to programming for the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system and Intel x86 compatible computers.
DVINT43.ZIP DESQview/QEMM Interrupt List, Release 43 A Comprehensive listing of interrupt calls related to TopView, DESQview, QEMM, and other Quarterdeck products, both documented and undocumented. Contains 110 entries and more than 200 tables.
EUPHOR10.ZIP Euphoria Programming Language v1.0 End User Programming with Hierarchical Objects For Robust Interpreted Applications as source code for full-screen editor and lots of neat demo programs. Great New Language ! Fast, Flexible and Easy to Learn.
GBSON106.ZIP The History and Technology of TSR Terminate and Stay Resident software
GMOUSE.ZIP Programer's reference for Genius mouse driver
HELP.ZIP HelpPC 2.10, Quick Reference Utility about: *Assembler Programming *C Programming *Hardware Data and Specifications *Interrupt Services DOS/BIOS/EMS/Mouse *Tables and Formats used by DOS & BIOS *Uncategorized/Miscellaneous
HELPPC21.ZIP C & Asm programmer's pop-up database.
INTHLP10.ZIP Interrupt Helper 1.0 - by Gary Chanson A search and display utility with cross referencing for Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.
INTSHARE.ZIP IBM's Interrupt-Sharing Protocol by C.Dunford - unhook TSRs
KADFILE.ZIP How to add data files to an .EXE file
LS-CODES.ZIP Source codes ripped from internet filled with Pascal, C , ASm sources for sound, graphics....
MANUAL.ZIP The manual for PAL
MEMTIP.ZIP Advanced Memory Topics in Windows/286 and Windows/386
MSCDEX21.ZIP Microsoft ms-dos cd-rom extensions 2.1 adv. documentation
PAL.ZIP PAL is a programming language with a structure like C.
QUICKREF.ZIP Quickreference to Dos
REALMEM.ZIP Read about how to use over 64Kb segments in DOS
SPL.ZIP This program library contains a NEW programming language for PC DOS and MS DOS called The Structured Programming Language. SPL translated programs are portable to other computers depending on the type of operations you do. Potential target machines are CP/M, AMIGA , MACINTOSH , ATARI ST and others that support compiled and interpreted BASIC. The SPL processor will work on IBM addons for AMIGA, MACINTOSH , ATARI ST computers.
TPSHARE5.ZIP Methods to deal with shared files in Turbo pascal
TRACE27.ZIP Trace - trace DOS system calls
UNDOCDOS.ZIP A programmer's guide to reserved ms-dos functions and data structures
W--O189.ZIP The Sphinx C-- programming language

MS-DOS Interrupt list by Ralf Brown

The files can now be found at the Programmers Heaven WEB-Site.

INTER50A.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 50 A Comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Contains some 8000 entries (plus more than 3200 tables) in INTER50A to INTER50D, conversion programs to create hypertext databases as well as other miscellaneous programs in INTER50E, and WinHelp utilities in INTER50F.
INTER50B.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List B
INTER50C.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List C
INTER50D.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List D
INTER50E.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List E
INTER50F.ZIP MSDOS Interrupt List F