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Reference Work


Programmers Heaven
PH is a popular portal for software developers. Founded in 1996 and since then managed and developed by Synchron Data. It boasts up to 750.000 monthly unique visitors a month.

A Wiki based site for the coding community. Visitors can edit and add to the content themselves. Works like Wikipedia.org, developed and written in C# / ASP.NET.

CD-ROM publishing
Synchron Data published the Programmers Heaven CD-ROM's in 1996 and 1997. Most of the files can now be found on the Programmers Heaven WEB-site.

These CD-ROM's are filled to their limits with totally over 12500 sourcecodes, routines, components, utilities, helpfiles, textfiles, examples, specifications about: MS-DOS, JAVA, Active-X, Windows 3.11/95/NT, demos, basic, C, C++, assembler , pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi, artificiell Intelligens, fuzzy logic, networks, games, hardware, UNIX, utilities and more.

The C# book
E-book boasting over 50.000 downloads, all essentials about C# and how to use it.

Webmasters Checklist
Hundreds of man hours work boiled down to a handy list for webmasters. All the essentials, and printer friendly.